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Ask to Join Children of Vestroia: Bakugan AU RP

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by DarkHydraT, Nov 12, 2019.

  1. https://pokecharms.com/threads/children-of-vestroia-bakugan-au.21628/
    @Crimson Sun
    @Generation Sect
    @Grand Master Koop

    I decided to start the RP earlier than planned due to Kyuukestu saying that their bio would take a while longer, and I did not want all the interest to be gone by that point.


    *Beep beep*
    *Beep beep*

    The sound of an alarm clock pierced through the dream of Francis as a way of saying good morning, and the alarm clock got a hand slamming on it as a different way of saying good morning. "Urgh, why is that alarm so loud?" The boy questioned in his sleepy agony, and he got an answer from a black ball with purple accents that opened up.

    "Well, you set your alarm to be this loud as you knew that you'd ignore it otherwise. I've seen it happen before, and I'll never forgot it. Your reaction was too good for that. Good morning by the way." A Darkus Robotallion spoke to Francis with a light chuckle in his voice.

    The boy let out a sigh. "Mornin' Robotallion, and don't remind me. Mom would've done me in if I was late."

    "So instead of giving her that satisfaction, get up and get ready for school. You just got a new class right? First impressions are important, you told me that when I first met you."

    "Yeah yeah, let's just go." Francis took off his pyjamas and got dressed in his standard outfit. A blue shirt, leather pants, leather boots and a leather jacket. Some might say it clashed with his skin color, but he really couldn't care less. He felt comfortable in them and he'd be damned to listen to strangers who didn't look further than his appearance. He grabbed a small purple rectangle and hung it on the left side of his pants, a motion Robotallion understood as he floated into the rectangle and Francis closed it. A holster was pretty much mandatory for any Bakugan player, along with a card holster which he hung on his right side. All ready to brawl, he entered the bathroom and brushed his hair out of his eyes to brush his teeth. A quick hairbrushing and he was done for the morning.

    After going downstairs and preparing breakfast, he looked at the news on his phone. He liked staying up to date, but the things that were most interesting to him were the articles on new and powerful brawlers. Francis wasn't the best at Bakugan, he'd consider himself decent, but he always had a dream to see his own name in those articles. He could already see it, fireworks, a large crowd and a trophy. And all of those things just for him! A cough from near his waist snapped him out of his dream though.

    "Erhem, aren't we forgetting something? Something called school?" Robotallion spoke up. Francis knew better than to argue with the voice of reason and finished his breakfast to go to school. Not exactly his favorite activity, but maybe he could get someone to brawl with him. With that incentive, he locked the door and made his way to his school, Springboard High School.
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  2. Nukas

    Nukas Previously Kid_Nukas

    Cas woke up to her mom screaming at her because she was still asleep when school was about to start, something that was basically routine at this point. She really didn’t care all that much, but since she was up she thought she might as well get ready for school. She took a quick shower to refresh herself and threw on whatever shirt and pants she could find at the time, which just happened to be blue like most shirts she owned. She then threw on her bomber jacket and a brown baseball cap with the logo of her favorite brawler, mostly to hide the fact that she hadn’t brushed her hair. Cas grabbed her holster and card holder in case she was able to get into a brawl later on. She gave herself a once-over in the mirror and thought, good enough and walked towards the school, her mom screaming at her as she leisurely walked out her door.
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  3. "So if I set G-Power Swap, my Bakugan gets the attribute bonus but loses it when it swaps?"

    "No Francis, the base G-Power gets swapped. For example, if I stand on the card and I face a Subterra Siege, I will get 100 G's and they will get 130 G's as shown on the card. Our base G's will then swap, which means Siege's base 400 G's will get swapped with my 340 G's. After the swap I would have 500 G's whilst the Siege would have 480 G's. If you then activate Dark Growth, I will get 80 G's and end up at 580 G's which is more than enough to defeat the Siege. Or if you face a Bakugan with lower G's than me and use G-Power Swap, you can activate that card your father gave you. The Shadow I believe it was called." Robotallion floated next to Francis, informing him about the newest card that got added to Francis' roster. "But that can be tested later, right now you have school."

    Francis groaned as he kept walking, although a girl wearing a cap caught his attention. More specifically, her Bakugan holster and card holder caught his attention. He walked towards her as Robotallion groaned himself. "Francis, school. You can brawl with her later." The guardian's words fell to deaf ears however as his partner introduced himself to the girl.

