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Ask to Join ~*Castaway*~

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Blotch'd, Feb 3, 2019.

  1. Blotch'd

    Blotch'd Previously Ghostly Jazz Hand's

    Long ago, there had been a savior. A star savior. They banished a great, powerful and dark evil that plagued the land for a long amount of time. With the power of the Grand star, they blew it far away where nobody would ever look so that it would be banished in the spherical cage without getting free. Until just a little while ago. A evil Castaway had free'd it and let it run free. Now the whole land of Almadia is in trouble. The grand Overseer summoned 20 people from the Earth world to deal the with problem. These people have been watched, and are descendants of the human Star Savior. We know these twenty descendants will save our world, and we shall gravely reward them. These 20 descendants have been paired with a Castaway. These Castaway's guard them from the grave dangers. They also have very special powers depending on their cymbal. We hope to see at least 5 get here safely.

    -No OP characters, including Mary Sue's/Stu's. These characters ruin the fun because everyone has to like them and they win everything. Castaway's do have extraordinary powers, but you can't have them do the Omega Kamehameha or whatever.
    -I'm allowing 20 Humans and 20 Castaway Protectors. The difference between a Castaway Protector and a normal one is that the Protectors have much more complicated and better powers, while normal's have simple ones or mediocre ones.
    -Normal site rules. Duh!
    -Have fun with your characters!
    -Say 'U R A PIRAT' to prove you actually read this. And yes, exactly how it's spelled.

    Castaways are complicated creatures and the main creature, or human, of Almadia. They have powers depending on the cymbal on their face. They have no facial features, except for the cymbal. They have no hands or feet, so the arms and legs end in studs. They are all colored in different ways, and the color of their body depends on the color of the cymbal. Example: Black body, purple cymbal. However, only certain Castaways can do certain things. Such as a Castaway with a dolphin cymbal can swim while one with a fire cymbal can't. They can all teleport items and humans at will, but these powers are limited.

    The 'Mythical Creatures' of Almadia. They were sent from earth to help the land of Almadia. Only 21 have ever been seen since the 'The Darkness' had came along in the first place. When they reach Almadia, they are heavily equipped with weapons such as spears and star launchers, and a Castaway Guard.

    Dike, _____ (@Blotch'd)


    Tiki, Rogue Castaway (@Blotch'd)

    Human Form
    Weapon of Choice:

    Weapon Form
    Weapon Name:
    What it does:

    Castaway Form

    Occupation (Protector, Rogue, Or regular):

    Age: 15
    Personality: Dike is a hard worker, and is good at pep talks. He thinks of himself as 'cool' but is shown to be very intelligent and clever. He bakes often with a special spice. However, he is clumsy and can't remember peoples names despite his intelligence. He also doesn't seem to understand 'privacy' and is often interrupting people.
    Appearance: Dike's hair is shaggy, brown, and swayed to his right. He has blue eyes and white skin, and is very slim. He wears a white long sleeved shirt, blue jeans, and black sneakers. In cold weather, he wears a black fur parka over his shirt. In hotter weather, he wears a white polo shirt. When he wears his armor, its packed under his current shirt. This makes him look ripped. At least at the shirt area's
    Weapon of Choice: Moon Ring's
    Armor: Weather Weaver
    Defender: (Any willing to take said spot. If not, I'll just edit one in.)
    Other: Nothin' (Probably because people who didn't read the rules would get a hint if I did you know what)

    Weapon Name: Moon Ring's
    Appearance: Two golden rings with leather handles. Moons are carved on one part of the golden ring. The edges are extremely sharp, thus the need of a handle.
    What it does: The Moon Ring's work like boomerangs, but can cut through solid objects. The Moon Ring's can cut any material softer than Steel.

    Name: Tiki
    Personality: Tiki cannot speak english, and instead speaks Pig Latin (We do not know why). He is rude and barbaric, and has very good ears. He is blind, and depends on the sound's around him to survive. He is able to survive harsh elements, and seems to somewhat use echolocation at times.
    Appearance: Tiki has bandages on his eyes, and covers it with a wooden mask similar to the face of a Tiki. His mark is not on his 'face', but rather on his left shoulder. He is colored Dark Green, and his mark is Light Green.
    Cymbal: A chinese zodiac monkey cymbal.
    Occupation: Rogue Castaway/'Green Monster'.
    Power: He is able to grow vines out of the ground and manipulate them. However, he can only have three vines at a time before he has to destroy one to make room.
    Other: He has throwing spears just in case he can't grab his victim with vines, and for destroying mentioned vines.

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