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Battle on the Mountains- Cody vs. Vixx

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Cody, Jan 22, 2009.

  1. Private. Don't ask to join please.

    "Whattya think Silver, too easy?" Cody asked, stroking his Aipom's head as they sat on a bench.

    "Pom!" he responded, smiling. Cody looked at his Aipom. They were hundreds of feet above the ground, high above Mt. Coronet. It was some soourt of mini-tourney, and of course Cody made sure to get in on it. The field had remained the same, a large, floating platform, and, almost all the way down to the peak of the mountain, were tiny floating islands. The trainers stood on elevated platforms to command the battle.

    "Final round! Cody and Vixx!" The referee suddenly called. Cody shivered a bit. He preferred cold weather, but hundreds a feet above a mountain was pushing it. He walked over to the platform, and took his position, spinning a Great Ball in his palm. The smooth blue surface of It was calming to touch, and served as a reminder that he was fine, as strong has his hatred of heights was.

    "I suppose you boys don't need me to explain the rules? Good. Begin on your own time." The ref spoke with a slight edge of impatience, and perhaps even anger.

    "Right." Cody nodded. He couldn't clearly see-Vixx, that was his name? He couldn't clearly see him, and he hadn't released a Pokemon yet. "Whenever you're ready!" he called.
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  2. His blue jeans rustled gently in the slight breeze, his legs dangling gently off of the floating stone platform. Vixx cleared his throat, tossing his brown hair backwards. His bangs flew out from in front of his blue eyes, revealing his soft face. A slender hand reached down to his belt, which was a metal clasp with six recesses for up to that many pokeballs. He unclasped a net ball and raised it upwards, gently fiddling with its small figure.

    "P09?" Vixx said softly. A whirring came from the small object on his ear, signifying that it was booting up. The device looked slightly like a metal box sporting a microphone that curved down under his mouth and a screen that was constantly in front of his eye. It was a pink screen, which sudden flared up as Vixx waited.

    A particularly strong breeze sent small waves over his pitch black shirt, the bright green patterns along the front and back waving. They were designed to look like the circuits on a microchip, only to be green on black rather than silver on green. They faded out about halfway up his body, only reappearing on his sleeves, dissolving once again about halfway up his sleeve.

    A Porygon2's face flashed onto the screen, running diagnostics on the headgear. Vixx hummed quietly to himself, and the trainer across the stage said something to Vixx.

    "Whenever you're ready!" He called. Vixx picked himself up and dusted off his pants, trying to get the small particles of dirt that clung to him off. Vixx touched the button on his nest ball, and it enlarged to the size of a grapefruit. He tossed it out in front of him, and it split open. A stream of red laser hit the ground, quickly taking a small, rodent shape. The ball snapped shut, and the laser vanished, leaving behind the body it had formed.

    A small creature, about a foot tall. It had large, pointed ears and a jagged tail in the shape of a lightning bolt. It had tiny paws, and thin layer of fur. The pokemon was yellow all over, with stripes of brown running in a vertical pattern down its back. This one had only three stripes, customary for a pokemon of its genus. The black tips on its ears were the same shade of black as its eyes, which were contently scanning the field around it. Its tail twitched slightly, and its pink cheeks gently tingled with electricity. This Pikachu was a smaller one that most of the others of its species, but it was slightly more intelligent, as well. It had a small brown lightning bolt pattern on its right ear, making it distinct among the others of its breed.

    "Pikachu," Vixx said smugly. "I choose you." The nest ball finally hit the ground with a hollow, metallic sound, quickly bouncing back up to Vixx's gloved hand. The gloves were black and fingerless, so that he could still type and stay somewhat warm on the high mountain. "Your move," Vixx offered, holding a hand out. There were no more than five floating platforms between Vixx and his opponent, but he still couldn't see the man on the other side of the light fog.
  3. "I might regret this choice...but...Stella, let's go." Cody said, tossing the Ultraball down onto the field. As it returned to his hand, the Armor Bird Pokemon appeared, confidently stretching her wings. The area around them was covered in a light fog, though Cody could vaugely make out about five platforms between himself and the other trainer. Not that it mattered, Stella could fly.

