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Companion Cubes, Security Blankets, and the like

Discussion in 'Small Talk' started by Shiny Lyni, Feb 11, 2014.

  1. Shiny Lyni

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    Pretty sure a lot of people, if not everyone, has grown some sort of emotional attachment to an inanimate object sometime in their life. Whether it's a stuffed animal, musical instrument, car, laptop, or even a pet rock, the thought of parting with such an object is kind of upsetting sometimes. Here is where we share our stories of such things~

    I personally have had so many of these things throughout my life it's almost ridiculous. My viola, first phone, pillow, baby blanket, car, and, yes, even this random horse mask my roommate brought into the dorm after a party are all on my list. I've named my viola Vivi, the horse mask George, and even a random clip I found in the orchestra room Steve, and as for the others... well, parting with them has always been kind of hard, if only for nostalgic purposes sometimes. College made me leave most of them behind, so the only things I actually have in my dorm now are the blanket and the horse mask.

    The phone, in particular was a strange one. I had gotten the omg super cool Motorola Razr that everyone thought was just the best thing ever back in the mid 2000s. At first it was just that, a phone I used, and I had no real problems switching it out. It was only after I broke or lost several of the newer phones I had that I finally went back to it, and when people started reminiscing about the past and good ol' middle school years that my own emotional attachment to the phone began to grow. When it stopped working by the time college started, I was pretty upset that I had to upgrade to a newer Galaxy S3. The thing is still in my house, at least ^^;
  2. I've always needed a book nearby. Pretty much any time I wanted, could get lost in the Wizarding World, Narnia, Panem, The Four Lands, and countless others. I always have one every day when I go to school, and I even stay up late sometimes to read a book until it's done. They have always been a source of comfort and entertainment for me. I can even read them in a car without ever getting carsick(don't worry, I will not drive while reading one...probably).

    Also, certain clothing items are worn more than others for long periods of time, based on color, design, and level of comfort. There was even a period of 2-3 years where I wore hats as much as I possibly could!

    Then, there are various technological devices, such as my (third) DS Lite and my iPod, that I could live without; however, they would be sorely missed. Reading can only keep me engaged for so long before I have to seek a source of entertainment that doesn't involve reading words and nothing else.

    Finally, I must always have drumsticks, pencils, something long and narrow in a pair that I can drum with. Ever since I was little, I have always been tapping, driving my teachers bonkers and "disrupting the educational environment." As I grew older, I asserted more control over it, but it was like an itch I couldn't scratch, and I needed an outlet. So, something designed for tapping on objects(or a close substitute) provides a great source of comfort for me( I just have to keep the noise level down!).
  3. Magpie

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    I still have my first cuddly toy, a bear called Snowy. He was my mum's childhood toy, so you can imagine he's pretty old. In fact, he's more sock than bear these days, as he's had so much body replaced over the years. He's even lost his ears xD But he's still sat on the futon in my bedroom and I'd be super upset if I lost him.

    I've also got a memory box that's full of all sorts of little trinkets/tickets/items that spans a good chunk of my life (I started it when I was pretty young). That again would upset me greatly to lose... so much memory :)

    And finally, my Ankh necklace. For my 18th birthday my mum bought it for me after I asked for a gold ankh. It's never been off since and I'm now 26 :D One of my passions in life is Egyptian Mythology so my ankh obviously means a great deal to me.
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