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Private/Closed Be A H.E.R.O. (Superhero RP)

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Mechanist Gamma, Jul 1, 2018.

  1. [Discussion/Sign-Ups]
    [RPers: @Eeveechu151, @Rohan Kishibe, @Nintenduck, @Jagson, @Spoiled Bread, @Frontier Master, @Mockingchu, @AnimeTail, @Glûk the Bard, @FrostCrispz, @Stargrounds, @Lucas Inazumai, @Lil Eliza123, @Tlord22, @Nebulix, @RhythmThief ]

    "Ten years ago this day, the fearsome demon known only as Trogarth attacked Toronto, the city I stand in now."
    The news reporter gestured around as the camera rolled, the large statue behind her. "Trogarth the Destroyer was summoned by a cult known as the Black Glove, and the magician Tarot knew he would need others to help stop him. Tarot assembled a group comprising of himself, Phantom, Brawler, Combustion, Peacekeeper, Cyber and Striker. Together these seven heroes worked together to seal the demon away once more, saving the day. This battle pushed forwards a new United Nations initiative, led by Canada, to make an organization dedicated to recruiting heroes across the world and assembling them into a group dedicated to safeguarding the world. This group was known as the Heroic Emergency Rescue and Operations team, aka H.E.R.O. Over the past ten years, the core seven heroes have been joined by several other heroes from across the world such as Sentinel, Tachyon, Flare and the great hero Super-Star. Now, on their tenth anniversary, H.E.R.O. plans to celebrate with a special public gathering of the Original Seven here in High Park, the park situated right next to Hero Headquarters itself!"

    Phantom swore, rolling behind the table that was supposed to be used as a place for the heroes to sit. "Of course. Of course we can't get one damn day without an attack. Tarot, how's that learning coming?"
    Tarot threw four cards into the ground and whispered a spell under his breath, binding one of the same monkey-bat-creatures to the marble floor. He then pressed another card down on the creature, chanting another spell. His eyes glowed green for a second. "They're called the Tahl'thune. They come from a pocket dimension created by Negazone."
    "Oh come on! Did he seriously use the dimension we sealed him in to make his own private army?" Cyber asked, using dropped cellphones to leap around and take on the Tahl'thune with hit-and-run tactics. "That matter-manipulating son of a bitch. Harry, can you take us there?"
    "I will require access to their own portal, first." Tarot explained. "Combustion, clear me a path! Phantom, Striker, keep the Tahl'thune away from us!"
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  2. Combustion ran beside Tarot and nodded. "Sure, leave it to me!" She said before putting her hands in front of her. "Ignite!" She then shot a burst of fire in a cone shape in front of her through all the Tahl'thune. "I'll burn every single one of them!"

    Brawler was a bit further away and was grabbing one of the monkey beast by the head. "Does everything always have to go downhill when we're involved?" He said out loud before slamming the monkey in his hand into another one.
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  3. “Sorry we missed the ceremony guys but by the look of it you guys could use a little back-up” Asked a booming voice from the heavens, as a small transport jet hovered over the battle. Almost immediately a portion of the jets underside split open allowing two figures to jump out
    “Sentinel and Tachyon are on scene to assist”
    Tachyon landed with a graceful flourish before engaging his energy gauntlets and racing around the horde in an effort to contain the demons meanwhile Sentinel landed on a group of the demons sending large chunks of the ground flying in all directions before joining Combustion and Tarot in clearing a path with an albeit slightly less intense cone shaped fire plume
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  4. "That can't be good," Samantha Shields, glancing out the window of the sleek skyscraper. Some freaky monster/aliens were flying around the city below. The Tahl'thune. They had been locked away in a pocket dimension along with Negazone a while back. It appeared Negazone was striking out. Strange timing. The day of H.E.R.O.'s tenth anniversary. As if Negazone had kept track of time gone by in the pocket dimension. He knew what he was doing.

