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Best news in the biz

Discussion in 'General Video Game Discussion' started by Linkachu, Oct 15, 2009.

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    I've been wondering for awhile now which big-name gaming websites most of you guys visit on a regular basis for your news, previews/reviews, videos, screen shots, etc. Chances are if you're following press release websites for day-to-day news, you're visiting other gaming sites for actual reviews.

    So, which are they? Which gaming sites have the best variety, the most enjoyable articles, and the most trusted reviews? I'm thinking sites like Gamespot, Kotaku, NoA, etc. here, so please avoid mentioning smaller fan-made websites or any that follow one/a few specific franchises.

    Edit: Alternatively, if you read a lot of your gaming news in magazines, mentioning which you follow/collect is fair game, too.

    Lately I've actually been pretty bad for following my usual gaming sites, but there are a handful that I check at least once every few weeks. Kotaku's gaming news is not only great content-wise, the articles are usually witty and pretty fun to read.
    Other sites I've been following for ages now are IGN (mostly out of habit) and NoA's press release website. IGN's reviews are kinda iffy at best, tho, so I usually check out Gamerankings.com to get a general feel of how the majority of the major sites/magazines/etc. are rating a game. Lastly, for FAQs, it's GameFAQs all the way. They might have a scary forum community, but the website content is usually pretty good when I need it.

    I've heard a lot of debate between Gamespot's content and IGN's. Anyone here have a take on it? :p
  2. For my gaming news, I usually go to IGN or Cheatcc.com, Cheatcc isn't the greatest, but I mostly go there out of habit. I try to avoid reading reviews on IGN because they are incredibly biased against PS3 and 360 games, I don't know why, but a lot of really great games only get low to medium rankings. I guess they expect /every/ game that comes out to be some amazing breakthrough. Sometimes I feel like they expect too much. "OMG, a game that you play with your feet, while standing on your head, humming the Greek alphabet backwards and eating a bowl of Cheerios... And it's got nice rag doll physics." >>;

    Most of the time I just end up typing a game's title into Google and finding a decent review. However, I've recently found that gamefaqs.com has some pretty decent reviews, most of the time at least. And if relying on IGN's review of anything not Wii related, I usually just add one to two points to the score they give it.
  3. For news, I use IGN. I'm really not too huge of a fan of their reviews, but they seem to get a good amount of the details first. As Chadwyck said, they are extremely biased against games for the PS3 and 360. I do like some of their reviewers for the Wii and DS, though. Those reviewers seem to actually like Nintendo.

    If I'm really contemplating a game, I will check reviews on multiple gaming sites. Other then that, I check out a lot of smaller sites that specify on what I'm looking for.
  4. Toastie

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    Well, I visit Official Nintendo Magazine's website as they usually have some decent news, previews, reviews etc. etc.
    Also, because I only have nintendo consoles, news about Xbox 360, PS3 and PSP games doesn't interest me much.
    Plus, I get the magazine.
  5. I don't know....

    Maybe eurogamer.com?

    If you can ignore the stools and fools, you may get what you need.
  6. I go to escapist.com, while I don't believe they are 100% video game website nor do they do many reviews, they have many writers and fun articles. I find them to be pretty good at informing me about certain games at the very least.

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