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[CLOSED] Possible Gen I Game-Based Story (16+)

Discussion in 'Creative Discussion' started by Merciless Medic, Feb 24, 2020.


Should I make...

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  1. Hey, guys. I have been hit with a writing bug and, along with a possible Mass Effect romance story between a female human with Garrus, a Turian, and a male human with Tali, a Quarian, I wanted to make several stories based on the Pokemon games. My characters will be the player (technically).

    I am just requesting people and the Pokemon they may catch in Red, Japanese Blue, International Blue/Green (since these two are the same thing), and Yellow. Their dialogue will mirror their personalities the best that I can make them, but I may portray them a bit wrong. I'm sorry in advance.

    The setting is 1990, due to the SNES and possible NES in some of the characters' rooms and the talk of a war that had happened. Apparently, most middle-aged men haven't returned. Most fathers haven't come back. Lt. Surge talks about this as he was a part of the war. I wouldn't be surprised if Bruno, Lance, and Koga were a part of this war. Some of your characters' families may have been affected by the war.

    My characters' goals are going to be similar. Basically, they'll follow the Professor Oak Challenge, in that they'll catch and train Pokemon up to the amount of Pokemon they can conceivably obtain before battling a gym leader, but trading is involved.

    I may have to talk with you guys individually some more concerning your guys' characters and how they may act in a conversation.

    With that out of the way, here is how this Gen I in-game story universe is going to work:
    • Dark, Steel, and Fairy-Types, Mega Evolutions, Z-Moves, and Dynamaxing/Gigantamaxing don't exist and no Pokemon after Gen I exist. But levels and stats do exist, and your Pokemon may use more than four moves.
    • This also means that all Pokemon use the Gen I movelists, have no Abilities, and breeding Pokemon that have pre-evolutions in other generations hatch as either Pikachu, Clefairy, Jigglypuff, Mr. Mime, Jynx, Electabuzz, Magmar, and Snorlax, instead of Pichu, Cleffa, Igglybuff, Mime Jr., Smoochum, Elekid, Magby, and Munchlax.
    • Also, Karate Chop, Sand Attack, and Gust will stay as Fighting-, Ground-, and Flying-Type instead of being Normal-Type, while Bite will be a Normal-Type instead of being Dark-Type. Also, Magnemite and Magneton are pure Electric-Types instead of being Electric/Steel-Types while Clefairy, Clefable, Jigglypuff, and Wigglytuff are pure Normal-Types instead of being pure Fairy-Types or Normal/Fairy-Types and Mr. Mime is a pure Psychic-Type instead of being Psychic/Fairy-Type.
    • The type chart is fixed. Psychic is weak to Ghost instead of being immune, Bug resists Poison instead of being weak to it, Poison takes neutral damage from Bug instead of being weak, and Ice is now resisted by Fire instead of it taking Neutral Damage.
    • The Special Stat is separated between Special Attack and Special Defense instead of encompassing both in one stat, and moves are denoted a category instead of the all encompassing "one type of move are all either Physical or Special, no matter if Fire Punch is supposed to be Physical it will be Special". But all Pokemon use their stats from Gen II.
    • Event Pokemon, Legendaries, and Mew are rare, but we will be seeing these Pokemon. I will make sure they encounter these Pokemon correctly (as it is technically my story, I'm just needing help with character creation). There can be multiples of Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres, but it is rare to find more than one of each. There is one alive Mewtwo, with the other multiple Mewtwo currently being created by Team Rocket. There are multiple Mew, but even finding one is super rare, let alone two.
    • Team Rocket is a large crime organization. Lt. Surge, Sabrina, Koga, Lorelei, Bruno, Agatha, and Lance all work for Team Rocket in one way or another, while Blaine used to work for Team Rocket and Giovanni being the leader. Team Rocket Grunts and Admins will use whips on their Pokemon to force them to attack more brutally, while also inflicting a bit of pain. They will also steal Pokemon from others and people and things, hurt people and Pokemon emotionally and physically, control large portions of Kanto, and have branches in black market trades, like drugs, guns, and sex trade.
      • The drugs and guns will be seen as black market people are in the Underground Path underneath Saffron City (Silph Co. also work for Giovanni), but the sex trade won't be delved into as much. Don't worry, I won't bring up anything scandalous in the story, but you still need to have a bit of maturity, hence the 16+ age rating.
    Now all that is done, I will be needing some characters. Now that you know what you'll be dealing with, we will have four parallel-ish universes that can interact each other via PC trading.

    I already have several characters. Of course, I would like traveling companions and rivals of these characters, and maybe some new villains. This will kind of mirror the story in the games and manga (due to most gym leaders are working for Team Rocket like in the manga), but there will be a few changes. Like getting both fossils from the Super Nerd in Mt. Moon if you don't want to go through with the deal of obtaining one. This story will be a bit more open-ended.

    Here is the character sheet for this:

    Human Bio
    Age (10-16):
    Appearance (Eye Color/Hair Color and Style/Skin Color/Other Noticeable Markings or Piercings/Body Build/Height and Weight/Clothes):
    Occupation (if any):
    Battle Style (How do they command their Pokemon and what do they want their Pokemon to do? Do they start to utilize specific commands instead of telling them what move to use vanilla style? Or do they just yell out commands vanilla style?):
    Starter Pokemon:
    Final Team:
    Other Pokemon Caught/Released/Traded:
    Brief History:

    Pokemon Bio
    Battle Style (What moves do they mostly use and how do they fight?):
    Brief History:

    I would like to have their full team bios, but you don't have to send them. Just give me the Pokemon they will have and I'll make their team dynamic.

    Any Pokemon from Gen II-VIII, Mega Venusaur, Mega Charizard X/Y, Mega Blastoise, Mega Beedrill, Mega Pidgeot, Alolan Rattata, Alolan Raticate, Pichu and Spiky-Eared Pichu, Cosplay Pikachu, Pikachu with a Cap, Alolan Raichu, Alolan Sandshrew, Alolan Sandslash, Cleffa, Alolan Vulpix, Alolan Ninetales, Igglybuff, Crobat, Bellossom, Alolan Diglett, Alolan Dugtrio, Alolan Meowth, Galarian Meowth, Alolan Persian, Perrserker, Politoed, Mega Alakazam, Alolan Geodude, Alolan Graveler, Alolan Golem, Galarian Ponyta, Galarian Rapidash, Galarian Slowpoke, Galarian Slowbro, Mega Slowbro, Slowking, Galarian Slowking, Magnezone, Galarian Farfetch'd, Sirfetch'd, Alolan Grimer, Alolan Muk, Mega Gengar, Steelix, Mega Steelix, Alolan Exeggutor, Alolan Marowak, Tyrogue, Hitmontop, Lickilicky, Galarian Weezing, Rhyperior, Happiny, Blissey, Tangrowth, Mega Kangaskhan, Kingdra, Mime Jr., Galarian Mr. Mime, Mr. Rime, Scizor, Mega Scizor, Smoochum, Elekid, Electivire, Magby, Magmortar, Mega Pinsir, Mega Gyarados, Espeon, Umbreon, Leafeon, Glaceon, Sylveon, Porygon2, Porygon-Z, Mega Aerodactyl, Munchlax, Mega Mewtwo X/Y

    If your characters are around the ages 10-14, I will have them act immature if not specified otherwise. 15 and 16 has some leeway in terms of maturity.

