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Ask to Join Closer to the Heavens

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by EspeonTheBest, Apr 10, 2016.

  1. Guys, I had found the perfect song to match Alba's crush on Dusk and you changed that, I feel so betrayed right now.

    Even though, I'll leave it here if anyone wants to use it:
  2. No problem, Story! I hope I didn't make you feel obligated to join. We'll miss you but it's all up to you. Thanks for letting us know though!
  3. No, Alba still likes Dusk, never mentioned anything different. Just thought that Bailey and Alba liking Dusk and Zephious struggling to get Bailey's attention would be interesting.
  4. Alba still likes Dusk in the new triangle :p

    Dusks Other Theme
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  5. Oh. Just thought of a good theme for Bailey. Possibly 'Hey Brother' by Avicii? I mean, the whole Bailey Summer sister thing. I don't listen to many songs on the radio. I like instrumentals.
  6. What about Hey Soul Sister, Or Drive By by Train?

    Ooh! I know a good song for dusk!!!
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  7. Or

    For dusk that is
  8. No idea what a good song for Phog would be. Maybe Panic at the disco-Emperor's new clothes, considering his Aggron, but it fits nowhere else in his story.
  9. Goodnight everyone!!
  10. I'm sorry XD I misunderstood everything. Anyways, I found Alba's theme. Here it is:

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  11. Sorry if I'm late to the party. SInce Spring Break is over, I'm not able to be on the same time as you guys due to different time zones. Sorry for the late reply, I'll be willing to join if there's any room left.
  12. I think I might have an Idea for team galactic. The treasure(s) is(are) a key stone(s), which they need to power a device to open a rip to the distortian world, to get Cyrus back and continue their plan. Unbeknownst to them that this device mixed with key stones power could meld together the two dimensions. So, hows that sound?
  13. @Zythefox of course you can still join, take your time.

    @BurbleBurble Thats a really good idea! Plus it would go along with the whole duplication thing if someone formed a group with others. I was going to have to find a reason as to why the Coronet Climb has 5 Relic Crowns rather than one. XD

    But yeah. So if you guys agree I can make a base plot line around that.

    @Frontier Master wont be joining us- he says he's too busy. So right now this is our crew. The tread will be up later today~
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  14. Sweet, looking forward to it!
  15. We should ask for permission first though: though I doubt mega evolution will occur, still might not hurt to ask.
  16. Just a reminder Megas need to be approved by Mods or Admins!
  17. I was talking about the key stone needed to do such, but yeah, we should ask if having a key stone as the prize to win is okay.
  18. Alright. Here y'all go. I.. might have went overboard?
    Name: Que Allein
    Age: 17 Years
    Gender: Male
    Hometown: Anville Town (I am 93 percent sure people live there.... I mean there's houses, right?)
    Height: 5 ft 9, but 5 ft 7 ish with his slouch accounted for.
    Weight: about 140ibs
    Hair: Que wears a mop of tussled, dark brown, almost black hair.
    Eyes: Platinum blue eyes that almost appear to be silver
    Clothing: He wears a white, well, it should have been white, but dust and dirt seem to have colored it to more of a tan, shirt with long black sleeves made in thin, stretchy fabric, (So he can wear it in the heat, not burn, and be a little less hot) and white(ish, especially at the bottom) sweat pants that widen loosely at the bottom. His shoes are black tenneshoes with white laces tied in a series of confusing looking knots that stretch up his ankles for an inch or so, as for as the long shoe lace will allow. A black shoelace is knotted in a similar manner about his wrist, and he wears wide-rimmed, dark brown glasses. Overall, though his clothes are worn (and sometimes subject to change, though I personally despise writing that all out, so this is all you'll get...) and slightly dirtied, and his skin is slightly battered, he is strangely... clean compared to others who have traveled the same roads he has. Wears a backpack made of coarse fabric.
    Identifying Marks: Uh.... I can't think of anything outstanding, so I'm just going to put the things that I want to write but can't find a place to here XD His skin is very fair, although just a tad bit burned (he doesn't really tan) on his cheeks and forehead, and, before the trials of his journey, it held a strangely uniform tone, still apparent as history despite the scratches and sun burns that lightly litter his skin. He has a slightly boxy face, and bears a slight slouch, making his average height appear less than most.
    Musculature: His musculature is decent at best and fairly uniform all around, take of that what you will.
    Personality: In a simple sense, he is cold and blunt, and thinks in frightening reality. Though average in ability of perception, he is wondrous at simply piecing together puzzles, finding solutions. Life is simply a puzzle that he must put together the pieces of. Such a manner, combined with his almost scary calm nature, makes him deadly with time to strategize for battle, but his fault lies in his inability to move quickly, and react to change and startling situations. Though he is eerily calm, he also is not the quickest reactor, and has a tendency to anger the more righteous people around him due to his uncaring nature. Rather childish in nature- actually, scratch that- extremely childish in nature, if something doesn't go according to plan, he will often fitfully tug, untie, and retie the knots on his wrist in an attempt to figure something else out. Outwardly, he doesn't show much emotion at all, even towards his Pokemon, save for mild annoyance. Inwardly, he is fed by the desire to not be alone, and translates that into a childish and manipulative character. (Most) Pokemon of his have picked up on that, but relationships between them are rocky at best in times when Que is troubled by change, and since the world is always changing... I think you get the picture.