    "Adrian, what's your call?" Samantha asked one of her companions, who was also known as Tachyon to the public, "I'm ready to go sear some aliens if you are."
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  5. *jet set auto-hover, ceasing manual control*
    “Warden is entering the danger zone” yelled the brash alien as he repelled downward on a cord from the jet
    “Flare, Warden. The Tahl’thune seem to have an aversion fire, I can’t keep them in check alone can the two of you form up and help me with crowd control” replied Tachyon over the comms network
    “Seriously crowd control again?! Fine, I can do my best with lightning but I’ll need a burst of fire to get my flame cores online, Flare care to oblige?” moaned the alien as he fired electricity into the hordes of Tahl’thune
  6. What Did You Do To Snoke?

    What Did You Do To Snoke? Previously Ratbag the Coward

    In the H.E.R.O HQ, a large group of staff surrounded a particular hero. He was signing autographs...of his own colleagues. He had a white jumpsuit like costume on with a red symbol and crimson cape. He was also wearing black sunglasses and a black greased haircut, which all bore the ressemblemence of the famous Elvis Presley. Though Elvis had come from a different state, this superhero also bore his deep southern texas-like accent. He was known as the great Super-Star and his fame had put him even further above such musicians.

    "Yes that's right." He said in a Texas accent. "I, the great Super-Star, have returned from my fight against the notorious Goatman!" Some journalists had snuck their way forward and took pictures of him. "In the end he was just a man in a suit, no super-strength or anything! I beat him easily, fair and square." He boasted, before giving a smile, showing his clean white teeth.

    "How did you beat him?" One of the new journalists asked.

    "Easy. I thought up a plan which lured the man towards the water. Then, I used my star-infused powers, eco-friendly by the way, to disintigrate his axe. Without his axe, he was nothing! We wrestled, but everybody knows I am the better wrestler. I pushed him down and told him the truth. You'll never get a girlfriend the way you go round, disrupting couples as they go to the beautiful forests." The crowd laughted. "But the man behind the mask admitted it. He told me he was lonely and that he started out jealous of another couple. I told him, if you want women to love you, you go and do good things with your life and fix it, not bad." The crowd clapped and cheered for him. "Thank you. Thank you." He looked down as a beeping noise came from a watch on his arm, below one of his gloves. "Damm." He said to himself as he recieved the message. "Negazone has broken out of his pocket dimension. He's attacked High Park downtown with an army of Tahl'thunes!" He shouted to the crowd. "Never fear, Super-Star is here!" He pointed to the sky and the crowd cheered as his body lifted itself into the air and he flew off.
    In a prison cell somewhere in Britain, Hosepipe, now known as the Water-gun, visited one of the inmates. He sat in a chair outside of the man's cell. Out of the darkness, came a man with blood red skin, veins on his face showing like crimson lines. His hair was half burnt: originally a bushy brown. His eyes had become black as night and a black energy radiated from his hands. A coughing sound came from him as he emerged into the light.
    Water-gun was wearing his blue armour but took his mask off to greet the man. His hair was brown and cinnamon.

    "Hell-" He coughed again, eerily during the middle of the word. "Hell-O" The word was broken up. There were clear signs of madness in this beast of a man.

    "It's me, Steven Watterson, Hosepipe, the Water-gun."

    "Ah! The man shouted.

    "Nice to see you again, Hellhound."
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  7. From the shadows, Peacekeeper aimed his tranquilizer gun toward on of the monkey-bats. He had been able to creep away once the portal opened, knowing he wouldn't be very useful in the middle of the fight, as he didn't have any true powers. Though he'd never admit it, Peacekeeper was a bit relieved when the gathering was attacked, afraid that he would be asked to speak, and someone watching the gathering on television would recognize his voice. So far, Peacekeeper had only shown his true identity to one person, who was a villain named Bloodshed, who was dying from a stab wound inflicted on himself. Even his family didn't know he was Peacekeeper. It was hard enough to convince them he was going on a work trip, even though he was a doctor, but to convince them that he wasn't Peacekeeper after they hear is voice would be nigh impossible. He already feared they were beginning to catch on. Snapping back to reality, he fired a tranquilizer dart at one of the monkey-bats, hitting it directly, and it fell to the ground, unconscious.

    From a H.E.R.O. base near Chicago, Ashley Adams, also known as The Host, watched the commotion at the gathering on the television in her room. It was unanimously decided that Ashley shouldn't attend the gathering, since her powers were unstable and uncontrollable, and she agreed, knowing the organism in her bloodstream could sometimes take over without warning. Even seeing the chaos at the gathering, Ashley was glad she wasn't there, since the original seven could handle it themselves, and if she activated her powers there, she would most likely cause more harm than good.
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  8. What Did You Do To Snoke?

