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Ask to Join Breaking Barriers

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Chrocey, Aug 2, 2016.

  1. “Eureka!” Exclaimed Loyd, “this device is fool-proof! I can’t believe that it actually worked!” Loyd danced around his lab with joy. He’d actually managed to communicate with a pokemon verbally after so many years of not understanding their language. It was like the last barrier between human and pokemon understanding one another was finally broken. Once everyone started using his invention, then the whole world would become much more peaceful between humans and pokemon.

    Now, he just needed the trainers whom he invited specifically to be the first users of his machine, other than his own use of it earlier of course.

    The scientist stood in front of his contraption with his hands on his hips. The device was a large cylindrical chamber that took up most of the space in his laboratory. Wires and pipes were attached to the chamber from the walls and roof. Despite how messy it looked outside, the inside of the chamber was kept pristine. There was enough room in there for multiple trainers and pokemon of average height. There wasn’t much room for, say, an Onyx, but Loyd simply hoped that the trainers he chose for this would have at least one pokemon that wouldn’t break through his ceiling.

    “Great! It’s all set!” He adjusted the bow tie that he wore over his lab coat then pushed his glasses further up the bridge of his nose. “Now where are those trainers?”


    “Well, well, well,” Diana chimed as she stood in front of the laboratory. “This must be the place.” She had one hand on her hip while the other held the invitation that she’d received from the professor. Now that she’d found the place, she crumpled up the flyer and tossed it into the nearest trashcan. “I hope the inside looks better than the outside. Don’t you agree Charlene?”

    Charlene slithered her way up to her trainer. She slowly and skillfully coiled herself upward around the girl. Diana held her hands out to each side so as to ensure her Arbok was able to climb her efficiently. Charlene wrapped herself around the dancer’s bare midsection, then her chest. Afterwards the snake wrapped the rest of her tail around her trainer’s arm and let any remainder after that hang down.

    Diana would be the first to admit that Arbok wasn’t exactly weightless. Had she not been holding her since they were both young, this weight would have easily been too much for her.

    Charlene placed her jaw on top of Di’s head, her forked toung protruding from her mouth every so often as a look of satisfaction washed over her face.

    “I hope you have prepared a speech for me, my sweet.” Diana raised her free arm and delicately brushed the top of her pokemon’s head. “It will be quite enjoyable to hear your true criticism of our dancing. Only then will we be able to come up with our most beautiful dance yet.”

    “Chaarbok,” Charlene responded.
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  2. Gianna double-checked the map to be certain, but yep, this was definitely the place. The lab looked a little scrappy, but Gianna, never one to judge, hardly even noticed. She made sure that Sylvia was still with her, and sure enough, the Slurpuff was still padding along beside her. She gave her Pokemon a loving noogie, and Sylvia leaned into the touch.

    "And just what've you got to say, you great big creampuff? Yeah I'm talking to you, or at least, I will be soon." The rough talk was all endearing, and at that moment, with the lab before her, Gianna really took in the full extent of what they were going to do. This kind of science was revolutionary, and that scared her. It was also at that moment that she really realized the rough look of the lab, and simultaneously, the look of the trainer and her Arbok nearby. Befriending another tester would make this trip a whole lot of fun.

    "Golly, this place is a mess." Gianna called out.
  3. “Hm?” Diana looked with half-lidded eyes over to whoever was calling out. Only after she got a glimpse of the other trainer did her statement finally register. The dancer smiled and nodded. “Oh yes. It is quite the spectacle, isn’t it?”

    The snake charmer waved her free hand in front of the eyes of her Arbok. The snake pokemon’s head moved wherever her fingertips went. Diana held out her hand, and Charlene crawled off of her and obediently onto the ground.

    Diana sauntered her way over to the other trainer before politely extending a hand. “My name is Diana, you may call me Ana. Are you here, perchance, for that pokemon communication device?”
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  4. "Oh, no... Please don't tell me this is the lab..."

    The redhead looked up at the rather large building before her, nose scrunched high on her pale face, disgusted. Her partner, a Minccino, looked down at her from atop her head, bored. While the place was rather dumpy, Renai was so used to hearing her Trainer complain about filth, it annoyed her.

