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[ChaWriMo] Forbidden Fruit

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Coreysawrus, Jan 13, 2013.

  1. WARNING: This story may show themes of a sexual and questionable nature

    The sun rose and shone down upon Somerville, a city that laid upon the west coast of New Marin. Kye Garrett was awoken by the rising sun shining through his curtains.

    “Unhh, can’t you go away for like 10 more minutes?” Kye groaned towards the sun trying to cover his eyes with his quilt cover. The boy managed to get settled again for the whole of two minutes before the grating sound of his alarm went off. Trying not to blind himself with the sunlight bursting through the gaps in his curtains, Kye moved his arm from underneath the quilt cover trying to turn the alarm off. It took a good few attempts to try and turn the alarm off before climbing out the other side of the bed.

    “Why does school have to start so early” Kye thought to himself. Kye stood in his black boxer shorts, he had a slim but slightly athletic build and was around 5’10 in height. He proceeded to walk around his room, it was a complete mess; piles of dirty laundry littered the floor and the occasional piece of furniture, dirty glasses and cups were all over the place and old pizza boxes and dirty plates lie across the floor. He went into his en-suite bathroom and stared at his sleepy face in the grubby mirror and began to turn the tap. The water from the tap didn’t take long to warm up and he began to wash his face until he looked like a ghost from the soap lathered on his face. He began pulling faces in the mirror in an attempt to cheer himself up from the annoyance called school. Kye giggled a little before washing of his face and styling his blonde hair, his hair was fairly short and he went for a volumised, messy look. He then proceeded to brush his teeth, the brushing motion was lazy and lethargic as Kye was still incredibly sleepy. Next on his morning schedule was the application of fragrances he picked up an anti-perspirant and sprayed under his armpits, Kye hated using anti-perspirant as it turn to a white powdery substance, Kye brushed the loose powder off and looked through his collection of deodorants.

    “Amber? Nope. Leather? Nope. Muskwood? Nah. Dragonfruit? Sure.” He said as he was choosing the right fragrance, the dragonfruit was in an orange can and smelled fruity but at the same time spicy and fiery as if a dragon was actually snapping at you. He then proceeded to go through his dirty laundry looking for clothes that didn’t smell and have anything spilled down them, he frantically moved around trying to find clothes that fit both criteria before settling on some dark grey denim shorts and a white t-shirt with black cassette tapes printed on the front and slipped on a pair of brown-grey canvas skate pumps and grabbed his house keys and his grey and black canvas backpack and hurtled downstairs into the kitchen. Kye threw his bag down on one of the bar stools next to the island counter and put some bread in the toaster and went to get some butter out of the fridge. His dog Bracken followed him around the kitchen hoping to get some food and some attention, while waiting for the toaster Kye stroked the big white Samoyed around its ears. The toast popped up out the toaster and was golden brown all over. Kye took the 3 slices of toast and lathered them in butter and left them to let the butter melt a little to make the toast slightly soggy. While leaving the butter to melt Kye did his morning routine of making Bracken’s and the cat Joey’s breakfast. When the butter had finally melted Kye proceeded to eat his toast, it didn’t taste as good as it normally did, the late teenage boy checked the packet of bread and it read in brown lettering wholegrain

    “Ugh, brown bread” Kye groaned.

    “Why must you taste like a mouldy boot?” he carried on complaining. Kye gave the remainder of the toast to Bracken. Kye looked quickly in the fridge for something that he could eat fast and to look for the orange juice.

    “Where are you orange juice?” he questioned scan through the shelves.

    “Ah, there you are” he said as he looked on the bottom shelf. The orange juice was sat next to a yogurt. He picked both items up off the bottom shelf and grabbed a small spoon and a glass. He ripped the lid off the yogurt pot and began to wolf down the strawberry flavoured yogurt, it was sweet and took the taste of the wholegrain toast away. Kye tossed the small spoon into the sink and frantically poured the orange juice, he was somehow managing to pour the juice into the glass without spilling and chugged the drink soon after. The now empty glass was placed in the sink and Kye rushed to put the yogurt pot in the bin and the carton of orange juice in the fridge where he found it. He then picked up his backpack and proceeded to leave the house.
    He locked the door behind him and began to walk down the path in his front garden. The sun was glaring down on Kye but the sun was still pretty low in the sky so Kye could block out the sun with buildings and telephone masts. Kye checked his phone for the time which read 6:58am Monday 3rd September 2012.