    What Did You Do To Snoke? Previously Ratbag the Coward

    Super-Star flew above the town until he reached the centre of High Park and saw the rift in dimensions opening up the Tahl'thune army. Whilst he was in mid-air, Super-Star started to blast white shining balls of light. He had made enough of the spheres to hit a group of them who were hanging upside down on a lampost terrozing a family who were sitting on a bench. The screaming family stopped their panic when Super-Star successfully defeated a horde of ten of them, who had surrounded the family. More Tahl'thunes appeared behind a bush. Super-Star changed his attacks to one that was a beam of whiteness, a shining, glittering beam. The beam took out a row of three Tahl'thunes. As the family of four, two children and their parents ran to safety, they were confronted with a line of about six Tahl'thunes. Super-Star swooped down and blasted this row with another beam of light. He landed onto the ground and watched as the Tahl'thunes started to disintegrate. They soon turned to blackness and then ashes. The mother in the family smiled as they ran off. "Thank you!" She supported him. Super-Star smiled, before a Tahl'thune jumped onto his back behind him and began to crawl across his head until it covered the front of his face. Super-Star couldn't see anything. "Get it off!" He yelled, running around, trying to find someone to help him.
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  9. A Tahl'thune flew up close behind Striker, reaching out its clawed hand to strike him. Phantom leapt over, phasing a hand inside of the creature and instantly knocking it out. "Watch your back, friend." he said, dashing off to attack some of the other monsters.

    Tarot flew up next to the portal, holding up a card. He touched the edge of the portal, whispering a spell. "I've got the dimensional link." he said. "Cyber, you there?"
    "Right here!" Cyber shouted from below him.
    "Get back to the HHQ mainframe. Take this card in with you - you can use it to program the warp chutes at H.E.R.O. bases across the world to head to the dimension." Tarot said, tossing the card to Cyber. Cyber gave a thumbs-up, hopping back into the cellphone at his feet and rocketing towards the base at the speed of internet data transfer. "Whoever's free, send a call to HHQ ordering all current H.E.R.O. members to head through the warp chutes to Negazone's world! We'll tackle him there!"
  10. What Did You Do To Snoke?

