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Chadwyck's Poems

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Chadwyck, Apr 15, 2008.

  1. Ok this is the first of my poems, if you want to read the others before I post them here then you can check out my dA profile Clickey-Clickey
    Also, feedback is greatly appreciated both here and on dA. KThx ^^


    Love is something as mysterious as life itself
    It holds power over the human mind,
    and never loosens its iron grip.
    It has the control to make one hope
    against all odds, dream against all rationality.
    It can make one sick to their core,
    but never wish to be cured.
    It spreads through ones soul,
    as quickly and fully as a virus infects the body.
    If unrequitted, it can make one
    wish for death.
    If returned, it can make one
    joyful beyond comparison.
    It haunts the mind like a ghost,
    but comforts the heart like a guardian.
    It makes one see the world differently,
    either a palace of hope
    or a pillar of despair.
    It can leave one in the dark,
    or hoist one into the light.
    It can make one furious,
    fill one with sorrow,
    or grant one peace of spirit,
    All on a whim.
    It will make one feel terrified
    or hurt, but never for long.
    It can make one feel alone,
    but it will never abandon you ​
  2. Ok, here are the next two of the poems. The first:

    Peaceful Sleep

    In a world of pain and misery,
    We are all but guests.
    Briefly experiencing the torture of living,
    Only to inevitably end in the peaceful sleep of Death.
    Nothingness is our end result.
    To love and not be loved in return our only purpose.
    Tormented souls and uneasy minds
    Are our masters
    And the all consuming darkness our only friend.
    In this world of pain and misery,
    We are naught but guests.
    Waiting to be chosen by
    That peace bringing sleep
    Called Death. ​

    And this one is tied for my favorite with the first one I posted:

    Siren Song of Sorrow

    The world outside our walls
    sings a song of happiness,
    but it can't get to our ears.
    It gets trapped by struggles and strife.
    And all we can hear,
    Is the haunting call of sorrow;
    That familiar siren song,
    That lures us to our graves.
    On the other side of the wall
    everything is the way it should be.
    Life is happy and peaceful
    Not daunting and full of broken dreams.
    What happened to us?
    Where did our cheer go?
    As we close our eyes,
    When it all becomes too much,
    And the burden makes us slow.
    We feel the peace we longed for
    For so much of our lives.
    And as we drift into that sleep,
    we wish that we should never wake. ​
  3. Symphony of Forever Sleep

    Silence seeps through the darkened sky,
    All that remains is the sounds of eternity.
    The world sleeps in its solitude.
    And this is the Symphony of Forever Sleep.
    Alone in the Night that never ends,
    Enclosed and Encased in the darkness.
    The stillness eminating from every corner.
    And this is the Symphony of Forever Sleep.
    Wandering the cold plane of Death,
    Those unfamiliar winding roads.
    Never again to stir awake...
    And this is the Symphony of Forever Sleep.​

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