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Ask to Join Buccaneers (Pirate Roleplay)

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Blotch'd, Jan 12, 2019.

  1. Blotch'd

    Blotch'd Previously Ghostly Jazz Hand's

    Welcome to 'Buccaneers' where Pirates, stowaways, and sailors sail the sea with different objectives.

    Beluga Whale
    The Shadow
    The Cutter



    -No God modding.
    -I don't want any Mary Sue pirates, Sailors, or Stowaways. Mary Sue's are characters that are '2D' with no flaws or anything.
    -No, this isn't Moana, where the sea lives, you travel with a demigod, and your grandma dies and so forth. I like juicy back stories, but not a complete copy of a canon backstory or a pity baiting plot.
    -In that direction, no pity baiting.
    -Expect some bloodshed, as there are swords, canon's, and other weapons that can cause injury or even death.
    -I don't want to see pets that have been proven savage and ruthless.
    -You need permission to kill another character. If the person accepts, go ahead. But not too gory.
    -When someone dies, the owner can make a new one or decide to leave.
    -Say 'Ultra Pancake Bear' to prove you read the rules.

    Pirate Forms

    Pirate Name (A nickname when out on the sea):
    Pet (Optional):
    Weapon of Choice:
    Crew name (Ect: "Oh no! The Crossbones are comin'!):
    (Include a boat form, Which is):
    (Include a pet form if you have one)

    Boat Name:
    Sail logo (Crossbones, Sword, None, Ect):

    Pet Name:
    Why they are considered a 'pet':

    Sailor Form
    Sailor Nickname (Optional):

    (Include a boat form, stated above)

    Stowaway/Other Form

    Name: Cole Lincoln
    Age: 39
    Pirate Nickname: Beluga Whale
    Pet: Beluga Whale
    Appearance: 'Beluga Whale' (Or Beluga) Has brown hair, 'combed' to one side and covered by a long Tri-Cornered brown leather cap with a single white feather in the red band, and a swollen forehead, giving him a trait he shares with a beluga. His swollen forehead is hid well under his cap, and has black eyes. He has a white puffed sleeve shirt under a long brown leather coat, open and stripped of buttons. His pants are black trousers, and has black buckled boots. He has white skin, and a slender appearance.
    Personality: Beluga is tough, but merciful at times. They have a soft soft spot for -You guessed it- Beluga's. He messes with his opponents to a point where they won't fight, and kebab them. He punishes anyone on his crew who doesn't cooperate or do their job, and is willing to put a member's hand in piranha infested waters just to get them to behave correctly. Beluga believes in second chances, and is a master of stealing things.
    Weapon of choice: Two Cutlass's, Crossbow
    Gender: Male
    Crew Name: Killer whale's
    Other: N/A

    Name: Swol
    Gender: Female
    Species: Beluga Whale
    Appearance: Like a typical Beluga Whale, with a 'bandage' on its fins, having the ships logo etched onto each 'bandage'.
    Personality: Over time, they have developed the habit to headbutt other boats with a steel hard head. They are playful, and overall respect Cole. They are completely oblivious to the bandages on his arms, as they are just for show.
    Why they are considered a pet: One day, they saw Cole and thought they were another Beluga Whale. They've followed him ever sense, even if now they know their actual species.

    Boat Name: S.S Barin
    Sail Logo: The Logo on the sail is of a silhouette of a Orca baring its teeth, with a white twinkle on one tooth.
    Appearance: The boat is made of dark brown wood, with a cabin for the sailors, and one for the captain. Three canons can come from inside the middle of the boat. Barrels of boiling oil are kept in the captains cabin just in case they are attacked.
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  2. Name: Zero striker
    Age: 18
    Pirate Name: Master of scythes
    Pet: (Idk if pokemon if so its a Treecko if not I pick Hammer head shark)
    Appearance: He’s a 6’10 so you gotta look up also, He carries his scythe around everywhere he goes he wears a black T-shirt that shows two scythes like double blades, He wears basic blank pants, and instead of a hat he wears a hood
    Personality: He’s a Tough and a Outgoing boy
    Weapon of Choice: his scythe
    Gender: Male
    Crew name: The Undead crew
    Other: N/A
    Pet name: The hammer
    Gender: Boy
    Species: a hammer head shark
    Appearance: It has nothing special just a regular Hammer head
    Personality: Brave or courageous but a little dumb
    Why they are considered a ‘pet’: He met his hammer head friend when His Crew saw a hammer head trying to bang the boat he fell in as he did he saw the hammer head, the hammer head just stared at him and he stared back they asserted dominance in a brawl and as so Zero won and then so on The hammer is his pet