    I will also act as if the Routes and cities are much bigger than what they are portrayed as in the games, and Pokemon battles aren't cut and dry like they are in the games. Yes, stats and levels do matter this time, but Pokemon's Stamina (or HP) will not be calculated, so no Pokemon Showdown calculator. Random chances in the games will translate to the randomness in the story. Of course, experience gained and evolution is as fast as it is in the games.
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  2. I might try and make a bio for this, but it might take time knowing this'll be a lot like Red and Blue and I still have a bit to learn due to not having started since Pokemon White as well as the lore info I'll have to absorb. Hopefully I'll be able to make a sufficient char.
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  3. You'll be fine. The most you need to know is that there are only Generation I Pokemon, the type chart is largely the same as Gen II, just without the Dark- and Steel-Types, and Mega Evolutions and Z-Moves don't exist with Team Rocket being like the American Mafia or the Japanese Yakuza were.

    Bulbapedia is a great place to start. The synopsis is literally a 10-year-old trainer roams around Kanto, fights a rival, fights a syndicate, gets 8 gym badges, and then beats the Elite Four and the Champion, who is the rival.

    All the changes from Gen I and any information from Gen I for this story I have talked about in the bullet points.
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  4. If you have any questions, you can ask me. :)

    By the way, each universe will share a chapter. The four different "games" or universes will be in parts within a chapter (like how And Then There Was One worked when it went through 10 people's perceptions and views).
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  5. For now, all I'll ask is how many Pokemon is a char allowed to start off with?
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  6. This seems pretty interesting! I'll probably donate a character or something :D I know that in Gen I there were a lot of janky moves and combos, like how Wrap and Bind were just OP and Leech Seed + Toxic was killer. Prolly a dumb question, but I'm assuming those are 'fixed' and do what they are intended?

    Also, an in-universe question. Is it common knowledge that Gym Leaders/Elite 4 work for Team Rocket?
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  7. Well, this is the start of a journey. But, if you can give a reason as to why your character starts off with six weak Pokemon and they are 10, I'll allow it. If your character is older, I will be even more lenient.

    I mean, there have been trainers who started out with two Pokemon from their parents gifting them their Pokemon or working at a breeding center. So it really doesn't matter.

    Not every character has to start in Pallet Town or meet Professor Oak either. They can be just random trainers that eventually become the friend/rival of other characters.

    @Captain Cardboard These moves are fixed. Yes. Otherwise, we wouldn't want a Pokemon to use Rage and get stuck using it until either its opponent or itself faints.

    As for the common knowledge bit, no. There may be newspaper articles that talk about how suspicious a gym leader acts, but they don't downright say "oh, Koga is working for the Yakuza." That would be bad for the Gym Challenge and for business. XD

    Think about how high-end citizens with a high standing can get away with a bunch of shit and most of their "fans" will think that all that stuff about them couldn't be true after they hear of it, and the person who leaked the information are either never seen again or intimidated into hiding.

    Of course, there can be theories about "oh, I don't trust most Gym Leaders. They probably got their standings because of some evil organization."
  8. Name: Zander Grey
    Gender: Male
    Age: 16
    Sexuality: Straight
    Hometown: Lavender Twon
    Appearance: Zander stands at 5'11" with relatively Pale skin and Sapphire blue eyes, he has somewhat messy and short dull Brown hair, his body build shows him to be relatively fit thanks to a lot of walking. His attire consists of a Purple shirt with Black baggy pants tucked into Brown boots, above all this is an ankle long hooded White coat with Purple flame designs along the edges, he always has his hood up.
    Personality: Zander is mainly seen as a calm, blunt and rude person at first glance, however this doesn't mean he isn't open to making friends depending on how they treat him and if there's something he doesn't like, he usually has a habit of dismissing it by saying "I don't care." Thanks to his family having been Pokemon trainers, he grew up to immediately love Pokemon and training with them. He can be very aggressive when angered and isn't above physically threatening people... something he tries as hard as he could to keep under wraps.
    Occupation: Pokemon trainer.
    Like: People who care for Pokemon, Peace and quiet, Being seen as strong (not that he's arrogant), Cool weather, Girls (nothing pervy)
    Dislike: People/Pokemon abuse, Loud noises, Losing, Rain, Getting dirty.
    Fears: Being isolated, Letting his anger get the better of him.
    Goal: To be the strongest trainer he could be and see people and Pokemon live harmoniously world wide.
    Crush: None (Yet, but feel free to have a crush on mine ♥)
    Battle Style: His battling style mainly has him attacking head on, see how they react and how to counter it. At the same time, he does his best to study and memorize the tactics of others so he can find ways to counter them or use their own moves against them. He doesn't get as agitated about losing the first time as he views first battles against people as "a test." Team Rocket on the other hand likely see a more aggressive way of battling.
    Starter Pokemon: Gastly (Male)
    Final Team: Gengar (Male), Nidoking (Male), Arcanine (Female), Snorlax (Male), Poliwrath (Male), Dragonite (Female)
    Other Pokemon Caught/Released/Traded: N/A
    Brief History: Born in Lavender Town to a relatively poor family, Zander's parents did their best to raise Zander as best they could for a happy life. On weekends, Zander and his mother used to pay their respects to the departed spirits of those in the Pokemon tower, Zander learned how some people are the reasons for some of these Pokemon's unfortunate demise and was immediately disgusted by the abuse people caused on such wonderful beings. Zander wanted to go out and become a Pokemon trainer like his parents only to learn that his father was too busy "settling debts" to allow him, his mother on the other hand predicted this outcome due to the fire they once had seen in their son's eyes and gifted him his first ever Pokemon: Gastly. Now Zander travels the region in order to train and get strong... slightly suspicious of these debts his father sees to...

    Species: Gastly (To Gengar)
    Gender: Male
    Level: Starts at level 5
    Personality: Gastly is a curious and mischievous Pokemon who enjoys giving people little scares, much to Zander's annoyance (despite never pranking the latter). He does however care deeply for Zander like an older brother and listens to him without question, although he isn't afraid to speak his mind as is easily Zander's most trusted Pokemon. As time goes on and he evolves, he becomes more mature (and somewhat sadistic) and loyal towards Zander.
    Likes: Scaring people, Sweet things, Naps, Winning, Making Zander happy.
    Dislike: Seeing Zander sad, Anyone who makes fun of Zander, Pokemon who look down on him.
    Fears: Losing Zander.
    Crush: N/A
    Battle Style: Due to being loyal towards Zander, he obeys every command in battle. As time goes on and their trust builds along with evolution, they begin to understand one another though simple gestures and can understand silent commands from Zander.
    Brief History: Gastly spent most of his early days in the Pokemon Tower as a wandering soul (no pun intended) before Zander's mother met him and immediately caught the Ghost type Pokemon. Shortly after being caught, he was introduced to Zander who he immediately grew to like, seeing the would be trainer as an older brother.

    Species: Nidoran (To Nidoking)
    Gender: Male
    Level: Starts at 7
    Personality: Sharing Zander's hot headed personality and always wishing to pick a fight, causing Zander to keep a close eye on him. As a Nidorino, his anger gets worse, not afraid to cause friendly fire. As a Nidoking, he learns to control his rage and becomes a lot more loyal to Zander... most of the time.
    Likes: Fighting, Being seen as strong, Getting stronger, Bullying "bad people"
    Dislikes: Kindness (at first), Losing, Being called weak, Lectures
    Fear: N/A
    Crush: He flirts with a lot of female Pokemon only to be turned down one way or another.
    Battle Style:
    Brief History: Nidorino found Zander and Gastly, immediately demanding a fight with them, during their fight, Zander saw the fire in the Poison type's eyes and immediately caught him, although he proved to be a handful.