    “I have an hour and half until school starts up again” Kye sighed. The boy walked down his street some of his neighbours were setting off for work and waved at him as he walked past. Kye liked to set off early as it meant he didn’t need to get on the school bus, he was bullied by the other kids at his school for being different from them, he didn’t want to be a sheep and follow the crowds although he has thought about it. The bullying hadn’t done much for his confidence either, so he kept rather quiet and seemed rather mysterious in some ways as if he was hiding something. The early start also meant he got to walk down Playa de Marin a golden, sandy beach popular with tourists and surfers and looked like something you would find in travel magazines. He took a few left and rights before reaching Playa de Marin, it was early morning so only a few surfers were out and a few of the shops and bars on the seafront were readying themselves for the last big week of the tourist season. Kye liked to think while walking down the beach he often thought about the day ahead of him, any personal problems or think about how he could be spending his day instead of attending class. He sometimes liked to come up with whimsical tunes and hum them to himself to hopefully brighten his day. The sea breeze felt good in the glow of the warm sun this and the thought of changes occurring instantly made Kye happy to the point where he threw a few spins into his walk and he laughed even though he was alone. Kye eventually reached the end of the beach and emptied the sand out of his shoes before heading down the road to the last place he wanted to be, school.
    As usual Kye was one of the first there and was met by the head teacher outside.

    “Good morning, Mr Garrett, you’re here early the others could learn a thing or two from you” she remarked. The head mistress was a tall woman in her late 50’s with a short dirty blonde bob hairstyle that curled up towards the bottom, she was in fairly good shape for her age and was infamous for wearing too much lipstick.

    “Morning, Mrs Richardson” Kye said under his breath as he walked past her. The head mistress carried on looking for students to greet, even though school didn’t start for another 45 minutes. Kye proceeded to walk inside the school and went up towards the reception desk to collect his class timetable for his final year at school.
    “Name?” the receptionist asked.

    “Kye Garrett” the boy replied.

    “Garrett … Garrett … ah here we are, here your timetable” the receptionist muttered as she handed Kye his timetable. He was reading his timetable while walking into the main building when the receptionists voice bellowed.

    “We are on week 2” The timetable was on a rota week 1 and week 2, Kye quickly glanced down to read Monday week 2.

    “Chemistry, History, Break, Mathematics, Dinner, ICT and PE” he read grudgingly. “And PE on the first day, this is going to be fun” he continued. Kye walked through the school as teachers were setting up classes, finishing displays and eating biscuits.

    “I hope I’m not in a class of idiots again” he thought “but the chances of that happening are slim, yet again” he continued his happy demeanour from the beach had vanished it was like the school itself was draining Kye dry of all his positive emotions. Kye reached his destination of the chemistry lab, he took a deep breath and walked on in and put on a fake smile.

    “Ah Kye, I heard you were in my class. Are you ready to learn?” the teacher said in a cheerful manner.

    “Yeah, Mr Dalton” Kye replied as happily as possible to disguise the spiral into depression.

    “At least I’ve got Mr Dalton as one of my teachers” Kye thought to himself. Mr Dalton was 24 years old, he had similar hair to Kye but brown and shorter, he stood at around 6 foot and had very short stubble. Mr Dalton was also in good physical condition and it was obvious he worked out. He was wearing a dark blue and white checked shirt, a black skinny tie and his trademark tight black trousers, he kind of looked like the rock star of the teacher world. Mr Dalton was the one of the only teachers Kye felt he could go to as he had a similar experience to Kye when he was at school. Another reason why Kye came to Mr Dalton is that he found him very attractive as did a lot of the girls in the school they would spend the entire lesson looking at the trousers clamp round his big, juicy buttocks. Kye also found Mr Dalton’s buttocks distracting and stared at them the entire time he was setting up class.

    “Is everything alright, Kye?” the teacher asked snapping Kye out of a buttock filled trance.

    “Uh … yeah, everything is fine” the boy responded. By the time he had been snapped out of his trance there was only 10 minutes until the class actually started and people had started to arrive. A lot of people from his classes last year were in his class this year so he tried to keep his head down and hope they didn’t notice him. One of the guys on the football team Chet Milton noticed Kye and was about to
    taunt and torment him but the bell rang so instead Chet resorted to throwing a ball of paper at Kye’s head.

