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Create a frontier brain

Discussion in 'Pokémon Chat' started by PokemonTrainerCris, Jun 15, 2010.

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  1. Sort of like if you were a gym leader 2, but with battle frontier brains.
    Pretty much you name your battle facility, Were its located (wich region), How the battles are, How many trainers are required to face you, Your Frontier Brain Nickname, Your team, your apperance (as a frontier brain), and rematch pokemon (3 pokemon Per team.)
    Location: Sevii islands (kanto) - Four Island
    Battle Facility: Battle Fortress
    Trainers: 7 per round. 21 trainers required for defete to challenge frontier brain.
    Frontier Brain and team: Cris. A 13 year old boy. He has almost the same apperance as Red, but instead of a red hat, its green (along with the red vest and shoes wich are also green). He uses his pokemon team he was most succesful with.
    Typhlosion Lv. 50
    Mamoswine Lv. 50
    Amphoros Lv. 50
    Rematch Team:
    Charizard Lv. 50
    Snorlax Lv. 50
    Shiny Gyradose Lv. 50
    2nd Rematch Team:
    Swampert Lv. 50
    Wobbuffet Lv. 50
    Scizor Lv. 50
    3rd rematch team: Double Battle
    Tyranitar: Lv. 100
    Salamance: Lv. 100
    Dragonite Lv. 100
    Garchomp Lv. 100
    Symbol: Master Symbol (a symbol with the design of a GS ball in it.)
    Silver: 21 Trainers defeted
    Gold: 42 Trainers defeted
    Platinum: 63 Trainers Defeted
    Diamond: 84 Trainers Defeted (OVERKILL!!!!!)
    (NOTE: after beating the amount of trainers required you vfight the frontier brain)
    (Edited: Symbols and enxtra teams)
  2. Location: Tohjo Falls in Johto.
    Battle Facility: Battle Studio. (A stuio for all fields of art.)
    Trainers: 5 rounds of 5 trainers to meet the Brain. Then the same again to meet him a second time. Optional double battle to pass through 2 trainers in one round.
    Frontier Brain and Team: Ashton and his award winning team: Lucario lvl 40, Raichu lvl 40, Flareon lvl 40.
    Second Battle: Mismagius lvl 60, Azumarill lvl 60, Tropius lvl 60.
  3. Location: Power Plant [Kanto]

    Battle Facility: Batttle Plant

    Trainers: 5 per round. 20 Trainers to defeat frontier brain

    Frontier Brain and Team: Jake (Aka JR) A 10 year old boy, son on a retired gym leader. (For appearance refer to my forum pic or read on) He wears a neon and white jacket with usually red shoes.


    Blastoise lvl 50

    Jolteon lvl 50

    Kangaskhan lvl 50

    Rematch Team:

    Charizard lvl 65
    Tyranitar lvl 70
    Whiscash lvl 65
  4. Location: Ore - Cypher City.
    Battle Facility: Battle Colosseum
    Trainers: 24 Then 49 (Re-entry starts off on 26 match if beaten first time)
    Name: Sync
    Age: 17
    G: Male
    *White Emo Hair With black colored electric pattern on sides.
    * Brown Tan Colored Short distanced with long sleeves Jacket
    *Black Shirt
    *Dark Blue Jeans
    *White+Black Colored Shoes.
    Magnezone Level 50
    Scizor Level 50
    Bronzong Level 50

    2nd time around match: (Double Battle)

    Lucario Level 75
    Heatran Level 75
    Magnezone Level 75
    Metagross Level 75
  5. Location: Spear Pillar.
    Battle Facility: Battle Pillar
    Trainers: For silver symbol (First Battle): 10 trainers per round, each with one legendary. 4 rounds. For gold symbol (Second Battle): 20 trainers per round, each with one legendary. 3 rounds.
    Brain and Team: Pillar Builder Phil. Age: 17. Gender: o-> Male
    Blue Jacket and Shoes.
    Purple shirt.
    Ghostly Dark Purple Pants and hair.
    Giritina Face Mask (On when battling. Off when not battling and at start of battle)
    Silver Symbol (First Battle):
    D/PE: Dialga Lv. 50
    Palkia Lv. 50
    PL: Giritina Lv. 50
    Gold Symbol (Second Battle):
    D/PE: Dialga Lv. 70
    Palkia Lv. 70
    Giritina Lv. 60
    PL: Dialga Lv. 60
    Palkia Lv. 60
    Giritina Lv. 75

