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Charcoal not on the BBQ

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Nancel, Jun 23, 2009.

  1. First post here and it's art, of course. ;D
    Most of this is done in charcoal/chalk, in my figural abstract or psychological styles.
    I hope you like looking at it, because certainly love creating it!

    Giratina and Mesprit

    Post-E4 Heatran (unfinished Rotom)

    Fakemon Gizmolt and Shvoltz


    Linoone and Tyranitar (done as a request)

    Fancy more of this art? Hey, I've got plenty more where this came from. 'Throw me some comments and the next batch'll be coming right up. ^__^
  2. Omg... THESE ARE BEAUTIFUL. I envy you so much.
  3. Wow, I am LOVING this style, it's so...gorgeous X_x Charcoal is such a fun medium, but I haven't used it since my last art class in High School (like 2 years ago)..sooo.. I'm really glad to see someone using it, and with such pure talent!! =D
  4. Sir Red

    Sir Red Charms' Caped Crusader

    Holy! These are incredible, and with charcoal no less. Wow, just wow. I love how you seem to have given the pokemon a more artistic and demonic feel. It seems like they'd be creatures of mythology from looking at your drawings. Amazing.
  5. Wow. I cannot believe that charcoal could draw that when given to someone THAT artistic. (I've tried. I sketched some black hands... then I realized they were mine.)

    Also... How well can you draw Lucario?
  6. Awww, thanks everybody! ^__^

    I could take a whack at drawing anything, really. I've never done a full piece of him, though... {.___.}


  7. Wow. These are demonic and amazing. These are dramatic and fascinating. These are creepy and dream-like.

    In a word, cool.

    Milotic is my favorite. I love how dramatic the pose is, and how fierce it looks for once, instead of mermaid-y.
  8. And, this is his accomplice, Frosty.

    Alright, getting back to the serious business.
    Thank you! That's exactly what my style is supposed to invoke, a feeling that you are seeing inside
    the dreams or nightmares of an individual, and it deliberately speaks to the subconcious with its "demonic" and "creepy" apperance.

    Fake pokemon, Gizmolt original-form (This one's a bit older)
  9. sheesheesh

    sheesheesh Guest

    I have no clue what to say... *insert witty, original compliment here*
  10. Noes! They're staring in my soul...

    Again, these are very, very, very sweet. I love the red detail on Gizmolt. It's eyes look bloodshot.

    Heh, crazy Froslass. That is just win.

    Hey, no pressure. Even something as simple as "I like it" or "I don't like it" would have sufficed. We don't always need to use pretty words to make something worth its purpose, right? ^__^

    Allright, I do have some fakemon other than Giz, but...they're colored in a different style.
    I'll have more of my fig. abstract next time. Promise? Promise.

    I hope you get the name...even though the pokemon is horrible.

    Fine. I'll give you one. ;D
    leglegleg don't pay attention lalala to it lalala~

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