    What Did You Do To Snoke? Previously Ratbag the Coward

    Super-Star managed to flick the Tahl'thune that was on his head off of it. He pressed his energised hand on the Tahl'thune and it disintegrated. Super-Star took to the skies again and flew to Tarot and Cyber's positioning. "Need a hand?" Super-Star asked. "I can take care of these!" He looked closely at the interdemensional rift.
    "So, after speaking to me once again, you have heard my plan." Water-gun said to Hellhound. "Super-Star must be removed from H.E.R.O and taken down. If not, the whole world will be under threat."
    In the Betelgeuse system, the Betelian armies assembled on Betel Prime. This was exactly the 4th planet from the red supergiant and the army was a mixture of the different races on each of the planets. One large column came from Betelgeuse I, which were Scaley Lizard-like humanoids with fires on their heads. Coming from the hottest planet, they were capable of controlling the heat simply by touching others. The second column immediately next to this one was from Betelgeuse II. This planet had been soaked in plasma charged particles and so the army was made up of a strange quadropedel beasts, like massive boars, with electrically charged breath. They also had a humanoid race of men made out of cloud material, who could fire lightning at their will. Betelgeuse III was a jungle planet, filled with dense rainforests. An ape-like race also lived here who provided the army with a large population. On Betelgeuse IV, the capital planet, was a mixture of environments, but it was mostly jungle environment again. The core race was a bipedal beatle race-the Betelians themselves, who often left their own planet for the previous one. They had a mixture of properties: many carried sword and shield, a number could fight with their pinsers and some could even create a nasty stink which was lethal. The citizens of Betelgeuse V had colonised Betelguese IV for themselves and enslaved most of the Betelians. The Betelians made up as much of the army as the ape-like races from Betelgeuse III. Those from Betelgeuse V were a cruel dark-skinned humanoid race where their skin seemed to be made up of pure 'dark-matter.' They had advanced greatly in technology compared to the other races, creating huge machines for Betelgeuse IV slaves. Their leader claimed to be a 'magician' in their language. He spoke to a being behind the backs of the army to worship his true master, the source of the dark matter, which had been raining from the sky on most planets. The dark matter crystals compelled the races to work together to strike against the other star systems. Ships and teleportation technology allowed them to travel to other systems. It took a long time, but the new teleportation technology allowed them to access other systems much faster. The races of the Betelian army were hand-picked for their long-life span, making some believe they were 'immortal.' Several more armies marched down the road from four more Betelgeuse planets. The armies now assembled in front of a large golden pyramid like structure. The pyramid was made from a strange metal and looked like something taken from South America. On a balcony attatched to the structure was the High Magician, who had spoken to his master via a series of mirrors. He had walked endlessly up the stairs to reach the very top of the pyramid. He was going to educate them in who their master really was. His name: Nebulux.
  11. "I've got you, Warden," Samantha said, rushing into the main, dome-like room at the top of the HQ Skyscraper. Lining the walls were transparent tubes filled with super suits. Samantha walked over to a tube with a jet black suit. There were white lines that ran along the arms and legs, meeting in the chest. Some lines branched across to the back. She pulled on some smooth under clothes, and slipped into the rough suit. She closed her eyes, and flames erupted from the white lines. She let embers dance around her fingertips, until they erupted into an inferno. She tossed an orb of flames over to Warden, and turned to one of the windows. The window slowly rolled down, and she leapt out. Halfway to the ground, she increased her flames and velocity, shooting towards the center of the chaos.
  12. Warden raised his powers gauntlets and the orb suddenly split in two, one for each hand; before stopping in mid-air and spaghettfying* into the intake values of the gauntlets causing some of the previously inactive electronic lines within said gauntlets to glow with a fiery hue
    “Flame cores online, Warden’s entering the fray!” He laughed as he rushed into the park and started blasting at every Tahl’Thune he could see with a small yet intense fire ball

    *its a real word, which refers to how black holes tear something that enters their gravity well into long thin (spaghetti like) strands of matter.
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  13. What Did You Do To Snoke?

    What Did You Do To Snoke? Previously Ratbag the Coward

    The armies of the other planets had arrived on Betel Prime. Betelgeuse VI was a rocky cliff like planet which had been taken over by a bipedal pig/boar race who were good with technology. Now, that planet was covered in machines and gears, making it feel like it was a completely unnatural planet made of gears. These boar people went around in their machines: mainly tank like structures with guns attatched to them. They provided great machines to the Betelian army. They assembled along with the other columns. Betelgeuse VII was a forest planet dominated by two major races: one which were tribes of bipedal cat people who were coloured a red or ginger colour and the other were a bipedal fox race, who were resistant to fire. The High Magician, Avarox, had managed to convince them too. Betelgeuse VIII was a planet covered by water and the sea. Many races were sought after from here: the most important being bipedal shark-head pirates and the huge sea beasts that resembled diplodoci, with their long neck and height, who could walk across water just as well as they could walk on land. Betelgeuse IX had half of the planet with a fiery, desert like terrain, and the other half was completely frozen up and cold. This was because this planet did not spin on it's axis: only one side recieved sunlight whilst the other was in shadow. Cactus-humanoids and a species of wolf were taken from the deserts of the planet, whilst an eskimo like race barely survived on the other half, along side shadowy-possed snowmen. All of these races were present on Betel Prime.

    "Excellent." Avarox began. "You are all here." His staff, which had been wooden, transformed into a metal staff. It was a feat of technology to have a wizard use magic from a piece of tech instead of their enchanted staffs. He raised it. An image of a dark face appeared on a large round oval like image projected into the sky.
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  14. Elizabeth had been inside the H.E.R.O. HQ, acting as a kind of bodyguard as since she was new to the H.E.R.O's program, but then she noticed a bunch of bat-like creatures fly right outside the HQ's window and some kind of portal that was freeing all those creatures upkn her world. She then noticed other heroes, like Phantom, Tarot, and Cyber fighting in the fray.

    Elizabeth then heard the message sent by Cyber. She had no idea how helpful she could be to the other H.E.R.Os but she didn't care as they needed all the help they could get.

