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Cavern conundrum

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Dinova, Aug 31, 2010.

  1. ((OOC:This is a private between Moonlight-Zelda and Myself))

    Alex hefted the large backpack over his shoulder as he walked toward the eastern entrance to the Mt. Coronet caverns. As he walked a breeze picked up, revealing the thick scar on his left eye through his blonde hair. He shifted the large silver, Lugia shaped sword on his back under the back pack. Behind him, his Flygon, Gabe and Aipom, Imp followed along behind him. Gabe let out a whiny squawk and put on a miserable face. Alex felt his Aura flare, as he reached out and felt Gabes thoughts,"Alex why do we have to do this? I hate caves, no room to fly."
    Alex laughed," Oh, it was your idea to go backpacking, we wanted to see those ruins that are supposed to be on the mountain remember? Besides, imp likes the idea." The little monkey pokemon, who never stopped moving, ran up Alex's leg and began jumping up and down to prove the point.

    As they went into the cave Alex looked out in wonder, he could never get over the beauty inside and outside Mt. Coronet. Even though millions of years had passed since it had been formed, it's beauty had stayed unchanged. The high cavern roof was covered with glittering stalachtites. Even in the lower light Alex could see droves of pokemon scampering through the cave. "Beautiful, isn't it guys?" alex sighed.
    Suddenly, Imp jumped down from Alex's head and dashed across the cave floor. Alex tried to keep up with with the monkey pokemon, with Gabe close behind. As ALex came up on Imp, he saw that imp had found another trainer, whom he was jumping up and down in front of. Once Alex had caught up he panted,"Sorry, he really likes to get attention,My name's Alex. What's yours?"
  2. A pallid glow cut through the darkness of the cave as a slender figure emerged from the depths of it, before switching the dying flashlight off. Hannah stowed it in her back pocket as she walked, combing her fingers through her short violet tresses to get the sweat-moistened locks off of her face. The shoulder length bits of hair fell back in place as soon as her hand left, of course, making the effort a bit pointless. She shook her head after a moment in silent annoyance, a slight frown showing her mild agitation. Glancing down at the shadow that moved about near her legs, there was once again a faint glow and heat. Bane was lighting his own way, as not to make another tumble down an unseen hole again. Small embers fell from his fire-filled jaws every so often, dying upon hitting the cool floor.

    The dark-fire canine paused to glance up at her, his dark eyes glowing in his own light. Although the dual-typed pup's stubby tail was wagging slightly, he suddenly stopped. His ears perked forward, listening intently as the sound of steady but light footfall echoed up the cave's corridor. Her brow arched in bemusement as a hyperactive monkey suddenly bounded into view, chattering jovially. Reminding her very much so of Angel as the seconds ticked by. The houndour sat at her heels after a moment, watching the monkey warily. Almost with morbid curiosity, considering his tilted head.

    She would've laughed had she been able to, but even so a small smile touched her lips. The young woman wiped the dirt on her hands to the fabric of her dark purple jeans, before reaching to pat the clearly eccentric pokemon. Surely it wasn't wild, in this area. But, as if on cue, a stranger nearly ran into her. The young woman stumbled back, before sheepishly rubbing the back of her head in sign of apology. Hannah nodded in understanding as he mentioned the wayward pokemon, offering a smile. However, when she asked for her name, she paused. There was hardly enough light to see writing by, so she'd have to use her other method. Motioning to his hand, it wasn't long before he took the hint. Her words were easily spelled out onto his palm, even if it took a little longer. "Hannah. No worries, though."
  3. Alex was surprised when Hannah, instead of saying her name, wrote it on his hand. Needless to say his curiosity was piqued. Was she just shy or was it something else. From personal experience Alex thought it better not to ask. Alex was suddenly aware of Imp again,"Alex, she smells really good can she come with us, please please please?" Alex tried to stifle a laugh, drawing looks from Hannah and her Houndour. Alex regained his composure and said,"Heh, it seems that Imp has taken a real liking to you, do you want to come?" Alex, and especially Imp, were pleased when Hannah nodded happily, and began to walk along with them.

    (OOC:Short post)
  4. (OOC: Please refrain from controlling my character too much, unless you're going to follow her written personality. So far, you did all right, but it is just for future reference.)

    The young woman observed Alex as they walked, but the small aipom seemed to take great joy in showing off around them. A small smile curved the violet tressed trainer's lips upwards, shaking her head. Imp, as Alex had called it, was very much like Angel. The hyperactive buneary was currently sleeping in her pokeball, but who was to say for how long. She was a bit eccentric, to say the least. But, life was never dull with her around.

    Her pale silver gaze followed her new companion now, mildly curious. Although there was uncertainty, it was at least worth a try. Hannah's eyes moved back to the path ahead of them as not to trip over any larger rocks while they wound through the passages, but also in avoidance of the other man's gaze. Admittedly trying to suppress the shyness that was returning once more, due to being unaccustomed to having human friends. It was something she'd have to get used to, if Alex decided to stay around and actually become a friend. She awkwardly shrugged one shoulder to no one in paticular in the dark corridor, brushing the thought aside. According to her map of the ground floor, they'd be coming to an alcove soon enough with a small spring. According to the notes it also was a place that let light in, making it an opportune section to rest for a bit. Perhaps exchange a bit of "conversation", if it could be called that when coming from her.

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