    Species: Growlithe (To Arcanine)
    Gender: Female
    Level: Starts at 15
    Personality: A rambunctious and playful Pokemon who wants nothing more than to have fun, even seeing battles as a rough kind of game. Even as an Arcanine, she shows no sign of maturity until later in the future.
    Like: Playing, Eating, Giving people rides, Competing
    Dislike: Standing still for "no reason", "Boring people."
    Fear: Bug Pokemon.
    Crush: N/A
    Battle Style: Due to her carefree and playful personality, she depicts battles like a game, yet listens to Zander to a degree. Her childish actions make her somewhat reckless in her ways of battle.
    Brief History: Zander found Growlithe while travelling and immediately decided to catch it, although her personality made her a handful which only worsened after she found and touched a Fire Stone, evolving some time (not immediately) after her capture. Zander views her evolution as "too early."

    Species: Snorlax
    Gender: Male
    Level: Starts at 40
    Personality: Like all Snorlax' he enjoys eating and sleeping, although after what he heard team Rocket used to do around his old home, he gained a sadistic hatred for them and often a times wakes up just to destroy whatever plans they have going on nearby. He does listen to Zander however and enjoys a good battle every now and then as long as he's fed enough.
    Like: Eating, Sleeping, Battling (when he feels like it), Defeating Team Rocket.
    Dislike: Waking up early, Team Rocket succeeding, Tamato Berries
    Fear: Team Rocket prevailing and destroying his old home and friends.
    Crush: N/A
    Battle Style: Snorlax likes to use his weight to his advantage and deal heavy attacks. When against Team Rocket, he becomes more aggressive.
    Brief History: Snorlax slept soundly near a Team Rocket hideout before Zander found him, when he saw Team Rocket try to capture the Pokemon around his area, he helped Zander drive them away and immediately showed loyalty to the trainer ever since.

    Species: Poliwhirl (To Poliwrath)
    Gender: Male
    Level: 29
    Personality: Poliwhirl is a curious Pokemon who does whatever he could to learn new things, easily fascinated by new discoveries. He's proven to be a very kind an polite Pokemon in Zander's arsenal like a personal assistant and tries to break up any fights within his team (mainly from Nidorino/Nidoking).
    Likes: Peace and quiet, Learning, Helping people no matter how little the task.
    Dislikes: Needless fights, Forgetting things, Accidents.
    Fear: Becoming worthless and forgetting everything he learned.
    Crush: N/A
    Battle Style: Poliwhirl likes to hang back and analyze his opponent to find any weaknesses they have, learning a lot about type match ups... although he does tend to overthink things.
    Brief History: During one of Zander's travels across the water, Poliwhirl gained an immediate curiosity for the trainer and followed him until the reached the shore, Zander paid him little attention until the Pokemon helped him find his Pokedex when it goes missing. Joining his team ever since.

    Species: Dratini (To Dragonite)
    Gender: Female
    Level: 22
    Personality: Dratini is seen as a shy Pokemon thanks to the abuse given to her by Team Rocket, she looks up to Zander like a father figure, hiding behind him whenever she gets scared. As a Dragonair, she becomes more confident about herself and shows little signs of fear... unless you count constant flinches. As a Dragonite, she becomes fearless and rarely backs down from a challenge, becoming aggressive whenever anyone even things of hurting her trainer.
    Likes: Calm people, Zander, Sunny days.
    Dislikes: Team Rocket, Pokemon abuse, Disorder.
    Fears: Before she met Zander, she was afraid of nearly everything, this fear diminishes as a Dragonite.
    Crush: N/A
    Battle Style: She mainly prefers hit and run tactics, as she evolves she becomes more confident in her abilities and becomes Zander's second strongest Pokemon and main mode of transport.
    Brief History: She was captured and abused by Team Rocket. Zander caught wind of this and "stole" Dratini from them, Dratini was surprised to feel warmth and kindness from a human, immediately gaining a liking to the trainer that only grew as she evolved... despite the many fears she has yet to get over.

    Not feeling clear with the levels, so I'll just put down the level he catches them, obviously he won't have them all in hand.

    Moves suffering a similar problem.
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  9. I love this character. It would be helpful to see what his Pokemon act like and where he gets them.
  10. I'm glad you like him :)

    I'll go ahead and make an extra section for his Pokemon.
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  11. And it's been sorted, that took a long time.
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  12. Thank you :3 I'm assuming Nidoking just attacks mercilessly XD
  13. Nah, think of him like Raphael from TMNT.
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  14. Name: Lena Yajaro
    Gender: Female
    Age (10-16): 16
    Sexuality: Straight
    Hometown: Saffron City
    Appearance: Lena has blue eyes. Her black hair is about shoulder length, but she keeps it in a ponytail. She wears orange shorts and an orange tank top (think the Battle Girl trainer sprite from Ruby and Sapphire), and a small black waterproof backpack completes her look. She also has black MMA fingerless gloves she'll put on when battling or fighting. Lena stands at 5'5", weighs 109 lbs, and is noticeably muscular for a girl her age. In her backpack, she keeps a red jacket and sweatpants to wear when it's cold.
    Personality: Lena is a tomboy and a bit of a martial arts nut. She's loudmouthed and brash, and isn't afraid to settle things with her fists rather than talking things out. She loves fighting and battling, and wants to become the strongest there ever was. When she loses a battle, she might yell, shout, and stomp her feet for a second or two but quickly calms down and apologizes if she'd insulted anyone in her rage. she's never rude to her Pokemon and shows them the utmost love. She thinks tough looking Pokemon are the coolest, but has a secret love for cute-looking Pokemon. Not that she would ever admit it. Angers easily.
    Occupation (if any):
    Like(s): Martial Arts, Running, Swimming, Pokemon Battles, tough looking Pokemon, cute Pokemon (but won't admit it)
    Dislike(s): Psychic type Pokemon (she thinks they're creepy), spicy foods, losing,
    Fear(s): Ghosts, heights, being too weak to protect the ones she loves
    Goal(s): To become a better martial artist, to figure out what she wants to do with her life.
    Crush(es): Bruno (in like, a celebrity/hero crush kind of way)
    Battle Style: Lena is a simple soul, preferring to yell out the commands the old fashioned way. She relies on pure strength to beat down her opponents. To her, the quickest way between points is a straight line, and if that means punching through walls then so be it. Lena prefers Pokemon that hit hard and fast, and at first that will be all she will have them do. Perhaps eventually she'll figure out the usefulness of status moves and strategy, rather than sheer force. However, if she gets into a situation where she knows there is no chance of victory for her, she's okay with calling off the battle and taking the loss.
    Universe: Red
    Starter Pokemon: Mytye the Mankey, Chain the Spearow
    Final Team: Primape, Hitmonlee, Fearow, Rhyhorn, Beedrill, Golduck
    Other Pokemon Caught/Released/Traded: Lena catches a Voltorb early on, which she will eventually evolve into an Electrode. While she had a great deal of love for the electric-type and it has an extended stint on her team, it doesn't end up making the final cut.
    Brief History: Lena was born in Saffron City. At a young age, she began to train at the Fighting Dojo. Originally it was just a hobby, something to try out and get her energy out, but eventually Lena found that she was actually very passionate about martial arts, and was quite skilled as well. Upon reaching the age of 16, Lena's parents suggested that she should go out and attempt the gym challenge. It was something they had done when they were young, and it helped them figure out what they wanted to do in life as well as gave them an adventure to remember. So Lena decided to head out.
    Other: Lena also has a little sister who is named Lily. Lily is about 14 years old and isn't much of an athlete, preferring her photography hobby. She has a pet Growlithe named Flare.

