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Bioshock- The Chronicles of Supremacy

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Silver Scizor, Apr 5, 2009.

  1. The Chronicles of Supremacy


    I'm Andrew Ryan and I'm here to ask you a question: Is a man not entitled to the sweat of his own brow?

    No, says the man in Washington. It belongs to the poor.
    No says the man in the Vatican. It belongs to God.
    No, says the man in Moscow. It belongs to everyone.

    I rejected those answers. Instead, I chose something different. I chose the impossible. I chose… RAPTURE.

    A city where the artist would fear no censor. Where the scientist would not be bound by petty morality. Where the great would not be constrained by the small. And with the sweat of your brow, Rapture can become your city as well.

    These words once uttered by Andrew Ryan, died like his dream, Rapture lies in ruins beneath the sea. And the sea keeps it. But every good man has a backup plan.

    About eighty miles north of Rapture, Andrew Ryan had a 2nd city constructed, after he found the first to be a success. The new city was named Supremacy, and was smaller than Rapture, but just as productive. Between scientific advancements, artistic revelations, and commercial business, it was a thriving organism. But the same fate befell it as its predecessor. All the inhabitants of the city became addicted to the plasmids of Ryan Industries, and soon later were mutated by them. The city fell apart from the inside, but the few people that refrained from taking the plasmids in the first place went into hiding, hoping for a chance to someday escape. Scattered throughout the city are small groups of armed civilians, planning for an escape, for salvation, for hope. Of course, hope comes in many forms, some of which are unexpected.

    For the first time in years, Will opened his eyes. He was suspended in a tank, and bubbles rose through the liquid. Will was breathing through a tube, and didn't have any clothes. He could see outside the tube, the room was lit, but it had been ransacked. Will pushed on the tube's hatch in front of him, but it didn't give way. So he braced his back on the other side of the tube and kicked. This time, the hatch busted open. The tube's liquid poured out, and Will fell to the concrete floor.

    Getting up was a task for Will, but eventually he stood. He stumbled over to a table and found a pair of pants and shirt to put on. They were probably his, but he couldn't remember, he wasn't really sure of anything. He forgot his friends, his family, and his past. All he knew was his name, William Davi. Wanting to find someone to speak with, Will walked over to the metal door marked Securis, and watched it slide upward. The room in front of him was desolate, except for an overturned table and some storage cabinets that had already been plundered. Not sure of what had happened, Will stepped over to one of the cabinets. Inside, he found some tools and an empty hypodermic needle.
    Suddenly, a voice came from outside the room. It was muffled, but it sure didn't sound friendly. Will ducked behind the overturned table and picked up the wrench he found in the cabinet. Clutching it hard, the door slid up and open. In the breech stood a stooped figure, with torn clothes and features deformed. He wielded a rusty crowbar and stepped forward. The door closed behind him, and he said, "Come out, I'm hungry for Adam."
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  2. Chapter 1- Welcome to Supremacy

    Will could hear the being breathing heavily. It slowly ambled closer to the overturned table, dragging his crowbar on the floor. Will jumped up and thrust the table at the being. He stumbled back, but lurched forward and swung his crowbar at Will. Will moved back in time, and swung his wrench into the enemy's jaw. The figure slammed against the wall, and Will choked him across the neck with his wrench. The being made a muffled shout, then Will shoved him to the floor. Will slammed the wrench into the being's skull, and he fell dead.

    Will stood over the dead figure, shocked and confused. He looked over the body, and found a wallet, it was empty, but it had an identification card in it. The picture on the card resembled that of the being he had just killed, except for the fact that the being was horribly deformed. Will went over to the Securis door, and it slid up and open. The next room also seemed abandoned, but was full of scientific equipment. There were busted chemical containers and flasks all over the counters and on the floor.

    On one of the tables, there were pictures of Will in the tube he had escaped from, as well as some of him from many years before. But he still didn't remember anything; this whole world was new to him.

    As Will continued to look around, a security camera in the corner of the room locked on to him. A bright light was shined on Will, and an alarm started to sound. Two propeller driven security bots with glowing red lights flew into the room and backed Will into a corner, but they did not shoot. The alarm stopped, and a voice came from the room's loudspeaker. It said, "Hey, where the hell did you come from? Whoever you are, pick up the radio on the counter next to you." Will obeyed and picked the radio up, it sputtered to life. "Now you can talk to us." Said the voice, "And by the way, who are you?" Will responded, "My name is William Davi, who might you be?" "That's not important right now", said the voice, "right now, we need to get you to a safe location. You are currently in the genetic testing labs; the closest safe house is in the chemical storage depot. You need to go down the corridor outside all the way to the end, and find lab H. Once inside, go to the door on the other side of the lab, we will let you in. Don't worry, the bots will protect you, they're with us." "But who are you?" asked Will. "We, are the underground," said the voice.

    The radio clicked off, and the room was silent, except for the buzz of the security bots. Will walked into the outer corridor and the bots followed close. There seemed to be a silent chaos in the air. Then suddenly, a new figure appeared at the end of the hall. And it was running strait at Will.
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  3. Chapter 2- Safehouse

    As the pipe wielding splicer charged at Will, the two security bots opened fire. The torrent of bullets tore through the splicers flesh like a ripe watermelon. The splicer fell dead only a few feet short of Will, but he just stood motionless until the radio sputtered back to life and said, "Get going you damn fool!" Will picked up the pace and strode down the corridor.

    There were many doors in this hallway, most of which were shut, but a few were open. While walking by, Will looked into one room and spotted a little girl kneeling over a corpse. Will called to the girl, "Hey, what are you doing, it's not safe out here!" The girl looked at Will, but then resumed what she was doing. Will stepped closer to the doorway, and the girl stood up. She was holding what looked like a large hypodermic needle, and it was full of red liquid. As Will stepped into the doorway of the room, a large figure stepped into view from the room's shadows. It was huge, and it was wearing an armored diving suit, not to mention that it had a huge drill attached to its arm. The little girl ran behind the massive figure and said, "Who is that Mr. Bubbles?" The hulking figure stepped foreword and pointed his drill at Will, then gave out a deep howl. The voice on Will's radio once again spoke and said, "I told you to get out of there you fool!" "What is that thing." Will asked. "That is a big daddy, it is protecting the little girl that's behind him. You should better leave."

    Will dashed out of the room and down the rest of the corridor. When Will came to the room marked "Lab H", he hesitantly pulled the open lever. The door slid open; the room in front of him was different that the others, it was clear of all debris and tables. The only things there were the armored door on the opposite side of the room and a security camera. The camera followed Will's movement to the door. There was momentary pause that worried Will. But then a sound was heard on the other side, voices, then two large clunk sounds, followed by a wheel latch opening. The door opened and Will was greeted by two machine gun bearing people. As Will was taken inside, the door was closed and locked once again.

    Will was lead to a large room in the structure. There were about 20 people there total, and one walked up to him. This man was about 6 feet 4 inches tall with grey hair; he wielded a modified shotgun, and held a radio in the other hand. A radio just like the one Will found. He shook Will's hand and said, "You finally made it Will, but you've got a lot to learn about this city." Will said, "But where am I, and who are you?" The man said, "Well, I'm Pierce, and this is the safehouse."
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