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Bloodstone Academy

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Freta, Jul 15, 2010.

  1. (OOC: Hey everyone. This is my first non-Pokemon RP, so that would explain if it's not so good. Please leave all of the criticism you have, because I want to be my best at this. Hope you all enjoy!)

    Dusk looked up at the menacing gateway looming over him with the personification of a higher status.

    Bloodstone Academy
    ‘Nunquam renuo messor’

    What was engraved on the arch’s ominous stone surface may not have seemed the least bit oppressing to any ‘regular’ civilian, but Dusk, just like every other new student at Bloodstone, new what the Latin words ‘Nunquam renuo messor’ meant.

    There were only certain types of people who where enrolled at Bloodstone; vampires, werewolves, ghoul, demons, witches, monsters, the undead and all creatures of the macabre. Dusk, wasn’t any of those things, he was just a regular 13 year old with incredibly acute senses, intellect and physical ability. Most humans were despised by the more respectable races, being seen as ‘Overrated weaklings, who find strength in numbers and not in an individual’s skill,’ (A quote from Professor Macranter’s popular historical recount, ‘The fall of vampiric lore’,) which made it difficult for the humans to avoid becoming the subject of intense discrimination and harassment. Dusk had had these problems even when attending a regular school so he could barely imagine what the students here would do to him.

    Dusk took his first steps into the ascetic academy to see all of the students sitting in groups of their own race across the school yard. To his left, a gang of seemingly uninviting demons were staring at him with eyes that whispered ‘One step closer and we’ll eat your soul,’ and to his right were some elementalists playing a highly strategic board game which involved freezing or setting alight certain squares on the board; a game which involved the use of abilities that Dusk lacked. He nervously walked around, searching for some other humans that he could join in with, but all of them were in the upper year’s schoolyard that Dusk wasn’t allowed to enter.
    “Could it be,” he thought, “that I’m the only human in this year level?”

    Dusk unexpectedly fell to the floor, hitting his head on the firm gravel.
    “Hey there human swine; how’d you like your trip?” Idiotic taunts were not exclusive to humans. Dusk rolled himself to face upwards and saw a smirking vampire and his friends standing over him, much in the same way that the school’s gateway did.
    “It’s pathetic how easy you humans can fall down and amazing how easy it is for us to keep you down.” He let out a short burst of laughter and all of his friends followed suit. Dusk didn’t feel like getting into an argument on his first day. He planned to get up, walk away and pretend that nothing happened. As he started to rise, the head vampire pushed him back down again.
    “See? It’s just too easy!” All of his friends were in hysterics, one of them laughing so hard that his fangs were extending. Dusk started to shake and stutter. How could he get out of this?
    “What’s that champ? I can’t here what you’re trying to say. Joe, can you understand him?” He asked to the biggest gang member there.
    “Not a word boss. I think we might need to raise his volume a little bit, make him audible”
    “That sounds like a logical idea Joe. What do you think champ?” The head vampire was laughing victoriously as if he had just one an argument. Dusk didn’t know what he could do and how the vampires would react to his actions. He rached into his back pocket, grabbed the one thing he cared about most and prepared to fight.
  2. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
    Former Administrator

    OOC: Welcome, Jex. Not bad for a first RP :p Keep RPing and you'll smooth out your rough spots.

    Lillian Everett walked through the halls of the academy, high heels clacking against the stone floors and echoing off of the walls. The mass of students parted before her like the Red Sea, allowing her walk freely at the pace she desired. Everything she wanted was hers - because she was Lillian Everett, daughter of one of the most powerful "underworld" families. Everything about her was perfect, from her body, to her clothes, to her life.

    She caught glimpses of females staring longingly at her leather cuffed stiletto-boots as she passed - covetous stares were directed at her white blouse and black waistcoat. Boys stared after her lower half: her dark-wash designer jeans perfectly fitting her legs like a glove. Admiration was directed at her perfect black hair, that flowed behind her as she strut along, wavy and curly. Her skin was pale and fair like porcelain, not an imperfection in sight. Perfect everything was one of the many advantages of being a vampire.

    One of the girls she passed waved at her. Lillian thought she recognized her but kept walking, flashing only her violet eyes in the girl's direction and raising her brow. She wasn't an upperclassmen, not yet, but she acted every bit like one. Most people were surprised that she wasn't, but no. Only another year to go, and then her rule over the school would be proper. There was always a ruler, a queen everyone bowed to. The underclassman did, but the upper ones only respected her. No, next year she would have their worship as well.

    She stopped when she noticed a commotion over to her right. Normally she would keep going, but the faces were too familiar for her to ignore. "What is going on here?" she asked, looking imperiously down at the lot of them. A particular smell reached her nose as she spoke. She homed in on the scent, seeing a human on floor, the subject of the boys' bullying. Her lip curled in disgust at the sight of the human. Long gone were the days where her kind relied on them for sustenance - least, it didn't happen that way anymore. Most vampires got their blood from blood-banks. Many human donors were unaware to the fact that their blood was in fact feeding vampires.

    Looking at non-humans she recognized Joe first and sneered at him. Joe, like most of the boys she saw, was from a backwater clan and she ignored him most of the time. Still, he was a purebred through and through - not a half-breed like some of the "vampires" who even dared to show their faces at the school.

    "Honestly, Joseph, boys," she said, still sneering. "Must you belittle yourselves by associating with this... creature?" she asked, looking the at the boy for but a moment before averting her gaze, as if the mere sight of him would cause her to vomit. "Where's your pride? Or your maturity for that matter? Grow up," she hissed, letting her words of ridicule sink in as a good part of the student body watched on. Demons snickered from the corner, and a group of werewolves were chuckling in the back. "Get to class and learn something - or do you wish to live as lowerclass vampires like your parents?"

    With that she turned with one last glance at the human, who seemed prepared to fight the vampires. It would've been a stupid move. Vampires were extremely powerful and fast by nature, with senses and reflexes that humans could only dream of. That was to start with: many clans had in their genes specific gifts as well. Still, he was allowed into the school for one reason or another, but even so.

    Without another word she left, heading off to her first class.
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  3. OOC: OHMYGODOHMYGODOHMYGOD! I can’t believe that it’s being recieved so well. I’m going to keep on diligantly writing until I am the best I can be TTuTT

    BIC: Dusk lay on the floor amazes at everything that had just happened. Some sort of civil war going on between the vampires had just saved him from a sure beating. On his way to his first class of the year he wondered who was worse: The racist jerks who would fight someone just as readily as they would glance at them, or the other racist jerks who thought that humans weren’t worth the effort.

    Dusk’s subjects for the day were pre-ancient history, smithing arts, general teachings and philosophy. Pre-ancient history was surprisingly captivating. His first topic in the class was on extinct evolutionary paths of humans. Being a human himself, some of the other student gave him dirty glances when the teacher explained some of the cavemen’s less dignified behavioural patterns.

    The smithing arts was Dusk’s favourite subject. He had loved creating small trinkets all his life, from switch blades and spell orbs to keyrings and gauntlets. Unfortunately, the class had to start off the year with the very basics of which tools do what, which ones you shouldn’t use without adult supervision and what precautions you should take to avoid fires, a subject that was listened in to very intently by the elementalists.

    General teachings was a compulsory subject that the entire school had to take twice a week. It was for learning the skills necessary for if a war were to break out or just stuff that the education council thought was important enough to teach to the students. Dusk’s first teaching was on how to draw out poison from a snake bite using a pinching technique. Why this was important completely escaped Dusk. There were no snakes in Roland; All of the snakes lived on the other three continents.

    Philosophy was a drag, ‘nuff said.

    There was one somewhat familiar girl who was in every one of Dusk’s classes that wouldn’t stop looking at him. It was hard to tell exactly what she was. She didn’t have the grey hair of werewolves, the fangs of vampires, the eyes of an elementalist or the transparency of a spirit. He had heard that there were two other humans at the school, but could this girl really be one? She was just so... ordinary.

    That night, Dusk had a dream about her. She was standing in the classroom reciting something when she was possessed by a spirit. She looked at dusk with the evil, glowing eyes of the spirit and the classroom was replaced with darkness. Dusk woke up at this point. He had had this dream his entire life, but this was the first time he had been able to see who the girl was. What the hell was going on?
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  4. (OOC: Nice idea for an Rp!)


    Bloodstone Academy. There were few places with a wider variety of horrific creatures then this school. Vampires, witches, werewolves, undead, ghouls, monsters, and of course demons like Bryan Umbron.

    In human history, demons were clever, powerful and evil spirits. That was rather a stereotype, though- Of course they were evil, but not every demon was born powerful or clever- Usually the clever ones didn’t have much strength and the strong ones lacked brain, using their bulk instead.

    Bryan himself was a special case. Born as the son of the Umbron Clan Leader, one of the major demon clans, his genes had been improved by generations of selective marriage by his ancestors, giving him both advantages and magic abilities. For a demon, he looked rather humanoid; The only reason nobody had ever insulted him about that was his dad.

    His hair was sleek and jet black, falling over his eyes and reaching the bottom of his neck. His skin was tanned and a bit leathery, making him look Hispanic. On his back, though, were two enormous black scaled wings that sprouted from his shoulder blades and almost touched the floor and went two feet above his head. And that was when they were folded. From his head, through his hair, grew two devil horns that curled backwards. That, along with his sharp claws on both feet and hands and glowing yellow eyes still made him unmistakable as a demon, even without the devil tail.

    Walking through the corridor, he noticed a commotion; a group of vampires was arguing with another vampire, a girl. Vampires and demons had a neutral relationship; They almost never crossed paths and they didn’t have reason to hate each other, either. Demons consumed souls, vampires blood, so there were known cases of wild vampires and demons sharing a meal like a human. ‘Wild’ meant that they were uneducated and beastly, living in dark woods and almost never having contact with normal ones of their kind.

    Vampires and demons had their differences, though; Vampires lived in family’s like humans, while demons were separated into clans. Vampires were classy and preferred luxury, where demons cared more about practicality and durability. This was why Bryan weared dark jeans, a shirt made out of light dark leather and strong leather boots of the same colour. Around both of his wrists were silver bracelets, decorated with the Umbron Clan sign; A five-pointed star with a yellow dot in every point, consisting out of little yellow gems. Between the points were small sapphires of the same scale. Unlike werewolves and like humans, silver did nothing to demons. The only stuff dangerous to them was gold, which gave skin burns

    Suddenly, he saw what the vampires were talking about; a human kid had fallen victim of the vampire bully’s. His aura looked quite tasty, but he knew eating a fellow student’s soul would result into suspension and if he ever wanted to become as great as his father, he would have to stay here for the entire time. Like every demon, he would have to stick to absorbing moonlight and the energy they gained from eating regular food, which wasn’t much.

    He just kept walking, ignoring the human’s peril. Demons didn’t care about humans, except when they were hungry.

    He took a look at today’s classes. Smithing Arts, Magical Training and Gymnastics. Bryan’s favorite subjects and smithing. Gymnastics wasn’t very hard for him because he was a demon, which meant extraordinary powers. He was slower then a vampire, but still twice as fast as the fastest human athlete, and demons were the strongest race in terms of lifting weights and breaking stuff. Magical Training was fun, because shooting around orbs and streams of energy was always cool. Smithing he wasn’t too fond of, especially since when that certain elemental had dropped a piece of gold on his leg.
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    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
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    Lillian's day progressed normally after her talk with the lower class vampires. Like all Everett's, she was gifted with knowledge and excelled in nearly all her subjects. The only class in which she fell short was Magical Training. While some vampire abilities could be considered magical, they rarely had any actual magic potential. Miss Everett had a tiny bit due to her lineage, (her great grandmother had supposedly been a powerful sorceress before she was murdered.) and despite the fact that the amount she had was rather useless for anything she was still required to take the class.

    No one gave her any grief for her lack of ability in this area though. No one dared. She glowered at the sparks that sputtered between her fingertips.

    Other classes were simple. From the normal core subjects to the more important subjects that you would find only at Bloodstone. From survival skills, to smithing, to combat. Their world wasn't always such a stable one. It was necessary to train each generation so that they could be ready in the case of catastrophe.