    Species: Primeape (caught as a Mankey)
    Nickname: Mytye (like Mighty)
    Gender: Male
    Level: Caught at level 8
    Personality: Mytye is very loyal to Lena, but has a very quick temper. And when he gets angry, it's difficult for anyone except for Lena to calm him down. Usually stays out of his Pokeball and has a tendency to mimic what Lena does.
    Like(s): Lena, fighting, getting angry, spicy foods
    Dislike(s): Psychic types
    Fear(s): Drowning
    Crush(es): None at the moment
    Battle Style: Mytye's techniques are akin to a Barbarian's from Dungeons and Dragons. Enter a rage and hit the opponent until they're unconscious. It's berserker-like rage becomes more and more pronounced the higher level Mytye becomes. However, Mytye does manage to keep enough sense to listen to Lena and do what she says to do. It doesn't matter if moves he uses hurt him, so he uses moves like Rage, Submission, and Double Edge.
    Brief History: Met Lena outside Saffron City on Route 5. He attacked her since she was entering into what he had marked into his territory, but Lena actually managed to fight the Mankey off. Mytye was pretty impressed that this human was able to hold her own against him, since usually other humans either ran away screaming or sent out a Pokemon to fight him. He watched Lena as she was working out, and began to copy what she was doing. The two became best friends for life, with Mytye becoming Lena's first Pokemon.

    Species: Fearow (caught as a Spearow)
    Nickname: Chain
    Gender: Female
    Level: Caught at level 5
    Personality: As a Spearow, Chain will have a bit of temper. Not as bad as Mytye of course, but still pretty bad. She's very loyal to Lena, listening and helping her human whenever she can. By the time she becomes a Fearow, it will be pretty hard to provoke Chain.
    Like(s): Lena, eating bugs, baths
    Dislike(s): Getting muddy, rainstorms
    Fear(s): Thunderstorms, breaking her wing again
    Crush(es): N/A
    Battle Style: While at first Chain's battle style was similar to that of Mytye's (attacking opponents with pure fury), eventually Chain's style evolved to be more technical and tactical, making use of moves like Mirror Move and Agility.
    Brief History: Lena came across Chain while she was doing some strength training outside Mt. Moon. While making her way back to Cerulean City, Lena found a Spearow with a broken wing. It was a fierce little thing, but eventually Lena was able to calm it and get it some help. Lena took care of the Spearow as it recovered, but when it came time to return Chain back to the wild, the Spearow decided to stick with Lena instead.

    Species: Beedrill (caught as a Weedle)
    Nickname: Juji
    Gender: Male
    Level: Caught at level 6
    Personality: As a weedle, Juji is a pretty calm Pokemon. He enjoys suddenly dropping down onto humans and watching their reactions as they freak out, and is overall just happy go lucky. As a Kakuna, Juji becomes much more withdrawn, barely doing anything. Which makes sense. Then as a Beedrill, Juji has a newfound love for fighting. He becomes much easier to anger, but keeps his rage focused. Juji keeps his love of scaring people, but loses a bit of his happy-go-lucky nature.
    Like(s): Eating plants, scaring people
    Dislike(s): The Caterpie Evolution line
    Fear(s): Birds
    Crush(es): N/A
    Battle Style: As a Weedle and Kakuna, Juji's fighting style will be pretty much just listening to whatever Lena commands him to do. When he evolves into a Beedrill, Juji begins to use more of his anger and rage when battling to try to overcome opponents. But instead of using it blindly like Mytye, he focuses it using techniques like Focus Energy and releases it in flurries, using moves like Fury Attack and Pin Missile.
    Brief History: Met Lena in Viridian Forest when he tried to spook her. At first Lena didn't really consider adding the bug to her party, then remembered that Psychic types don't like bugs. Juji seemed to want to travel with her, so Lena let the Weedle tag along.

    Species: Electrode (caught as a Voltorb)
    Nickname: Aiko
    Gender: Genderless
    Level: 16
    Personality: Aiko has a bit of a short fuse, unafraid to explode if something should so much as bump him the wrong way.
    Like(s): Consuming electricity, rolling around
    Dislike(s): Being touched by people he doesn't know
    Fear(s): Being buried
    Crush(es): N/A
    Battle Style: Aiko likes hitting his opponents fast and hard. He's also a bit of a sore loser, and is unafraid to Self Destruct/Explode if it looks like he's about to lose. He usually just sticks with doing whatever Lena tells him to do.
    Brief History: Met Lena outside the Rock Tunnel when Lena tried to pick the Voltorb up, thinking Aiko was a normal Pokeball. He shocked Lena, and Lena thought that Aiko was extremely cool. So she caught the Voltorb.

    Species: Golduck (caught as a Psyduck)
    Nickname: Tacha
    Gender: Female
    Level: 17 when caught
    Personality: As a Psyduck, Tacha wasn't super intelligent. She would sometimes wander off, and if she tried to think too hard she would get painful headaches. But she loves being around humans and is quite loyal to Lena. However as a Golduck, Tacha became quite smart and clever as well as a little vain.
    Like(s): Sweet food, swimming
    Dislike(s): Whips
    Fear(s): Heights
    Crush(es): N/A
    Battle Style: As a Psyduck, Tacha stuck with just doing whatever Lena told her to do. But as she grew, Tacha began to develop a bit of her own style, preferring to hit her opponents with powerful ranged special attacks like Hydro Pump, Ice Beam, and Hyper Beam.
    Brief History: Lena found Tacha trying to steal some of her food. The Psyduck kept bugging Lena, not leaving her alone. At first, Lena didn't like the Psyduck very much. She thought it was at least a part psychic type. But even so, Lena eventually let Tacha onto her team after the Psyduck helped her in a Pokemon Battle and grew to love the water-type.

    Species: Hitmonlee
    Nickname: Savat
    Gender: Male
    Level: Received at level 30
    Personality: Savat is a hard worker. Whatever he does, he goes at it at 110% and wont stop until he's completed. He's a very patient Pokemon as well. Savat always keeps a calm head and tries to approach things tactfully and skillfully.
    Like(s): Fighting, getting stronger
    Dislike(s): Surprises
    Fear(s): Failure
    Crush(es): N/A
    Battle Style: As guessed from a Hitmonlee, Savat prefers all sorts of kicking moves. He prefers to keep his opponents to a distance, taking full advantage of his extending legs. He stays focused on his opponents, using moves like Focus Energy.
    Brief History: Savat was one of the emblems of the Fighting Dojo in Saffron City. When Lena departed to go on her journey for the first time, she challenged the Dojo in an attempt to earn the right to take the Hitmonlee with her. She failed and was forced to leave without it. Much later on her journey, she returned to the Dojo and made a second attempt. Now much stronger, she was successful. Even so, Savat was not impressed. So Lena battled her Pokemon against the Hitmonlee and defeated him, earning the respect of the fighting type.