    Boat Name: The cross
    Sail logo: A grim reaper with a scythe swinging it
    Appearance: you first see a boat with a Huge grim reaper sign with Black and white stripes with some blue flames
    (Btw Ultra pancake bear)
  3. Blotch'd

    Blotch'd Previously Ghostly Jazz Hand's

    Okay. First off,
    I've read lots of pirate books and there are no scythe's,
    Your missing some punctuation,
    and I'm pretty sure hoodies and t-shirts are modern cloth.
    Try editing a little, and we'll be good to go.
  4. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Name: Alexander Bane
    Age: 25
    Pirate Name: The Shadow
    Appearance: Has brown hair, covered by a Tri-Cornered white leather cap and grey eyes. He has a black puffed sleeve shirt under a long white leather coat. He has black trousers, and has black buckled boots. He is lean yet muscular.
    Personality: He is a tough captain, yet if in a good mood will be rather light hearted (especially after a few drinks), he respects loyalty and will slit the throat of any man who betrayed him. He has mastered the skill moving silently and will barely fight his enemies head on. He and his crew tend to attack ships in the dead of night rob them kill most of the crew and leave without anyone knowing they were there.
    Weapon of Choice: A silver dagger and a cutlass.
    Gender: Male
    Crew name: The Phantoms
    Other: Ultra Pancake Bear

    Boat Name: The White Soul
    Sail logo: A black skull with white eyes.
    Appearance: The boat is made of dark brown wood, painted black, it has grey sails. With cabins for the sailors, and one for the captain. Two canons can come from inside the middle of the boat. There are also three on deck as well.
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  5. Blotch'd

    Blotch'd Previously Ghostly Jazz Hand's

    Hmm. Lot of similarities to my guy, but then again, all pirates wore something that looked like somebody else.
  6. While I’d love to have a super cool pirate woman, it seems the ratio of pirates to non-pirates is.. well, three to zero, so this would be me attempting to level it out.

    Name: Anahita “Nita” Turani
    Gender: Female
    Age: 24
    Sailor Nickname: Renegade
    Appearance: A rather lean woman, Nita stands at 5’3, which “completely ruins her intimidating demeanor” (her words). With olive skin and long, dark hair, she’d traditionally be called pretty, especially with the addition of her bright hazel eyes; however, a long scar from her left cheek into the top of her lip spoils any chances of being married off (obviously, not that it bothers her).
    Clothes wise, it’s the basic ordeal, although it leans somewhat near the pirate ensemble. A puffy-sleeved white blouse reaching her wrists, as well as a long, dress-like buttoned vest of a dark green color over it with a generic buckled belt at her waist, with a sheathe for her dagger sloppily sewed on the side. Underneath is a pair of regular black trousers, as well as a pair of simple brown leather boots. She doesn’t have a hat, but she does have a green strip of cloth she uses as a headband/bandana of sorts.
    Personality: Nita is a tricky little thing, and is well known for her manipulation skills. Whether it be flirting with and tricking naive men with just a flutter of her eyelashes or the complete opposite and crossdressing for a steal, she always seems to find a way to get what she wants, usually forcefully. She isn’t necessarily the embodiment of femininity, although she does seem to like to show off what she has. As for manners, hers are lacking if not nonexistent. Bold and confident, she isn’t afraid to hop into a brawl; in fact, there’s a solid chance she’d start one. She seems to be quite the actor and often conjures up false personalities to beguile.
    Despite her obvious rudeness, she seems to have a weirdly motherly side to her.
    Other: Ultra Pancake Bear