    Larissa looked down at the invitation in her hands. "This must be the place. But why...?"

    Hearing someone ask if someone else was here for the experiment made Larissa slowly edge towards the people, who also stood in front of the lab. "That's why I'm here," she responded to the question, even though it wasn't directed to her, standing behind the Trainer who asked. She hoped the Trainer didn't get spooked by the sudden reply.

    Sighing, Renai hopped off Larissa's head and walked over to the two and their partner Pokemon, flipping the direction her snap-back was facing from front to back. Waving up to the humans, she introduced herself and her Trainer to the Arbok and Slurpuff. "Sorry about her in advance," she spoke, knowing the humans couldn't understand her, "she's kinda crazy. Her name's Larissa, and I'm Renai. What about you guys?"
  5. Gianna turned around, startled slightly by the sudden reply, before smiling warmly at the introduction. Going back to Diana's question, she stepped up to the plate for all the "how-do-you-dos" and greetings of the like.

    "I sure am. You've got a really well-mannered Arbok there," She went back to Larissa. "and oh my gosh, your Mincinno is super adorable. Just needed to get that out of the way. Oh, and hi, I'm Gianna."

    She always seemed to get the order of her words just the slightest bit mussed up in her own Gianna way, and Sylvia sighed, leveling with Renai.

    "My name's Sylvia. I feel the crazy-trainer thing right there with ya. Gianna up there is a complete ditz, but you can't help but love her." She nodded to Charlene. "What about you pal? What's your tale?"
  6. Larissa now faced Gianna, a small smile finding a place on her face. "Why, thank you! It's a pleasure to meet you, Gianna. I'm Larissa!"

    Renai chuckled at the Slurpuff, also looking over at the Arbok.

    (Dang. Just realized I have no idea how to type a character with a Russian accent. Not even gonna try. :'|)
  7. Laden walked up to the disastrous building with a hesitant look plastered on his face. He was about to turn around and walk away, unsure of whether or not he was in the right place, when he noticed a group of people chatting before the shambling mess of a building. Some of the group, he noticed, had a similar piece of paper to what he used for directions, so before he could decide otherwise he walked over to the group and called out "Hi there, I assume you are all here for the same reason?" as he called that out, he pulled out the flier and waved it through the air.
  8. Larissa turned to face the boy, very glad to get the mess-of-a-building out of her sight. "For the Professor's experiment? Yes, that's why we're here!" she called back, waving and smiling lightly. "Hello! My name's Larissa. May I ask what yours is?"

    Renai also looked over at the boy. She wondered how many people the Professor had chosen to help with this communication device.
  9. “Gianna?” Ana softly chuckled, “it sounds as though our names are similar. Perhaps that means you and I are synchronized. Either way, it is a pleasure to make your acquaintance. And thank you, your Slurpuff seems very well-mannered as well.”

    The dancer turned and fixed her eyes on Larissa. Her warm smile never left her lips as she politely introduced herself one more time. “Larissa...what a nice name. It is also a pleasure to make your acquaintance.”

    Last but not least, Diana gave her polite introduction to the boy who approached as well.

    “It seems as though there were quite a few people invited to this event. Much more than I had thought.” She pointed a thumb to the building and joked, “I’m hoping this isn’t some sort of sham. I can’t imagine a revolutionary device being created in such a rundown place.”

    Charlene nodded her head to the Slurpuff after the greeting. “My name is Charlene,” she responded, “my trainer is named Diana. She is quite the amazing dancer, but I believe that my skills surpass even hers.” The arbok then turned her attention to the Minccino, and even began to inch a little closer to her.

    “I do quite enjoy your hat. Although the creature wearing it looks absolutely delectable...I may just nickname you dinner.” Charlene laughed softly, but her eyes never left Renai showing that she was only half joking. Being the snake that she was, anything that looked remotely like a rodent appealed to her appetite.

    A loud creaking noise echoed from the front door to the building. Loyd poked his head out and saw the group of trainers that were standing outside and waiting. His eyes widened and he hurriedly pushed the door open to allow them inside. “Oooh! You all must be the trainers I selected for the communication device! Please, do come in and make yourselves at home. Without touching anything that looks like a button or a cable, of course.”

