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Ask to Join Bastion (Mature content)

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Nebula-Newt, Sep 4, 2017.

  1. As the sun dipped behind the broken cityscape the hustle and bustle of the day began to fade in Piccadilly, survivors heading deep underground to the catacombs they called their homes as the last of the days scavengers returned home from another tough day attempting to salvage what they could from London's corpse. As the thriving outpost began to slumber a single soul slipped through the cracks of its heavily defended walls, past the watchful eye of Piccadilly's A.I defender Excalibur and into the night. His name was Asher Kohler and depending on who you asked he was either the bravest or stupidest man in the world for daring to do what he did each night, go against every regulation that the leaders of his home and risk his life just for some good loot. But he had learnt from experience that the night was a generous mistress, coughing up more than just good loot if you earned her trust. And what's better than good loot you ask? Well great loot of course.

    And so as he had done perhaps a million times before Asher appeared from a patch of particularly deep shadows, a mere flicker of darkness himself as he slinked away into the overgrown alleyways closest to Piccadilly. In the years since the great war London, like most of the world, had been reclaimed by nature. Where humanity had once stained the landscape with nothing but concrete now stood a combination of plant life and England's fading memories. The young man navigated this environment expertly, wading through areas of floodwater, scaling vine covered walls and using his thrusters to clear large distances between the occasional roof. The visor of his helmet bathed the world in a red glow, a sophisticated night vision mode that made use of even the tiniest bit of light. Atop what may once have been a tower of flats he paused for a moment, glancing upwards at the sullen moon that hung over him like some kind of god. As much as he wasn't one to be sentimental it always comforted him that the moon looked just as it had back in Germany when he was a child, a familiar friend that was literally always there at the darkest of hours.

    After perhaps an hour of trekking through the urban jungle Asher finally came across his destination. In front of him stood what was once a large bank, its name now concealed by a thick carpet of ivy. The glass security doors had long since been shattered so he simply stepped through the front doors rather than opening them, shards of them crunching beneath his armoured feet. When it came to the metal detectors however a more careful approach was taken, most people would assume these ancient devices no longer worked or even had any power to supply them. Most people would be wrong. Activating the thrusters in his boots and the back of his armour he generated enough force to propel him up several meters into the air where he could grab the rusted safety bar of a second floor walkway. Swinging himself up from here he came across a bunch of graffiti splattered on the walls, "Bandit hide, stay away!", "Death to all!" and "Free candy within!". He was particularly proud of that last one, having wrote it himself. It was a relatively simple process of sliding down an abandoned elevator shaft that finally enabled Asher to stand before a huge vault which was only now beginning to show the first signs of aging, specks of rust here and there. The vault door was slightly ajar, not revealing much in this low light. Honestly it looked pretty abandoned. Just how he'd planned it.

    @Pretty Pichu
  2. A young lady stalked like a leopard down this mess of a city. She walked this way and that, finding a perfect place to hide. Maybe in those decrepit sky scrapers that don't even reach the skies anymore? Yea, maybe. She climbed the overgrown ivy up to a 3rd story window and pulled out her rifle, setting the stand up so she can see a long ways away comfortably. She was particularly wanting to find someone walking along this path. Someone tipped her off about this guy's nightly location, saying how he was stupid for risking his life every night looking for some good loot. She couldn't remember what this guy's name was... Did it start with an A? She thought so. Adrian? No, that's not right. He obviously didn't look like an Adrian when she saw him walking around the town helping people. And they say he's an Elite. He definitely looked the part. All that muscle guarded by armor that was top-of-the-line back then. Did the guy say he was German? If so, then his mentality definitely fits one.

    Racist comments aside, she peered through the scope of her rifle, resting the butt of the rifle against her shoulder as she takes a few deep breaths, calming herself for her stalking adventure. After the sun dimmed its lights over the horizon and slunk away from view, she saw someone. Someone with some red lights on their armor. It must be him. She peered through the scope at the figure, hoping to see it was him. The figure looked the part, and when she saw the weapons and armor as he walked closer to her nest, she smiled, as it was him. She put her rifle away, and looked down at him, watching him leave toward a bank of some kind. She quickly rushed herself out of the building by the ivy vines and crouched, silently walking and watching out for the rubble that could potentially tip him off that she was there. She decided to turn on her Sound-Dampening watch, jogging towards the man. When she finally made it to some more rubble nearby, she crouched down just in time for the timer on the watch to run out, turning off and recharging.

    This guy has to be it, she thought. No one else is this brave. She sneaked around the rubble as the man went in the bank. She heard the crunching of glass beneath his feet as he walked forward. She got to the doorway, when she saw the mine fly upwards with those rocket boots of his to get to a walkway above them. She decided to use his distraction of the sound to sneak her way past all the glass, the chinking noises being masked by the sound the thrusters had made. She gets past the glass section just in time for the man to turn off his thrusters, landing at least 10 feet above her. She followed him stealthily, quickly glancing at her watch to see that it was still charging up for another use. She just had to stay back for a bit. She went up the stairs, using the rubble as some sort of stepping stones to get up easier, since the stairs were quite dead and not of any use.

