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Create a mystery dungeon team!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Chat' started by ThAtGuY101, Jul 3, 2020.

  1. What is your team called?
    Who would be the leader?
    Would they have 1, 2 ,or 3 partners?
    What kind of team would they be?

    My team would be called Team Shadow Treasure. Team Shadow Treasure are treasure hunters.

    If I had a mystery dungeon team the leader would be a Sableye named Saba. Saba would have two teammates; A Honchkrow named Khan ,and an Alolan Persian named Palla.

    Saba despite being the leader wouldn't be a ruthless demanding leader ,but a friendly one. A very selfish childish leader ,but also fair to his partners ,and nice to anyone that is nice to him. Saba is very picky and only really wants to collect jewels and other extremely rare items. Saba is very sneaky and cunning utilizing stealth and special attacks to fight his opponents.

    Next you would have Khan. Khan is the least picky member of the team ,but also the most arrogant member as well. He can be loud and obnoxious at times. Despite this Khan is a very friendly guy to anyone who can tolerate him. Khan doesn't care what he gets just as long as its shiny ,and looks cool. Khan is the brawn/muscle of the team. Khan uses strength and flying to conquer foes.

    Last is Palla. Palla is the most vain member of the team. Palla is easily irritated ,and has very little patience for mundane tasks. Palla can be polite and tolerate those she considers friends or useful. Palla only wants to collect extremely valuable treasures. They don't have to be shiny just as long as they are valuable. Palla is the clever strategical member of the team fighting both up close and mid-range depending on the situation.
    Team Shadow Treasure is a very cunning ambitious team. Despite their love of material possession they are not evil. Team Shadow Treasure can be polite and helpful if the people they are being nice to are helpful in return. Don't expect much charity from this group. They might give a little charity out of kindness ,but they are treasure hunters after all and aren't keen on wasting resources on something that isn't profitable. They might take a rescue job or two ,but only if there is promise of treasure. Not coin ,but either treasure or something to help them get treasure. A key to open a secret chest ,or a map that leads to buried treasure.
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  2. I haven't thought about making my own PMD team for quite a while, I even wrote down ideas for a potential PMD team or two but can't seem to find them. Hopefully I remember them well enough (unlike their names...)

    The team name is "Team Thrill" a team of adventurers who tend to proclaim themselves as thrill seekers.
    The members of this team consist of a Gallade named Damian, a Magmortar named Benny and a Rhyperior named Ted.

    First up is Damian, a levelheaded and laid back leader with an odd fashion taste in capes, acting like he goes through life without a care in the world, he values his friends and mainly uses his creativity to find ways to make whatever it is he and his team do more fun, whether it's swinging across tree branches in a vast forest or using something as a sled to quickly get to the bottom of a snowy mountain.

    Next is Benny, the closest to the brains of Team Thrill, often using his thinking to come up with songs for the team or hanging back in the first half of a fight to analyze their foe, and once they're analyzed... nothing can stand in his way. Whenever Damian isn't around to do the talking, Benny is always second one to do so and tends to have a way with words like a poet at times. He joined with Damian at a very young age as while he sees himself as a scholar, he sees Damian as someone who reminds him to find the joys in life.

    Lastly is Ted, the brawn of the trio and is most likely to do stuff and ask questions later, he isn't exactly what someone would call the brightest banana in the bunch and many situations that require thinking tends to put him in a bind. While dumb, he is extremely kind and wouldn't hesitate to help his friends out. When it comes to fighting enemies, he takes the word "powerhouse" to a whole new level as he's likely to demolish everything in his path in order to win a fight. Ever since he was a Rhyhorn, he and Damian were childhood friends and always enjoyed giving him rides on his back, even after they evolved, Ted has a habit of picking up Damian and letting him sit on his shoulder for "old time's sake."

    As the name suggests, Team Thrill is an adventurous team who's main goal is to have a good time in whatever it is they do as well as let others have a good time as well. This team is never afraid to help anyone in need and whether it's with mundane tasks or getting in to fights to scare off any evildoers. No job is nothing they won't try to do, although their main goal is to simply have fun doing it, making their positive aura and confidence well known to many individuals.
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