    Diana raised an eyebrow at the professor. He looked sort of goofy for a man of science. However, she couldn’t truly judge him due to lack of experience being around any of the top minds of her generation.

    As the dancer made her way inside, she found the interior of the building to be infinitely more clean-looking than the outside. Diana supposed that the front of the building was a facade, so nobody would think to target such a high-valued laboratory. Regardless, she wasn’t about to question his exterior decoration. If he had the means to allow her to communicate with Charlene, then she’d take it.

    “I believe we are waiting on just one more trainer. If he doesn’t show up in time, however, I’m afraid he’s just going to have to miss out.” Loyd looked at his wrist to check his watch, then immediately realized that he didn’t have one. Perhaps that would be his next project.
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  10. Renai backed slightly away from the Arbok, nervous about her hostile intentions. "Sorry, buddy, but I'm sure there'll be food inside... Maybe..."

    Larissa turned to face to opened door, ecstatic to see the clean interior. She slowly made her way towards the entrance, wanting to walk in with the whole group, but she wound up inside after Diana. "Wow... This lab is very beautiful!"

    The Minccino ran after Larissa, hopping onto her back again. Save me, she thought.
  11. That left just Sylvia and Charlene to chat. "Heh, you're standing in front of a walking creamcake, and you're thinking that the rodent looks like food?" Sylvia patted her sizable belly proudly, continuing her playful rant. "Not honorable, serpent snake. Though it's a pleasure."

    As they stepped through the laboratory doors, Gianna was instantly enthralled with the sights all around. Given the messy exterior, she might've said something about how Rome wasn't built in a day, which sounded like it made sense, but really didn't. That thought was long gone as she marveled at the bevies of machinery, showing them all her utmost fascination and appreciation, though keeping a fair distance to show her respect to Lloyd and his life's work. Her eyes locked on the massive cylindrical device, without doubt the star prize of the room.

    "Gosh, is that..?" Her words trailed off, too occupied in her worship of the technology all around her.
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  12. Zen was running like mad, his Riolu somehow keeping up with him. If anything, Ryu surpassed him in running. From a distance, Zen saw the bunch of people enter the building. "Wait for meeee!!!" He shouted, but nobody heard. Ryu dashed forward much faster to make sure at least HE gets there.

    About a minute after they had entered, Ryu had burst through the doors, and quickly stopped. He looked back to see his trainer, Zen, lagging behind. "Come on!" Ryu had called out to him, knowing that Zen couldn't understand him. Upon seeing the building from a closer point of view, Zen thought to himself. Man, that's depressing...

    Once Zen entered the building another good minute later, he collapsed onto the floor, gasping for air. "I'm...here..." he said through his heavy panting. He picked himself up off the floor, and looked around, surprised that the inside didn't nearly match the outside.
  13. “I only eat dessert after I have my dinner,” Charlene retorted. She smiled and winked at Sylvia before also entering the building.

    Lloyd waved his finger as though the trainers were misbehaving animals. “Now, now. There will be plenty of time to gawk over my various gizmos and gadgets when everything is done. For now, let’s get down to ‘brass tacks’ as they say.” Lloyd reached into the pocket of his lab coat and unfolded a piece of paper.

    He cleared his throat and adjusted his glasses before reading what had been written down. “Now, I have gathered you all here today to get an exclusive preview of the Pokemon Communication Translation Chamber, also known as PCTC. The reason I’ve select you-”

    The door burst open, and Lloyd let out a rather high-pitched yelp of surprise. A Riolu had broken in, and for a moment he worried that it was wild. It wasn’t until Zen showed up did he realize who this Riolu was.

    Clearing his throat again and standing adjusting his bowtie, the scientist spoke in a stern tone. His face was flush with embarrassment at his rather wimpy reaction to a startling situation.

    “Ahem...I can see that. We were about to proceed without you.” Lloyd turned back toward the group of teenagers once more. “ Now, as I was saying, the reason I’ve selected all of you is because, well, an assistant of mine handed me a piece of paper that listed trainers. I hung it up on my wall and threw darts at it and it happened to land on all five of you.” Though it sounded like a joke, his intonation was very matter-of-fact. “I know what you’re thinking, and I will let you all know that I’ve already tested the machine out on myself and it worked with one-hundred percent efficiency!”

