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Battle Frontier/Subway Fiascos

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by Carmen Lopez, Aug 15, 2012.

  1. I got this idea from out current conversation in chat. Have you ever had an absolute disaster or epic fail in the Battle Frontier/Tower/Subway?

    I had one when I was I did the Multi-Battle in the Battle Tower. That was the one where you could pick one of the stat trainers to be your partner. I decided to pick Riley who had a Pokemon I can't remember and Regigigas. Because it couldn't be that bad, right? Wrong! I severely underestimated just how much Slow Start sucks. If I won that battle it was a miracle. @.@
  2. Oh, I have some.

    Well first off, there was that time in the Battle Hall. I was going for my 48th battle in a row, getting close to battling the Brain, when it appeared. Shedinja. My failure there was that Blastoise didn't have any moves that could hit it, so I lost.

    Another bad memory in the Battle Hall: The time when I actually made it to the Brain, Argenta, only to have my Blastoise beaten...by NINETALES. ;_;

    It hit me with Confuse Ray, and I kept trying to attack, but failing and hurting myself, while Ninetales spammed Overheat. Then it was over, and I didn't hit the thing once.

    Also, there was the time in the Battle Tower, when Aggron and Gardevoir were doing so well, that Voltorb and Duskull showed up. Voltorb used Selfdestruct, which finished off my Gardevoir, and knocked off a quarter of Aggron's HP. Then, somehow, I used Surf(It's possible to teach one Surf) and killed them both. I believe I scored a critical hit on one of, tim, but I'm not sure which.

    I'll update some other time if I remember any other Frontier fails.

    EDIT: Sorry, I accidentally submitted this twice. Could you please delete this one, as it has a typo? Thanks.
  3. I chose Cheryl once at the Battle Tower as I thought she would balance out my team the most I had a Infernape and a Gardevoir and she had Milotic and Umbreon. Turns out both Pokemon had no attacking moves and well I came up against a Starmie and a Gengar so as you can tell my Pokemon were quickly defeated
  4. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Ahh.. This brings back bad memories. 8)

    Once upon a time I was in the middle of a fairly successful Battle Tower run on Platinum. My goal was to reach Palmer stage 2, and I just about did. It was battle 41.

    Enter Ice Fang Luxray.

    My team consisted of Steelix, Vaporeon, and a Focus Sash Charizard as my lead. When Luxray showed up I figured "Great! An easy win for Steelix", but ah, it wasn't meant to be. Luxray took its shot with Ice Fang and hit home. My giant steel serpent became a giant steel Popsicle, and damn did that Frozen status condition hold on for all it was worth. The final turn when it would've had to have worn off, my Steelix fainted. Out comes Charizard and it goes down to Thunder Fang. Vaporeon quickly met a similar fate.

    Battle over. All hope crushed thanks to a lucky status condition, its lingering effects, and, possibly, some crits and flinching. I never took on the Battle Tower with that team again. ;_;
  5. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    Once upon a time while journeying through Battle Subway I had Hilda as my partner on the Multi-Train. She had a Krookidile. It knew Earthquake. This was before I got Braviary so I had no flyers. She spammed like a whore. Guess how that went. >=O

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