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DPPt/HGSS Burmy help

Discussion in 'The Doctor's Clinic' started by Carmen Lopez, Jun 8, 2007.

  1. Carmen Lopez

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    I was curious about the Pokemon Burmy, more specifically how it's "cloak" decides what type the Wormadon will be. But now I've got a slight problem: How do change the cloak? I battled in the restaurant and even made it faint in the Restaurant. Nothing worked. It still has that leaf covering. Help please! ???
  2. If it already evolved into Wormadam I don't think you can change it anymore but, if it's still a burmy battle on the beach to make it turn into a ground type. For steel i think you have to use it in a building. If the resteraunt's not working maybe try the Battle tower? Or you can try the T.v place in Jubilife city a reporter will battle you once a day, it's always a different trainer. He/She will be on the left of the counter on the first floor.
  3. Sem

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    Hmm, that's a bit queer. Battling/fainting with Burmy in the Restaurant /should/ make it have that pink covering. So I dunno o.o

    It hasn't evolved into Wormadam already has it? Because that may be the problem. Wormadam's covering doesn't change after it evolves, so if so then you'll have to start again with another Burmy :/

    Edit: Battle Tower wont work :/ I tried it this morning when I need to show the guy in Pastoria the three versions of Burmy for the Macho Brace. Battling in the Restaurant did change one into the Steel type, so that should work.
  4. Carmen Lopez

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    It hasn't already evolved. Was it supposed actually use an attack move in battle? The first time I just had my Typhoison use Swift to KO the two opponents and had Burmy use protect. The second time I had Typhlosion use Lava Plume to faint everybody.
  5. I think that's the problem, I think Burmy is supposed to use a move in battle.That's how i got mine ground type. Sorry if i'm a little late.XD
  6. Carmen Lopez

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    Better late than never. I'll level it up some more so it can withstand an attack and attack its opponent back.
  7. 1st turn: protect
    2nd turn: destroyed by typhlosion

    pretty well foolproof, depending on if it needs to ATTACK, rather than use a move.
  8. It does need to use Tackle. It may have taken forever, but mine took out a level 17 Chatot in the Jubilife station and I then trained it at the EF and it became a level 31 Steel/Bug Wormadam! ;D

    Me sooo happy....
  9. Carmen Lopez

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    Thanks everyone. I took my Burmy to Raveged Path with low level Pokemon. Burmy used Tackle on a lvl 4 Zubat and now I have a nice sand cloaked Burmy. Now I know what I'm doing so I can get a building insulation cloaked one.

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