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DPPt/HGSS Baby Chimchars, Feebas, Chanseys, Vulpixes, Raltses, Oddishes... 2-FOR-1 DEAL!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Trades and Battles' started by HustleMode, Jun 4, 2007.

  1. My Pokeymans have been mating like shameless, lil' fiends and I now have the following baby pokemon in my possession:

    6 Chimchars
    14 Feebas
    6 Ralts
    4 Vulpix
    13 Chansey (10 w/Aromatherapy; 3 w/Thunderbolt and Light Screen)
    11 Oddish (All with Synthesis)
    4 Smoochum
    7 Eevee

    Now gimme a trade offer I can't refuse! I'll even offer you 2 of the above-mentioned pokemon for the price of one!
  2. What Natures do you have for Ralts, Chimchar, Smoochum, and Eevee? I may be interested if they have the nature that I want
  3. I'd be interested in a Smoochum and feebas. Do you need any other starter from any of the generations?
  4. Deal! How about a Bulbasaur please?

    [quote author=Figs link=topic=2040.msg20360#msg20360 date=1180923279]
    What Natures do you have for Ralts, Chimchar, Smoochum, and Eevee? I may be interested if they have the nature that I want

    Ralts: Jolly, Quirky, Bashful, Timid, Mild, Relaxed
    Chimchar: Quirky x2, Relaxed, Calm x2, Bashful
    Smoochum: Bashful, Jolly, Serious, Docile
    Eevee: Bashful, Serious, Quiet, Quirky, Hardy, Impish, Docile
  5. Deal then, though I would like any of the non-jolly Smoochums. The nature of Feebas doesn't matter at all.

    I'm currently doing a bit of levelling, but I can get a Bulbasaur bred relatively quickly. Are you able to trade in just under 25 minutes at half past the hour?

    Also if you need another starter I'd go for Vulpix and Oddish.
  6. Deal, deal, please see me in the wifi lobby.
  7. What other starter did you want then?
  8. Hmm... how about that 2nd generation plant pokemon? (I don't recall the name at the moment)
  9. Sure, I'll have a Chickorita in a few minutes.
  10. Alright, I'll be waiting in the wifi lobby.

    Which friend code should I register to connect with you, considering you have both Diamond and Pearl apparently?
  11. Diamond, since it's the only one I've really bothered with (hence only 1 badge on Pearl).
  12. Pleasure doin' business with cha mate!
  13. Heheh, good accent there. Nice trading with you, cheers.
  14. Lucario here and I am currently lookin for a little ralts buddy I am OK on any nature excluding Lax, and so yeah I could trade you a chickorita egg maybe a torchic, anythings fine with me but trade has to be tonight, sorry if that isn't convienient...

    -Lucario King
  15. My Mr. Mime was gettin' all up in Jynx's junk last night and I now have plenty of Smoochum in stock!

    And updated list of pokeymans I have to offer:

    6 Chimchars
    16 Feebas
    6 Ralts (All w/Shadowball; Forgot to mention that)
    10 Vulpix (7 w/Flamthrower and Iron Tail; 3 Without)
    13 Chansey (10 w/Aromatherapy; 3 w/Thunderbolt and Light Screen)
    9 Oddish (All with Synthesis)
    9 Smoochum (All with Meditate, Light Screen, Reflect)
    7 Eevee

    PrinceRioulo, I already have a Chickorita and a Torchic in my possession. You have anything else to offer?
  16. sure, I have charmander and piplup and I also have have... well I have a lot of others
  17. How about a Treeko to finish my Grass starter collection?
  18. I'll give you a I'll give you an Articuno for a Feebas girl please plus I'll throw in a Moltres friend code is 0988 8598 3484
  19. I really want a feebas, have a look at my Topic to ses if theres anything ur interested in. cheers, natures and genders, i dont care
  20. I'd actually like one or two of those Eevees, Any Pokemon that you personally want?
  21. Oh, If you'd like, I could take one of those Vulpix and a Feebas offa your hands! XD

    I don't have much, but is there anything you'd like? I have some. . . *shakes pokemon box and it rattles* I've got a few Steelix, a couple Retarded Zubats, and some Aerodactyls. . . ^^;

    Not much, but.
  22. Oh man, I'd love a Chimchar or an eevee...

    I don't have a lot...I have a Drifloon, Happiny, extra cleffa...

    Pretty pathetic I know. I'm pretty new to the game, haha
  23. What do you have?
  24. if y give me a chimchar i will give y a prinplup
  25. oh and a evee plz
  26. NonAnalogue

    Friend Code:
    diggalga: Warned for double-posting.
  27. il have a ralts want u want for it??? ???
  28. Well, if you have 14 Feebas, could I offer you...say... a level 40 Bronzong?
  29. Can i have a smoochum and feebas i'll give you a rotom or cresselia
  30. i'm interested in a female low level ralts, a chimchar, an eevee and the lvl 7 vulpix!!!

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