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Cardfight Vanguard

Discussion in 'Small Talk' started by Toru, Jan 29, 2014.

  1. I have asked around on chat a couple of times, asking if anyone had heard of the fairly new and unheard of card game, Cardfight Vanguard (it's been around for about 2 - 3 years now). Most people had only heard of it, but not really looked into it. There were several adverts for the card game littered on most people’s YouTube channels. It was the same for me before I discovered it– fortunately, a couple of my friends in my Sixth Form started playing it. My friend bought me a trial deck and from there, it’s been a lot of fun!

    Since the release of XYZs cards in Yu-Gi-Oh!, the card game scene started to really started to lack when it came to new content. Old card games like Magic The Gathering and Yu-Gi-Oh! Have continued to release new sets, but personally, I have found that Yu-Gi-Oh! Has started to lose its original charm with or without new cards – games can be lost in a couple of turns if one doesn’t have the right support from new booster backs, or has possession of key counter cards like Mystical Space Typhoon and Trap Jammer – there are too many complicated aspects!

    Vanguard for me, however, was a completely new experience. All of the cards are ‘Units’ that can be played on the field, and both players both have the same options when they start – ‘Riding, ‘Calling’, and attacking. Variation comed from ‘Clans’ and card effects, each clan revolves around a certain system. For example, the main character of the Vanguard Anime’s deck clan is ‘Royal Paladin’, a clan which focus on filling up the field with as many units as possible and then getting advantages from the safety in numbers – his rival uses the ‘Kagero’ clan, which retire enemy units and get advantages from retiring, like the ability to draw another card, or maybe retire another card. The only thing that can be stopped by the opponent is an attack, which involves guarding with units from the hand – and even then there’s still a probability that the guard will be broken by trigger units – special cards which give power to other units and bonus effects. This means that the playing field is even for the most part, as even a deck which doesn’t have the strongest cards can still crush a stronger one with attention to the amount of cards the opponent has and knowing the best times to guard.
    On the brief mention of the anime, it’s actually pretty good for an average budget show – it also gets bonus points for teaching the rules of the game in the first episode! After 20 episodes I started playing with my friends, and already had a rough idea of how to play a match. That being said, it’s not even necessary to watch the anime –someone learnt the basics through a few games of playing.

    If anyone’s interested in getting into the game, there’s a link to the rules right here on the Vanguard wiki. You can watch the anime on the Vanguard YouTube Channel, or you can find it Japanese Subbed on most anime sites if Dub’s not your thing.

    tl;dr – Does anyone play Vanguard on Pokecharms? If you don’t, check it out!
  2. Linkachu

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    I watch it on Crunchyroll. But then I'm a paid member on Crunchyroll so it's nice streaming my Vanguard episodes in 720p. :3 (Can't stream 1080p because it kills my connection </3)

    I have never played the actual card game but I've been a fan of the Anime series since the beginning. Watched it initially on a whim and ended up getting a tad addicted. The show definitely has that whole "Children's Card Games Are Serious Business" thing going on (what Anime of this genre doesn't?) but some of the creature/card designs are really very nifty. The card game itself seems pretty fun, too. If they actually sold the cards in shops around here I'd likely have bought some up long ago.

    As cliched as it sounds, I'm very partial to the Royal Paladin and Gold Paladin sets. I like how both of the clans work and many of the units appeal to me design-wise. Then again, I've always liked knights and such. If I were to buy any of the preconstructed decks I'd most definitely pick up something from one of those two.

    (I can't lie. I love Wingal/Wingal Liberator. xp)

    It's nice to hear that you actually enjoy playing the game! I've met very few people who play it, let alone those who even know what it is. I'll be sure to give it a go once I finally get my hands on some cards. My youngest sister, who adores the Anime series, has been nagging me to buy her some for ages now. At least I'd have someone to play against! :p
  3. I've watched a little bit of the dub (which is really good by the way), but I'm not big on card games (I always lose my pokemon cards).
  4. I watch the show but I don't play the card game. ^^ I like the show very much, it has a simple yet exciting storyline! :D

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