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Open Bey Tournament, a BeyBlade Roleplay

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by FrostCrispz, Oct 14, 2017.

  1. Welcome to the 27th annual Bey tournament, where Bladers from all around the world come together for a free for all battle to the top. This is an elimination battle, three strikes, your out. Three wins, your going on. These are first to five point matches, two for a burst, one for an outstand, one for a knock out.
    Bey name:
    Bey spirit:
    Bey type: (attack, defense, balance)
    Bey appearance:
    Final smash: (finishing move)
    If you don't want to reveal the final smash, or any fine point details, make a discussion with me
  2. Oh gosh,This will make me remember good times,one question, Are already created beyblade permitted?(Like fang leone,storm eagle)
  3. Yes. I would like to see more custom beys with their own personal abilities.
  4. Name:Ban emma
    Appareance:One red shirt with a flame in the middle,Black pants,Red jacket,Black hair,Red shooes
    Personally:Easily get angry,Brave,Hate losing

    Bey name:Sol blaze
    Bey spirit:One fire warrior with two big swords
    Bey type:Attack
    Bey appearence: SolBlaze_(2).jpg
    (So far)Final smash:Sun Rage,Solblaze keep attacking the other bey with a massive strength until himself stop spinning

    (Remembering the final smash and the Bey spirit are made by me)
  5. Accepted. Could you tag people you might think are interested?
  6. Yeah,But sadly I don't see someone that know beyblade and get online daily
  7. I understand that fully. How did you get the bey picture?
  8. My friend google

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