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Private/Closed Battle Ruins One-shot

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Frontier Master, Aug 31, 2019.

  1. @Mango137

    Ajax enjoyed the serenity of Isle Nocturne, the crumbling buildings had begun to be over taken by nature. The two seamlessly merging into one to create a unique landscape unlike any he had seen before. It had taken quite a while to finally get the necessary facilities established but he was happy with his work. An entire island dedicated to the pursuit of a new level of Pokémon Battling excellence, the island also allowed Ajax to let his Pokémon roam wild and train by themselves when they were not needed.

    The island was extremely difficult to get to, not helped by the fact that the local shop captains refused to sail there. So prospective challengers would need to make their own way to the island by sea. The area between the island and the mainland was known to be extremely treacherous even on a clear day and was patrolled by Sinnoh’s coast guard so the trainers were in no real danger of injury but the coast guard have been told not to ferry trainers to the island unless truly necessary.

    A deafening roar came thundering over the island, WOZ had seen a new challenger approaching the island, and was calling out for Ajax to welcome the trainer. Grabbing his signature trench coat and slinging it on Ajax wandered his way down from his cabin to the shore, Riptide and Akiza, Ajax’s Floatzel and Roserade, both arriving on the beach to meet the new trainers while WOZ could be heard high on the cliff above training. The Hakamo-o always took to training and roaring loudly whenever a new trainer arrived as a way of showing off and intimidating opponents.
    “Welcome Challenger to the Battle Ruins, I am the Ruin Master Ajax. Welcome to what some have informally dubbed the most difficult Battle Facility beside the Legendary Battle Pyramid. If you are able to defeat me in this challenge I will award you with the Rebirth Symbol. If I defeat you then you will need to leave the island, and your next chance to defeat me here and earn the symbol will be in 1 month’s time.” Ajax exclaimed loudly as he approached the trainer smiling that faux-relaxed smile he had worked so hard to create.
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  2. Mango137

    Mango137 Previously Lewish37

    Acacia was exhausted. He would’ve simply flown to the island on Kaiju, his Dragonite, but the lightning and storm clouds made that impossible. Instead he had been forced to tough out the waves as he surfed on his Blastoise Omi. He had just recently acquired a keystone and a Blastoisinite and was instructed by Alder, his mentor, to seek out the Battle Ruins as it would prove to be his hardest battle yet and allow him to improve his mega evolution abilities by throwing himself into the deep end. Acacia was in the middle of drying off his drenched clothes and feeding his Omi berries to restore his health when he was approached by the ruin master himself.

    Ajax’s presence was a bit odd for Acacia to experience. Most powerful trainers gave off two types of auras: one of confidence and intimidation, and one of sheer power. This man seemed to have just a sizable amount of confidence, but the feeling of power emanating from him was palpable in the air. “I’m Acacia Song of Slateport City.” He tried to keep his composure, “Please lead the way.”
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  3. “You seem to be a little worse for wear, come this way we’ll get you set up on the ridge.” Ajax Smiled as he lead the new trainer up off the sandy shore and into what once was the islands main courtyard. The now ruined buildings circling a small central market place, still further he walked passing though the square and through a winding path to a moderate plateau halfway up the central mountain.
    “This area is all yours, feel free to set up camp wherever you’d like. I’d recommend using those Ruins over there as a sorta of lean-to to keep the winds and rain at bay. You can come and challenge me whenever you feel ready, just follow that stony path up to the peak of the mountain. I’ll be waiting for you.” He said with a poorly hidden confident tone, “if you need anything call out, my Pokémon roam wild over the island. Feel free to let yours out as well. My guys wouldn't try to spy on you but they’ll definitely be around should you need them” and with that Ajax exited the cleated plateau with Akiza in toe. Rip-tide had stayed on the shoreline to swim in the turbulent waves the storm had whipped up.
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