    Species: Rhydon (caught as a Rhyhorn)
    Nickname: Sambo
    Gender: Female
    Level: Caught at Level 26
    Personality: Sambo isn't exactly the brightest Ampharos in the lighthouse if you catch my drift. But he tries his hardest and his heart is in the right place.
    Like(s): Lena, being petted
    Dislike(s): People being mean to Lena
    Fear(s): Being abandoned
    Crush(es): N/A
    Battle Style: Sambo is a lot like Lena. To him, the quickest way is straight. If left to his own, he relies on pure force to beat down whatever is in his way. But thanks to Lena, he learns a few unusual techniques to use.
    Brief History: Lena caught Sambo in the Safari Zone. She thought the Rhyhorn was actually incredibly cute and tough looking at the same time.

    So that's what I got so far on this character. Actually took longer then I thought, even though she'd been ping-ponging in my head for the longest time XD I'll do her Pokemon soon.
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  15. WOOOOW this looks exciting! And I really enjoy your writing style, so that makes it even cooler! I'll definitely write a bio for this, most likely a character that I either have never RPd with before or rarely RP with.

    EDIT: Eevium Sucks At Grammar
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  16. I love this character, as well. I'm gonna have fun writing these. XD Once you have time, I would like the personality and nicknames (if there are any) for her Pokemon, just so I know what I'm dealing with, and where she would he capturing them.

    And your grammar doesn't suck that bad XD but yes, please. I'd like characters.

    OH I forgot XD lol

    I need you guys to tell me which universe these characters are going to be in.

    Red, Japanese Blue, International Blue/Green, and/or Yellow.
  17. I'm always down to create a character for something!

    : Alexander Redwood
    Gender: Male
    Age (10-16): 15
    Sexuality: Asexual
    Hometown: Celadon City
    Appearance (Eye Color/Hair Color and Style/Skin Color/Other Noticeable Markings or Piercings/Body Build/Height and Weight/Clothes): Alexander weighs in at an underweight 105 lbs. and 5'5" tall. His skin is a light olive in color, and he wears his dark red-brown hair loose down to his shoulders. His eyes are affected from a mild form of heterochroma, in that his left eye is blue while his right is hazel. In addition, he is rather scrawny, as he rarely gets any deliberate exercise and travels long distances courtesy of Teleport whenever possible. With regards to clothing, Alexander typically wears a blue turtleneck with a Pokeball design on the back, as well as black jeans and sneakers.
    Personality: Alexander has often been characterized by others as 'that little shit,' on account of his arrogance and rudeness. He may be a capable trainer, but his success goes to his head all too often, leading to a disdain for others. Alexander has learned how to take other's dislike for him in stride, which certainly does nothing to help his attitude. Regardless of his many character flaws, he is typically a reliable ally if he should choose to help.
    Occupation (if any): Pokemon Trainer
    Like(s): Winning, Being the best, Laughing at those worse than him
    Dislike(s): Losing, Having to settle for anything other than number one, Being himself mocked by those above him, Incompetent people, Braggarts who don't have the skills to back up their claims
    Fear(s): Losing face in front of others, Ending up just as mediocre as everyone else
    Goal(s): To be the best and make sure everyone knows it!
    Crush(es): Nope
    Battle Style: Alexander's strategy is, first and foremost, to make his opponents feel weak. He likes to have his Pokemon use moves that either reduce any efforts by the enemy to naught or help to mount a towering advantage over said enemies. Perhaps a weakness in his style is that he prioritizes such shaming over actually attacking.
    Starter Pokemon: Abra (Male)
    Final Team: Alakazam (Male), Venomoth (Female), Mr. Mime (Male), Charizard (Female), Magneton (Genderless), Persian (Male)/[Maybe Articuno]
    Other Pokemon Caught/Released/Traded: Released a Psyduck because he didn't find it 'competent' enough, Briefly had possession of a Farfetch'd that some fellow paid him to track down, [Removed a Persian from the team once he caught Articuno, but stored him in the PC instead of releasing]
    Brief History: Born in Celadon City, Alexander Redwood was a noteworthy prodigy from a young age. He had already far surpassed his friends by the time he had turned 13. However, his parents - neither of whom had been Pokemon Trainers - never seemed to care about his talents, dismissing training as a 'childish obsession.' Eventually becoming fed up with the lack of recognition, Alexander and his Abra left Celadon to go make a name for themselves in the world.

    Here's what I have so far - I'll get some stuff down for the Pokemon in a bit.

    Species: Abra (Later a Kadabra and Alakazam)
    Gender: Male
    Level: First met Alexander at level 5.
    Personality: Is a relentless prankster, and so is happy to torment his opponents in battle. He has also learned not to mess with Alexander's stuff.
    Like(s): Pranks, Teleporting, Just chillin'
    Dislike(s): Loud noises, Insomnia, Ghost-types
    Fear(s): Situations in which he has no control, Small spaces
    Battle Style (What moves do they mostly use and how do they fight?): Do you like teleporting? Abra likes teleporting. He likes it a lot. He likes teleporting to confuse the opponent. He likes teleporting to dodge attacks. He likes teleporting for the hell of it. Did I mention how much he likes teleporting? Being an Abra comes with its weaknesses when it comes to move options. As a result, Teleport became a key element of this Abra's battling style.
    Brief History: Abra has mysterious origins as a prize in the Celadon City Game Corner. In the days before the stricter crackdown on underage gambling, Alexander and his friends would hang out in said Game Corner, and one day, Alexander won the grand prize on a machine by accident - despite how insanely rigged the game was. He used the prize coins to purchase Abra, and that is how their partnership began.

    Species: Venonat (Later a Venomoth)
    Gender: Female
    Level: Caught at level 13
    Personality: Fairly quiet and obedient, Venonat is reluctant to battle but will do so if she must. Is the most likely of Alexander's team to cry.
    Like(s): Silence, Calmness, Sleeping
    Dislike(s): Fire, Large Pokemon
    Fear(s): Again - Fire and Large Pokemon, in addition to anything she can't see but knows is there
    Battle Style (What moves do they mostly use and how do they fight?): Venonat - and later as a Venomoth - is used if Alexander truly wants to make his opponent feel helpless. With all sorts of powder moves to inflict detrimental status conditions, as well as Double Team, it can be a real pain to fight her.
    Brief History: Venonat was minding her own business, with not a care in the world, when Alexander came along and captured her. Perhaps unfortunately, she showed a knack for battling, and was thus kept on the team.

    Species: Mr. Mime
    Gender: Male
    Level: Caught at level 23
    Personality: Mr. Mime is similar to Alexander's Abra, and the two have a friendly rivalry as to who can cause the most irritating mayhem.
    Like(s): Causing problems, being a mime, outdoing Abra
    Dislike(s): Getting caught, talking, anything that ignores him
    Fear(s): Heights, getting shocked
    Battle Style (What moves do they mostly use and how do they fight?): Mr. Mime's primary method of combat is through obstructive use of Barriers. He will block off his enemies, preventing them from escaping or harming him. Metronome is also funny.
    Brief History: One morning, Alexander woke up to find himself in an invisible box. There was no opening to escape, and he was terrified for a moment. Fortunately, there was just enough space to release Abra and have him teleport them out of said box. The culprit was a nearby Mr. Mime, who Alexander mercilessly attacked then caught after realizing how useful he would be.

