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Discussion in 'Small Talk' started by Lucario454, Aug 7, 2009.

  1. I get bored a lot. I usually draw on myself. I do this weird thing where I draw on me, then wipe it off, then trace back over the faint image, then repeat. In the end you get a nice little drawing that no one can see unless they're looking for it. Other times I eat. Mostly junk. Candy and such. What about you?
  2. I go on the computer of course xP But if someone's on, I simply play my Diamond~
  3. WoWness!!


    There's always something to do in World of Warcraft! S'why I find it ever so amusing when people write messages in WoW complaining about being bored. "But you're PLAYING a game!" ::)

    Anywho, if I don't feel like doing that I can draw, read, watch TV.. and if that doesn't squish my boredom, RIP THINGS OUT OF THE GROUND!!! I garden. Great for stress. ^__^
  4. Mom won't let me be on the computer that much. Same with videogames. That's why I'm stuck staring at the ceiling for an hour. Normally I'd film my Giant Robot movies, but the videocamera is out of batteries, and mom has lost the charger.
  5. I read a book, watch TV, play video games, or get on the computer when I'm bored.
  6. I Usually get bored all the time. So what I do to kill time iiiis, watch t.v., eat(but not that much), play my emrald. That's pretty much it.
  7. Linkachu

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    To be honest... Much of what I'd do when I'm bored is the same stuff I'd do when I'm not XD

    When I'm really bored, though, I'll usually watch something on TV or my computer. Daydreaming helps, too, as well as getting online and seeing if anyone's around to bug. Other times I may just put some music on and zone out to it. Listening to tunes and staring at the ceiling fan is a wonderful way to pass the time.
  8. Laptop + ROM Hax = Much fun for me. :D

    Besides that, I'm now in High school (Woo...) with three advanced classes, I'm more than likely to be under five pounds of homework.

    Then there's Facebook with many friends. ;)

  9. Same here. It sucks right now but next semester I can just relax.
    When I'm bored or sick, like today, I'm here, at Serebiiforums or playing my Crystal. (cant wait for SS)
  10. Well, my current boredness get rid of-ers is watching any of my season 1 or 2 Bleach discs, playing Billy Hatcher, Diamond version, or Mario Kart Double Dash, or watch tv...mainly football, The Office, Pokemon, Star Wars, Total Drama Island/Action, or Fairly Oddparents. I also go to Deviant Art, MySpace, Facebook, YouTube, One Manga (currently reading Shaman King), and obviously here while on line. WHen non of that can be done, I watch a movie. (My recent obession movies are Coraline and Spirited Away)
  11. For me, it's TV, Video gmaes, facebook, YouTube, this, school, art, music, and I think that's it...

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