    After school Lillian was picked up in one of her family's luxurious car and taken home, to the Everett mansion on the other side of town. She was greeted upon her arrival by the servants, which was normal. Her family members were no doubt busy with their own tasks and so Lillian set out to her room and finished the homework she had been given. Her plans for the evening were free after that, and so she rang up several of her "close" friends and planned a night out. There was also the party that would take place Friday night to look forward to. A party that was being held at the mansion and was most exclusive. Lillian planned one once a month or so, and hundreds of students begged for an invite each and every time. She turned 99% of them down, inviting only those she deemed worthy enough to be in the mansion. School wasn't so much a place of study as much as it were a way to begin her climb up the social ladder, though she was already quite near the top because of her family. And so she was one of the rare people who looked forward to school each day for this very purpose.

    That was just the kind of person she was, and she loved every minute of it.

    Meeeh. Weak post, but I wasn't sure what else I was to do, so there.
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  6. First up: Smithing Arts.

    ‘Alright class, you know the setup. Please get to your desk.’ Bryan and the other demons went to the back right corner, the so-called ‘gold-free corner’. ‘Today, we are going to make an elemental piece of jewelry. I’ve already divided the elementals into groups last lesson.’ The kids at the elemental table each stationed themselves near the other groups, one for each race. ‘Now, class. The jewelry we are going to create will indeed be magical, but hardly so. One water amulet might me able to make one cup of water fly around, for example, and as with most elemental decoration, their power will fade over time and even sooner if used frequently. Any other questions are to be asked to your group’s elemental. Class starts now!’

    The demon group’s elemental was a male earth elemental. His skin was like dried mud, with fierce blue eyes and thick brown hair that seemed awfully dusty. The elemental looked around. ‘My name is Roarke and I’m assigned to help you guys out.’ Roarke said. Bryan, who was seen as the spokesman by most demons (Most demons didn’t talk a lot and hardly against non-demons. Bryan’s family had never had that problem.) nodded. ‘I assume you know about the no gold rule? Just checking, of course.’ He asked Roarke.

    Roarke nodded and reached into his pocket. ‘All I have when it comes to gold is a ring and that thing’s in my pocket. Well, let’s make a list.’ He took out some paper and a pen. ‘Please think of what kind of jewelry you want: Necklace, that’s a leather cord with an amulet attached, A ring- Silver with a gem- or a bracelet, also silver and gems. And of course, choose your element; Apart from the four main ones, there’s Ice, Light and-‘ He paused. ‘Tch! You guys don’t need Darkness amulets.’ He scribbled over the word ‘Darkness’ on his paper, then looked up again. ‘What will it be?’

    At the end of the lesson, Bryan had a nice leather necklace with a round Ice amulet attached. The stone itself was always cold, and troughout the rest of the day, he took a lot of fun in making other people feel cold suddenly. He didn’t really hurt them, but it was still a laugh to see them shivering and being the mastermind of it.

    Next up: Magical Training.

    Magical Training had to be the most awesome subject in school. Mostly, the lessons consisted out of five minutes theory and the rest just letting sparks and beams in all colors fly around. During this class, it was when the magical demons started getting a little happy.

    Bryan’s ancestry consisted out of a few normal humans, and some of the genes had come back at his birth. That was why he looked quite human and he had about the same emotions. This meant he laughed like a maniac while shooting flashes of hot energy around the large room. He tried to make sure he never hit anybody, but that didn’t always work. He wasn’t good enough in magic to really maim someone anyway.

    The last subject: Gymnastics.
    Gymnastics were held on the garden around the school itself. It was quite cold outside, which didn’t really bother him. As always, they started with five rounds around the school. This small race wasn’t very disciplined- Some bashing, tackling and tripping was common. The main advantage of being the son of a famous clan leader was that nobody dared to hurt you. He was a fair player himself, but he was at the back of the race for most of the time because he was one of the slower demons in this school.

    The rest of the time was free-style, meaning you could any sport you wanted. Except rugby, because the school infirmary couldn’t handle so many wounded at the same time. Bryan did some volleyball with a water elemental girl and a round of tennis with a vampire boy before moving on to pole-vaulting over the stream that surrounded the academy. He quite liked pole vaulting, mainly because of the kick the speed and height gave him.

    In the dressing room, he wiped some sweat from his body with a towel and took a look at tomorrow’s lessons. Combat, Survival, Culture and Philosophy. The latter two really sucked in the opinion of most people, but Bryan actually found them quite enjoyable. Culture was a bit boring, perhaps, but also interesting and Bryan loved philosophical stuff like poems and paradoxes. As long as the teacher wouldn’t start talking about ancient Greek humans.
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  7. OOC: Just a short post to keep it going. By the way, does anyone know what ‘Nunquam renuo messor’ actually means?

    BIC: After yesterday’s encounter, Dusk thought that it would be smarter to dress up strategically. A silver plated glove and a gold plated glove, one on each hand, one elemental orb of each basic type, garlic and pepper spray along with a UV torch to be kept in his belt and fire packs up against his molars. Fire packs were very convenient things to have if you could breathe fire without getting burnt. In his back pocket he put his most adored object as he always did. He looked just like his great grandfather suited up for war.

    Dusk wasn’t hassled by anyone that day, only getting a few dirty looks here and there. Yesterday everyone had thought that he was just another stinking human, but today they saw him for what he really was, a hunter. In the first period he had philosophy and was paired up with the human girl from yesterday to discuss what Dracula had aimed to achieve in his life and why he never achieved it. Instead of talking about this, he decided he would try and make conversation with her.
    “So why are you at Bloodstone,” he asked. The girl avoided eye contact and started writing something in her notebook.
    “Okay... My name is Dusk. What’s yours?” She continued writing as if oblivious to the words that he was saying. Instead of trying to force conversation on her, he just watched her write. He had long brown hair and flawless skin. Her clothing was the same as any other girl’s at the school except for her gloves. Dusk had never seen anything like them. They swirled with every colour imaginable as she moved her hand backwards and forward to write. How could he have not noticed these before?

    At the end of the lesson, Dusk had to stay back and clean up the classroom for not paying attention. He thought it would be a good chance to see what the girl had been writing, but when he looked at the loose sheet that she had been writing on, it was completely blank.
  8. (OOC: No idea, actually. Google doesn’t know either.)


    Bryan, to his surprise, saw that the new human had apparently gotten smarter. The guy was wearing two gloves, one plated in silver and one in- Oh God- gold. He had four elemental amulets, a canister seemingly filled with pepper spray and even a UV torch. He looked a little ridiculous walking trough the hallway, but nobody dared saying anything about it.

    Hunters were very much hated in this world. By vampires, who had a dozen ancestors killed by wooden stakes, by demons, who would often get shot by golden bullets, and a lot of the others as well.

    ‘We should kill him.’ Violet said. Violet was his best friend here at school, and a rather beautiful demon. Her ancestry was very rare; Demons and a dozen water elementals. Her skin was indeed a bit blueish, and it was very smooth. She had raven-black hair, demon eyes and wings that looked rather like his, but with a lighter tone and a little smaller. The school hadn’t been sure whether to classify her as a water elemental or demon, but she had chosen for the demons. Probably to stay close to him.

    ‘Oh, I’d help you with the greatest pleasure. But the best we can do is ignore him and avoid him. I want to stay on this school a bit longer-‘ He grasped his stomach. ‘Although I could sure use a soul right now.’ Violet nodded. ‘We should sneak out sometimes and go hunting. They can’t prove it was us, anyway.’ Bryan thought about that. ‘You know, you’re right. I’ll go research the possibilities. But first it’s time for combat lessons.’

    Combat was a fun subject, if you were a troll or earth elemental. But to Bryan, who wasn’t that muscled, it was a hard subject sometimes. Before every session, he hoped that he would have to fight a ghoul or air elemental, who were easy.

    Of course, he wasn’t that lucky today. He had been teamed up with a male vampire, not the same as he had done a round of tennis with but a slightly taller one. As thin and fragile-looking as they were, they were dangerous opponents. Their power was about equal, but the vampire boy was way faster.

    Bryan blocked a punch, narrowly evaded another one- BAM! A foot against his chin. Bryan stumbled back. ‘Oh, I’ll get you for that!’ He grumbled and launched two punches, both were blocked. He faked another double punch and when both the opponent’s arms were raised, he jumped up and kicked opponent with both his legs. Even with both his arms raised as a shield, the pale-skinned teen toppled.

    ‘Didn’t see that one coming, did ya?’ Bryan spat out. The vampire boy glared at him grudgingly. ‘You vould not be so brutal iv you knew my ancestry.’ The boy said, speaking with quite an accent. ‘I guess you don’t know my ancestry then, sucker. I don’t think I have anyone to fear; I am Bryan Umbron.’ The boy’s expression hardly changed. ‘Never heard ov it.’ Bryan chuckled. ‘Oh, your mommy never told you a scary bedtime story about my family? The Umbron Clan is the most important demon clan on Earth, just so you know.’ He said, and the vampire looked alarmed. ‘I don’t have to worry, then. I do not have a soul.’

    Bryan grinned. ‘Oh, but demons don’t just hunt for food.’ He said and charged.

    ‘I can’t believe I lost.’ Bryan said to Violet, while Ms. Hannigan, a witch that was in charge of the school nursery, took care of the wounds. Bryan had a black eye and several cuts accros his face, neck and torso. ‘He actually bit me! What happens with vampire poison when it is injected into a demon’s bloodstream, Ms. Hannigan?’ Bryan asked. The witch lady shrugged. ‘I’m not sure. As far as the medical world knows, you’re the first case. But don’t forget that it’s your fault too that this fight broke out.’ Violet ignored her. ‘You should tell your clan to kill his family.’ She hissed.

    Bryan shrugged. ‘I think I’ll leave him alone, Violet. Satisfying as his death would be to me, I don’t want to give other vampires to hate me.’ Violet glowered at him, but didn’t say anything. Bryan touched the already healing cuts on his neck. ‘What if I mutate or something? Turn into a vampire demon?’ He asked. ‘Your father would have to kill you to keep the bloodline pure.’ Violet said without hesitation. Bryan snorted. ‘Yeah, like it’s so pure already. So human blood is fine but vampires aren’t allowed in?’ He said.

    Survival Skills was the next subject. Bryan liked this subject- Crawling trough mud, climbing walls, evading swinging trunks, jumping from rock to rock; He loved the adrenaline kick it gave him. Having a lot of stamina, it was one of his better subjects.

    Survival was held on a muddy course behind the school walls, in the forest. The courses changed once a month, and today they would take course C for the first time; Bryan was pumped.

    ‘Okay, class.’ The Survival teacher started, a friendly Air elemental. ‘A little warm-up first: You climb up the tree, until you are at thirty feet high. Then you jump down into the pile big pile of leaves…’

    After that awesome warming up, the rest of the lesson passed by quickly- A lot of climbing, going from tree to tree with a rope dangling twenty-five foot above the ground, swinging rope, but also stuff on the ground, like the good old swinging wood that had to be evaded and even an underground tunnel system. Bryan enjoyed every second of it, especially the rope-swinging.

    And the day went on; Before he knew it, Bryan was back in the demon quarters, located near the stairs to the roof. The demon quarters consisted out of three main rooms: The lounge, a room with a lot of stone features like statues, and the floor was paved with natural granite. A gargantuan Persian rug covered most of it though, and lots of comfortable chairs were placed near a couple of wood tables, along with chess tables along the walls. The windows were very tall.

    The other rooms were the girl’s and the boy’s sleeping quarters, along with the showers and toilets. Bryan sighed and looked at the homework in his hands. ‘Man, this is a lot.’ He said, and looked at Violet. ‘I’m going to take a shower now. See you tomorrow, Violet.’ They shared a kiss before going their own way.
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  9. OOC: YES! Someone finally responded! I've missed Bloodstone academy. By the way BRS, you kick ass at fighting scenes. And as for the Latin quote, it’s going to be an important plot point in the future.