    Species: Charmeleon (Later a Charizard)
    Gender: Female
    Level: Caught at level 28
    Personality: Brash and aggressive, Charmeleon is by far the fiercest member of Alexander's team. She and Alexander agree on the need for crushing weaklings, but Charmeleon is far more efficient about it, not focusing as much on the humiliation aspect.
    Like(s): Fire, winning, flying around and looking down on the world (as a Charizard).
    Dislike(s): Losing, moving slowly, larger Pokemon
    Fear(s): Water
    Battle Style (What moves do they mostly use and how do they fight?): As a Charmeleon, she fights up close, combining claw attacks with short blasts of fire. However, after evolving and learning Flamethrower, her style switches to revolve around spacing out her opponents and roasting them.
    Brief History: Caught while preparing for his battle with Erika, Charmeleon originally butted heads with Alexander on numerous occasions. The fire-type frequently disagreed with the need to follow orders from a human of all things and Alexander came extremely close to releasing her. However, the two managed to work out a tentative agreement before it came to that.

    Species: Persian
    Gender: Male
    Level: Caught at level 35
    Personality: Persian is a cat, and, therefore, goes and does his own thing when not in battle. Overall, however, he's pretty calm and laid back.
    Like(s): Naps, patches of sunlight, shiny things
    Dislike(s): The cold, any members of the Growlithe evolutionary family
    Fear(s): Getting properly soaked, Being publicly humiliated
    Battle Style (What moves do they mostly use and how do they fight?): Persian is a quick and agile battler, dashing and leaping acrobatically around his opponent before striking with a swift Slash or Fury Swipes attack.
    Brief History: Alexander encountered Persian taking a nap in the middle of the path one day, and attempted to pass by. However, the Pokemon took offense at Alexander blocking his sunlight and attacked, resulting in his capture.

    Species: Magnemite (Later Magneton)
    Gender: N/A
    Level: Caught at level 39
    Personality: Magnemite is a happy and carefree Pokemon, not minding all that much whether it wins or loses.
    Like(s): Floating around, Being happy
    Dislike(s): Being sad, not being surrounded by people
    Fear(s): Getting abandoned, most ground-types
    Battle Style (What moves do they mostly use and how do they fight?): Through the use of attacks such as Thunder Wave, Magnemite attempts to immobilize the foe and shocks them repeatedly with electric attacks. It is analytical in battle, missing very few details.
    Brief History: After being told that he would need a full team if he hoped to capture Articuno, the question of what kind of Pokemon he would add bounced around in Alexander's brain for a while. Eventually, Alexander heard a rumor about an incredibly rare bird Pokemon making its home in the old abandoned Power Plant, and went to investigate, thinking it might be Articuno. Unfortunately, he found no such Pokemon there and was leaving dejected when he ran into a Magnemite minding its own business. Alexander leapt to the conclusions that a) an electric-type would be a useful addition against what was likely a flying-type, b) an electric-type would also round out his team in general, and c) Magnemites were fairly rare and thus would garner him more attention. Thus, he decided to catch the small magnet Pokemon and finally had a full team.
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  18. Why thank you so much. :D I also really like this character.

    I'm wondering though... if I should just combine the four universes together to make it easier. XD I feel like that would be better. I'll make a poll. While the four universe idea is cool and not really been done before as far as I know, keeping it one universe seems to be streamlined.

    Added a poll.
  19. Oh, as for this, give me a second to come up with something for that. The Legendary encounters and captures are going to be Special. Not everyone is going to learn the whereabouts of these Legendary Pokemon, but I'll have your character encounter it when its winter out, and then that fuels his drive to travel around Kanto as he wants to find it. Capturing this Pokemon will show the world that he shouldn't be messed with. Although, just because he has a Legendary doesn't mean that people can't still beat him.

    Does that sound good? Basically, I would prefer he have a full team before he encounters Articuno. Maybe I could put that in the story, where he saves a spot on his team for Articuno, until someone tells him he needs a full team if he were to ever capture a Legendary.

    I may also make him a rival of sorts that may or may not tag along with the rest of the group on some occasions.

    As for @Captain Cardboard's Lena, I may put her in the same friend group as my character (which I'll throw up here) and she'll tag along. I may have her go through an arc where she has an issue facing off against Sabrina, and then again when she faces off against Agatha and face her fears.

    As for @Red Gallade's Zander, I'll put him through a trying time with Team Rocket, where he gets isolated.

    In a bit, I'll throw up a couple of my characters. XD

    I can imagine Lena and Zander being best friends or have a possible love interest, if that's alright. Or maybe have a quick spark that dies fast.

    I know this is my story and I'm having you guys make characters, but I still want to keep these characters true to their personalities and how they were made. I may make a conversation regarding what some characters would do, as I would hate to disrespect the creation of your guys' characters by making them act like how they aren't supposed to. XD
  20. I wouldn't mind Zander getting into a relationship and I did mention his father was sorting out "debts."

    What was this about a trying time with Rocket and isolation?
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  21. @TheWanderer I was also wondering if a character I make, who is meek, shy, and avoids conflict, would be a good idea for him to have along the ride. Basically, they'll constantly compliment him, as they are super sweet, but would maybe irritate Alexander because they aren't that strong in a battling way. They would much prefer to watch fights and just observe, as they are extremely intelligent.
  22. I have a goal, and that goal is to get all of our characters through their fears in one way or another and still get them either close or close enough to their goals. Basically, Team Rocket may capture him and use him as bait while throwing him in a locked room away from anyone.

    I'm assuming these debts are with Team Rocket?
  23. Yeah, can't think of any full details but I was thinking that Zander's father does a few deals behind Team Rocket's back. Perhaps fearing that they might go for his family and he does a few little things to stay on their good side and hopefully leave his family alone.
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  24. I'm assuming its giving them intel or material things that could help them. I'm thinking it would make more sense for him to be Silph Co. employee that's up there, like a manager of sorts. That way, when Team Rocket starts to slowly take over the economic production and prices (since Silph Co. owns everything due to it playing too much Monopoly), your father will be one of the first to have a talk with one of the Admins. He would have to give up information or items in order to keep him off the radar. The information and items would start off small and almost inconsequential to get him used to this line of work. Then they will want something more, like Pokemon, drugs, guns, intel on anybody. He'll be gone for most nights, causing a rift between him and his family.

    I'm also going to possibly have them take Zander's family as punishment for Zander nosing around where he shouldn't be, and then he'll take Zander as bait for the "resistance". The resistance is being created by Brock, Misty, and Erika. They know what is going on, but getting members is difficult. They can't trust a lot of people but they have to at least put hope and trust out there to the right people. That will bite them in the butt later, as they put trust in the wrong person. Zander's father.
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  25. Alright, @Merciless Medic I added Lena's Pokemon. I think it sounds like an amazing idea with Sabrina and Agatha! If you are doing the whole universe thing, then I'd probably have Lena be in the Red universe. Also, totally on board for Lena and Zander being friends/love interests. I'm excited!
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  26. As for Zander, when he learns about what his father does, he'll feel betrayed and when Team Rocket go after Zander's family, Zander's likely gonna gain a hatred so strong that he wouldn't hesitate to try and kill any of it's members. (Almost)
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  27. That certainly sounds like it would lead to some interesting interactions - I'd love to see where it goes! Also, with regards to the Articuno thing, what you said makes sense, so I'll put in the Persian as a member of his team for the majority of his journey, at least until whatever happens with the ice bird happens.
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  28. I'm glad you agree. :3

    I see the poll, as of now, has 3 votes for combining and 1 vote for keeping them separate. I shall continue on as if I'm combining the four, making it a little easier for everyone involved.
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  29. I kinda want to get my character in trouble with TR as well, if that would be alright. I'm going to write a slightly more mature character for this, she's almost done.
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  30. Team Rocket will harass all the characters anyway. Xd so if your character is going to get into trouble with them, I dont mind throwing them into the thick of it.
  31. Here she is.