    He pointed to the chamber in the center of his laboratory. “Now, the entire process should be quite simple. I’ve taken the liberty of reducing each step into simple instructions for all of you to follow.

    Step one: Everybody walk into this chamber
    Step two: Stand perfectly still for twenty seconds
    Step three: When the chamber doors open, step out and try to talk to your Pokemon.

    It’s as easy as that!”

    Lloyd folded the piece of paper up and slipped it back into his coat pocket. He then clapped his hands together and smiled widely. “Now, if there are any questions, please reserve them until after we are done. Just remember to stay perfectly still while you are in the chamber. Otherwise I don’t know what will happen.”

    Without further ado, Lloyd jogged over to one of the control panels located a small distance away from the PCTC. After pressing a few buttons and turning a few knobs, the chamber doors slid open.

    “Please step inside.” He held his finger up, “oh! I forgot to mention. You don’t need to worry about the safety of this device. There is absolutely nothing that I use that would cause any harm to you or your Pokemon. If the machine fails, the most that it will do is make a funny noise. So I encourage you not to fret!”
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  14. "Sorry I'm late." Zen said when he caught his breath. Luckily, he managed to say it before the man had started the explanation. As he was explaining, Zen would look over at his Pokemon, Ryu, every now and then, and smile at him. Ryu would smile back.

    Once the explanation was over, the man asked everyone to step inside the machine. Zen got down on his knees, and looked at Ryu. "This is really it, huh? After this, we're finally going to be able to talk to each other like normal people! We'll finally be able to understand each other. I can't wa-" Before Zen could finish, Ryu started pushing him towards the machine. "Yeah, yeah. Hurry up and do it! I can't wait either!" Ryu tried to tell him, but in a fruitless attempt.

    Zen checked for any itches he might have before he went in. Once he made sure everything was A-okay, he walked inside of the machine with everyone else.
  15. "Is that really how he picked us?" Larissa asked her Minccino partner, mustering up the courage to also enter the machine.

    "Dare I say yes?" Renai replied, chuckling. She hopped off her Trainer's shoulder and followed her. The Normal-Type couldn't wait to be able to talk to humans!

    Once inside the machine, Larissa and Renai were able to stay perfectly still.

    That is, until Renai sneezed.

    Larissa looked down at her partner, hands moving to her hips. "Really, Renai?" It was then when she realized that she, too, had moved.

    Both freaked out, not quite sure what will happen to them. "Oh no, oh no, oh no! This is all my fault!" Renai yelled, whipping her head from side to side in worry.
  16. Laden hesitantly walked over to the machine unsure of the safety of it, even though the scientist clearly said it was safe. But before he did, he reached back to his bag, pulled out Quill's Pokeball, and released him him. "You ready partner?" Laden asked his Nidoran "Yes!" Quill shouted in return, completely aware of the fact that he could not understand him...completely.

    Once they entered the machine, er, PCTC, and stood for a while, he started to get an itch. Of course he did, he always does, and he was just about to when Larissa's Mincinno sneezed. Her trainer reacted with "Really, Renai?" before hysterically freaking out. Laden let loose and scratched like a maniac saying "Oh thank God!" while also thinking What's the worst that could happen?
  17. Zen frowned at the thought of not being able to move, and what would happen if he did. He held Ryu in his arms when he got into the machine. Then, he heard a sneeze. He tried to look over to where the noise came from without moving his head. It looked like it came from the Mincinno. He then got a sick feeling in his gut. Oh no, we failed at not moving! What's going to happen?! He thought to himself. He looked down at Ryu, looking worried. "No matter what happens, I couldn't have asked for a better friend." Zen whispered to Ryu. Ryu wrapped his arms around Zen's neck in a hug, also slightly scared for them.

