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Crystal Colosseum Semi Final

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Sem, Aug 10, 2010.

  1. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
    Former Administrator

    OOC: Just a simple battle thread for fun. Anyone can join, but it's obviously going to be only one other person RPing with me, so yeah.

    Pokétopia, a trainer paradise, or so the brochures said. It was an impressive city from what Sem could see. The streets were lined with lights and neon signs, so much so that it was easy to forget that it was night time. Music beat in the ears of anyone walking by the restaurants and clubs, sending waves of energy out into the streets. It was difficult not to feel a constant buzz of excitement that was about as infectious as the common cold.

    Sem himself had arrived only the day before and had seen much of the island already. What he had done that day though was enter himself into the Crystal Colosseum's tournament. Much of the day had been spent battling and watching others do the same. He had now moved onto the semi finals and the crowd cheered him on as he walked out to take his place in the trainer box.

    The boy was about twenty years of age. His skin was a glowy bronze color and his hair was dark save for a few sunkissed strands and a streak of white in the long fringe that went over his right eye. The eye was pale in color, a result of blindness. The other eye was a cerulean blue and perfectly normal. He wore a pair of dark-wash jeans with a royal purple colored top and a brown cotton jacket. Around his neck hung a blue pendant in the shape of a raindrop. On the boy's shoulder was a purple gremlin-looking Pokémon with unblinking diamond eyes and an unsettling grin.

    All of his Pokémon had been healed and rested - ready for another round of battle. Sem kept his eye on the opposite end of the field and waited for his opponent to appear.
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  2. Tero had heard many times of Pokétopia throughout his travels, and even before he had begun his journey. His brother had visited the place before, and despite Tero's best efforts to keep his excitement contained, he had already planned out a short stopover on the island, along with his traveling companion, Belle. It was about halfway through his stay that they happened upon the Crystal Colosseum. Their interest piqued, they signed up for the tournament. Unfortunately, Belle was knocked out of the competition in the second round, but Tero managed to fight his way all the way to the semi-finals.

    It was now that he entered the arena, the screams of fans filling his ears. He stood at just short of six feet tall, with reddish-brown hair that extended down to rest just above where his spine began. His olive-colored eyes shone behind square-rimmed glasses, and a wreath colored with gold and red encircled his lips. He was dressed in a royal purple t-shirt emblazoned with a yellow lightning bolt, which he wore over khaki pants and blue sneakers. Clipped to his belt were six Pokéballs of different types - a Dusk Ball, a Quick Ball, and a Fast Ball, among others. By his side trotted a relatively large four-legged creature with purple- and cream-colored fur. Its long tail hung over its eyes, almost lazily, though one orange-rimmed eye was looking straight ahead at Tero's opponent.

    Tero himself had just reached the trainer's box. Before greeting his opponent, he scanned the crowd for his familiar brunette companion, and after locating her, winked in her direction. He then greeted his opponent with a grin and his index and middle fingers facing outward in the shape of a V - the common symbol for peace. He then turned his attention to the referee, awaiting instructions.
  3. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
    Former Administrator

    "And here are two of our four semifinalists!" boomed the announcer, his voice echoing off the cave walls. "Sem and Tero will now face off, and taking their previous performances into account we're in for quite a match!"

    Sem nodded to Tero as the announcer spoke, taking a quick note of the Colosseum and how magnificent it was to even be in such a cavern, let alone battle in it. The light from the large crystals in the walls bathed the battlers and the crowd in a bluish light.

    It was now the referee's turn to speak. "This is a six on six double battle. Each trainer is free to switch out at their leisure and there is no time limit."

    Sem grabbed the two Pokémon he would sent out first as the ref spoke, ready to toss them out as soon as the match began.


    The boy tossed a regular Pokéball as well as an Ultra Ball onto the field. Each of them cracked open simultaneous and released the combatants. After mere seconds two living creatures were before Sem, facing off against his opponent. The first was a bizarre Pokémon, green in color with a heavy base and a long, thin neck. At the end of the neck was a large head with a ring of tentacles at its base. Vasilis the Cradily stared silently, gently swaying its large head as it waited for an order from its trainer.

    The second Pokémon was almost as bizarre. It had a mostly brown body with a long mane of white hair. Large leaves were positioned on the ends of its arms like hands and it had long pointed nose. Yellow eyes peered out from within the white hair, glaring darkly at Tero. Mistral, the Shiftry, was a recent addition to Sem's team, but it had already proved itself to be a powerful Pokémon.

    "And Sem has started out with Cradily and Shiftry! An interesting combination!" the announcer said as Tero summoned his Pokémon to the field.

    "Let's start off," Sem said. "Mistral, Sunny Day!"

    Immediately the young man's partners went into action. Mistral didn't seem to be doing much of anything, but after a few moments the light coming from the crystal becomes noticeably more intense, to the point where you couldn't look directly at them. As this was happening Vasilis dug his roots into the cave floor with Ingrain, going deep enough so that only the red beam from a Pokéball would move him from that spot. This was Sem's usual strategy with his Cradily - secure it to the ground and turn it into a living turret. It was so typical that the fossil Pokémon never needed to be told to use the move.

    "Solarbeam," Sem said simply.

    Vasilis reared back his head, the tips of his tentacles glinting with light, before throwing it forward. The tentacles all met in front of his face and from them shot a massive beam of pure white light.

    Right, so I figure we're not limited to two moves per post. I say whatever's reasonable is ok. Elsewise we'd be launching six attacks per post |D
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  4. Charlie Grassmelody stood in the audience of the Poketopia Battlefield, watching the battle of Sem and Tero take place. He was awaiting his turn to battle his opponent. His beautiful, rose-coloured Jumpluff, Autumn, was happily prancing around Charlie in excitement! Charlie had already visited most of the attractions in Poketopia: The Lickilicky slide, the Mantyke ride over the wonderful Poketopia sea, the Bronzor big wheel, and many others! He had his Pokemon team ready, he was registered as Team Forest! He had blown away all the other trainers and made it to the semi-finals! Who will he be facing?
  5. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
    Former Administrator

    Uhm, no. This is only an RP between me and SilentDre. You should have read the first post. Given your very long warn history into account I'm giving you the boot. Laterz.
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