    : Lily Argon
    Gender: Female
    Age (10-16): 15
    Sexuality: Aromantic/Asexual
    Hometown: Vermillion City
    Appearance: Long, black hair (very straight), green eyes, athletic build, relatively pale skin. Few markings in general, much less defining markings. Some bruises and scars are visible on her skin from her training. Her clothing is completely up to you, if you want me to come up with something I can. Stands at approximately 5'6.
    Personality: Bold, eager, and a touch hot-headed, Lily has a fiery spirit. Her determination is remarkable, and she has a very strong moral compass. She always wants to do what's right, regardless of the consequences - but deep down, she's a kind person with a big heart. She has a very dry and sarcastic sense of humor, and can take a joke. Despite the fact that she's a brave soul, in reality, the truly corrupt people in the world scare her, contributing to her thirst to be stronger.
    Occupation (if any): Trainer
    Like(s): Martial arts, boxing, training w/ Pokemon, gymnastics, the outdoors
    Dislike(s): Anything that goes against her morals, bitter foods, the cold
    Fear(s): See Personality. Despite her braveness, she fears Team Rocket and what they'll do to her if they find out about her poking around.
    Goal(s): She doesn't really have a set goal, but if you asked her what she wanted most in the world, she'd want the Kanto region to be peaceful and without strife.
    Crush(es): Nope.
    Battle Style (How do they command their Pokemon and what do they want their Pokemon to do? Do they start to utilize specific commands instead of telling them what move to use vanilla style? Or do they just yell out commands vanilla style?): Training is a massive part of Lily's life, both of herself and her Pokemon. She doesn't plan ahead much and often makes her decisions in the heat of battle, solely based on her instinct.
    Starter Pokemon: Squirtle (Male)
    Final Team: Blastoise (Male), Machamp (Male), Gyarados (Male), Flareon (Female), Dragonite (Female), Kangaskhan (Female)
    Other Pokemon Caught/Released/Traded: It would be interesting if she could catch a Primeape at some point but be forced to release/trade it due to it being too much for her to handle. This could be some character development for her, if you want.
    Brief History:
    From her early childhood, Lily was a fighter. She was born prematurely, survived that, and dealt with health problems as an infant/toddler. When she was five and healthy, she got into sports. The only ones she stuck with were martial arts, boxing, and gymnastics. She's been sticking to them ever since then, training nearly every day of her life. She's homeschooled and very intelligent, so she has plenty of time to dedicate to training in her parents garage.
    Note: I would like to see her get a bit too involved in investigating Team Rocket. She's very moralistic and would obviously object to the things they're doing, so it seems likely that she'd try to stop it herself without getting others involved. She probably wouldn't outwardly attack, but would likely put herself into danger in hopes of gathering information.
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  32. I really like this one, too. XD I shall throw her in the proverbial fire of Team Rocket's shenanigans and see how that plays out. She will most likely be an off-and-on traveling companion to the main group of characters. Anyway, once you have the time, I would like the basic information of the personalities, histories, and nicknames (if any) of her Pokemon, including the Primeape.

    The more detail I have to work with, then the less chance of me portraying the character(s) wrong. XD

    I did say I was going to throw up a few characters, but now I have some time. I should be able to throw them up sometime soon.

    I will be making four, one of which will be doing the Professor Oak Challenge. XD Because of course. XD
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  33. May I have you finish Juji's Personality section please? XD

    By the way, @TheWanderer, here are the bios for the Psyduck, Farfetch'd, and Articuno. I kind of took creative liberties, since you didn't put them in your bio. XD

    Species: Psyduck
    Gender: Male
    Level: Caught at Level 15
    Personality: His headaches are the source of his aggression, but the aftermath of a battle makes his headaches worse, causing him to be reluctant to fight unless it is absolutely necessary.
    Like(s): Swimming, sleeping
    Dislike(s): Fighting, but will attack when his territory gets intruded upon.
    Fear(s): Anything that sounds like electricity.
    Crush(es): N/A
    Battle Style (What moves do they mostly use and how do they fight?): He isn't really much of a fighter. Usually tries to ward off intruders with weak psychic waves and weak water attacks, resulting in him being pushed aside or getting beaten.
    Brief History: After attacking Alexander after he got too close to his watery home, Alexander fought and captured the Psyduck. While on the same route, he attempted to get the Psyduck to train and fight. After an unsuccessful three days of trying to coerce the Pokemon to fight, he released him back into the watery hole he found him in, thinking it too incompetent to fight.

    A/N: This will be on Route 6 as he makes his way to Vermilion City.

    Species: Farfetch'd
    Gender: Male
    Level: Caught at Level 26
    Personality: He is very aggressive towards trainers, preferring to be alone with the Wild Pokemon than to be bothered by such bipeds. His animosity towards trainers is due to history of his kind being hunted as meals.
    Like(s): Fighting, training with his leek
    Dislike(s): Trainers and Pokemon owned by trainers
    Fear(s): Being captured for use as food
    Crush(es): N/A
    Battle Style (What moves do they mostly use and how do they fight?): He attacks relentlessly and precisely with his leek. That's about it, though. When push comes to shove, he will use his entire body to get away.
    Brief History: After reluctantly taking a man's help for advice on how to capture Articuno, Alexander goes to Route 13 and finds a Farfetch'd. After a daunting battle, he captures the Farfetch'd and takes it back to the man in Fuchsia City in exchange for money and advice. This is when he gets told he needs a full team and a lot of Ultra Balls if he is ever to catch Articuno, and it lives in the Seafoam Islands. With that in mind, he leaves the Farfetch'd with the man and leaves Fuschia City.

    A/N: This is after he receives the sixth badge.

    Species: Articuno
    Gender: Genderless
    Level: Caught at Level 55
    Personality: It is a very serene Pokemon, choosing to live in relative peace and helping Pokemon and people survive harsh icy climates. It will do what it can to aid Kanto in most crises, although it prefers to watch if it is something that humans and Pokemon can take care of.
    Like(s): Battling for a cause, flying over Kanto, Winter, Autumn, snow, saving lost travelers in icy conditions, having a purpose
    Dislike(s): Spring, Summer (it understands these seasons are necessary), battling for no reason, people in general, Team Rocket
    Fear(s): The world becoming unbalanced
    Crush(es): N/A
    Battle Style (What moves do they mostly use and how do they fight?): A master of ice, it uses moves like Ice Beam and Blizzard to chill its opponents before flying off. Of course, if someone found it at its home or its wreaking wrath on Team Rocket, it will freeze them and dance around the field, using Agility to dodge attacks and getting up close to use Peck and chill the opponents.
    Brief History: SPOILERS :D Has something to do with Team Rocket and flying over Kanto and then getting caught by Alexander later.