    “How immature?” Kye said in his head “Looks like this year isn’t going to be any different” he continued. Kye tried focusing on the lesson but the distraction caused by the other students in his class and the attractiveness of his teacher. Kye heard little bits of the lesson and tried his best to get pointer from the interactive whiteboard but all he could make out was something about plastic and polymers. Kye had no idea what polymers were, it was a word he had never even heard before. Mr Dalton soon came round and gave everyone a worksheet on polymers. Kye wrapped his hand around his cheeks and put his elbows on the desk, staring at the worksheet in confusion and fear of getting into trouble with the teacher. The rest of the class were filling in the worksheet even if they were still being rowdy and acting like goofs. Mr Dalton knew this was the best he was going to get out of them as he looked around the room sitting at his desk, his attention was soon captured by Kye not working. The male teacher got up and walked down to the table Kye was sitting at.

    “Kye, is something wrong?” he asked in a concerned manner. Kye couldn’t hear him.

    “Kye?” he said again in the same concerned manner, Mr Dalton was slightly annoyed at the fact Kye hadn’t responded. Kye looked up after hearing the teachers voice but had no idea of what he said.
    “Huh, what is it?” Kye pondered.

    “Is there something wrong, Kye?” Mr Dalton asked for a third time this time you could hear there was some anger in his voice. Some of the other students noticed and they began to nudge and whisper to each other so they could watch and listen in on the conversation.

    “I just don’t understand any of this, Mr Dalton” Kye replied.

    “Have you not been paying attention?” the teacher asked angrily as he could see the classes attention had diverted to him and Kye. “I’ll see you after class, Kye” he said sounding disappointed. “And the rest of you back to work.” The class grew silent and focused on the task they had been set, while the teacher sat back behind his desk. Kye tried his best guessing at the answers but he still couldn’t make head nor tails of it. Not long after the bell rang.

    “All right, pack up and leave” Mr Dalton stated.

    “What about Kye, sir?” Chet chuckled as he walked out the class.

    “Ah, yes. Kye don’t move” Mr Dalton said authoritatively. The class swarmed out the classroom leaving just Kye and Mr Dalton.

    “Kye, I’m not going to shout at you or give you a detention, but why weren’t you listening in class?” Mr Dalton asked the teenager.

    “I just can’t focus because the rest of the class are bugging me” Kye cried.

    “Kye, there has got to be more than the class distracting you, I had everything you needed to know on the board” the teacher replied.
    “I don’t want to talk about it” Kye mumbled.

    “Talk about what?” the teacher enquired putting his hand on the teachers shoulder to show support. Kye flushed up and had cheeks as red as a tomato.

    “Promise you won’t tell anyone” the boy muttered under his breath.

    “I won’t tell anyone, unless it poses as dangerous” the teacher reassured him. Kye let out a long drawn out sigh.

    “Is it wrong to like boys?” Kye opened up.

    “No, boys can be lovers too, so can two girls, it isn’t just restricted to a male and female” Mr Dalton replied. “I think it is very brave of you coming out to me Kye, I know what it is like coming out to someone but what does this have to do with not listening in my class?” Mr Dalton continued.

    “You do?” Kye said startled at his teachers confession.

    “Yes, I was about as old as you. Just don’t let anyone get to because of it, Kye” he replied. “Now, back to the reason why you weren’t listening?” the teacher resumed.

    “Urm … well I was being distracted by you, sir” Kye responded with a sense of awkwardness, the room fell silent for a while before Mr Dalton spoke.

    “Y-y-you were distracted by me? As flattered as I am, Kye. I’m not allowed to have relations with you, if that is what you were wanting.”

    “Is he saying he is interested in me?” Kye shouted in his head. Mr Dalton was about to speak before Kye moved in kissing his teacher on the lips. The kiss felt good and both Kye and Mr Dalton obviously enjoyed it. Mr Dalton eyes shot wide open when he realised what was happening.

    “W-w-what are you doing, Kye? What the hell did I just say to you?” Mr Dalton said loudly stepping backward and blushing as bright red as Kye had moments earlier. Kye felt bad for putting Mr Dalton in that situation but damn did it feel good.

    “Sorry Mr Dalton, I just couldn’t help myself” Kye admitted.

    “All right, just don’t do it again and never bring this up” the teacher sternly ordered still flustered up from the encounter with his student.

    “Mr Dalton?” Kye enquired. The presence of Kye was getting a little aggravating for Mr Dalton.

    “What now?” Mr Dalton whined, there was obvious frustration and breathlessness in his voice.

    “I just need a note to give to my history teacher, you know to explain where I have been” Kye responded.