    Boat Name: The Widow
    Sail Logo: Frequently changing to avoid getting caught for... numerous crimes. Most recently said to be a sloppily drawn spider.
    Appearance: A tiny ship, enough to fit maybe fifteen people max, although Renegade rides alone. The base is a simple wood hull, and towards the back would be Nita’s “chamber” (her cabin). Below is entirely storage, with the exception of two small cabins that could fit maybe seven people each. Reportedly, the ship was stolen.

    haha YIKES that was so long im so sorry.
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  7. I might consider making a char later.
  8. Blotch'd

    Blotch'd Previously Ghostly Jazz Hand's

    Accepted! Slimy and tricky like a pirate! Great addition.

    Edit: Hold on. Your missing somethin'.
    Read the rules again and add it, please.
  9. ah, i knew i forgot something!!! my original plan was to sneak it in somewhere and make it subtle, but instead i,,, completely forgot about it. my bad, it’s fixed !
  10. Name: Leon Silvergale
    Age: Somewhere within his 20s
    Pirate Name: The Cutter
    Appearance: He has extremely Pale skin, Smooth Medium lightly spiked Grey hair and bright Purple eyes. His attire consists of Beige baggy pants, black boots and a White vest under a Black long coat that reaches his calves. He mainly wears a big Brown and lightly tattered hooded cloak.
    Personality: He is usually a quiet go with the flow kind of person, he never really preferred to make a crew, but he saw 'promise' in the few people he took with him. He sees his crew as his friends and wouldn't take their deaths too well. When dealing with others, he shows a blunt personality followed by stubbornness if someone tries to bribe, seduce or blackmail him. In battle, his mood changes completely from quiet to loud and demented, going so far as to laugh in battle or show his tongue from behind a terrifying and deranged smile. His way of 'mercy' mainly consists on cutting off someone's hand, hence his nickname: The Cutter.
    Weapon of Choice: Dual Cutlasses, Bombs.
    Gender: Male.
    Crew name: The Nomads.
    Other: He can make an amazing pie. One time his crew mate got drunk and suggested the boat be called the 'Ultra Pancake Bear.'

    Boat Name: Bleeding Orca.
    Sail logo: Unlike usual Skulls and Crossbones, the sail's logo instead shows a skull halfway from being cut in half by a cutlass.
    Appearance: The boat itself is a rather small boat, which helps with being fast and elusive in lack of durability, it's weaponry being only one cannon on each side, but a fierce and deadly looking serrated harpoon on the bow. The wood it has appears to be Dark Brown and decorated with sword like ornaments along the fence. It's main feature is what looks like a mermaid with her arms crossed holding two cutlasses on the front of the boat.
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  11. Blotch'd

    Blotch'd Previously Ghostly Jazz Hand's

    Forgetting something.
    Re-read the rules and add it.

    @wintersolstice, Accepted!
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  12. Of all the things I had to put in the bio, I can't believe I forgot to add that. (Which has been added in)
  13. alrighty, time for questions.

    so- i can imagine that in a world of pirates and robbers and such, strong language would be a prominent point in their speech, so i decided i’d ask about that. nita herself is incredibly vulgar and i want to know beforehand as to how much censoring i’ll need to be doing.

    secondly, do you have a set idea on when the rp is going to start? its no rush if not, im just asking out of curiosity.
  14. Blotch'd

    Blotch'd Previously Ghostly Jazz Hand's

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  15. Alright, now to think of a good way to get The Nomads into the RP, I'm also wondering if it's OK for The Cutter to be somewhat notorious.
  16. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    I was wondering whether The Shadow could be kind of notorious but more of an urban legend.
  17. I'm not trying to make mine 'legend' notorious, just more of 'killed enough to get a price on his head' notorious.
  18. Blotch'd

    Blotch'd Previously Ghostly Jazz Hand's

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  19. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    I meant it as in no-one has really seen him

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