    [glow=red,2,300] Pokemonfreak [/glow]
  6. Location: 7 Island, Sevii Islands, Tanobe Ruins
    Battle Facility: Battle Bonzai

    Rules: Basically a random number of trainers will appear. After you beat each one, your can choose whether or not to heal your team, but not healing raises your chances of fighting Clark. Then you spin a roulette. Black is you, Red is the next Opponent. The wheel will spin until it stops on a attack (eg., Red, Hydro Pump, lowers opponent Hp). After you have defeated a random amount of trainers (could range from 2 battles to 200 battles, of course in sets of 10), Clark will appear.

    Frontier Brain and team: Clark, He is dressed in a tuxedo with a top hat and a mask. He also has a special cane, this is where the attacks came from. The Levels match the strength of your strongest Pokemon.

    Team 1. (1st round)

    Team 2 (2nd Round)
  7. Location: Fortree City
    Battle Facility: Battle Tree, a giant pine hollowed out to form a tower.

    Rules: At the entrance, you get a Battle Pouch. There are three big trees standing against the back wall. Choose one; Stand in front of it and press A. At two of the three trees, a Trainer will pop out with one PokeMon of any type. Beat him, and he will give you an item for in your pouch. One of the trees reveals an Abra that teleports you to the next floor when you want it to. This goes on for six stories.

    At the sevent story is Luno, the Frontier Warrior. He wears blue armor plates all over his body and holds a scimitar in one hand and a PokeBall in the other. His hair is like Elite Four Aaron's, but black and without the hair sticking out on top.

    His team:

    -Blaziken Lv. 60
    -Gallade Lv. 55
    -Aggron Lv. 55

    Rematch Team:

    -Infernape Lv. 75
    -Electivire Lv. 70
    -Machamp Lv. 70
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  8. Ah, I like this one :DD

    Name: Battle Labyrinth
    Location: West of Snowpoint City, Sinnoh, on an Island above New Moon and Full Moon.
    Requirements: 1st Time-Defeat 10 trainers per round for 3 rounds, then battle the Brain. 2nd Time-Defeat 10 trainers per round for 6 rounds, battle Brain. 3rd Time-Defeat 10 Trainers per round for 10 rounds, battle Brain.
    Prizes: 1st: Bronze Medal, 2nd: Silver Medal, 3rd: Platinum Medal
    Appearances: Has high-top blue and black shoes, black spiky hair, blue plaid shorts that extend to the knees, red vest of white shirt, blue headband around forehead and blue wristbands.
    1st: SnorlaxLv50, MetagrossLv50, ArcanineLv50
    2nd: TaurosLv50, AggronLv50, EnteiLv50
    3rd: RegigigasLv50, CresseliaLv50, EnteiLv50
  9. Location: Cherrygrove Town - Johto
    Battle Facility: Colosseum of the Forest.
    Appearance: The same guy in my avatar, but with glasses.
    Name: Louie Forest
    Age: 14
    Gender: Male

    Shiny Jumpluff Level 70 Female. Stats: High HP, Low attack, normal defence, normal SP.attack, normal SP.defence, high speed.
    Zoroark Level 65 Male. Stats: Normal HP, Normal attack, good defence, normal SP.attack, normal SP.defence, high speed.
    Kenhorou Level 65 Male. Stats: High HP, normal attack, normal defence, normal SP.attack, normal SP.defence, normal speed.
    Doredia level 65 Female. Stats: High HP, Low attack, normal defence, normal SP.attack, normal SP.defence, normal speed.
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  10. Take note of the last date posted, Louie. It's bee over 3 months since then. As such, this counts as grave-digging. Please re-read the rules regarding this, among other topics before posting again.
  11. Sorry. I will read the rules next time. :)
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