    "Hey, I'm Francis. Francis Lawrence. What's your name and what attribute do you use when you brawl? I use Darkus and Aquos." The boy introduced himself as his guardian floated over and sighed.

    "Apologies, he tends to get a bit intrusive when he discovers someone who brawls as well. I hope you can forgive him."
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  4. sSoul

    sSoul Previously Swirled

    Snoring: that was the noise that pervaded the Navel household. Everyone in the house was a rather peaceful sleeper, so no one had made complaints. However, it would see its end soon thanks to a toy-like creature known as a Bakugan. This specifc Bakugan was predominantly red with orange accents, indicitive of its Pyrus Attribute. When it opened up, it revealed a bird-like creature known as a Ravenoid among fellow Bakugan. The source of the snoring was none other than the Bakugan's Brawler, a boy who's family calls him Jack.

    "JACK! CAN YOU PLEASE STOP SNORING!? BAKUGAN NEED SLEEP TOO!" The red toy-like object shouted at the teen, causing the boy to jolt awake.

    "Aww come on, I was having a great dream. There was this girl, and sh-" Jack was cut off by his livid partner.

    "WELL IF I DONT GET TO DREAM IN PEACE, THEN NEITHER DO YOU!" It was at this moment that the bird-like creature decided to reel it in, "My apologies Jack, I guess I got a little carried away,"

    Jack seemed unfazed by his partner's outburst, for he was already getting ready for the day. He had already showerrd, brushed his teeth, washrd his face and hair, and he had put on deoderant. All that was left to do was to get dressed, his attire of choice being a black short-sleeved shirt paired with red shorts and black sneakers. After he was finished, he grabbed his accessories and rushed out the door.

    While walking to school, he motioned Ravenoid to get in his holster, to which the Bakugan complied to. Nowthat no one could see his floating red ball, it was time for school.

    Let's get this over with...
  5. Nukas

    Nukas Previously Kid_Nukas

    "Woah, hey man." Cas was casually strolling down towards her school when this guy came up to her out of nowhere. He talked fast, and she was still pretty groggy from just waking up. She barely listened to what he was saying until he said the word "brawl." This caused her to wake up a bit and realize what was happening. The boy, Francis as he just introduced himself, had his own holster and cardholder indicating that he brawled like herself. She was about to talk to him when a voice interrupted her, which came from... his Bakugan?

    "Woah you have one of those talking Bakugan? That's so cool. You asked which attributes I used right?" As she said this she reached into her card holster. and pulled out a field card. "Care to brawl me to find out?"
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  6. Francis grinned and jerked a thumb at Robotallion. "Yep, that's Robotallion. Bit of a worrywart, but a force to be reckoned with. He's helped me win all my matches so far, so you better know who you're dealing with!" Francis tried to come over as someone who had a ton of experience and wins under his belt, but his guardian quickly burst that bubble of illusion.

    "Francis, you won like ten brawls. Don't act all high and mighty when you lost your previous brawl." Robotallion had no visible eyes whilst in ball form, but he would roll them if he could.

    "Wha-, whose side are you on anyway? You're my guardian, support my cause!"

    "I am on your side, but I do not support boasting without having the facts to back it up."

    Francis grew irritated as his guardian just called out his bluff, but he didn't forget that the girl was still waiting on an answer from him. "A brawl you say? Let's do this!" He pulled out a field card from his card holster and a competitive gleam glimmered in his eyes. "Field open!"

    "You have school! Oh, why do I even try?" Robotallion muttered as the world around him changed and he entered the Bakugan holster.

    The world changed from its normal scenery to a blindingly white world, the world where Francis could unleash the power of his Bakugan and have fun. He was used to this place and although he had been playing Bakugan for a while now, he still felt the same rush of adrenaline surge through his veins as when he first played. He pulled out a gate card, pulled his left arm back until his hand was above his right shoulder and threw the card at the field like some kind of wannabe ninja. "Gate card, set!" The card grew in size and got surrounded by white light shining from the floor, indicating that the card was set and ready to be used in a brawl. He then grabbed Robotallion out of his holster and threw him the same way. "Bakugan brawl!" The Bakugan flew through the air and bounced on the floor once before landing on the gate card, causing the small toy Bakugan to grow into its full size.