    BIC: “Well today sucked,” Dusk said to some of his new friends in his dorm. Yesterday the other people in his dorm were shunning him for looking too ordinary, but in today’s gear people had either started paying attention to him or had stopped. Because there were few humans at Bloodstone, his room was shared with some Orcs. This was probably due to the fact that they were the two most discriminated races in the world.
    “Hehe. What happened?” asked Gregson. Gregson didn’t really understand complex feelings as most of his thoughts were ‘Must eat’, ‘Must sleep’ or ‘Man, she’s hot!’ Because of this, Gregson didn’t know much of discrimination or sarcasm; that’s why Dusk liked him.

    “Freaking philosophy that’s what happened. Mrs Hooper wouldn’t stop going on about Dracula and I just thought ‘Hooper, if you love Dracula so much, why don’t you just marry him?’”
    “... Because Dracula’s dead?” Sometimes Gregson’s misunderstanding of sarcasm could get a little annoying.
    “Shut up man! It was a joke! You’re so embarrassing to be around!” said Warren, Gregson’s older brother. Warren had possibly the shortest fuse in all of Bloodstone and would just as easily bash someone’s head in as look at them. He was able to control himself around his friends and usually just vented by being mean.
    “Hey, calm down big guy. One day you’re going to pop if you don’t calm down.” Said Dart with a wide smirk on his face. Dart was the final member in their social group and one of the three human students that went to Bloodstone.
    “Haha. Wasn’t your father an axe murderer Dart? Angers just as much in your blood as it is in mine.”
    “Gosh, don’t remind me. My dad was insane; this one time, I sat in his spot so he threw me across the room and started ranting on about how everything went wrong for him.” The group started laughing at Dart’s imitation and it was the most normal Dusk had felt since he started Bloodstone.

    Just as the group was about to head to the cafeteria for dinner, the human girl walked in.
    “Hey Sis!” yelled out Dart, waving like a maniac.
    “Oh. Hi.” She responded at an almost inaudible volume.
    “Why are you wearing mom’s gloves? I thought you only wore them to formal events and stuff.”
    “Um, I-I just felt like doings something different I guess.” She looked away as if embarrassed by Dart’s querying.
    “Are you hiding something Sis?” She was starting to blush. She wasn’t very good at keeping secrets.
    “O-Of course not. It’s just that...” She had practically turned around completely to avoid eye contact.
    “You do know what’s going to happen if this keeps going on, right?”
    “I-I’m so sorry brother...” Tears had started to roll down her eyes. Were these gloves really so dangerous?
    “Hey, hey. Don’t cry. I’m sure that you can control yourself and make sensible decisions. You’re a smart girl.”
    “Thank you brother.” She smiled and looked up at her brother with admiration. The two hugged each other and she left to the cafeteria followed by Gregson and Warren.

    “What was that about?” asked Dusk. “What’s the big deal about those gloves?”
    “Not much. They’re just a family heirloom and they’re worth a small fortune.”
    “Well then what was all that about going too far?”
    “Nothing man. It’s just family business, that’s all.” There was a short silence.
    “So what’s your sister like?” Dusk had thought that this question a mistake and tried to take it back. Dart just laughed and put his hand on Dusk’s shoulder.
    “Trust me man, you do NOT want to get involved with Shyla. She’s just going to give you trouble.”
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  10. You know you have those days when you're thinking things like 'Do you think anyone would notice me if I cut my hair?' 'Do you think they'd tell it's me if I changed my style?' 'Do you think my friends would say anything if I walked around with my back hunched up and my arms bent as if I was some crippled old person?'

    Well, today was one of those days.

    Do you think anyone would notice it was me if I kept my hood up? Liaah thought to herself as she stumbled across the stoned floors of Bloodstone Academy. Of course, it was unlikely; her cloak was very recognisable, especially with the large button with her tribe's own pattern on it. Yet again, the hood would help to hide her navy blue hair and tattoes underneath either of her eyes.

    "Hey, Liaah," a voice echoed through the hall, seemingly coming from behind her.

    Looks like that's a no, Liaah thought to herself as she sighed and clutched her books and whatnot tightly against her chest.

    "Don't walk away from us," the voice continued, before ceasing to make a noise until a few seconds later. Liaah tried to walk quicker without running, but it didn't help much. "You can't hide, Liaah." It was then she felt a hand on her shoulder; it clutched her cloak and pulled her sideways, hitting her body off of a pillar in the hall.

    Liaah sighed and braced herself. She could feel a tear beginning to form underneath her eye, causing her to blush some more.

    "God, Liaah, can you stop blushing or crying for a moment?" The person almost spat on her face. It was, of course, Kadali, another elf of Liaah's tribe. He slapped his hand down on her folders and papers and they fell out of her grip, slamming on the ground and sending them spreading across the floor.

    Liaah sniffed.

    Kadali and his friend, Tuchiko, snickered at Liaah. "You're such a crybaby, Liaah," he sneered. "Grow up. I would say it'd be better for you if you wanted to be respected in this school, but you can't be respected for anything."

    Liaah continued to look down at her feet, which were covered by her rugged combat boots with high platforms. They were quite heavy boots, but the weight was easy for Liaah to carry. She was used to it. Her eyes flickered away from her feet to focus on the ground between them, the cracked stone with many of stains and holes. Suddenly, something dripped down and splashed slightly against the cold hard floor. It was, of course, a tear - a tear that had dripped from Liaah's cheek; she hadn't noticed it roll down her face and hang to her skin, but it had.

    There was a sharp inhalation of breath coming from Kadali as he tugged at the bottom of his white shirt and trudged off down the hall with Tuchiko swiftly at his footsteps. Liaah finally held her head up high and sniffed in strongly, stamping her feet on the ground and picking up her sheets and papers. She whipped out her timetable and fidgeted with it, almost dropping it, before holding it to her chest so her grip didn't fail. She pulled down her hood and turned her head to the side, noticing a boy wearing strange warrior clothing and precious metal-plated gloves, standing talking to a group of older students. He looked human; humans normally weren't prejudice against elves, and so Liaah stepped forward, bravely opening her mouth to speak-

    "E-excuse me!" she stuttered, her eyes closed tightly and her fists clenched. She was terribly shy, it was rare that she would have a full conversation with anyone at all. "D-do you know where this ... where this class i-is?"
  11. Zephyr Volknir sat in a branch of one of the ancient, massive trees that composed the forest behind the school grounds. Having just finished with a class in survival skills and decided that he would skip his next class of philosophy. Getting up to the branch in question was no problem, being a gargoyle had many advantages like that; it made him quite content when he could fly up to the branches of the historic forest and just relax.

    Most people who would be completely wrong would expect gargoyles to be eight feet tall, gray-purple in skin tone, and able to rip a tree up by the roots. In actuality, they would have been correct if they were several hundred years in the past, but after many years of mutations within the gene pool, they now appeared very much human. Of course, it wasn't difficult to work out that they weren't, given the bat-like wings that were currently wrapped around Zephyr like a black leather cloak. There were, however, many other signs that people would quickly catch on to.

    For example, Zephyr's mouth was filled with fangs capable of tearing through any number of animal hides, his fingernails extended several centimetres into claws, and perhaps the most eerie of them being that his eyes were black as pitch. Like a dolls eyes.

    Other than those features, however, he looked very human. His hair was shaggy and black, and it always appeared wet thanks to styling gel that he ran through it. It didn't make the hair rigid, just wet, he liked his hair better when it looked wet. As for clothes, he wore simple things; like a long-sleeved black tee shirt, dark wash jeans and black skater style shoes. He had a black leather studded belt around his waist, and on his left wrist he wore a silver watch with a digital display.

    He stretched and looked at the watch, "I suppose I should head in, the next class will be starting soon." He sighed and stretched again, allowing himself to fall backward off of the branch. As he fell he sprawled out his wings, it took less than a second for the wind to catch and before long he was gliding his way back onto the school grounds proper. He landed silently, walking briskly toward the main building of the school.

    As he walked along the corridors, he was passed by two Elvish boys snickering amongst themselves as they ran; stopping briefly when they saw Zephyrs six-foot-frame standing over them before continuing onward down the hall. He could care less about the happenings of the elves, so long as whatever mischief they'd been up to hadn't interfered with him or his walk. As he turned the corner, he saw an Elvish girl talking to what appeared to be a human. Why the council had decided to allow humans into the academy at all still eluded him, but there had to be a reason that this boy had been admitted.

    He passed by them without a glance, not attempting to remain unseen, but obviously not willing to stop and chat. Dreadful things, humans, listening to the stories his grandfather had told about the humans hunting gargoyles had made Zephyr understand them to be dreadfully violent creatures. Of course, the same could be said about gargoyles themselves, but they had become quite civil since those days. He walked passed the group speaking without making eye contact. He would make sure to avoid contact with the human if possible. He didn't like humans, but then again he didn't like a lot of people at the academy. The group he expected to be all right with was the vampires, but he was wrong.

    They thought that they were perfect, and their flaws were some of the most obnoxious things that Zephyr had ever encountered. The way that they walked around like they were the most amazing race in the world was irritating, but their self absorbed attitudes were among the biggest of their many flaws. There were few people that he hadn't had a problem with at the school.

    But the worst of them was Lillian Everett. The way that she walked around the grounds like she owned the place was, for lack of a more eloquent phrase, annoying. In her mind the student body bowed down before her, but there would always be someone who refused to kneel. She was far from perfect, despite what the other vampires may think.

    Zephyr was critical on many other peoples' personalities, and it had resulted in a severe lack of friends. He didn't care too much, but it'd be nice to have someone to talk to. Sometimes he'd toy with the idea of his prejudices being wrong, but they were promptly smote. Though, sometimes he hoped that they were, it'd make things at the school a bit more interesting.

    He arrived at his next class and stopped, now against the idea of sitting in a lecture that he already knew everything about. Gargoyles weren't as dimwitted as most people would think, Zephyr was actually quite intelligent, and strong, and fast. He turned on his heels, deciding that class would be a waste of time after he had just annoyed himself thinking about the problems with other people. He went back the way he'd come, toward the gargoyle dormitories that his parents graciously allowed him to stay in. It saved him flying several hours from home to school everyday. He continued on, content with going off to bed, humming a few bars of Musetta's Waltz as he walked down the corridors.

    OoC: Wasn't completely sure what to have Zephyr doing so introductory post ftw? Feel free to make any contact you'd like with him. Also, I decided that he'd not like Lillian just because I don't think I've ever RP'd with Sem and not been 'friends' with his character outside of a fight RP so I figured it'd be fun. Not to mention that Lillian seems like a total biatch =x
  12. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
    Former Administrator

    OOC: Sorry for the super late reply. I've been figuring out how to reply to this and it's hard since there's no plot at all >.> There's some strange girl that Dusk talks to, but that hardly counts as a plot, especially since the rest of us can't really get involved in it. Something needs to happen that lets us more easily interact. Something needs to be figured out or I don't think I can reply again after this.

    Lillian stood her closet, deciding what it was she would wear that day. Her closet was much more like another room adjoined to her bedroom. It was massive and filled with clothes, and not even years worth. No, Lillian was always sure to be current, and so every new fashion season most of the clothes from the previous one were thrown out and replaced with new clothes. She had to keep up her appearance, and part of that meant being current.

    After donning a pair of black tights she slipped her legs into a pair of white boots that went up her shins. They had pointed toes and laced up the front, and the heels were about three inches high. They had cost a fortune and that day would be the first day she wore them since buying them. On the upper half of her body she decided to wear a long red blouse that went down past her pelvis. The sleeves were slightly ruffled and the rest was in a simple button-up dress shirt style. To pull the look together she put on a decorative black belt with a silver buckle over the blouse.

    That was part one. Now she needed to decide how to wear her hair and what makeup to use. She settled for her usual long, wavy look with hair. Makeup-wise she was always sure go to light, since her skin was fairly pale. A light layer of blush gave her some color and she tinted her lips red. For her eyes she went a bit differently, applying white eyeliner along her bottom lid and then black on top like normal.

    Grabbing a pair of silver bangles she put them on her right wrist and fastened one of her many watches to the other, also silver. She slipped the straps of a large white bag over her arm and left the room, ready for her day.