    With her costume already on set, she dove straight out into the city. She then noticed one of the bat creatures heading towards a mother and daughter, the little girl crying. Elizabeth then ran up in front of the distressed people, and grabbed the creature by it's face. In a soft whisper, she then said, "Hakai." The creature then started screaming in agony as it's entire body then started disappearing, until eventually there was nothing left. Elizabeth then took the woman and little girl to a safer facility and ran back into the line of action.

    Elizabeth then started heading towards one of the warp chutes, killing of more creatures as she went along. Suddenly, Elizabeth was face-to-face with one of the warps. She then took a deep breath, and jumped right inside of it.
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  15. Gabriel stood still in the middle of his dorm, which was decorated with many magical ornaments and decorations, most notably, his dark patterned carpet, which spanned the entirety of his dorm. On his bedside table rested his wizard hat.

    His eyes gazed outside of the window, beholding the onslaught of the Tal'Thune. While he trusted the strength and overall battle prowess of the original 7 heroes, he could not help but doubt their ability to save ALL those who were at risk.
    Then, he thought about the message that had recently reached HHQ. As a result of that, there were now more than 7 heroes on the scene! He had even seen a young woman in a black, silver-lined costume save a family.

    But despite all this, he could not convince himself all was fine, until he had seen it for himself. His conscience wouldn't allow him to. And with that, he wore his hat and dove out of the open window. About halfway down, he channeled his dragonic power to his back, and grew massive, spiked, scaled orange dragon wings. He glided across the skies of the city, scorching nearby Tal'Thune, his black braided locks and ponytail flowing harshly in the wind.
  16. “Warden, Sentinel! On me we’re taking out the source of these critters” commanded Tachyon as he raced through hordes of Tahl’thune firing chronal blasts and disintegrating the creatures out of existence
    “Understood” replied Sentinel peeling away from Combustion, his hands still covered in smoldering fire, and running back towards H.E.R.O. HQ
    “On my way, sentinel I could use another boost to the flame core and by the looks of it, we might need the freeze cores up and running too” said Warden and he joint his former mentor into racing back to HQ. The elder placing a flaming hand on his former mentee’s gauntlets recharging the flame cores while his other hand extinguished itself and froze over instantly before launching a frozen spear of ice which too spaghettified into the gauntlets activating another set of icy hued electronics
    Tachyon finished his crusade in the park with a final flourish, a large time-blast in the middle of a Tahl’thune horde, before joining his comrades and entering HQ. The trio racing through the building and driving into the warp-chutes
  17. What Did You Do To Snoke?

    What Did You Do To Snoke? Previously Ratbag the Coward

    Super-Star blasted a few Tal'thunes before he caught sight of a potential warp chute. Hearing the commands, he immediately started flying towards it. He saw the heros all fighting and smiled at them whilst he was still in the air, giving them a cheesy white grin. He looked towards the warp chute and saw that it was right in his face. He was sucked in.

    Once in Negazone's world, Super-Star looked around at the wierd scenary and the surplus of Tal'thunes. Where could Negazone be hiding? He thought. But then his mind switched. Negazone must be allowed to live. His particle duplicating powers could become extremely useful to my army's success to get to the planet they call 'Earth.' If he is able to replicate the portal making machine H.E.R.O has...then the invasion will be a lot more successful than originally planned.

    Avarox raised his staff and an image of the dark-turned Nebulux appeared on the screen. It was pre-recorded. Nebulux's face was as black as night: there were no facial features that could be seen on his zoomed in face, except a pair of red eyes.

    "Stay strong!!!" He roared.

    The army cheered. Those with fists raised them up into the air. It was like some kind of Communist rally.
  18. Flare zipped over the terrified crowds, careful to dodge any aliens zooming by.

    "Alright everybody!" Flare called out to the crowd, trying to get their attention. It didn't work. The grip of chaos was too strong. Flare clenched her fists and focused. Seconds later, she thrust her arms upwards, and let flames spiral out of her reopened palm.

    The flames spelled a message in the sky:


    Currently, there were no paths, but Flare planned to change that. She swooped down, low to the ground, and lined the road with small, cool flames. Well, cooler. Flames weren't ever truly cool. But these wouldn't singe off people's skin.

