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Ask to Join Beatdown (RP)

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by N E G A N, Oct 9, 2017.

  1. "Well. I guess that since I'm here, and I should fight you, I should go along with it," Sans grinned, his right eye flashing blue as he pulled his hand towards himself. The soul of the person he was fighting, a dark green colour, flew out of his chest and floated in front of him, non-moving. "So. You ready to have a bad time?"
  2. "N-n-no..." The human replied, struggling vainly. "I-I'm perfectly fine without... that..." He whined.
    "Don't *BURP*worry, Morty. He has only 1 HP and 1 DF. Plus he can only dodge f-f-for 15 turns or so. I already have a *BURP*counter measure to his ga*BURP*ster blasters." Another human said as he looked down at a device he was holding. "Alright, let my *BURP*grandson go. It's me you want."
  3. "Well, might as well do so. I don't see any reason in letting him stick around. And I kinda changed my strat since Frisk. Because, frankly, it sucked. For a boss, I was pretty weak, compared to Undyne and the like. Anyway, let's cut to the chase." Sans spoke, the pinprick in his one remaining eye disappearing. Without moving a muscle (or bone), a series of bones erupted from the floor, shooting straight towards Rick's SOUL
  4. Rick started to walk forward, and each bone that slammed into him hit an invisible barrier as Rick let out a yawn, and pulled out his portal gun, firing it into the wall. "M-Mo*BURP*rty, get out of here. This doesn't concern you." Rick ordered. "Aw, gee. Come on, Rick, can I just-"
    "No!" Rick shouted. "God, you're so fucking retarded! Morty! Leave!"
    "Okay, Rick. Sheesh." Morty replied as he stepped through the portal, and it promptly closed behind him.
  5. Sans rolled his eyes, hands in his pockets as he stepped back. "Well? I can't really see how you standing there is gonna do anything. So far you've said that you can block these things," he said, patting one of the Gaster blasters on the head before letting it disappear, "and that my bones don't do much. Of course, I have other ways, but I don't think that's very necessary. So go on. What can you do?"
  6. "I can force your molecules to rip themselves apart with with classic brutal force, then I can cause your molecules to bend to my will. I can make you never die but live a pained, eternal, meaningless *BURP*death."Rick replied. "But that's a little too severe. I just wanted to kill off this 'Wing Ding' family. I already got pops. The Gator dude? Gaser? I don't remember." Rick rubbed the back of his head, before quickly reaching into his lab coat and pulling out a laser gun, quickly firing several powerful bolts at Sans.
  7. Sans rolled his eyes, casually stepping to the side and allowing the bolts to fly straight past me. "Sorry bro, I'm a monster. And a Skeleton at that. We don't really work like that. The only way to get me to dissolve is to kill me, and that's easier said than done. Karma," Sans commented, his eye flashing purple for a second as his Karma affect took hold of Rick. "Well, you've not lived the best life. Waaaay too much accumulated LOVE. So that's goodbye to that barrier you have," he added, thrusting his arm downwards. Bones erupted from the ground, at the same time that Rick's SOUL turned blue and plummeted downwards
  8. "You... you actually thi*BURP*nk you know shit about me? I'm the greatest mind in the universe, baby! I've already killed one of you, I know what happens. I actually based my new weapon on that." Rick grinned almost devilishly as the bones erupted from the ground, and Rick did a slide to the right. "You know. You're ideals are pretty fucked up too. Why do you only fight some little kid the moment everyone before them has been killed? I-I-I mean, come *BURP*on!" Rick rolled his eyes as he crossed his arms. "Like I was saying earlier. I know you all burst into cellular particles once your 'soul' has been destroyed or some shit. That new weapon I mentioned will turn you into dust, bring you back, and blast you into oblivion in a complicated, repeating, never-ending cycle of pure torture. This is a monster's worst nightmare. You *BURP* g-guys have all these names for different *BURP* colored hearts. You k-know what mine stands for? You know what it is? Take a wild guess, smart guy."
  9. "He killed my bro, and everyone before him. I think that it's kinda understandable that I'd want to give him some karma. And the hall of judgment is the end of his journey. For all I know, he could have changed, became a better person. So I can't exactly fight him whenever I feel like it. But your soul... Nah mate, I'm stumped. Tell me." Sans asked, sending several Gaster blasters to beam across the whole stadium floor, meaning that the guy may actually have to use his SOUL for once. No soul in the Gaster blasters, and his body won't get hurt
  10. Rick quickly pulled out his portal gun, blasting a portal into the ground as he opened another behind Sans, stepping through, and pulling out a small orb from his lab coat, tossing it at Sans. "Y-y-you can't af*BURP*ford to get hit once. I can. We *BURP*oth know who's gonna win this fight." He said as the orb erupted into a large electrified field.
  11. "Yup. Me" Sans laughed, stepping out of the scientist's field of view, and stepping back in on the other side of the field. His eye sparking blue, he hurled a series of bones in rapid succession, the Karma affect allowing them to pass through the field, and fly straight towards the portal device in Rick's hand
  12. The bones shattered the portal gun, and Rick leaped back. "Hey, asshole! That's my ticket out of here!" He growled. Fine then. He was gonna have to do a little more than just go easy on the skeleton. Looks like he'd be stuck here for a while, so maybe he'd actually start trying.
    Rick let out a burp before turning invisible suddenly, after pressing something on a small device on his wrist. "For the final boss, you're kinda *BURP*pathetic. Hell, the President of the United States was tougher than you." His voice echoes throughout the hall.

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