    Walking out of her room she rushed down the hall, taking quick, graceful strides. At the academy it was "forbidden" for vampires or any one else for that matter to use their enhanced speed in the halls for fear that it would lead to the injury of other students. Lillian liked the feel of running quickly, but she never did so at school. She never wanted to appear as if she was in a rush. It was better to look as if you had time managed and you arrived in time everywhere without running. It was better for ones image.

    Once she reached the stairs she slowed and descended them with her chin high. Her hair bounced along with her after each step and she looked calm and collected. One of the servants gave her a nod and a smile before returning to work. "Good," she thought, taking this to mean that she looked as perfect as she did every morning. She headed straight for the door which was already open, waiting for her. Another servant stood by the open door holding a silver tray, upon which was a tall crystal glass filled with a deep red liquid.

    Lillian took the glass without a word and descended the steps. Her heels sounded loudly against the stone footpath as she walked to the car that was also waiting for her. She slipped into the back seat and the door was closed for her. The car set off as she settled into the leather seat. She took a sip out of the straw that was in the glass and sighed contentedly. It was a kind of blood "smoothie". It was only blood and ice out of a blender, but it was divine in the morning.

    It was about twenty minutes until the car pulled up in front of the academy. The driver got out and opened the door for Miss Everett, unleashing her upon the student body of Bloodstone. She was certain several people waited out in front of the school just for her to arrive, just so they could look at what she wore, how she looked, and envy her. She didn't mind if they loved her, envied her, felt contempt for her, or even lusted after her. Lillian was queen, and people always felt that way towards royalty. Two nameless nobodies opened the double doors of the front entrance for her, allowing her to keep her stride perfect. A perfect start to another perfect day.
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  13. OOC: Yeah, you're right. I wasn't planning on bringing in this storyline for quite some time, but if this is what's gonna make Lillian stay, then I'm gonna start now.

    Dusk was shocked. An elf was actually asking him for directions. He stuttered for a few seconds, unable to do anything but force a stupid smile on his face.
    “You right there buddy?” Dart was keeping back the laughter. He was surprised by the situation as well, but not to the extent that Dusk was. He gave dart a quick sharp glance as if his friend would single-handedly cause the worst first impression in all of history.
    “So... uhh... Which class do you have?” His grin looked horribly awkward.
    She seemed somewhat intimidated by him which was strange give the elves’ high status over the majority of races.
    “Chemistry,” the elf responded even quieter then Shyla. This behaviour was the most out of character he’d ever seen. Weren’t elves supposed to have huge pride and high modesty?
    “Chemistry?” Dusk didn’t do chem and didn’t know anyone else who did it either. “I don’t know where that is, but I can show you where the notice board is. It has a map of the school. Come on, follow me.”

    Without saying another word they started walking down the hallway. The girl her head to the floor as if embarrassed by this. Oh no! I’m embarrassing her because I’m a human and she’s asking me for directions! . Dusk was starting to panic. She’ll become a complete social reject if she’s seen with me! I’ve got to get to the notice board fast! Dusk looked back to his friends. Gregson and Warren were too busy being mesmerised by the beauty of the trophy cabinet to understand what was going on, but Dart was practically on the floor laughing.

    Dusk and the elf girl reached the notice board and after finding her classroom on the map, she quietly thanked him and walked off, still with her head to the ground. Dusk was also about to head back to his friends who he had a free period with, when he saw a small flyer for an out-of-school event.

    A new and exciting craze that lets you express your true strength.
    Grab a group of ten of your friends and get ready to whoop some butt.
    There is allowed to be one team per school and if you beat five of your surrounding schools, you’ll qualify for the Battle League championships in Clay Valley. To register your team, call RS3-4481.

    In your team of ten, there must be at least five races present.
    Registration is free.
    No killing.
    No irreparably wounding.
    One person will be chosen as team captain and they will be responsible for the organisation of all team meetings.

    Please sign below if you are interested.

    This was one of those tournaments that was broadcast worldwide at the finals. Somebody from the league must have put this here n hopes that some interested students would read it and form a team. What they didn’t understand though, was that nobody read the notice board except to find their classroom. Dusk smiled optimistically.
    “If my team wins this, the world might start respecting humans a bit more.” He said to himself.
    “But I’m going to have to find nine people willing to do this with me. Dart, Gregson and Warren are definitely a yes, but where am I gonna find six people of at least three different races willing to take orders from a human. Dart looked over Dusk’s shoulder.
    “What’s that you got there?”
    “Dart, would you know anyone that would be willing to join this?” Dart took the flyer from the wall and quickly read through it. A small smile came on his face once he was finished.
    “I’ve got some ideas.”
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    A new and exciting craze that lets you express your true strength.
    Grab a group of ten of your friends and get ready to whoop some butt.
    There is allowed to be one team per school and if you beat five of your surrounding schools, you’ll qualify for the Battle League championships in Clay Valley. To register your team, call RS3-4481.

    In your team of ten, there must be at least five races present.
    Registration is free.
    No killing.
    No irreparably wounding.
    One person will be chosen as team captain and they will be responsible for the organisation of all team meetings.

    Please sign below if you are interested.

    ‘Wicked!’ Was all that Bryan could bring himself to say. He had been waiting for something awesome like this to happen. Bryan loved having fights- Normally he preferred one on one, but a team fight of ten against ten would be very cool too.

    The notice remained mostly unnoticed by the people that walked trough the halls (Oh, the irony), but seeing as the Chemistry class was very hard in the large building that was Bloodstone Academy, he had been in need of directions and the pin-up board was a handy guide. Bryan was sincerely pumped right now, and wrote his name down without any hesitation, ignoring the human boy standing at his side and his friends.

    Just then, Violet joined him and Bryan gave her a kiss. ‘What’s your first class, Violet?’ Bryan asked the blue-toned girl with the raven-black hair. ‘Culture. How are your wounds doing?’ She asked him back. ‘They’re fine. It stings a little, but the poison is starting to disappear and the cuts will too, soon enough.’ He checked his watch to see how long they had to chat, and saw that he was almost too late. ‘I’m sorry Violet, gotta run. I’m of to Chemistry.’ Violet nodded and Bryan literally ran off towards the chemistry room, of which he finally knew where it was.

    He arrived just before the last bell rang. ‘Ah, Mr. Umbron, just in time. Please stand over there by Miss Liaah.’ The Chemistry teacher, a Water elemental, said to him and he joined the hooded girl that was standing at one of the tables lined with ingredients. He couldn’t help but notice that he towered above her. He wasn’t sure what race she was at first; she looked very human, but was too small for her age to be human, and she had very sharp features. Even though he couldn’t see her ears, Bryan knew she was an elf.

    That was OK, he guessed; Bryan’s clan had neutral relationships with elf tribes, except with one in particular, the Yuyomew tribe. The two had a long history of war, and even though there was a treaty of peace right now, they still hated eachother, But Bryan had never heard of Yuyomews on Bloodstone. Bryan wasn’t sure if he was supposed to say hi or anything, but refrained from it.

    ‘Today’s lesson will be about a very common and handy potion, that is used a lot troughout the magic world; The healing potion. The magic drink we will be creating is a very simple variation of the potion, with hardly enough power to heal more then a couple of light flesh wounds or one deep one. If the non-magical students would please move to the left side of the class and the magical ones to the right…’

    The elf girl didn’t move. No surprise; Elves were rarely ever born without magic, as magic was deeply infested into their DNA.

    ‘The paper on the desk tells you the basic ingredients; The magic part is not very hard; You may liquidize your magic, which I think most of you are capable of, and load some into the potion, both of you. This will make the potion unique and usable only to the two of you. The non-magical students will have to do with a universal potion that anyone can use. Okay, start!’

    Bryan read the text on the piece of paper, and grabbed a big flacon. ‘Okay, first we’ll need the distilled water.’ He checked the row of ingredients, and saw the glass of H2O at the far end of the table. ‘Would you mind handing me the water?’ He asked the female elf in the nicest way that he could manage.
  15. The human struggled an awkward smile, trying to ignore the jabbers and sneers from his company. He stuttered before being able to push out a few words, looking awestruck simply by the fact that Liaah spoke to him.

    "So ..." The human boy started as he tried to look at Liaah, who was currently staring intently at her boots. "... uhhh ... which class do you have?"

    "Chemistry," Liaah responded quietly, and, for once, not stuttering. She took her time to reply with care, trying not to say it too quickly as she did usually. She didn't want this human boy getting the wrong impression of her - her family may be the dominant family of the Yuyomew tribe, a very vigorous, strict elfen tribe which didn't take well to many other species - but she didn't want to make enemies in her first while at Bloodstone Academy. She felt scared that this conversation would go the wrong way; possibly scared of this human boy.

    The boy gasped slightly; it sounded as if he didn't want to sound surprised or confused, but he couldn't help but feel that way even just for a second. He may have been confused about where the Chemistry class was, but Liaah couldn't help but think that maybe he was thinking about her shyness and ... well, as Liaah thought it, awkwardness. "... Chemistry?" he said. "I don't know where that is, but I can show you where the noticeboard is. It has a map of the school. Follow me."

    Liaah's eyes widened underneath her straight-cut dark blue fringe of hair. He was acting so kind, welcoming, to her - something Liaah had not expected. A lot of people seemed quite awkward around her; granted, he wasn't the least awkward boy with her in the world; but this human was helping her out. "O-okay," Liaah mumbled, before heading off down the hall, ignoring the chants and niggles from the boy's group of friends.

    As the elf's boots clanked along the stone floors heavily, Liaah thought to herself. What if people think I'm bossing him around as we walk along the corridors? D-don't people think of elves to be really bossy and strict and think they're superior to all the other races? ... I ... I don't want to be seen like that! I don't want to become like my f-father! She tried to walk quicker so she could get to the noticeboard faster so as to spare the human from humiliation. Why would anyone want to be seen with Liaah? She was one of the most awkward people in the school; humans were treated badly enough; they didn't want to be seen with ... with her.

    "Here we are," The boy spoke kindly, pointing to the map of the school that was pinned directly in the middle of the noticeboard. Liaah scanned it quickly; the Chemistry class wasn't too far away; just down the hall, round the corner and up the stairs.

    "Th-thank you," Liaah smiled shyly, for once looking up at the human. She bowed to him slowly and shuffled off down the hall, clasping her books and papers to her chest. Her metal-soled boots clanked against the stone floor again, making it obvious that she was hurrying to her class. The bell hadn't rung yet, it seemed like she was fine.

    "Watch where you're going, elfy!" a voice shouted out from beside her. There was a vampire strutting down the hall the opposite way as Liaah, whose shoulder had just whacked off of Liaah's. This particular vampire was staring scornfully into Liaah's eyes, lips pursed in an aggressive way. Liaah almost dropped her papers she was that frantic; she scrabbled with her fingers so nothing was lost.

    Liaah didn't make any physical contact with any other student until she reached the classroom; just as she stepped in the bell rung for the classes to come in. She quickly sat at an empty table in the right of the class; pretty much the only empty table left.

    "Okay, so, today-" the teacher started before being interrupted by a demon boy who entered the classroom late. He stepped in then stopped abruptly; looking up at the water elemental teacher. "Ah, Mr Umbron, just in time. Please stand over there by Miss Liah," the teacher smiled and gestured towards Liaah and her chemistry table. She couldn't help but blush as the demon boy came along, not only was he almost a foot taller than her, he had some sort of strange feeling around him.

    "Today’s lesson will be about a very common and handy potion, that is used a lot troughout the magic world; The healing potion. The magic drink we will be creating is a very simple variation of the potion, with hardly enough power to heal more then a couple of light flesh wounds or one deep one. If the non-magical students would please move to the left side of the class and the magical ones to the right…" Neither Liaah or this so-called Mr Umbron moved; demons were, for the most part, magical. Chemistry - especially Chemistry involved with magic - was one of Liaah's favourite subjects.

    "The paper on the desk tells you the basic ingredients; The magic part is not very hard; You may liquidize your magic, which I think most of you are capable of, and load some into the potion, both of you. This will make the potion unique and usable only to the two of you. The non-magical students will have to do with a universal potion that anyone can use. Okay, start!"

    The demon picked up the paper and grabbed a large flacon. "Okay, first we’ll need the distilled water," He said as his eyes darted from the paper to the glass at the end of the table. "Would you mind handing me the water?" He queried carefully.