    He had to remind himself not to lookd down as the wind picked up for a moment. Even if he did fall, he would land on a platform, and be fine. He had to believe that, or Cody might've passed out. He and heights don't work.

    "Defog." he said calmly. He looked over at Vixx, who seemed to acknowledge that the move hadn't started the battle.

    Stella began flapping her large metal wings, and soon the fog had blown away. The Skarmory glanced back at Cody, waiting for the first real command.

    Cody brushed some of his blonde hair out of his eyes, allowing them to scan the area. Five main platforms, several above, and God knows how many below. It changed every battle. His jacket was flapping a bit in the breeze, something he was well accustomed to.

    "Spikes" he said simply. The large bird nodded. Stella flew up about twenty feet above the battlefield, and began flying. With each flap of her large iron wings spikes fell, scattering across the battlefield. Some didn't make contact with the platform, and instead fell, possibly onto the mountain, possibly onto more platforms. "Land please" he called out, and she quickly obeyed. The Armor Bird landed, tucking her wings in.

    "So, let's do this!" He called across the field, beckoning his opponent on.
  4. Vixx quietly sighed to himself, a sense of relief falling over his body. He had trained for an event like the one presented to him. In fact, it was his favorite training exercise. "Squeak!" Vixx called. His pokemon turned around, its ears pricking up. It's small muzzle was pulled into a tight smile, and Vixx returned the smile with one of his own. "Agility!"

    The pokemon let out a high pitched "Pi!" and loosened its muscles, relaxing its body. It's eyes lazily closed, a shudder of relief sliding across its rodent figure. The pokemon suddenly snapped its eyes open, trained on the Skarmory in front of itself. The pokemon quickly sprung forward, sliding across the platforms. It would land on a platform, hoping that no spikes were where it jumped, and it would skid for a half a foot before leaping across to the next. This entire process was barely visible, but Vixx had to keep an eye on the pokemon.

    "P09," Vixx said commandingly. "Bring up program PiStat, and analyze element O." A series of high-pitched whirrs came from his headset, and a series of code lines flashed onto his screen, quickly replaced with a picture of Squeak and a few numbers representing its stats. The number for HP decreased slightly, and a squeal of "Pi!" was heard. The pokemon had hit a spike, but it kept going.

    Suddenly, it stopped in front of the steel-clad bird, and the Pikachu bunched itself up. "Discharge!" Vixx ordered. Squeak quickly forced its muscles out, and called out angrily. The energy on its cheeks flared out, and the built up static and natural electricity was released around its body. The energy seemed to lash out in thick tendrils, also attaching to many of the spikes on the ground. this magnetized many of those that it touched, and they ended up clumping into little balls on the platforms. The energy formed not only these tendrils, but also a foot of energy surrounding Pikachu in any given direction, creating a small sphere of energy, looking partly like an electric sun in the middle of the field. Squeak fell backwards, panting heavily from the strong attack right away. It's paws hit a floating patform with a small thud, and Vixx smiled happily.

    "You'll get a rest after the battle!" Vixx promised, sympathy gently woven into his voice. Squeak shot him a confident look, and quickly returned its attention to the opposing Skarmory.
  5. "Stella, avoid attack with Agility!" Cody called, praying that none of the tendrils lashed onto Stella. The iron-clad bird quickly took off into the sky, flapping her large wings. The red feathers seemed to flash from the explosion of electricity beneath her, but none hit.

    Cody looked down, on one of the lower platforms, the Pikachu had landed. He paused for a brief moment, before deciding on what to do, "Go in for Night Slash!" The Skarmory looked back at him, before flying higher into the sky. Upon reaching another platform, she made a sharp turn, and tucked in her steel wings. A Skarmory's top speed was 180, and Stella was flying around 150 as she dove for the platform beneath the trainers. Right before reaching it, she pulled out of the dive, and ripped open her wings, the right one filling with an aura of dark energy. She regained her speed and using the boost from Agility, sped towards the electric rodent, aiming to strike with her wing.
  6. Vixx cursed quietly as the Skarmory neared, and P09 finally analyzed the Skarmory, her stats now taking place directly next to Squeak's. "Jump!" Vixx called. His pokemon tried to respond with a quick backwards jump, but it didn't gain enough height. It's legs were clipped mid-flight, and it was sent spinning upwards. The pokemon called out in distress, and it skidded across a nearby platform. It's rotation kept it going, a clump of spikes flying off of the platform. The bird continued to go forward, but Squeak still had Agility going for it.