    As to not seem like a wimp, or a worry wort or anything of the sort to the others, he tried to recover his calm and collected manner, almost looking as if he knew nothing bad was going to happen. He continued to not move, trying to make people think that something would happen only to those who did move. But then, he remembered: it was too late for them, too. Ryu had already moved when he hugged Zen. Despite this, he continued to stay still, denying the fact that they had indeed moved as well.

    EDIT: As they entered, the Arbok and her trainer entered with them. The Arbok had stroked Ryu's face, and complimented on how cute he was. "Um, th-thanks, I guess?" He replied, feeling a bit petrified. The professor's voice had then played over an intercom of a sort in the chamber. Then, he sneeze and feedback occurred throughout the chamber. Somehow, Zen and Ryu managed to endure the discomfort the noise caused them.
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  18. Diana never found comfort around professors, or anyone who took on such a serious profession. However, given what this device could possibly do for her and the other trainers, she could definitely see the value in those who pursue science and engineering.

    The dancer sashayed her way into the chamber, with her Arbok slithering close behind. Charlene still couldn’t quite keep her eyes off of Renai. As the pokemon and their trainers gathered together, she smiled at Renai and said, “this room is only going to get smaller when the doors close, and I get awfully claustrophobic when I’m hungry.”

    The serpent had her attention drawn to Laden and Quill. She bowed her head respectfully to the Nidoran. “It’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance, I’m Charlene. You, Renai, Sylvia and I should all get together some time. Alone. Away from the watchful eyes of our trainers. Perhaps with a nice refreshing beverage to wash you all down with.”

    The snake then fixed her eyes on Zen and Ryu. She maneuvered her tail so that the tip of it was dangling above Ryu in a playful manner. “Oh how sweet. It seems we have another young one in our midst. She ran the tip of her tail down his cheek and under his chin. “As you’ve probably heard me say before, my name is Charlene. It’s a pleasure to make an acquaintance with such a cute little guy.”

    Lloyd began pressing, turning, switching and flipping various controls on the panel. The door to the chamber closed on its own. In an instant, the sound of buzzing and whirring began reverberating off of the walls. A mechanical component was spinning around the chamber at a rapid pace, wobbling ever so slightly and looking as though it were about to fly off.

    He grabbed a long skinny microphone that protruded out of the top of the console and spoke into it

    “Remember,” his voice came across an intercom that was inside the chamber. “No moving around in there, no matter what you do!” All of a sudden, the professor sneezed into the microphone, sending a loud pop of sound and high-pitched feedback through the speaker. “Oops,” he said afterwards, “I apologize, I hope that didn’t startle any of you too much!”

    Diana winced at the loud noise coming from the speaker. It irritated her to no end. She instinctively placed her hands over her ears so that she didn’t have to listen to the last few seconds of high-pitched feedback. Only then did she realize that she moved after being told not to. With a shrug, she placed her hands back at her sides in the hopes that it didn’t mess things up too much. Everyone else in the chamber had moved around so much that she doubted her movement would have impacted the device any more than theirs did.

    Light filled the chamber, and soon, the entire laboratory was illuminated as well. Lloyd was having a hard time keeping an eye on the gauges that told him everything was operating efficiently. He thought for a moment that he saw one of the needles all the way in the red. That thought was soon dismissed, as he was sure that his device would work.

    The noise and lights went on for only twenty seconds before slowly dimming and falling into a gentle silence. When everything quieted down, Lloyd pulled the switch to open the chamber doors. To his dismay, the doors refused to open.

    “Uh...hold on a minute, dear trainers. It seems that the door is stuck. Let me hit the failsafe!” The professor leaped over the console and jogged to the left of the chamber door. He slid a panel off the side and pulled down on another switch, which caused the doors to fly open with haste.

    Diana didn’t feel quite right. For whatever reason, she felt shorter. Despite her usual demeanor of ‘walking on air’, she literally felt like she was floating at the moment. She tried to move her legs to exit the PCTC but found that she couldn’t. Like she was being restrained.

    Upon looking down, her eyes widened. It wasn’t a restraint. It wasn’t anything holding her back but the thought of legs that were no longer there. Ana gasped and inched her way out of the chamber and examined her body. Gone were her arms and legs, or anything that resembled a human. Instead, she was now inhabiting the body of an Arbok! Not just any Arbok...it was Charlene!