    "O-okay, sure," Liaah attempted to smile slightly; this demon boy sounded nice. She took the glass of water and handed it to the boy. He laid the peice of paper down on the table - they needed some ice magic liquidized into the water next - Liaah knew a little bit of ice magic from when she was a child. She moved her hands around in a rhythmic pattern to create a line of ice in mid air. It was only a small amount; she couldn't handle too much. Her hands shivered slightly with nerves and just overall shyness. "Here, I'll add this into the mixture, too."
  16. "Mrawwwwwwwr..." A small yawn echoed throughout the empty dorm room, where a medium-sized girl was curled up under the covers of a bed in the corner. The pale girl's light blue eyes blinked open and close as she faded in and out of view from the human eye. If one took a simple glance at her, they'd immediately think she was a ghost, the undead spirit of one who had met an unfortunate end. Saying something like that would not garner them a kind response, however, as she would quickly correct others by saying she was, in fact, a poltergeist. Meredith, or Merry, as she preferred to be called, had never experienced death. She had originated from a discarded Nagashi-bina doll, a doll that was used to contain misfortune or bad spirits. After many long years, a being was manifested from this lonely doll. Poltergeists usually carry the traits of what they came form, and as such, Merry has the ability to inflict curses or other misfortunes upon others. Merry's soul had pulled together a body from images she had seen through the doll whilst it was left on the ground, and decided to do something exciting with her life.

    After realizing she didn't know too much, Merry had decided to enroll in some academy to learn more about the world, being that she wasn't particularly educated. As such, she found herself in Bloodstone Academy, a fun school with all sorts of monsters and other beings inside its walls. She had been in the school for a number of years, learning all the nooks and crannies of the place, and a lot of newcomers were under the impression that she haunted the school, and didn't actually go to class. In truth, she was just generally tardy from sleeping in all the time. Merry did go to class, just usually the ones later in the day. As her eyes finally snapped open and stayed that way, she slowly sat up in the bed. They weren't particularly comfy, but that may just be because the staff didn't think ghosts and the like needed such things. Merry slowly sweeped her eyes across the room, taking note that her roommates were gone already. When she came to think of it, she had never really spoken to her roommates. Whenever she was in the room they were asleep and vice versa. She slowly stood up, finding herself to be in her clothing from yesterday. She didn't mind, it wasn't like they would smell, and she didn't see any visible tears or stains upon it, so she decided she'd just be off to class.

    The garb in question from yesterday happened to be a blue vest which covered the two white sleeves that hung over her hands. Underneath that was a simple white dress with a light blue rim that extended just over her knees. It wouldn't drag on the ground, as she made sure to stay a few inches off the floor. At her lower end, she found she had slept in her bright red shoes, adorned with a bow of the same color, and had knee-high black stockings underneath. She slowly floated through the hallways, and occasionally went right through the floor, her whole self glowing a ghastly blue color as she did. Despite what the rules say against doing this, by the time Merry was out and about, much of the staff was already teaching or busy with one thing or another.

    At one point she had passed right through another student, at which her giggle resounded through the poor elf's ears, who shivered from the sudden temperature drop. That effect often happened on others when she went through them, causing their hair to stand on end. It wasn't particularly pleasant on her end though, so Merry did her best not to accidentally do it. After this little encounter that she completely ignored, Merry arrived at a bathroom. Taking the moment to check her appearance in a mirror, Merry took her time to straighten out her bubble gum hair and correctly position her headband, which had a red ribbon tied into a neat bow on its left side. It wasn't that her hair was dyed pink, but more like that was the color of the hair the doll she was born from had. It made her feel connected to it.

    Merry wished to get to Chemistry class as late as possible; she never liked making all those fancy potions that slipped through her fingers. More importantly, she hated that the class was more geared towards those who possessed magic, and although she was a poltergeist, she had no innate magic within herself, mostly curses and misfortune. As such, as she was floating through yet another hallway, she decided to take a look at the notice board. On it was a flier that caught her eye. It had said Battle League, and then a bunch of other gobbledy-gook that she didn't feel like reading. Merry knew she wouldn't remember it anyway, being as scatterbrained as she was. Regardless, she did see that there was limited space: Only a team of ten from the school could join! Then again, she noticed that not many were really looking at it. She floated there for a moment, a few inches off the ground, thinking of what sort of decision she should make.

    "I think I'll just, er, yeah, that'll do, mhm!" In the end Merry had decided she'd try to remember to sign up later and just kept on floating by. Besides, she had just realized she had left her books and supplies up in the room, so she had no pen to write her name down on the sheet. As such, Merry quickly made a turn on the spot and started heading back down the hall, until she was at a point where she would go straight up to the dorm. Whilst doing this, she didn't even notice she had went right through two human boys who were conferring over the signups as well. Whilst this happened, she repeated in her head, "Gotta sign up later, don't forget, Merry, don't forget..." She would have apologized for accidentally making it chilly around the human pair and for possibly causing an unpleasant sensation, but Merry had a tendency to only focus on one thing at a time, lest she forget. Merry then made a quick exit through some wall or the other, not paying attention to any classes she may have interrupted.

    (Oh dear oh dear, looks like I'm joining in too ♥ There would have been about a paragraph more, but alas, I had just missed Miss Tun to ask her what I needed. I guess I'll leave it for another post later~)
  17. Dart could barely contain his excitement. Whatever his plan was, it was sure to be brilliant.
    “Okay,” He began. “So there can be ten members all up including you and Warren, right?”
    “Wait, what about you and Gregson?”
    “Well I’m not much of a fighter myself,” he scratched the back of his head, as if embarrassed by his modesty. “... and Gregson... well... isn’t very good.” Dusk just nodded along keeping back his questions for another time.
    “So we have eight members that need to join and by the looks of things, no one else will be interested, but that’s where I come in!” He was getting very twitchy with excitement.
    “The males in my clan specialise in social skills, reconnaissance and sabotage. I’m going to use all three of my skills to put together the perfect team. Here’s the team I have in mind.
    First up there’s you and Warren becau-“ Dart stopped mid-sentence after seeing someone approaching. He reached into his satchel, pulled out a small yellow tack and placed it on the flyer. The boy that Dusk had saw had started reading the flyer, completely ignoring the two humans staring at him, one with optimism and the other with confusion.
    “Wicked!” the boy said to himself. He wrote his name down and continued walking down the hall.

    “Okay, that was lucky. Good thing I grabbed his attention.” Dart was priding himself in his work.
    “But you didn’t do anything!”
    “That’s where you’re wrong. As I said before, my clan specialises in sabotage and I placed one of our specialised tacks on the flyer,” Dart was seeming less and less modest with every word.
    “They are special because of the effects they all have. For example, the red ones make somebody want to destroy whatever it has been placed on, the white ones draw attention away from the object and the yellow ones draw attention to the object.” Dusk was in awe of Dart’s quick thinking. Because of him we already have another member.

    The two boys’ hair stood up. Something was freezing. Dart turned around and saw Merry floating away from them. Everyone in the academy knew about Merry. It was an ongoing joke to fool the newcomers into thinking she haunted the school. Dart had tried to fool Dusk into believing this a few days ago, but Dusk had too much common sense to believe such nonsense.
    “Hey! Watch where you’re floating!” Dart hated the cold with a passion and in extension, ghosts and poltergeists that flew through him. Merry didn’t stop and turn around, but instead kept on floating muttering something about not forgetting.
    “Yeah Dart, the males in your clan have great social skills,” Dart gave him a piercing look.
    “Anyway, the people I have in mind to join the team are,
    1. Bryan Umbron, who luckily enough, just signed on.
    2. Bryan’s girlfriend, Violet.
    3. Zephyr Zolknir
    4. Liaah Yuyomew
    5. Good ol’ Merry
    6. Lillian Everett
    Pretty good list, huh?” It was one of Dart’s many little quirks to talk in lists. Dusk didn’t mind or anything, but he did like mocking Dart for it.
    “Okay, I have a list questions and problems with your list.
    1. Why Bryan and Violet?
    2. Zephyr is far too scary to talk to, let alone lead.
    3. Who is Liaah?
    4. Merry is a bit of an antisocial.
    5. There's one place that hasn't been filled
    6. Lillian Everett? Have you lost your mind?
    7. Don't talk in lists.”
    “Dude, if I speak in lists, my point is easier to get across. Okay, Violet is a perfectionist when it comes to fighting and I want Bryan because he’s the only reason she would join, plus Bryan himself is an okay fighter. With Zephyr, I don’t have a plan, but I’ll get one soon. Liaah is your new elf friend with the hood. Yes, Merry does keep to herself but she’s generally okay and I think that she looked at the flyer when she passed us before. With the leftover place I’m going to fill it with some one that can be used as leverage, much like Bryan. As for Lillian, no plan whatsoever, but If I go on a recon mission I might pick up one of her weaknesses.” Dusk was a bit amazed. Dart would have to have been some sort of genius to be able to do all this, but then again, I guess he is.
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  18. ‘O-okay, sure.’ The elf called Liaah said, and handed him the water. Bryan noticed the slight stutter, but he didn’t really care about it; One of his youth friends back at the Umbron Clan had a stutter too. He poured most of the water into the flacon, like the paper told him to.

    Bryan put the paper down on the table. The next thing they had to do was add some ice magic. Liaah started moving her fingertips trough the air in a rapid, rhythmic succession, and her fingertips started glowing as a line of ice magic appeared. ‘Here, I’ll add this into the mixture too.’ She said.

    ‘Sure, go ahead!’ Bryan said, and watched Liaah releasing the magic into the distilled water. He was impressed. ‘Just… Wow. I’ve never been that good at handling elemental magic.’ He said, and tried his own hand. The magic icy substance he called on was about the size of a sugar cube. ‘Oh, well, better then nothing.’ Bryan said, and added his magic too.

    ‘Okay, now we need a lavender extraction.’ Bryan said, pointing at the tall, open glass bottle that contained a purplish goo. It was standing on Liaah’s side of the table, like the water had been. ‘Could you hand it to me?’ Bryan asked Liaah for the second time.

    (OOC: The moment. It haz come~ >:D SPIS, too.)
  19. (OOC: Mainly just a filler post, but I swear, something'll happen after Tan's posted! D: )

    "Just ..." the demon boy, Bryan, spoke slowly after he watched Liaah drop her ice magic into the flacon. "Wow. I've never been that good at handling elemental magic," he said before generating a small cube of ice magic and depositing it with the rest of the ice magic. "Oh, well, better than nothing."

    "Th-thanks ..." Liaah almost whispered, smiling just slightly underneath her hood. It was a very small smile - but probably the biggest one that her mouth had curved into in a while. Her cheeks had reverted to a pinky-red colour; she wasn't used to being complimented, especially not by boys.

    "Okay, now we need lavender extraction," Bryan said, pointing to a tall glass that stood at the end of the table. Inside was a purplish goo, somewhat similar to plain lavender perfume - only much thicker and gloopier, and stains heavily.

    "Sure," Liaah said before reaching over to the bottle and picking it up with both hands. It was icy cold, colder than one would expect, but not so much that you would wince in surprise.

    Not only was the bottle cold - the air around the couple turned colder, too. Liaah didn't think anything of it; the worst thing was that a ghost or someone would have moved to the table beside them. It wasn't as if they were going to hurt anyone, but it was worth taking note of.

    Liaah reached over Bryan's legs and proceeded to pouring the gloop into the flacon. It came out slowly and somewhat in blobs, making strange noises with every drop. The elf girl continued to pour.

    (OOC: Ugh, totally not happy with this post. Well, should get more action in in my next post :D)
  20. "Mmph, there we are~" Merry took her sweet time, going back to her room; this sort of behavior was expected from her. Merry tended to be sort of ditzy, so none of the professors at the Academy ever expected her to be on time. The poltergeist, of course, had no problem with this. She leisurely made her way to her desk and opened the drawer. Inside lay, for the most part, nothing really special. A couple of books, some pencils, pens, and then there was the doll she was born of. She held onto it for purely sentimental reasons, but since she kept it, she was thrown into courses with all the other corporeal beings. Merry could slip back into the doll's form if she wanted, although it would be more easily understandable by saying that the doll slipped onto her. Sort of like a pair of gloves. It was simply because Merry came from a collection of misfortune, and such a doll served to contain it. She stored whatever misfortune she encountered inside the doll too, making it quite the complex source of offense. Merry wasn't really disposed that way, but the doll was nearly full to bursting, so she thought the best manner to empty it would be to enter this competition.