    "Squeak! Get on its back!" Vixx commanded. His pokemon quickly pounced from platform to platform, gaining on the bird. Squeak's health was much lower now, even if it had only been clipped. In a few flashes, it appeared to be running next to the pokemon, electricity crackling over Squeak's bright red cheeks. It lunged over, its small claws grabbing onto a clump of feathers under the steel-plated wings. The pokemon let out a high-pitched cry, half from excitement, half from fear.

    "It's okay! Use Thunderbolt!" The wind moving around his pokemon was heavy, but it managed to hear its trainers command. Electricity built up along its skin, and it released the energy in a fast pulse. The pikachu could barely hold on, and it dropped from the skarmory. A platform from beneath zoomed over to catch the falling rodent, catching the pikachu with a hard thud. "Double Team! Keep them guessing!" Squeak complied, and quickly jumped upwards, leaving behind a clone. When it skidded to a halt on a higher platform, it created five more copies on the same platform, and the six pikachu's ran around quickly before dispersing across the other nearby platforms.
  7. Cody could do nothing but watch as the Thunderbolt hit Stella, and it hit her hard. A few of her feathers were singed, and she fell to one of the platforms. As the dust settled around her, Cody could see she was already standing again. "Metal Sound!" The thought suddenly came to him, hoping to end the Pikachu's concentration.

    The Skarmory obliged, and raised her wings. She lowered them slowly, and at an angle that they were scraping agaisnt her iron body. The sound it produced could only be described as horrible, it gave Cody a slight headache. As the noise died down, Cody looked back up. Stella looked satisfied, and Cody quickly scanned the field with his deep blue eyes to see why. His answer came quickly; the copies were gone.

    "Drill Peck!" Cody called out. It was a moved Stella had recieved from her parents, passed on to her at birth. "It may not be effective..." Cody mumbled, "but that Pikachu's tired..." As he looked back up, the iron-clad bird was already in the sky, charging energy into her already sharp beak. She could do a straight dive at the Pikachu, no tricky maneuvers. Tucking in her wings, Stella began her dive. From the height, the affects of Agility still lingering, angle and slight degree of wind, Stella's speed evened out at about 170 mph. as she dove towards the tiny Pikachu.
  8. Vixx slammed his hands onto his head, cupped in an attempt to avoid the sound. Vixx rocked his head from right to left, the terrible noise beginning to wrack his brain. The noise soon stopped, but only one Squeak was left, and it was pawing angrily at its ears in an attempt to rid the terrible aftereffect of ear-ringing. It cried out sadly, and Vixx bit his lower lip. Soon, the bird rose up into the air, and Vixx looked back at Squeak, who was barely recovering.

    "Come on," Vixx cheered. "You can do it! Spark under the bird!" Vixx called. Stella lowered, and began a spinning dive towards Squeak. The pokemon charged up slightly, and leaped forward, the small tendrils of electricity licking the underside of the bird. Vixx couldn't tell if it hurt the pokemon, but it couldn't have felt good.

    Squeak ended up lunging onto another platform, and sliding right into a set of un-clumped spikes, a few sticking to its exposed underbelly. Vixx looked in horror, and his pokemon staggered upwards, knocking the two spikes in its stomach out. Two spots of blood appeared, and they soaked into the yellow fur.

    "Alright! It's okay! Use Wish!" Vixx commanded. His pokemon tiredly squeaked, and it closed its eyes tightly, its brow furrowing tightly. Squeak glowed softly, and a small star-shaped bit of energy went up into the air. Vixx tensed up, and flashed a glance at the screen. P09 was suffering from the Metal Sound, the screen flickering every couple of seconds.
  9. Cody watched on with a slight hint of dismay as Stella was hit with Spark, and Squeak leaped backwards onto another platform. Thankfully, Stella had continued to spin through the attack, and took little damage as the electricity ran through her steel armor and out through her tail, creating a somewhat beautiful stream of electricity behind her.