    As the man went toward a vault, she closed in, hoping she could get him. She turned on her watch, seeing that it was fully charged, and she unsheathed her hunting knives, the sound being dampened. She had a knack for prying apart people's armor and finding all the lovely weaknesses in between their armor plating. She just hoped she can get this guy's intel. That same man who had tipped this man off told her that he knew something about those biological machines, the ones that destroyed her home. She wanted answers. She crouched and walked forward, knowing that any sound she made was going to be masked for the next 5 seconds. She knew she had enough time to attempt to take him out. She stood up completely and dove towards him, attempting to lock her arm around his neck and put the knife to his jugular, as the sound-dampener faded and began charging again.
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  3. Over the years that Asher had managed to survive he had acquired a particular set of skills. Under his belt he had marksman, tracker, some hacking skills, basic medical training, hand to hand combat and even fishing. It wasn't any of those that saved him from the surprise attack being launched on him however, no, it all came down to the very thing he had come here to see in the first place. Out from the depths of the vault had appeared a small spherical creature, roughly 7 inches in height. It had a pair of small arms that extended from its body and ended in a pair of tiny claws. The odd being seemed to be half machine and half biological, it had a metal exoskeleton and a small screen in the centre of its body displaying a simple smiley face but from cracks in its shell sprouted luminescent tendrils that flicked and moved through the air at random. Upon realising there was another human here other than the one it had come to trust the little "Habal" as they were called let out a shrill whistle and retracted all of its tendrils inside of its body. In the split second he had to analyse this reaction Asher realised there must be something else behind him, Bal hadn't reacted like that to him for months now. So just as his would be attacker leapt towards him he span round on his heel and activated his hard light shield, blocking her attack with the glowing blue force field.

    With the attack successfully blocked he unsheathed his pistol and aimed it directly at the woman, in such a way that the sleek black barrel was pointing directly at her head. Behind his helmet a smirk formed. Not today death, not today. Who the hell was this lass anyway? Surely she didn't follow him all the way from Piccadilly, he would have noticed...then again she almost got the drop on him so best not to underestimate this foe. Bal had rolled up so that it was now hiding right behind the Echo's leg, it's tiny digital face peering out at the intruder.

    "Honey I don't know who the hell you think you are but you made a biiiiiig mistake coming here. Like bullet in the head big, you understand?" He snarled, cocking his head to the side slightly as he considered pulling the trigger before even giving her a chance to respond.
  4. Andrea fell to the ground as she hit the shield, bouncing a little as she hit the floor. She saw the barrel pointed at her, and decided to not move quickly. She could easily die here. She held up her hands slowly and dropped her weapon. When she saw the little machine, she glared at it, but something stopped her from saying something rude to it. It looked defenseless, like a baby or a pet. She looked up at the snarling man before her and chuckled. Her voice never betrayed her feelings of slight trepidation as she calmly talked with him like it was the weather.

    "Oh, how are you? I was just wondering if I could just stop by. Someone told me you had information about those... Things," she spat, directing most of that toward that little thing cowering behind his foot. "I know you are what they call an Elite, or an Echo, or whatever the hell you're called now. But I would gladly appreciate that you put that gun of yours down, since I already dropped my weapon. Courtesy? Especially for a young lady like me?" she fluttered her eyes at him, knowing that this false show wasn't going to work against a guy like him. But she has seen him take trips to the bar before... "Or, I could buy you a drink. How's that?"

    She spent most of her time trying not to get killed, that she didn't even notice the little bugger she was spatting at just a few moments ago.
  5. A moment of frosty silence followed the young woman's question as Asher hesitated to answer, enjoying the fact that she had no idea what he was thinking behind his red visor. Time seemed to stretch for an age until part of the wall crumbled down about 5 feet away from the trio and Asher chuckled, removing his gun from the woman's head.

    "You certainly know your way to this mans heart. A drink it is. But no way were going all the way back to a bar, far too easy for you to slip away into the dark on the way there, nah I have a stash here that we can use whilst you explain yourself properly." He replied. bending down to scoop up his small robotic companion so that he could walk over to a wall safe and type in the key code, revealing it to be full of booze. He chucked a clear unlabelled bottle of something that burned the throat over to his would be attacker, taking another for his self.

    "Just so were clear I'm going to let you say your part but any funny business and...well you get the picture." He warned, tapping his pistol against the bottle in his hand. "And I'm a terrific shot when I'm drunk."
  6. The lady shrugged at his threat while trying to stifle her laughter of imagining this guy shooting bull's eyes while "white girl wasted". She grabbed the bottle and her knife, and got up slowly. She took her once fallen knife and used it to pry the bottle cap off, sheathing her knife and taking a generous sip. The feel of the burning sensation running down her throat to her stomach made her feel peppy, and full of life. She felt thankful for such a drink, and she forgot all that she came here for, until she saw the creature. She shook her head, leaning against the crumbling wall. Her relaxed nature and enjoying a drink with her prey probably looked a little confusing, since her life was pretty much in danger just a moment ago. She then introduced herself, completely forgetting about the past even that just happened:

    "I'm sorry for being so rude and forthcoming in this day and age. My name is Andrea Langley, and thank you for this nice beer you got here. Whatever it is, it's making me feel less like complete and utter crap. What's your name? Also, I was wondering about that information... Someone had told me that you had some juicy gossip about those biomechanical abominations, or at least knew something I already didn't know. I have been searching far and wide to know such things, but it's almost impossible for me to get my hands on any of it... I even risked my life to go to places further than the nearest outpost, and I still haven't found anything... All I got was radiation sickness from the wasteland out there...."

    While she was talking, she was swirling the bottle around, as if it were gonna get better slightly stirred by momentum. She then took a swig after her talk, reveling in the lovely kick of the beer as she slightly winced from it going down a little faster than she had anticipated, causing her to cough a bit.

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