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Ask to Join Captured for battle

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Fennekinevolve, Apr 5, 2016.

  1. (In this rp, you are a pokemon who gets caught by team flare. They plan on using you for battle, no matter what they need to do.)

    Name: Hope
    species: leafeon
    age: 3 (young)
    personality: Shy, careful, easily scared
    other: wears a pink ribbon around her neck

    Her mother abandoned her as soon as she learned to find food. The only thing that hope could find was a pink ribbon, which she tied around her neck. She was in the middle of looking through the forest, when she heard, "Go, charmander!" She looked around just in time to see a flamethrower scorch her, draining her energy. She fell over, and as she did a member of team flare put her in a net and started going further in the woods. "Help," she said quietly with as much energy as she could use.
  2. Dusk watched the Plasma grunts come back with a Leafeon. As a Flareon, Dusk wasn't cold in the slightest. Since it was turning night and getting pretty chilly he fluffed up his fur. He was in a cage. The plasma grunt dropped her in the cage with him. It was rather small and the Flareon made no move to show he was going to move over.

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