    “Oh right” Mr Dalton rejoiced jumping up from his seat and scribbling a note as fast as he could and passed it to Kye. Kye soon scuttled out the classroom and headed to history. As soon as his classroom door shut Mr Dalton ripped his belt off, unzipped his trousers, pull his pants down and began to relieve himself. “Get a grip of yourself, Ethan” he thought while moving his hand up and down, a pleasurable heat was radiating from his body which soon turned unbearable, the heat was met with breathlessness, an elevated heart rate and a guilty conscience, it was torture but the pleasure gained seemed to make it painless. The teacher moaned a little “He’s only a kid” he continued to think soon after his hands were covered in white gooeyness. He wiped his hands with some tissue and pulled up his pants, his trousers were still around his ankles “What am I doing? I don’t want this” he muttered in shame hanging his head low. He pulled up his trousers and put his belt on. He felt filthy and creepy, just thinking about what he did made his skin crawl. He walked down to Mrs Robertson’s office and told her he had a family emergency. He ran outside and into his blue coupe and began driving home, it was difficult for Ethan to concentrate on the road. He somehow managed to pull up outside his house and he raced to the shower trying to wash away the filth and guilt from his brain.

    By this time it was the middle of break time at Somerville High, Kye was hanging around with the few friends he had; Stacie Lawson was a short, fairly chubby lesbian, Jian Li (called Lee for ease) a nerdy guy who originated from China and Kara Griffiths who was only made an outcast for the fact she hung around ‘The Losers’ by choice. The others were always confused as to why Kara hung around with them but she always said that she didn’t like how obnoxious the others were however, this was only part of the reason. She had a small crush on all 3 of them and kept this to herself.

    “So, guys I need to tell you something?” Kye announced to the group.
    “What is it?” Stacie responded.

    “Do tell” Jian replied. Kara just looked happy and was waiting for the news in anticipation. Kye looked around at the three of them before speaking again.

    “So I’ve been meaning to tell you guys for a while, I’m gay” Kye spurted out.

    “That is great news, Kye” Stacie immediately reacted.

    “Wow, well done” Jian congratulated patting him on the back.

    “Yeah, great new, Kye” Kara answered secretly dying inside.

    “We should celebrate” Stacie chimed.

    “There really is no need” Kye responded.

    “Of course there is, Kye” she replied. Jian nodded in agreement. “How about the 3 of us take Kye down to a gay bar in town see if we can hook him up with someone?” Stacie carried on saying excitedly.

    “Sounds like fun” Kara replied.

    “Sorry guy, got a big gaming session planned for tonight” Jian said with a smirk which was instantly shot down by Stacie staring angrily at him.

    “Guys, guys, I would rather do what Lee suggested than go out I’m not desperate” Kye answered blushing slightly as he reminded himself of the encounter with Mr Dalton.

    “We’re going to the gay bar, I see you blushing and Lee you are coming too” Stacie ordered.

    “Fine” Jian replied apathetically.

    “So Kye, why were you blushing?” Kara enquired.

    “Yeah, why were you blushing?” Stacie asked mounting the pressure on Kye.

    “I’ve been told not to tell” Kye pleaded.

    “We’ll not tell promise” Lee said “Well maybe not us but maybe Stacie will” he continued. Stacie was not impressed and punched his shoulder.

    “Well if it will shut you up, I kissed Mr Dalton” Kye admitted. All eyes widened when this news was blurted out.

    “You … you kissed Mr Dalton?” Lee stammered while Kara and Stacie were still breathless from shock.

    “That is what I said” Kye replied.

    “Wow, how did Mr Hottie take it?” Kara asked.

    “Well he backed away blushing really badly, then he seemed to be trying to act angry and it must have bugged him a little” Kye answered.

    “I think he likes you” Stacie joked.

    “Really?” Kye questioned.

    “I don’t know I didn’t see the reaction but from what you are saying then, yes” Stacie replied.

    “Class time everybody inside, now” Mrs Robertson shouted across the yard and then blew a whistle. Students flocked inside the building, there was very little space between each student and there was lots of pushing and shoving while people were heading to their third lesson.
    “Next up, Maths” Kye groaned in his head. Maths was a frustrating lesson for Kye the previous year, no one understood the work so everyone was given easier work or everything was dumbed down for them, the work didn’t phase Kye at all and he often finished his work within the first 10 minutes of lesson, the teacher was part of the problem last time as well as she was never prepared, she stank of coffee and would shout at Kye for not working in lesson not realising he had already done the work. Kye walked to the maths classroom hoping his old teacher wasn’t there. He opened the door and there stood his old teacher.

    “Ah, Kye so nice to see you” she sarcastically said. “Hopefully, you’ll actually work in lesson this year” she continued sassily.

    “This is going to be hell” he thought.