    "Don't hold back, Stella. Land." Cody said simply. The Armor Bird Pokemon landed on the same platform as the Pikachu, and turned her head slightly, looking to Cody. "Sand Attack, then Spikes!" Cody called triumphantly, a grin dancing onto his face. Stella nodded in agreement, and began flapping her wings. Particles of sand and dust began pouring out, traveling towards the Pikachu at a steady speed. after a short pause, she began flapping her wings again, this time more spikes coming out, all flying directly at Squeak.

    "Let's not give Wish time to work...." he hoped silently.
  10. Vixx quickly glanced at his monitor, and called out a command to both of his pokemon. "Move!" Vixx's voice rang. Squeak jumped backwards, giving him time to think of the next move. The Pikachu went back at an angle, getting a bit of height on the jump. His Porygon flashed Squeak's moves in front of him, and Vixx had never felt more grateful for the nice man who had been willing to teach one of his pokemon this move. "Magnet Rise!" Vixx shouted. Squeak quickly pulled in its energy, and the first wave of sand hit him. Squeak continued to concentrate, twisting its head in pain.

    Squeak suddenly stopped in mid air, electricity surrounding its four limbs. Pikachu moved around briefly in the air, and then shot up, batting the sand from its eyes. The bird shot out a wide array of Spikes, and Squeak did his best to dodge them. The Pikachu managed to manuever its way around the Skarmory, and was finally behind the large behemoth. Another moved flashed up onto the screen, and Vixx realized just how lucky his pokemon was.

    "Volt Tackle!" Vixx called. His pokemon looked at Vixx tiredly, and gave a slight nod. It pulled in all of its electricity, the small bundles of power along its paws growing smaller, but still strong enough to keep Squeak in the air. The pokemon charged itself up, Vixx's bangs moving towards the concentration of electricity. Soon, the pokemon was coated in a thin layer of electricity, small flares of energy lashing out and retreating in flashes. The Pikachu smiled angrily, and turned itself towards the Skarmory in midair.

    Squeak nearly vanished, leaving a streak of electricity trailing behind the pokemon as it rocketed towards the metal-clad pokemon. Pikachu soon after landed, and Vixx saw the number next to its health fall into the levels at which pokemon were not suited for much anything, even less so battle. Vixx pulled out his nest ball, and enlarged it again.

    "Return," Vixx said. A beam of red energy shot out towards the Pikachu, and it coated the animal, converting it back into data. It soon returned to the ball, and Vixx shrunk it down. He grumbled absently, and clipped the ball back into its recess. "P09. All stat." Vixx ordered. The pictures of his four pokemon stood on the thin screen, numbers appearing next to their faces. Vixx slowly examined each one, another breeze rustling his clothing.
  11. "Stella!" Cody called, slightly stepping forward. Silver mimiced his actions, concerned for one of his friends.

    "Skarrrrrr...." she groaned weakly, picking her iron clad self up off the ground.

    "You have any energy left for a bit more?" Cody called out. His neck hairs had started to go back down, stood up from the high electric concentration.

    "Ska!" She called out, sounding a bit more confident. Her yellow eyes staring down Vixx from the platform below.

    About one more attack, if we're lucky.... Cody thought to himself, noting the spot were Squeak had made contact. It left a mark, and a slight dent. In about a year all evidence of it would be gone entirely, thanks to her natural healing.

    "Well then," Cody called out from across the field, "show us what you've got!" He grinned, gripping Poke Ball containg Gelida, the Pokemon he was going to use next, unless a fire type showed itself.
  12. "More more?" Vixx asked cockily. He tapped the headset, and smiled wryly. "Time for your big show, P09!" The headset whirred loudly, and it shut down. Suddenly, a tinge of pink electricity surrounded the headset. It shot forward, and quickly took the shape of a collection of ovals. They smoothed out, revealing a slightly bird-shaped pokemon with pink as its main color and blue tips along the endings of its body. Half of its face was blue, including its beak-like extension. The pokemon whirred happily, and shuddered from top to bottom with anticipation. It soon analyzed its opponent, and its special attack swiftly rose.