    The ghostly girl took her time returning. This time, she encountered no one, as by now the halls would be deserted. She came to a stop at the door that led to the Chemistry class. She tilted her head slightly, and looked at the exact likeness of a doll floating above her shoulder. This was going to be quite the chore. Merry grabbed the doll and closed her eyes, allowing the fabric of the doll to enlarge and lay over her body. When she reopened them, she saw through her own eyes. Merry had removed the buttons long ago, they were sort of creepy. Even though the doll was filled with stuffing, Merry had sewn in bent sticks so she could move correctly without falling all over herself. There wasn't much of a difference about her, other than her looking a bit more touchable. She pulled the handle of the door quietly, and sneaked into class.

    "Mmmm, Merry, late again, I see?" The class' teacher, some elemental man or the other, tutted under his breath and marked the booklet he held with some sort of pen. Merry could imagine the string of Xs across her name. "You can go an sit with..." Merry's focus trailed off for a moment, and once she snapped out of it, she noticed the teacher pointing to the solitary vampire at some end or the other. Merry tended to forget her left and right. As such she walked over to him, sat down, and fell asleep. The vampire cast one sideways glance at her and kept working. Most people knew Merry was dead weight during lab experiments, as she was quite clumsy in a corporeal form.

    When she was sure the elemental wasn't looking, Merry removed herself from the doll's being, leaving the week's misfortunes inside it, which would keep the doll at its size for now. She looked around the room, making sure the teacher was still trying to help the group of orcs with whatever mess they've made of things. Then she stopped, her eyes locked onto her target. A little elvish girl, who was timidly pouring some liquid into a flask. She looked scarable. Merry slowly made her way to her, keeping close to the floor. Then, ever so carefully, she lined herself up so shed be right next to the little girl's head. she lifted her hand and swiftly moved it through her body.

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  21. "Boo~"

    "Hyaaa!" Liaah shrieked, flailing her hands outwards. Her body had suddenly became colder, and she could have sworn that she felt something go straight through it. As her hands swung outwards, the bottle in her hands fell out of grip and fell through the air, before clattering on the table, smashing, and spilling its contents on the nearest below area - which just happened to be Bryan's trousers.

    "I- ..." Liaah blurted out, almost in tears. "I'm s-so sorry, I ... I didn't mean ... I ..."

    Liaah pushed her hair behind her ears before wiping her eyes with her jumper sleeve. She wasn't crying too much; but she hated hurting people or their feelings, or even just getting something wrong. She had surely done something wrong here, after spilling this stainable substance on the newly-met boy's trousers. It looked almost as if it was bubbling, taking effect and staining his trousers - this made Liaah panic even more.

    "I'm so s-sorry, I'll c-clean this up ..." Liaah scrabbled with her fingers for the box of tissues that lay on the table, only to knock them off the edge and land in the pile of broken glass. "A-again, I'm sor-sorry ..." She leaned down and pulled out a tissue, cupping up the individual shards of glass inside and scooping them up onto the table. "I'm r-really sorry, mister ..." she muttered, cupping up more glass and listening to it clatter on the table. She pulled out one last tissue and handed it to the demon boy, finally glancing at his wrists, his bracelets - and recognising something quite familiar.

    "Mister ... Umbron." she breathed slowly and quietly.

    (whoops short ;x)
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  22. Suddenly, out of nowhere, the elf girl shrieked. Bryan, always alert to danger, jerked his head to the side. Liaah shivered and her arms suddenly moved to the side. She lost grip of the bottle of lavender extract, and it fell on the table.

    Sturdy as the bottle had seemed, the bottle shattered and purple goo spilled all over the table. It flowed over the edge, dripping on Bryan’s jeans.

    The world’s hardest to remove substance, coloured lavender purple.

    Dripping on Bryan’s jeans.

    Bryan almost literally exploded.

    ‘Holy-‘ He jumped away. ‘What the hell did you do that for?’ He called out. ‘I-I’m s-so sorry, I… I didn’t mean… I…’ Liaah said, tears in her eyes. The elf girl reached for a box of tissues, only clumsily knocking it over into the pile of glass under the table.

    ‘I'm so s-sorry, I'll c-clean this up…’ Liaah continued. Ignoring the stares of practically everyone in the room, Bryan tried to get the purple goo off while Liaah picked up the pieces of glass from the floor. It had no effect, except the goo being smeared out over his jeans. He hissed and his yellow eyes flared up for a moment.

    ‘I’m r-really sorry, mister…’ She paused, handing a tissue. Bryan snatched it out of her hand, trying to clean up the mess on his jeans. He didn’t notice that Liaah had frozen.

    ‘Mister… Umbron.’ The petite elf said it like it was the scariest thing she had ever heard. Like the name was something she feared deeply.

    ‘Yeah, I’m Bryan Umbron. Got any problems with that…’ He stopped right there, after noticing the decoration on the large button that held together Liaah’s cape. The Yuyomew sign.

    Yuyomew, the Umbron Tribe’s mortal enemy.

    There was a long silence between the two as they stared at each other. But in a heartbeat, everything changed.

    Bryan jumped away, knocking over the entire table and whatever was on it. With a mixture of emotion in his facial expression- Amazement, disgust, perhaps even a tidbit of fear- He ran away from the classroom.

    Violet was in Combat, so he ran to the big room where that class was held- Basically rammed in the door- And almost knocked over Violet. ‘Bryan, what the hell is going on?’ Violet screeched.

    Bryan grabbed her by her shoulders. ‘Yuyomews. There. Are. Yuyomews at Bloodstone Academy.

    For five seconds, Violet gazed at him.

    Then an expression of pure hate spread across her face, and her arms started trembling as her fingers squeezed the rock throwing ball in her hand.

    The ball shattered.
  23. OOC: Time for Dusk to get involved in a situation that he could only possibly make worse, plus a character from one of the earliest posts will return!

    Here is a map I made of the first floor of BA:
    The MPC is where Combat, Sports and Assembly happen, Block A (Classes 1-3) is for classes about history or culture, Block B (Classes 4-8) is for the different types of smithing arts and Block C (Classes 9-13) is for science. The chemistry class is in room 13. The hallways are lined with lockers for students that live outside. The second floor has more classrooms and the teacher’s lounge and the third and fourth floors are filled with dorm rooms.

    Also, I forgot to say earlier, but I’m not accepting any more people to join unless they just want to make a cameo.

    BIC: Dusk walked down the hallway to get to the chemistry class. Dart had asked him to go and pull Liaah and Merry out of class to talk to them about battle league. Dart’s family had information on everyone. They had people’s family history, their clan’s allies, their social ties and even their secret fighting techniques. Apparently Liaah had amazing magic control and was bullied by other clan members and Merry was able to literally bottle up her negative emotions. Dart had also come to the conclusion that Liaah was suited for two on two battles because her fighting style complimented Bryan’s. When Dart had told Dusk about the possible fighting combination he seemed a bit unsure and mumbled something about getting along.

    On his way to the class, Dusk saw Bryan running the other direction. He was about to thank him for joining the Battle League, but as Bryan came closer his fury became obvious, so Dusk ignored him and kept on walking.

    The classroom was a mess. There was broken glass and lavender extraction smeared on the floor. Dirk (The leader of the vampire gang that had hassled Dusk on his first day) was on the floor, writhing in pain with blood dripping from his back.
    “Next time I see that demon boy I’ll wring his leathery neck!” When vampires bled, it drove them crazy. Their blood had the most putrid smell which even an Orc couldn’t stand. The medics ran passed Dusk and started treating Dirk’s wounds. One of the medics pulled the teacher aside and asked what happened.
    “One of the students, Bryan Umbron, had a half mixed healing potion spilled on to his jeans and he flipped his table and went storming out of the room. When the table was flipped, a beaker of silver-magic compound on to Dirk’s back...” The teacher said nervously. He started to panic.
    “It all happened so fast, I didn’t know what to do! Will he be okay?” The teacher looked like he was about to cry.
    “He’ll be okay if we get him into the emergency room quickly.” The medic said this very loudly over the students’ chatter so that they would all hear. The other medics lifted the stretcher that they had put Dirk on and rushed out of the room.

    The room was silent for some time, but the teacher regained his composure and soon started acting like nothing had even happened. Dusk did a quick scan of the classroom to look for Merry, but he couldn’t see her. When he noticed Liaah, he saw her looking down at the mess that Bryan had made.
    “Excuse me sir. Can I please have a quick word with Liaah regarding extra-curricular activies?” Dusk asked the teacher. He pondered for a few seconds, probably thinking of some excuse to say no, but in the end he allowed Dusk to talk to her.

    He approached Liaah and put on the most optimistic face he could manage.
    “Hey Liaah! Do you mind if I ask you a few questions?”
  24. "Yeah, I’m Bryan Umbron. Got any problems with that…" Bryan replied sharply, before stopping abruptly and gazing at Liaah's Yuyomew button. Liaah knew what this meant. She waited for him to do something before even attempting to speak again. Everyone in the class was staring at them. The teacher. The students. Liaah must have looked absolutely terrible; she was used to it, but never before had she done something ... something this horrendous.

    Bryan suddenly leapt backwards and shoved over the table, all in a split second, without any warning. Liaah felt like crying out in horror, but kept it to herself and instead clenched her fists around her chair.

    "S-..." she said quietly, before projecting her voice cautiously. "Sorry!"

    "Gyargh!" a voice called out from behind Liaah. She turned around; a male vampire was keeling over and almost screaming, pounding at the floor. Blood was dripping out of his back, a large cut forming and stretching across his body. Liaah pulled up one hand to her head, her breathing beginning to quiver.

    "I ..." she muttered. She remembered being taught about silver magic and its' effect on vampires' skin. She remembered seeing the large flask of silver-magic compound on the table, and a large flask full of it - even the tiniest drop could burn through their skin and cause them to bleed violently. This was a whole flasks' worth, dropped onto his back. Bryan must have caused it to flip over and spill when he flipped the table. "... I'm so sorry. I ... I'm so stupi-stupid ..."

    Liaah began to well up again, tears dripping down from her eyes and rolling down her cheeks before landing on the ground, in the lavender extract and amongst the glass. She didn't really take in the fact that the school medics had rushed into the room and began attempting to calm down the vampire (to no avail; they only caused more screaming and crying) and everyone whispering about Liaah and Bryan. Liaah just continued to stare down at the remaining shards of glass and the remnants of purple goo that had begun staining the floor. The teacher hurriedly explained to the medics what had happened before attempting to carry on the class - the only thing Liaah really noticed was her name being spoken by a familiar voice.

    “Excuse me sir," the voice spoke clearly to the teacher in the politest tone possible. "Can I please have a quick word with Liaah regarding extra-curricular activies?”

    Liaah's elfin ears pricked up slightly, but she didn't even look up for a split second. She continued to stare bluntly down at the ruins of the fluids, the half-made potion that was going so well, but fell to the floor and was bitterly destroyed. All because Liaah had spilt the lavender extract-
    "Hey Liaah!" a voice greeted. Liaah quickly looked up at Dusk, the human boy she had met earlier today. He had pulled over a chair and was sitting in front of Liaah, pulling what seemed to be an optimistic face. Liaah blinked twice. She was trying to clear away the tear she felt forming underneath her eyelid; to no avail. "Can I ask you a few questions?" Dusk continued.

    "I-I didn't mean it!" she blurted out, clutching Dusk's hands and hanging her head in shame. "It was a-an accident, I w-would never int-intentionally hurt anyone's f-feelings, especially not m-mister Umbron sir's ..." she attempted to continue, sniffing every few words. There was a somewhat awkward silence between the pair before Liaah pulled her hands away and looked up, her back still crouched over.