    Back at Mr Dalton’s house, the teacher had showered and had started lounging around looking for something to relax with. He tried the TV but there was nothing on he stopped flicking through the channels and landed on a romantic film from the 1970’s this swiftly prompted him to turn his attention to his DVD collection perhaps something in there would distract him, to his discontent his small collection of DVD’s each had some sort of romantic relationship in it.

    “I really need to get some more DVD’s” he screamed in frustration. During his frustration he tried to do some housework; vacuuming, dusting, laundry and even polishing his furniture but nothing seemed to work. He was just about to head out to go do some grocery shopping but then he remembered what if someone found out he was just taking the day off and in the corner of his eye he noticed a games console, his PS3. Ethan decided he wanted to play something violent but open-world. He had a choice between Fallout: New Vegas or GTA IV, he finally chose Fallout due to bloody, limb exploding combat, the wide world with loads of hidden areas to explore and finally the gambling. The in-game gambling saved him money and gave him something to focus upon. He grabbed the game out of its box and put it in his PS3. The game was impressive on his 60” high definition plasma screen TV he turned the sound up on the surround sound so he could feel like he was in the game. Mr Dalton was thankful he lived in a detached house with no neighbours who could hear the booming sound of his surround sound. He made a bowl of noodles to eat and grabbed a plethora of snack ready to not move from the couch for the next 12 hours not accounting for bathroom breaks. He began to eat his noodles during the opening cutscene and realised he hadn’t brought any drinks in so walked back in to the kitchen got lots of drinks cola, ginger ale, beer, whiskey and vodka and put them all in a cooling bag this number of alcoholic drinks were going to get him wasted but he didn’t care he could just phone in sick tomorrow if he had a hangover it meant another day without seeing Kye. He dragged the cooling bag into his living room and proceeded to play his game. He managed to finish the noodles by the time the character customisation screen came up. Without realising he slowly made his character look like Kye and even called the character Kye Garrett, he was obsessed and didn’t realise it. During the personality tests and the picking of tag skills and traits he tried to pick answers like Kye would and choose traits Kye has. I had dawned on him how obsessed he had become he threw his controller down and looked in a mirror at this moment in time he was Kye as far as he was concerned and saw his real self in the mirror he felt an odd attraction to his reflection, he shook his head to snap him out of this insanity. “I can’t escape him” he gasped, breathing heavily he trudged himself upstairs. “I’m just sexually frustrated, I just need to hook up and it’ll all be over with, it is all in my head. I’ll just go down to the gay bar later, I’m sure I’ll pick someone up there” he tried to reassure himself. Ethan clambered into bed hoping some rest may do him some good and so he was revitalised for the gay bar, tonight.

    At Somerville High it was the middle of lunch break, on the menu today was pizza, a school favourite.

    “Not a bad day for food” Kye chuckled.

    “Yes, this pizza is amazing” Stacie said. Lee and Kara were too busy stuffing their faces with pizza to talk about the pizza. “So about this trip to the gay bar tonight?” she pondered.

    “Look Stacie, I don’t really want to go there anyway, so I would appreciate it if you didn’t talk about it” Kye truthfully replied.

    “Fine, we were only going partying anyway, I just thought you would be more comfortable in a place where lots of people understand you” Stacie responded it was hard to tell if she was being serious or not.

    “Really?” Jian asked swallowing the pizza in his mouth.

    “Yes, really. So what time will you two be ready?” Stacie asked.

    “Two? What about Kara?” Kye questioned.

    “Me and Stacie are getting ready at my place and then we were going to come for you two” Kara softly replied.

    “How about 8? And Lee we’ll get ready at yours seeming though your closer to the town centre than me” Kye responded.

    “8 should be fine and good thinking Kye, me and Kara need to go now we’ll speak to you later” Stacie beamed. Stacie and Kara got up and left the cafeteria.

    “Bet they are talking about make-up or clothes or something” Jian laughed.

    “So not looking forward to tonight” Kye giggled nervously.

    “Yeah, me neither but hey, this is typical Stacie and you never know you might find someone” Jian joked around.

    “Yeah, typical Stacie and I’m not really hoping for a hook up” Kye responded.

    “I knew you weren’t. Kye, do you want to head back to yours after school get whatever you’re wearing for tonight and then we can have some pre-party drinks and play some video games?” Lee asked.

    “Sure, sounds like fun. It might get rid of the nerves” Kye replied eagerly. The bell rang for the end of lunch and Kye wasn’t looking forward to geography class and the dreaded sport class afterwards.

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