    Robotallion was a sight to behold. A huge black and purple robot-esque Bakugan covered with small shields on its arms and legs, three small tubes on its head and two large holes in its chest ready to fire laser beams if need be. There was no visible mouth or pupils, which made the fact that it could talk pretty confusing.

    Francis nodded at the unknown girl. "Your turn, don't keep me waiting."
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  7. Nukas

    Nukas Previously Kid_Nukas

    Using his guardian Bakugan already? He's gonna regret that decision when Robotallion is out of commission. Cas thought to herself. "Gate Card, Set! Bakugan, Brawl! Rise Aquos Serpenoid!" She sent out her Serpenoid on the same card as the Robotallion. While it was the opponent's gate card, she was sure she would be able to deal with whatever he used against her. Most brawlers would think she was throwing the game, but she was carefully assessing the situation to, hopefully, ensure the best possible outcome, her win.
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  8. "A Serpenoid huh? That won't save you from this! Gate card open! Robotallion!" Francis yelled as he made a swiping motion with his open left hand, causing light to shine from the ground. The light formed a circle around Robotallion and it shone upwards, causing Robotallion to tense its muscles as a purple aura surrounded it. "You surprised? You really shouldn't be, since the true shock has yet to come!"

    Robotallions respectable 340 G-Power increased by 90 since every Darkus Bakugan got that boost on this gate card, bringing it up to 430. But since this card was made for a Robotallion, it got double the gate bonus, rising the G-Power to 520! Serpenoid would get 110 G-Power because of the gate bonus for Aquos, but the base 320 G's Bakugan would have to get some serious help if it was to get close to the 520 G's of Robotallion. 430 G-Power just wasn't enough to beat their opponent.

    Francis laughed at the situation that Cas got herself into. "Ahahahaha! This is just great! Robotallion, Photon Ray!" Obeying his brawler, Robotallion pulled his arms back before stretching them suddenly, causing the two holes in his chest to fire two lasers aimed at Serpenoid.
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  9. Nukas

    Nukas Previously Kid_Nukas

    The increase in Robotallion's G-Power did not worry Cas in the slightest. She was aware of the risk in going onto an opponent's gate card from the start. In fact it was this kind of thing that made Cas excited to brawl, as she never knew exactly which way the current of battle would take her, of course she would always manipulate that current to her advantage. "Not so fast! Ability card activate: Summon Wave!" Cas threw the card at her Serpenoid and it's G-Power of a mere 430 g's grew to a hefty 570 as a wave crashed over her Serpenoid. Instead of hitting Serpenoid as intended, the photon ray from the foe's Robotallion hit the wave and was depths of the water that now surrounded the two Bakugan. This amount of power should have been more than enough if her opponent didn't pull any last-minute abilities out of nowhere. "Go Serpenoid, bind his Robotallion so that it is unable to move, and then crush it back into the ball it came from."
  10. "Not so fast! Ability card activate! Imbalance!" Francis whipped out a green ability card and threw it at Serpenoid, causing its G-Power to plummet to its original G-Power of 320. "How about that, huh? I hope you didn't expect to win easily, because that ain't gonna happen! Wipe the floor with them, Robotallion! Photon Ray!" He grinned as he got into the fight, Summon Wave was a good choice but there are always unknown factors in a brawl. The ability cards of your opponent being one of the most important ones.

    "My philosophy is to protect those behind me, aide those beside me and be the nightmare to those who oppose me. And today, you fall under the last category. No hard feelings, but this is the end for you." Robotallion spoke in a deep, robotic voice as he fired another Photon Ray towards Serpenoid.
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  11. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    "The audacity of that guy, playing cheap and dirty like that." A black haired boy with glasses exclaimed, easily making a small scene early morning in public. He paid up $5 to the opponent as they snickered away from the location.

    "It may be cheap, but he did win the game Zephyr." A green ball "flew" up to the male's face, flapping it's plastic-like wings in it's spherical form.

    "I didn't get to use you at all Monarus, and that imbecile won because of that double stand." Zephyr expressing his frustration through hand gestures, throwing his hands in the air.

    "We shouldn't dwell on what happened. Besides, you still got to get to class after all." Monarus reminded the young boy, whom in which quickly put himself together before jogging over to school.
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