    Ana looked at the chamber again and saw her own body, laying down on its stomach and trying to wiggle out of the chamber.

    “What just happened?!” said the body of Diana. Despite the initial fear of swapping bodies, Ana felt excitement like a ball in her throat at the thought that she’d just heard Charlene’s words for the first time.

    Lloyd raised an eyebrow at the dancer who seemed to be wiggling around on the ground like a lunatic. He then looked at the other trainers. “Is everyone okay in there?”
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  19. As the machine worked its mysterious magic, lights and sounds of the PCTC blared and flashed. Zen knew that something was going to happen because of some people moving, he just didn't know what. He looked down at Ryu, and smiled. Suddenly, he wasn't looking down anymore. In fact, it felt like he...shrank. He also felt like he was being held by something. Then, a thought came to mind: What if they swapped bodies?! Zen immediately shook away the thought...but still...?

    Ryu felt a similar feeling. Suddenly, he was standing. He felt...taller than normal. It felt...almost as if he were holding something. He looked down, and noticed that he was...wait...wait a minute, this isn't right. He was holding himself! Or...was he? He was holding his body, but it wasn't...his body.

    Once the lights and sounds ceased, the professor's voice came over the intercom again, saying that there was a slight problem with the doors. Something about them not opening? A few short moments later, the doors opened. Zen jumped off of whatever, or whoever he was being held by, and noticed that everything seemed a lot taller than they were supposed to be. Then, that thought came again. In shock, he looked up behind him, and he saw himself looking down at him...or, rather what appeared to be himself.

    Zen was in shock. He was looking at his own body from the point of view of his...! It can't be...he raised his hand up to his face...wait...now wait another gosh darn minute here. It wasn't a hand that appeared in front of his face, it was...a paw?! He raised up both of his han-ahem, paws in front of his face. He stared at them for a while, horrified out of his mind. There was no way that he was in the body of his Riolu! This all had to be a dream!

    When the doors opened, Ryu felt what he was holding jump out of his arms. He looked down at his body as it looked back up at him, having quite a shocked expression on its face. The same thought that Zen had came to Ryu's mind. Looking down at his former self, he uttered the new name of the individual. "Zen?"

    Upon hearing his own voice come from the very person in front of him, saying his own name, he nearly burst into tears. "Ryu?" Zen tried responding. Sadly, all Ryu could hear was the classic cry of a Riolu...or, at least that's what it sounded like.

    Ryu and Zen looked over at the girl who had the Arbok. She was now lying down on the ground, squirming about, as if she were trying to slither out. Then, at the same time, they had the same thought: Did the same thing happened to everyone else?!

    Once the doors were open, the professor had asked if everyone was okay. Upon instinct, Ryu answered him. "I highly doubt that anyone in this chamber is okay!" He said, raising his voice a bit, then covering his mouth. He realized that his voice sounded just like Zen's.

    Upon hearing this, Zen decided to chime in. "Please tell us there is a way to fix this!" He asked desperately, not knowing, but figuring that none of the humans could understand him now. He did the same thing that Ryu did when he heard his voice, but upon feeling his newfound furry paws on his mouth, he refused to believe that this was him now.

    (OOC: I spent nearly 3-4 hours on this?! Holy cow!! I felt like I was making another chapter of a story. It feels so satisfying, and fulfilling to have such a great piece of literature posted/uploaded/published. In this case, role play content.)

    EDIT: (OOC: And I keep having to come back to revise a few parts. :D)
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  20. Trying to stay still after Renai's little 'mishap' felt like a chore for Larissa and the Minccino. Ignoring Charlene, the Pokemon shut her eyes tight, hoping she wouldn't move any more than she already had.

    Until she fell over.

    "Are you feeling alright today, Renai?" Larissa asked, cocking an eyebrow and looking down at her partner.

    It was at that moment that the lights ceased to glow as bright as the sun, and Renai and her Trainer were thankful for that.