    "I..." she muttered, sniffling again. "Sorry. I sh-shouldn't have done th-that. What was it you w-wanted to a-ask, mister ... mister ... Dusk?"
  25. 'What the hell- Mr. Umbron, what are you doing here?' The Combat teacher asked Bryan. Very much like in Chemistry, everyone in the court had stopped doing their bussiness to watch him. Of course, ramming doors was an unusual way of entering a classroom, even in this school.

    'I'm sorry sir, but I have some very important things to discuss with Violet. I need to borrow her for a minute.' Without waiting for an answer, he took Violet by her hand and dragged away.

    Once they were outside, Violet slumped against the wall. Bryan had never thought that the blue-skinned Violet could get so redfaced of anger. 'Yuyomews in Bloodstone? Are you absolutely sure?' She asked him, looking at him with piercing eyes that even scared the crap out of Bryan. He nodded wildy. 'A young elfen girl, with a large button that had their sign on it!'

    Violet emanated anger in every possible way. 'I knew Bloodstone was multicultural, but in the name of Lucifer! Why would anyone want those perky, thin-as-a-stick magical mongrels in their school? Those cowards, who hide behind their magic?' She ranted. 'We should tell our parents.' She continued. Bryan shook his head. 'As I said before, Violet, I want to stay in this school.'

    Violet said nothing for a moment. 'Fine.' She said, finally. 'But if they as much as point at me, I will roundhouse kick their guts out trough their nose!' She said, which Bryan thought was a rather weak attack in comparison to other things Violet could do. 'Did you attack her?' Violet asked, with a hopeful expresion on her face. 'No. The first thing I could think of was alerting you.' He frowned. 'I could've sworn I heard a scream after I ran away though...'

    Directly after he said that, he heard the intercom. 'Mr. Bryan Umbron, please report to the nursery. I repeat, Mr. Bryan Umbron...' So at least he had hurt someone. 'Maybe I spilled acid on the elf when I flipped the table?' He said. For some reason, he didn't like the sound of that. 'I sure hope so.' Violet retorted. 'Go back to Combat, Violet, I'll see you at break.' Violet gave a nod before going back.

    Half-heartedly, Bryan began walking to the nursery room. He wondered in how much trouble he was. Fact was, rivalry was something the school council understood, so if he had hurt the elfen girl, he would probably get the least amount of trouble. Not that it mattered a lot though; If he would get into any serious trouble, his Dad would have a little 'friendly conversation' with the council, and the victim would probably get into trouble.

    When he arrived, one of the head teachers was standing in the doorway, a vampire man he didn't recognize. The teacher shook his head. 'Oh, and to think you had already been trouble-free for... A couple of days?' The man sneered. Bryan took an immediate dislike to him. 'But last time you fought, the vampire won, didn't he?' The teacher continued, and stepped aside. Bryan had a clear view of the nursery area now; Several paramedics were trying to clean the wound on a struggling and screaming vampire boy's back; He recognized the boy as the one who had bullied the human some time ago. He tried desperately not to laugh, but a chuckle escaped his lips anyway.

    The teacher's eyes narrowed. 'Do you find this funny, Mr. Umbron?' The man said, with a questioning emphasis on the 'mister'. 'Not only did you hurt one of my kin and pupil with silver extract, you gave little miss Yuyomew quite a scare.' He continued,

    Now it was Bryan's turn to narrow his eyes. 'I think the Rules of Race-based Rivalry apply between me and Miss Yuyomew. And on another note, dozens
    of students here have been a witness of this particular pupil hassling several others with his little gang. So I believe I have actually done a good deed.' Bryan said, who knew his rights. 'In other words, if it is still decided that I will get punished, me and my dad will file an official complaint.'

    The teacher looked at him, dumbfounded, and Bryan walked away, knowing he had won. He didn't return to chemistry, instead waiting outside the classroom of his next subject.

    Later that day, during break, Violet asked him what had happened. 'Well, on one hand, I seriously wounded a vampire and scared the Yuyomew girl to death...' This was rewarded with a proud nod from Violet. 'But on the other hand, I did a good deed that helped a lot of students.' He continued, resulting in Violet spraying the water she had been drinking all over the table.
  26. Before Dusk could continue, Liaah became hysterical.
    "I-I didn't mean it! It was a-an accident, I w-would never int-intentionally hurt anyone's f-feelings, especially not m-mister Umbron sir's ..." At this point she was holding on to his hands. Dusk blushed.
    "I... Sorry. I sh-shouldn't have done th-that.” Dusk was getting increasingly nervous. Even if it was an accident that was the first time a girl had held his hands. With the very little experience he had with girls he came to the conclusion that she liked him.
    “What was it you w-wanted to a-ask, mister ... mister ... Dusk?"

    “Gah- Well… I- I- Well you see, there’s this tournament coming up for fighters at schools from everywhere in the area…” Dusk was trying to seem nonchalant but ended up speaking too fast to understand clearly.
    “Anyway, I thought that maybe you would- Well not me; my friend Dart thought that it would be cool if you would like to join a fighting club.” Dusk heard himself looked back on what he had just said and tried to look away to avoid an awkward situation.
    “We already have a few people in the group like me and maybe Merry, this guy warren and… umm… some other people.” Considering what had just happened he thought it would be best not to mention Bryan’s name.

    “Mr. Bryan Umbron, please report to the nursery. I repeat, Mr. Bryan Umbron, please report to the nursery.” After hearing the announcement over the loud speaker, Dusk realised that now probably wasn’t the best time to be asking about this. “Uh- Anyway, there’s a sheet on the notice board so sign up if you’re interested.” He hurried out of the room with his head down low. He had probably just made her bad situation much worse. As he stepped out the door he saw Dart leaning next to the room’s entrance.
    “Smooth…” Dart had been listening to the whole thing and found Dusk’s social struggle very amusing as indicated by the stupid smirk on his face. Dusk blushed.
    “Do you think she likes me?” He asked hoping for a yes.
    “No. That’s just you.”
  27. OOC: amg Freta ilu and your epic RP revival skills <33 Now, I'm typing on my iPod, so if there are any weird typos or whatever, well ... yeah |D

    "Gah-" the human boy, Dusk, stuttered what seemed to be nervously. He was blushing quite intensely; starting to go an embarrassed pink colour. Liaah wasn't doing much better; she had too reverted to a deep scarlet colour in her cheeks. "Well ... I-I-Well, there’s this tournament coming up for fighters at schools from everywhere in the area…” Liaah could tell that Dusk was attempting to be casual in some form but instead his words had transformed into an almost inunderstandable babble. “Anyway, I thought that maybe you would- Well not me; my friend Dart thought that it would be cool if you would like to join a fighting club.” Although Liaah wasn't the biggest of fans of fighting, she enjoyed healing magic and charms - so even being considered to be asked into a team made Liaah smile even just the faintest of smiles. “We already have a few people in the group like me and maybe Merry, this guy Warren and… umm… some other people."

    In her head, Liaah was replying heartily with "Oh Dusk, sure, I would love to join your fighting team or club thingy! As soon as I get the chance to I'll write my name down on the sheet," but - in reality, she was just sitting awkwardly in front of the boy, fidgeting with her hands, painfully remembering that she had just clutched his and almost definitely weirded him out in such a bad way that he was finding it hard to speak properly. All of these thoughts were running loops around Liaah's head, until -

    The sound of a shrill and agitated teacher's voice rung out through the Academy, speaking five words that stood out to Liaah - "Bryan", "Umbron", "I", "repeat", and "nursery". Liaah's heart jolted and thwacked right off her chest, thereafter continuing to do so repeatedly as her brain repeated those words over and over again.

    “Uh- Anyway," the human spoke again, abd Liaah's head bobbed up to see what he was saying, "there’s a sheet on the notice board so sign up if you’re interested.”

    "Oh, okay," Liaah tried to say in an upbeat tone, but instead it came out as an inaudible mumble. Her eyes sparkled as she stared up at the human male who was now turning to exit the room. Up in her cranium she was running through all of the things she could have said not to make herself sound or look like a complete idiot - none of which came up in the 'conversation' at all.

    The end-of-class bell rang loudly and all of her classmates (aside the one who was, at the moment, screeching, hissing and bleeding all over the classroom) picked up their bags and folders and exited the room swiftly. Liaah was the last to do so, but she left silently and without making eye contact with anyone.

    As she left the room and entered the corridor, she heard Dusk and his friend chatting to each other. Now was a perfect time to respond, she thought, and so she turned and attempted to wave - just, without the waving part. Her elven eyes shimmered again and she blushed an even deeper plum-colour as she turned back the way she was going and just about ran downstairs semi-excitedly to see the noticeboard with the battle club flyer on it - which she spotted right away. Hurriedly, she picked up the pen and was about to scribble her name down, until she noticed two dreaded words on the sheet -

    Bryan Umbron.

    OOC: Fixed some typos and such |D
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  28. OOC: All of teachers can be used by anyone. I don’t really see them as anybody’s character. Also, I just realised that I never gave any of my characters last names. I shall fix this!

    BIC: The next day, Dart had written up his plan to assemble the team. It involved 7 ‘simple’ steps.

    1. Have Warren talk to Bryan about getting Violet to join.
    2. Have Dusk talk to Liaah about where she stands.
    3. Have Gregson talk to Merry about the league.
    4. Have Dart spy on Lillian and Zephyr to find the best possible leverage.
    5. Have Shyla look through the clan’s database and come up with strategies defeat other teams.
    6. Act accordingly to Shyla’s and Dart’s findings.
    7. Have all members donate money towards better combat equipment.

    Dusk had to hold on to the sign-up sheet so that no unwanted students got interested. If somebody weak or of an unfavourable race were to join after all of their planning, it would make all of Dart’s and Shyla’s efforts go to waste.

    First up, Dusk had philosophy with Shyla. She seemed to have started warming up to Dusk, seeing as she now responded to his questions with mono to duo-syllabic answers.
    ‘So did you finish your homework?’ He asked.
    ‘Didn’t you understand the questions?’
    ‘I did.’
    ‘Well, I didn’t finish mine either. Do you think we’ll get detention?’
    Dusk didn’t care if she responded so sparingly. Ever since he was in grade school people had shunned and looked down on him and it was nice to have people he could talk to.

    Mrs Hooper tapped her pointing stick on the desk to indicate the beginning of class. She wasn’t as strict as the other teachers and was nice to every student she taught, regardless of their race. It was a rare quality to find in teachers and very welcomed by the races of lower status.
    ‘So who did their homework in the two whole days that they had it?’ Everybody raised up their homework sheets except for Dusk.
    Dusk looked at Shyla in confusion. ‘Shyla! I thought you said you hadn’t done it?!’
    She smiled at him. ‘I lied.’ Mrs Hooper walked up to Dusk’s desk and hit him lightly on the head with her pointing stick.
    ‘Good job Mr Manor! You are the only person to receive a detention this week. Next time don’t be so concerned about whether Miss Just has done hers or not and focus more on your own work.’ Her lecture on work ethic was the same as the one any teacher would give. The only difference was that she seemed kind when saying it, like she really meant what she was saying. Whether she was a dull teacher or not, she was the only one who had ever cared about Dusk. Philosophy was turning out to be his favourite class.

    Lunch time came around and everyone went about their business. Dusk didn’t know where Liaah would be so he wondered aimlessly around the school unable to find her.

    Warren headed towards where Bryan sat in his breaks. Demon’s were one of the only races that had a positive relationship with Orcs so it seemed likely that the encounter between them would be somewhat pleasant.

    Gregson had no trouble finding Merry floating out of her previous class room. He had tried talking to her before and was sure that she would eventually respond to him.
    ‘Hey Merry! Wait up!’ He ran towards her, but accidentally tripped and fell right through her.

    Dart checked through Bloodstone’s database to see where Lillian was going to be for her next class and placed spy tacks underneath her desk to listen in on anything she might say during class. He had another free period next so he hid in one of the circulatory vents in the ceiling of the classroom. This wasn’t his first spying mission. As a young boy he was used by his father to act like a lost child in order to infiltrate a neighbouring clan’s village and steal information off them. His father had even gone as far as dressing him up as an elf so that they would be more accepting of him. Spying gave Dart a rush beyond comparison.