    "Sharpen!" Vixx commanded. The pokemon responded by focusing hard, and watching its gloss increase. The barely-visible edges on the pokemon smoothed out into curves, reducing its total air-resistance. "Go! Thunderbolt!" Vixx shouted. It's pokemon moved around with even less resistance than before, moving at a speed that neared the Pikachu's pace without an Agility, which was no small feat. The pokemon soon appeared in front of the skarmory, and a small pink sphere of electricity appeared in front of the Porygon-2.

    The sphere suddenly broke open, releasing a huge pulse of electricity towards the opposing bird, pink tendrils of electricity quickly snapping through the air, seeking their specific target with malice.

    When Vixx shot a glance at his headset, he remembered what he had just done, and sighed as he watched the battle without any extra information.
  13. Cody didn't even bother to command Stella to move. She was tired, worn out, and wouldn't have made it anyway. The pink electricity lashed out, and the tendrils wrapped around and surged through the Skarmory's iron body. She spread her windgs out in pain, before slowly letting herself fall to the ground.

    "Good job girl...." he sighed, enlarging the Ultra Ball, and engulfing the Skarmory in a red light. He shrunk it down, and placed it back into his pocket. He looked over at his oponent, Vixx, and saw a strange look on his face. After a moments thought, he realized what had probably happened, that the Porygon was the main component of that head set, and now in battle, he must not have something. Cody figured it must be some sort of information feed, but shrugged it aside.

    "Gelida," he said, tossing a Poke Ball, "it's your turn." he smiled, as the red and white orb returned to his hand. The blue creature appeared gracefully, in her own flash of snow crystals. The Fresh Snow Pokemon sat still, awaiting orders.

    "Glay!" she called out, a slight hint of superiority in her cry.

    "Well, no reason not to take advantage of the height up here, right? Gelide, use Hail." The Glaceon looked behind at her trainer, and quickly obliged. Her hair like details began glowing, and raised up, shining an icey glow into the sky, which eventually overtook the sky. Soon, a light snow began covering the platforms, with the occasionaly chunk of hail.

    "Glay!" Gelida called happily, snow being her most natural enviroment. She walked around in a small circle, leaving footprints in the still thickening fall of snow.

    "And now, Powder Snow!" Cody said happily, enjoying the snowfall himself. The Glaceon obliged happily, once again the hair like appendages glowing, and shooting into the air, causing snow to lift up and fly at the Porygon-2.
  14. "Let's try a Tri-attack, P09," Vixx said casually. "Don't pump too much energy in. Conservation is key at this point." he added. The Porygon flung himself back from the ice pokemon, barely dodging the hail that was about to clonk him. The pokemon charged up three different orbs, two at the end of its two arms and one on its beak, none of them different. They were glowing orbs, no larger than a golf ball. When the Porygon brought its two limbs and its beak together, they changed colors, each taking on their own distinct element. The one on its beak turned yellow, the one on its right arm blue, and the one on its left red. The pokemon instantly shot them off, and they spiraled around each other madly. The blue one spun off, and slammed into the ground. Where it landed, a huge pillar of ice shot up, covering the entire top of the platform it had touched.

    The yellow one slammed into the incoming snow, and a lightning bolt expanded outwards, disintegrating every snowflake that it touched. The third orb rocketed out of the incoming snow, and was moving at an incredible pace towards the Glaceon, a whistling coming from the red orb.

    Vixx cursed quietly under his breath, and turned behind him. His black laptop case sat on the ground, a few rogue papers sticking out of the top. He saw his phone jammed in there as well, but the edge of his laptop was barely peeking out. The many pockets lining the front were filled with pens, pencils, markers, and other writing implements. Vixx slid his laptop out, revealing one of the thinnest laptops in the world, solely for one reason.

    The laptop had an orange outside, a blue lightning bolt in the middle. Vixx sat down on the ground, crossing his legs. When he opened it up, there appeared to be only a side screen, but no keyboard. Two metal pegs were flipped down on either side, the only thing on the orange bottom. He flipped them up, and hit the power button. The screen turned on, revealing its entirely original operating system, the only one of its kind. Rosta booted up, and revealed a background of two ovals, round and blue. A smile crept across the scream, and Vixx mimicked the gesture.