    A/N: This will be after he gets his eighth badge, but before he realizes the Gym Leader he just fought was the mastermind behind Team Rocket.

    @EeviumZ, I gave this description of clothing to your character: She wears a dark blue shirt with a black zip-up pleather jacket, dark blue jeans, and black and white high tops. She also had some wrist bands and has a pair of sunglasses she commonly wears when traveling.

    When you have the time, I'd like to at least view the history of the Pokemon she obtains so I can set a roadmap for her. I have already set basic roadmaps for the other characters.

    Now I need to make my characters. XD
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  34. @Merciless Medic That's perfect!

    I'll type up the Pokemon forms in a bit here, just got to catch up on some other RP threads.
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  35. @Merciless Medic
    Thanks! I'm sorry I haven't been active all that much recently - I'm kind of drowning in classwork and exams right now, so I haven't had much time, but I should have some more time to finish the Pokemon bios soon, assuming nothing new crops up.
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  36. @Merciless Medic Oops! Lol, I thought I might have forgotten something. I added Juji's personality, as well as adding a little bit of info about Lena's little sister that I forgot to add before. Do you still need a more rival/antagonistic character, or would you prefer only one character per person?
  37. Take your time. Life comes first, then Pokecharms. I'm more than patient to wait until the exam period is over, The Wanderer.

    I think we have enough hot-heads and rivals XD (Kanto is filled with antagonistic people, jeez XD), but I wouldn't mind a few more villains and rivals that are more antagonistic. But what I would like to see are more nice and peaceful people, people that don't like to battle all that much or those that are shy or happy and outgoing.
  38. Also, to answer your last question, I don't care how many characters you make. Although, the more there are, the more likely some are going to be more background characters or may have to be scrapped if there is too many for one role.
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  39. I'll keep editing Pokemon in as I finish their bios.

    How are we handling trade evos? It'll influence the team a bit.

    Species: Squirtle > Wartortle > Blastoise
    Nickname: Tsunami
    Gender: Male
    Level: Obtained as starter at Lvl 5
    Personality: Much like Lily in terms of spirit and passion. Tends to be a bit overconfident, especially as Squirtle.
    Like(s): Battling, swimming
    Dislike(s): Failure
    Fear(s): Failure.
    Crush(es): Your choice.
    Battle Style (What moves do they mostly use and how do they fight?): As a Squirtle, Tsunami is/was (depending on when you introduce Lily) very reckless. He fights head-on with mostly Water and Normal type moves. He becomes more tactic-oriented as a Wartortle, and finally gains balance as a Blastoise.
    Brief History: Not much of one. He was bred to be a starter and doesn't have much of a backstory beyond that.

    Species: Machop > Machoke > Machamp
    Nickname: Blitz
    Gender: Male
    Level: Obtained at Lvl 11 (as Machop)
    Personality: As Machop, Blitz is a pleaser. He's a bit childish and naive, but always eager to rush into battle. As he matures, he becomes more serious, but still retains the sense of fun. He loves battle and never turns down a challenge.
    Like(s): Fighting, training, training, did I mention training?
    Dislike(s): The cold
    Fear(s): Helplessness
    Crush(es): Your choice
    Battle Style: Very physical and close-combat oriented, but not incapable of more sneaky tactics.
    Brief History: Blitz had already been released once before being caught by Lily, contributing to his desire to please.

    Species: Magikarp > Gyarados
    Nickname: Aqua
    Gender: Male
    Level: Caught at Level 2
    Personality: Aqua wants to be the very best... and that's not an exaggeration. As a Magikarp, he's very knowledgable about how stereotypically weak his species is. It bothers him a bit, but that just fuels his fire even more. He's a bit underconfident and can be fearful at times. However, once he evolves into Gyarados, everything changes. He's as confident as can be, and a fierce defender of those he loves.
    Like(s): The water, training
    Dislike(s): Bug-types, being mocked, Everstones
    Fear(s): Everstones, bug types, not being able to evolve
    Crush(es): Your choice
    Battle Style: Prior to his evolution, Aqua shouldn't be really fighting too much. He focuses on putting his all into training with Lily's Pokemon rather than putting himself into the heat of battle. Once he evolves, he becomes a fierce attacker, with both deadly physical and ranged attacks.
    Brief History:
    Even weaker than most Magikarp, Aqua has always been the underdog of the Pokemon world. Of course, when Lily came around (probably during the story and not before), he (in Poke-speak) begged for her to teach him everything he knew.
    Note: I have a specific idea for evolution for Aqua. He could hardly battle at all prior to his evolution, later in the story. Then, once Lily and her team are in danger (Team Rocket, maybe?) he gains the second wind he needs and evolves, saving his trainer.

    Species: Eevee > Flareon
    Nickname: Wildfire
    Gender: Female
    Level: Ehh... Caught as Eevee at somewhere in the late 10s to early 20s, I guess
    Personality: The mischievous Wildfire has a fiery charm to her. She's very sweet and quirky, and is a bit of a trickster. She's very passionate, just like Lily, and moves with a certain grace.
    Like(s): The cold (unusually for a fire-type), pranks, spicy food (REALLY spicy food)
    Dislike(s): Sweet food
    Fear(s): Being alone
    Crush(es): Your choice, but unlikely. She plays hard-to-get.
    Battle Style: See personality. She's extremely unpredictable, and she battles with style and grace.
    Brief History: Nothing, really.

    Species: Dragonite
    Nickname: Zephyr
    Gender: Female
    Level: Depends on when you introduce her.
    Personality: Confident yet humble, Zephyr is rather calm for her species. She's caring and kind, almost motherly - especially in her final form. However, she is one of the most powerful Pokemon on Lily's team, and she isn't afraid to show it - and you will feel the pain if you dare hurt her loved ones.
    Like(s): She's not picky, but she really enjoys flying in the breeze.
    Dislike(s): Enclosed spaces (though she's fine with Pokeballs for some reason)
    Fear(s): Damage to her wings - she never wants her flight to be impaired. As a Dragonair, she could also have a fear of Pokemon thieves.
    Crush(es): None at the moment
    Battle Style (What moves do they mostly use and how do they fight?): Zephyr has a great balance of both power and skill. She's very adaptable and can figure her way around any situation.
    Brief History: You can fill this in.

    Species: Kangaskhan
    Nickname: Gaia
    Gender: Female
    Level: Depends on when she's caught
    Personality: Gaia, like most Kangaskhan, is extremely maternal and loving. She's mostly relatively pacifistic and doesn't start fights - unless you mess with her family. Then, you are most likely going to end up dead.
    Like(s): Her family and team
    Dislike(s): Nothing in particular
    Fear(s): Losing her loved ones
    Crush(es): Unlikely.
    Battle Style: Gaia doesn't fight much, but when she does, she's relentless and brutal. She prefers close combat to ranged warfare, and doesn't do much in the way of trickery.
    Brief History: You can fill this in/
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  40. Trade evolutions. Yea, just trading between two people with or without PC machines. Although, it can happen between sending a Pokemon to the Professor via PC in the Pokemon Center. XD some people may have machines that can help people evolve their Pokemon via trading. So really, just a transaction between two people or two machine locations.

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