    OOC: I mad the last two steps as close to '???' and 'Profit' as possible.
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  29. (OOC: I'm taking I can auto Warren for the conversation, right?)


    Just when Bryan was about to take another bite of extra rare steak, he felt a tap on his shoulders. His friends, who sat around him (With the water stains still visible on some of their clothes) eyed whoever was behind him with a calm and slightly curious expression, which was reasurring at least.

    He put his fork down and turned around, to face a male Orc of around his age. Orcs were mostly humanoid creatures, but sligtly bulkier and with a greyish skin. They relied on both strategy and brawn, making them adequate warriors.

    'Hey, you're Bryan Umbron, right?’ The Orc asked him. ‘Yeah, that’s me. What’s your name?’ Bryan said. ‘Oh, I’m Warren. Could I talk to you for a second?’Bryan nodded, and followed Warren into the hallway. Demons and Orcs had basically always been in a good relationship, because there were hardly things they disliked about eachother’s looks and doings, and they had succesful trading agreements.

    ‘I saw that you signed up for the school battle competition? We’re really glad you’re in, but I do have two questions.’ Bryan frowned lightly, and indicated for him to continue. ‘We’ve heard that you’re in a relationship with Violet…’ Bryan laughed. ‘In a relationship? I think my Dad wants me to marry her as soon as possible.’ Warren smiled. ‘Anyway, Violet is known as one of the top fighters in this school. Do you think there’s any way to get her into the competition along with you? We’d have more chance of winning with her in.’

    Bryan considered for a moment. ‘She’s never been interested in professional fighting as far as I know… But it would be awesome to have her in, wouldn’t it?’ He said, grinning. ‘I’ll see what I can do, Warren.’

    Violet looked up when he sat down again. ‘What did you talk about?’ She asked, one eyebrow raised. ‘You, actually.’ Bryan said as he continued eating his now slightly cooler steak. ‘I signed up for a battling competition, with this school’s team against another school. The other guys were wondering if you were interested as well?’ Bryan asked her. Violet was silent for some time, then answered; ‘I never considered entering a competition. Are the fights to the death?’

    It was a serious question, too.

    ‘Ehm, well, no. Killing or permanently wounding isn’t allowed.’ Bryan said. Violet shrugged.

    ‘Mhm, it might still be fun. Where’s the sign-up sheet?’
  30. Liaah stood in front of the noticeboard with the pen in her hand. For several seconds she bit her lip and shifted feet, contemplating whether or not to sign up. Bryan Umbron's in it, she thought to herself. But then again, I've been recommended. And Dusk's there, I know him ...

    With a half-hearted heave of a sigh, she leaned over and scribbled down her name. Liaah Yuyomew. She circled the 'i'. Leaving the pen to hang again from the price of string pinned to the noticeboard, she stepped back - and bumped into another member of her school who was walking along the corridor.

    He was tossed aside and landed on his back with the collision. Liaah stumbled backwards but managed to grab hold of a tabe and keep herself up. The boy who had fallen on the floor appeared to be of demon and Orc descent, and wore a rubber armband on which read 'Umbron Forever'. "Watch it, Yuyomew," he hissed as he flipped onto his stomach and stood up quickly. He hastily picked up speed and darted around the corner, somewhat desperately trying to avoid Liaah.

    After staring out down the large corridor of Bloodstone, Liaah regained her posture and wriggled her shoulders. Her next class was a History class; a class of which she was late for. She cleared her throat and stretched her back, getting ready for anything bad that was to happen in there. She turned to her left and began to walk swiftly past some other late students - until she veered backwards and took a look at the map again.

    "Oh," she muttered quite silently to herself, "it's to the r-right."


    It was lunchtime.

    The cafeteria was full of bustling students chit-chattering away to each other, some reasonably quiet and some rather rowdy.

    Liaah was one of the quiet ones.

    She entered the cafeteria behind several taller and larger students, passing by the pile of coloured trays with a few separate compartments on each. Liaah picked up the one at the top; a blue one. The three boys behind her were busy carrying on with each other, punching each other in the back and laughing heartily together. As they passed by the piles of trays, the first two picked up a green one, and the last a red. The first one, the tallest and inevitably widest of the three, amused himself and the second over the third being 'the odd one out'. To no surprise, the third did not enjoy this joke, and instead grabbed a green tray from the younger girl behind him. She tsked underneath her breath and took another tray from the pile, not seeming to be too bothered. Liaah pretended to be completely oblivious to this event - until she got to where the food was being served.

    "What would you like, darlin'?" the dinnerlady asked kindly, leaning over from behind the counter full of food to smile at Liaah.

    "Just the salad, p-please," she stuttered, smiling shyly from beneath her hood. She always liked being served by this dinnerlady; she was called Isla and was a half-elf. She had gone to school with Liaah's mother, who too was a half-elf. Liaah and Isla had known each other since Liaah was merely a baby, and so she was one of the few people Liaah spoke to semi-openly.

    "Would you like some mash with that?" Isla asked happily, spooning up some salad onto Liaah's tray. Liaah nodded and smiled. Isla spooned up a dollop of mash onto the young elf's tray before returning to conversation.

    "So, how's your father doing?" Isla asked in a mildly concerned tone.

    "O-oh," Liaah replied, coughing quietly to herself, "the us-usual, you kn' ... know ... Busy and b-bossy," she said in what was the nearest to a jokey way as she could manage. Isla grinned. "The usual indeed," she laughed.

    Liaah turned to her left and kept her eye on a table to the lower end of the hall. As she was about to start walking towards it, the three boys behind her became rowdy once again and the one at the end shoved the second by a considerable amount, who then toppled on top of the one at the front - the huge one - who stumbled heavily and shoved Liaah forwards.

    She, at first, stumbled pm her toes before her feet crossed over and she toppled onto the ground, her tray falling down with her. It cracked at the corner and skidded over to the side, and Liaah plummeted downwards and whacked her forehead right off the ground. Cracked her head on the floor. She breathed in deeply once or twice through her nose. As she shifted onto her knees, trying not to seem hurt or fragile, she picked up her tray and left a considerable amount of potato mash on the cafeteria floor. Her small bowl of salad had whirled to the side but had not broken or spilled, and so she reached over and picked it up, looking through the shining blue jungle that was her hair.

    With a gracious lift and step - that was, until she stumbled a bit - she retreated off to the empty table at the end of the hall. By now the cut on her forehead had grown very large and the blood was beginning to dribble down a few centimetres below the gash. Almost everyone in the cafeteria was staring at her ... especially the three boys who had knocked her over.

    Liaah sat down comfortably at a seat in the centre of the table at the right side. The creatures at the table in front of her, most of whom appeared to be Orcs, dwarves or trolls, had pretty much all turned to face her. Without glancing up even just for a second to see all of the staring eyes, Liaah tugged down her purple hood and shook her head slightly, so as to let the hair on her cranium flow a bit more freely. She picked up a fork from the cutlery tray on the table beside her and dug into her salad. She fished out a tomato and popped it into her mouth graciously and in a very small, quick movement.

    By the time Liaah had looked up again her small wound had stopped bleeding and was mainly covered by her hair. Still a few droplets of blood raced down her head and almost reached the bridge of her nose. She was beginning to feel faint and when she looked down at the shining white tables she noticed that her skin was even paler than usual. She acknowledged the gash on her head but didn't think too much of it. All of her feelings were instead welling up inside of her, and she continued to slowly eat her salad silently.
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  31. Merry giggled silently at the mess she had caused. That silly girl, spilling that stuff everywhere, and that sillier boy! They would make a lovely couple, or so she thought. Her next plan of action was to make her escape. Merry, keeping to the floor, yet floating above the resulting mixture, made her way behind her doll. Nobody had noticed her - some issue with the vampire somewhat jerking around on the floor had caused everyone to pay attention to that. She held her breath, and moved into the doll, feeling the grip of reality once again. Her partner wasn't next to her anymore, she noticed, but it wouldn't matter much to her as she collected herself and slipped through the doorway. Maybe she would do that again later - that little elf girl was funny when she was surprised. Merry took to wandering the halls until lunchtime from then, seeing as she had no wish to actually do any work today.

    The female poltergeist was leaving the room of her Maths class now. She had long discarded her doll self at her room again; it was rather uncomfortable. She really needed to get rid of all the bad luck in there. Wasn't there something she was going to do about that? It didn't matter, she didn't eel like trying to remember. That wasn't actually her Maths class either, now that she had thought about it. Regardless, she was about to continue on her way when she heard a familiar voice.

    "Hey Merry! Wait up!" Thump. Oh, yes it was that incessant boy.

    She mulled it over, and then decided to respond this time. The guy had been following her all day, at least, she thought so. She hadn't actually bothered to look at him until now. The girl gracefully spun around in place, easy to do when one's legs didn't have to move. She found herself looking at an Orc, sprawled on the floor, sheepishly looking up at her amused face. Atleast, she thought it looked amused. It may just be really unnerving. They didn't say much; maybe he was expecting her to pick him up to his feet? No way she was doing that; he looked far too heavy, and more importantly, she was sort of dead. In a manner of speaking, she wasn't dead, but the girl preferred lumping herself into that category to cause less headaches for others.

    "Ahoo, dear, I'm not going to lift you up or anything~ I'm sort of not living~" She said this with the sweetest face she could imagine, while the orc blinked, before picking himself on the floor. He rubbed the back of his head, and started talking much too loudly for the poltergeists' liking.

    "A-Ah! Sorry about that then! Anyway, I'm Gregson, and I have something to ask you!" Merry winced, the orc was much too noisy. He carried on anyway, either not noticing her reaction, or just not caring. "You're gonna join the Battle Tournament with us, okay!" He grinned. Merry pouted, then her face seemed to light up as she realized it. That was what she was meaning to do!

    "Oh, yes, sure~" Merry said with a straight face; it would be no fun if she sounded sincere! The Orc frowned, and put up his face again.

    "Well...alright! Just remember to do it, 'kay? I gotta go to lunch now, so see ya!" The orc ran off towards the cafeteria, leaving Merry quite disgruntled. That was no fun, she couldn't play with him! Pouting, she made her way to the notice board, attempting to locate the sheet. It wasn't there, however, which puzzled her as she tilted her head to the side. She continued to stare at the notice board. If she looked hard enough, maybe it might show up!

    Or not.
  32. After Violet had found the sign-up sheet on the notice board, she was just about to sign her name on it-Suddenly, she jolted. Bryan, who had been standing only three feet away watching his fellow students walk trough the corridor, turned to her. 'What's wrong?' He asked, not sure what she had seen.

    'The Yuyomes girl... She's on the list.' Violet said, her eyes full of hate and a strange kind of wonder. 'What?' Bryan said, looking for the name himself, and finding it. 'Why would she sign up for a battle competition?' Bryan asked no one in particular. 'The question is, how is a Yuyomew strong enough to fight in general?' Violet retorted. 'With their magic, I guess.' Bryan said, shrugging. He wasn't particularly comfortable with fighting alongside against a Yuyomew instead of fighting with one, but he did still want to join this competition. 'Are you still doing the battles, though?' He asked.

    Violet smirked. 'Well, I could always go a tad too far with water mana and ''accidentally'' have some colateral damage on our team, especially her side of it.' She said.

    The rest of the day passed by quickly, and soon enough, the sun was beginning to set.

    The roof of the school had a beautiful view on the surrounding forests and small towns, and as Violet and Bryan sat on the cold stone enjoying the feeling of the last bits of light fading away, they faced eachother. Bryan could tell that she was thinking the same thing. 'A clear night, a lot of moonlight.' He said. Violet nodded. 'There's bound to be hunters or poachers in the forest.' It had been a while since they had properly eaten, and they were hungry.

    'I'll go ask the others to cover for us.' Bryan said, stood up, and ran down the roof. He jumped at the last seconds, extending his wings, and glided onto the demon's dorm balcony with a wide arc.

    Violet watched him fly, and then gazed at the horizon with the slightest smile one her lips. Tonight, there would be a feast. More or less.

    (OOC: I feel really blaah about this post, because, well, it is blaah. It's just a filler though |D)
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