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Brush's (@XBD) Paper Works!

Discussion in 'Requests' started by donald.duck, Jan 1, 2019.


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  1. donald.duck

    donald.duck Previously funguy

    You know the drill boys. You request something I give you something on paper. It won't be great, but I hope you're satisfied with what you get. Your art will most likely be posted by a week after request, but if I get too piled up then paper works will be shut down for a while. Well, the request starts today because of art block. Fire away!
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  2. Cyber_Poipole

    Cyber_Poipole Previously Cyberspace_warrik

    Hi yes, I would like to request you draw a digimon digivolution line, Dm me for more details because Its alot of details and base images I have to send ya
  3. donald.duck

    donald.duck Previously funguy

    Sorry, I'll get to that soon. Once I slide into those DMs it's a go! :up:
  4. MarcelGalliard790

    MarcelGalliard790 Previously SlicertheGallade890

    I was wondering if I could have a request about my OC Marcel (Reference-Profile picture) and The Guy
    (Reference for the guy will be sent via private message)

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