    This by no means means that he isn't social, rather he finds amusement in interacting and speaking to others, finding out how he can act and what will happen. As a result, he is fairly socially inclined, but purposefully awkward, annoying, and even childish if he thinks it interesting to do so. Oh, and he has absolutely no self-conscious nature, as he sees himself with no image in society and doesn't really care about other people all that much, save for the fact that he often feels lonely without them, perhaps a result of growing up in a small town with only one parent, who was a working mother, and had to leave him on his lonesome for large stretches of time and since, as a child, he wasn't nearly as inclined to be social, combined with the almost pack nature of human beings in general.

    If one actually can stand Que enough to get to know him, you'll find he appreciates any company. He has grown to love strategy, and this remains as the biggest of few passions. His other passions include knot tying, and a strange affinity for the normal type. He understands that Pokemon aren't tools, he gets that they are basically just like humans, but he just... doesn't really care enough to act on it.

    Lost without his pokemon.

    Skills: A brilliant strategist if given time and one with an obsessed knowledge of knots, he is calm and is always unclouded by bias towards the best decision, whether it be morally right or not.

    Family: Adira Allein (mother). That's all he knows, and that's all y'all need to know.

    Love relationships: Though plausible, none yet exist. We'll see how this.... polygon works out.

    Past: His mother divorced when he was born and never got remarried, and she was the only person he's been rather close to. He was home schooled, and grew up in Anvill Town watching elite trainers battle and trade items, and spending long, lonely hours listening to the trains as his mother worked. He obtained a Growlithe as a starter at age ten (A gift, from one of his mother's work trips- she wasn't a trainer herself, but her boy had always wanted to be one), but remained at home and trained there. At thirteen, the rather... uncoordinated pair of a dreamy Growlithe and a homesick boy went out into the world, trained, explored, fought a few gyms, and eventually ended up at the climb as they made their way through the regions.

    A few months prior, Que and Growlithe fought in a series of one on one battles, quizzes, and a race in a triatholon of sorts set up by a small town to bring them tourists in the form of travelling trainers (they were very devious marketers, that was for sure), for a cash prize (a tenth of their revenue for the competition and festival areas set up around it, which was always considerable) and a set of a fire stone, water stone, and thunder stone, which was what really drew the trainers in year after year. After acing the quizzes, doing relatively well in the singles, save for a few... large hiccups, and just managing fourth place in the race, Que had enough to points to grab the win. He obtained the stones, used the fire stone to evolve Growlithe, and handed over all of the cash to make up for almost burning the town down. (Dreamy, absent-minded Growlithes are apparently no longer welcomed outside of their pokeballs in that town).

    Over the course of his travels he also caught his other pokemon (No duh, Story). These events included a hastily given gift from a Furfrou grooming place in Lumiouse, a tag-along who Que felt empty without, a fishing trip, a chance encounter in a lonesome cave, and a surprisingly short search in a forest. I am lazy and therefore won't go into more detail. Sue me. (Please don't)

    Pokemon: Arcanine (Growlithe), Furfrou (Mareep Shank, shortened to Shank), Dedenne (Zeppelin Bend, shortened to Zepp), Clawitzer (Carrick Bend, shortened to Carrick), Crustle (Bowline, named after Bowline on a Bight), and Sawsbuck (Clove Hitch, or Clove).

    Is this okay? I can always think of something else if needed.
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  19. It's wonderful! Thanks for joining us!
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  20. Almost a year has passed...

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