    Suddenly, Flare realized she had no clue where she was supposed to lead these people to. Surely she'd learned about emergency situations in training, but she'd forgotten it in the heat of the moment.

    "Tarot, where do I take these people?" Flare asked over the comms in her husky voice. As she turned to check on the crowd, she felt gross toes wrap around her shoulders. One of the Tahl'thune had grabbed her, and was shaking her violently.

    "Where's the Wicked Witch?" Flare mocked as she charged a blast, "Isn't she supposed to lead you fools?"

    Flare let a plume of scorching flames blast out of her head, and burn the Tahl'thune to a crisp. Unfortunately, she had garnered the attention of another squadron of the beasts.

    "I may need some backup," Flare said, warily, "I'm on Walnut Grove, near 78th. There's a whole gaggle of these freaks."
  19. Phantom was fighting a group of Tahl'thune when one crashed into him from behind, sending him under a tarp. He grabbed its leg and flung it behind him. The Tahl'thune screamed in pain... but not at the impact. Phantom's eyes opened wide. "Flare, this is Phantom! Get the civilians into the subway stations or anywhere else underground! These things need light!"
    Tarot nodded. "Then I'll help with the ones in the park." Tarot quickly tossed some cards around to the various rooftops and cast another spell. Suddenly, a large black covering blocked out the light from above. All of the Tahl'thune in the park started screaming, losing almost all their strength.

    "H-hey, Super-Star! You don't know what in there-" Cyber was saying, but was unable to finish before the hero flew into the portal. "Super-Star's gone in. I'm loaded on Data-Discs - I'm going in after him!" Cyber ran forwards and jumped through the portal after Super-Star.
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  20. What Did You Do To Snoke?

    What Did You Do To Snoke? Previously Ratbag the Coward

    "I'm in here!" Super-Star shouted through the portal, on the other side. "We must push all the way to where Negazone is!" He stared at the barren wasteland. "What happened to this place?" He turned back to the portal where he could see Cyber coming through. A group of Tal'thunes massed behind him. They crept up to him and pulled him down. Super-Star stumbled and fell to the sandy floor as the monkey-bat creatures covered him. A pocket of light emmitted from underneath the Tal'thune waves. A blast came out and about half the Tal'thunes died. But more of them came and surrounded Super-Star.

    "I could use some help here! More help than one hero!" Super-Star yelled as hard as he could.
    After Water-gun aka Hosepipe went around Britain looking for those to help on his mission to save Hellhound, he returned to a meeting place just behind the building. It was somewhere in London: One of the tightest prisons in the country.

    They met and greeted each other. First came Water-Gun himself. He remembered how he met each of them. Vampire Bat appeared aka Martha Volenrich. She was a young tall gothic woman with black hair and black make up below her eyes. She did not enjoy the sunlight, it being one of her true weaknesses. This girl had the ability to transform into a huge blood-sucking bat creature. Water-Gun had heard rumours of her hiding in a cave near Clifton Suspension Bridge in Bristol. There she was one day when Water-Gun went on the right night! She tended to live in Eastern-Europe and travelled from place to place through the dark caves. They had magic which travelled through her, allowing her to teleport. She wore a black motorcycle jacket as she strided forwards.
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  21. “How bout three” yelled Tachyon as himself, Sentinel and Warden emerged from the portal all of which begun blasting their way through the Tahl’thune toward the pinned Super-Star.
    Warden sent chains of lighting rocketing through the horde turning those few Tahl’thune to take the brunt of the attack to dust.
    Sentinel engulfed his arms in flames and set to work creativing a perimeter around the portal to ensure incoming heroes have time to survey the environment of the pocket dimension before advancing
    Finally Tachyon raced to the horde surrounding Super-Star and started picking off individual Tahl’thune in an attempt to take some of the pressure off Super-Star
  22. What Did You Do To Snoke?

    What Did You Do To Snoke? Previously Ratbag the Coward

    "Thank you." Super-Star gave a cheesy grin to Tachyon, Sentinel and Warden as he brushed the last Tal'thune off him. "Now let us find Negazone!"
    As Vampire Bat and Water-gun greeted each other, another person appeared. It was a man with bronze coloured drills for hands and one on his head. This was Drill-King aka Hand-Drill, one of the most important members of the team. Born to a mining family as Nicholas Clay, he proved himself worthy when he equipped the drills to his hands and head, able to drill holes through any material.