    Larissa was looking down at the floor, expecting to see her Pokemon partner standing in front of her. Instead, her peripheral vision let her take a sneak-peek at what had happened: She could see grey fur under her eye. Daring to look down, the girl screamed. "WHAT HAPPENED TO ME!?" She realized that her voice sounded different than usual. Whipping her head around to look at the other pairs of Trainers and partners, Larissa saw her own, human body standing before her. She screamed again, attempting to run out of the PCTC, but accidentally tripping and falling flat on her face. Having no knees would do that to you, if you're so used to them.

    Meanwhile, Renai felt very-much taller than she usually was. Daring to look down at her body, she gasped, jumping back a bit when she realized that this was Larissa's body, not her own! "Huh. Cool," she spoke rather softly, realizing that she sounded just like Larissa. She even had her Russian accent!

    Gaining limbs she wasn't used to, Renai had an urge to test them all out. She bent all her fingers, her knees, her toes. It was a good feeling. Turning to face the body of Diana, seeing that it was attempting to slither out of the machine, the used-to-be Minccino stuck her tongue out in her direction. Attempting to walk over, she managed to bend down next to her. "Can't eat me now, can ya?"

    Larissa wasn't taking her transformation very well. Renai followed her out of the room without many problems, but the used-to-be human wasn't taking this limb shortage very well. Waddling over to the Professor, she growled up at him. "WHAT DID YOU DO TO US!? CHANGE UA BACK RIGHT NOW!"

    Renai picked her up, chuckling lightly. "Guess the machine worked, after all. I can understand what you're saying, Larissa!" She took her hat off her old body's head and placed it on her new one.

    The new Minccino's eyes widened, and she looked up at the new human in her body. "I-I guess so... What do we do now...?"
  21. “Huh?” Lloyd tilted his head at Zen, or what used to be Zen. “You all look perfectly fine to me.” His eyes fell on Diana as she squirmed on the ground. “Although that is a bit bothersome.”

    Larissa’s Minccino seemed to be giving the professor an earful, however he couldn’t understand what the pokemon was so upset about, and why it seemed to be walking around so oddly. When what Larissa referred to her own pokemon as ‘Larissa’, everything began to fall into place.

    The professor let out a yelp as he realized what he’d just done. The humans weren’t humans anymore...every trainer had swapped bodies with their own pokemon! He took a step back and held his hands up defensively.

    “B-but...I-I don’t understand! Everything worked fine earlier!” The professor fumbled around in his lab coat pockets before pulling out a pokeball and summoning the pokemon that was inside. The pokemon that appeared before him and his subjects was a Chatot. “Watch! I can prove it!” He kneeled down, “Hello, Chatot.”

    “Hello, Chatot!” the parrot pokemon responded with a joyful smile.

    “Oh dear...I suppose he never actually spoke to me. He was just mimicking my speech!” He rubbed the back of his head nervously and held his hand out, “hey, I’m not a pokemon expert, I’m an expert at building gizmos and gadgets! I’m sure all of you would have made the same mistake, right?”

    With a gulp he dashed behind the console he’d been stationed in front of before they entered the chamber. “Don’t worry though! I can fix this! You’ll just need to give me a bit of time. How does, say, nine to ten years sound? That’d be plenty of time for me to get the parts that I need!” With a nervous smile he held a finger up, “plus, when you get back into your human bodies, you’ll be out of those awkward teenage years! Sounds like a win to me.”

    After typing on his console a little more, he then offered a better solution. “Of course, if you’d like something a little bit quicker, then maybe you all could help me gather parts that I need. If all goes well I could return you to your original bodies in, say two to three months?”


    “Take your time,” Diana said as she continued to examine her new Arbok body, “I don’t know if I want to go back. This body feels so much more light and fluid than my own.”

    “Speak for yourself,” Charlene said, giving Ana a hard look, “maybe you enjoy this, but I want my body back. How am I going to squeeze any of my meals with these human hands?”

    After Renai stuck her tongue out at her, Charlene narrowed her eyes and murmured. “That’s right, feel safe inside that body. Now it’s your trainer that you have to worry about.”

    The former Arbok placed her hands on the ground and slowly stood up from her prone position. She shakily got her bearings, but kept clinging to walls and whatever was around her to keep herself up. Legs were such a strange concept to her, and even stranger in practice.
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