    "Hello," Vixx chimed. The two pegs let out a small laser grid, and it instantly vanished. Vixx placed his hands over the bottom extension, so that his fingertips were level with the tops of the pegs. "Open Word-R," Vixx said. A blank page popped up on the screen, all sorts of adjustments and formatting options up on the screen. He quickly moved his fingers up and down, moving them to various places in accordance with the bottom of the laptop. Letters started appearing on the screen, and Vixx smiled. "Proximity keyboard is a success." Vixx commented, returning to work.
  15. Cody watched, as the his oppenent ripped out a laptop, and began working. During a battle. What was wrong with this guy? Of course, he decided to keep these thought to himself, and pay more attention to the battle at hand.

    "Water Pulse!" He called out quickly, an attack he had never been more thankful for. Gelida happily obliged, drawing fourth energy from within herself. She opened her mouth, and he body was pushed back slightly by the sphere of water that shot out. The orb of water plowed through the falling snow, creating a trail, visible for a short amount of time. The water eventually collided with the flaming orb, both moving at incredible speeds. The collision produced steam, and all the remaining water fell, creating a patch of ice on the snow-laden field.

    Cody paused for a moment. The battle was a complete stalemate. Pokemon two for both. Neither had taken much, if any, damage. This snow was key, however, with Gelida's ability to hide so well in it. He took a moment to lean back on the guardrail, and cracked open a bottle of water.

    Taking a sip of it, he looked at his Glaceon. She was sitting calmly in the snow, looking at the large pillar of ice that had appeared. It probably reminded her of the Icey Rock that had caused her evolution, the way they both seemed to glow.

    And that was quickly discovered to be the key to this battle, at least for what he had planned later. "Gelida, use the snow as cover, sneak up behind it and then use Blizzard." Cody spoke calmly, taking another drink of water, before dropping it back into his bag. The Glaceon followed orders, and stood up. She shook once, dropping the snow from her body. Soon, she had dissapeared into the falling snow and maze of platforms.

    The snow was falling, and soon the command was called. She stood up, and ran into the snow, leaving behind soft footprints, which were quickly covered up by more snow. She paused, and completely froze the fur that covered her body. It became spikey, acting as a bit of a shield, and, she would no longer give off body heat. The snow born fox picked up speed, and leaped onto a lower platform, equal in level to the icey pillar that formed. chunks of hail continued to fall, not that she cared. As she sprinted across the platform, she prepared herself for the attack, focusing energy into her "hair" though not enough to cause them to glow.

    She soon got closer, and leaped up two platforms, and the across to behind the Porygon-2. She got as close as possible, and stopped. Her appendages began to glow a fierce white, and were soon pointing at the Pokemon. The falling snow soon concentrated into a swirl of ice and powder, which was soon accompanied by a howling wind, all rushing at PO9
  16. The plume of flame shot up, and Vixx tapped the two pegs down, closing the laptop and setting it down. The icy patch was key. It didn't matter what the Glaceon was doing, because that icy patch alone would win this battle for Vixx. When the Glaceon whipped back around the Porygon to use a blizzard attack. Two could play at that game, but two would probably end up doing nothing. One could be smarter.

    "Conversion," Vixx said calmly. His pokemon shimmered briefly, and the blizzard hit him. Vixx waited a moment, watching his pokemon spin around in the snow and wind for a moment. When the attack stopped, he was left with an Ice-Type Porygon-2. Lucky, too. Vixx smiled wryly, almost prepared to giggle at the Glaceon before him. "Flamethrower, please," Vixx commanded.

    A small twirling ball of fire appeared in front of the Porygon's beak, swirling tightly together. The ball grew bigger, and it swirled faster. The Porygon let out a cry of anger, and loosed the ball. A giant plume of flame shot out, barely even licking at the Glaceon.

    "Now," Vixx commanded. The plume grew into a column, shooting out, almost reaching the empty stands on either side. All spectators and trainers had been taken away at this point, their prize being a free trip down. The column swirled around a moment, and P09 finished with a final burst of heat. Upgrade was still in effect, greatly contributing to the pokemon's nearly unnaturally high special attack. When the pokemon stopped, it was floating closer to the ground, signaling a small degree of tiredness. Vixx's expression mimicked such a feeling, especially after such a long, sleepless night.

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