    Then came a man in a hood. The young white man from London pulled his hood down to reveal a face with many veins appearing. This was Alexander Thompson aka The Pylon. He was capable of absorbing electricity from any material and using it to his advantage. He could also conduct electricity through his body.

    A man in a fairly muscular body marched up in red and crimson gear. It was like a piece of army uniform and it was and he wore a helmet with a red visor. James Wedge had abandoned the British Millitary and stolen a piece of technology: the most powerful flamethrower gun in the world. He then donned the name the 'Inferno Commando' after his time in the millitary as a Commander.

    Water-Gun was only able to round up a few heroes, a mix of super-powered and non-superpowered. He was unfortunately not able to get Aindreas Tbjonor aka Thunder or his partner Allistor Quickings aka Lightning because both were involved in some kind of villain chase themselves. Instead, Water-gun managed to enlist the help of their good friend, Amara Windsworth aka Cloud. The woman wore a light blue dress and was able to create clouds at will, also being able to control the wind and fly. She had been there when the famous pair Thunder and Lightning had exposed the former Egyptian hero society 'the Pyramid,' it's leader, the superpowered Ra of the Sun being exposed as a fraud and a supervillain. Cloud had been one of the ones who helped the fight back.

    The six of them stood around, talking to each other about their lives and then their focus became on the strategy to free Hellhound.
  23. "Sure, help Super-Star but ignore me," Flare growled, overhearing Tachyon's quick conversation with Super-Star through the comms. She knocked her fists together a few times, and unleashed a wave of dancing flickers. The Tahl'thune were only slightly affected.

    EVERYONE TO THE SUBWAY STATION, Flare wrote in the skies.

    "Cyber, I could use your help shutting off power in the Subway Stations," Flare mentioned as she released another blast towards the Tahl'thune.
  24. While Gabriel was gliding through the skies of the city, he saw numerous messages being spelt out in fiery characters.
    "...There you are." He mumbled to himself.
    "Everyone to the subway station? Looks like they're trying to move people to safety. I'll see what I can do." He thought.

    Feeling his wings starting to wane and lose power, he quickly dove onto ground level, and landed safely on a crashed bus, behind Flare, that was tipped over on it's side.

    From there, he watched from a distance, while simultaneously regaining his strength, in case any more Tal'Thune appeared. Flying took a lot out of him.
  25. What Did You Do To Snoke?

    What Did You Do To Snoke? Previously Ratbag the Coward

    "We must find Negazone as soon as possible." Super-Star told the other heroes. "But we must not allow him to die...his powers could prove to be very useful to H.E.R.O's research. We must capture him and imprison him in our own base."
    Water-Gun had the group split into two. Round the back of the prison, Water-Gun, Drill-King and Cloud stood ready to break in the back of the cell through the wall. Cloud had taken them over a small gate by creating clouds for them to jump onto. They landed over the gate and soon found the area where Water-Gun believed Hellhound's cell to be. In the front enterence, the Inferno Commando, Vampire Bat and the Pylon got ready to create a distraction which would give the other group time to escape with Hellhound.
  26. “Who died and put you in charge Elvis?” Asked Warden as he continued to blast Tahl’thune
    “Hey, play nicely Warden we’re in the presence of a real Texan celebrity” snarked Sentinel sarcastically as he finished creating a field-base for HERO out of the pocket dimensions barren yet still workable ground. Large rocks forming a perimeter around a raised platform at the base of the portal
    “Guys seriously not the time” complained Tachyon trying to hold back faux-laughter, as a distraction to his true actions opening a separate comms channel for the three of them “there’s something not quite right about him, my scanners are picking up some strange interference around him, be careful” murmured Tachyon careful not to do anything to alert Super-Star of this second conversation
    “I’ve seen the energy outputs of hundreds of stars and yet the one coming off him don’t even fit within tolerance for anything I’ve seen before” Replied Warden
    “It could just be the pocket dimension, even though this ground is chemically no different to that of our dimension I’m struggling to manipulate it as well as I can outside.” Interjected Sentinel wishing to focus upon the task at hand “we can scan him again then discuss this properly once we’re done and out of here”

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