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Awkward Pokemon Moments.

Discussion in 'Pokémon Chat' started by BurnKirby, Jan 1, 2011.

  1. As the title suggets, you can post any of your awkward moments related to Pokemon here. Ever used a terrible Pokemon on an old playthrough of a game? Ever tried catching a rare Pokemon only to find out you forgot to stock up on PokeBalls? Ever encountered a wild Pokemon in an area you didn't know it lived in? This is the place to share it.

    I'll start with a realiztion I recently made:

    I consider myself a decent Pokemon trainer now. I'm not the best, but I know I'm getting better. Looking back though, I remember using some pretty bad Pokemon in playthroughs of older games. For example, I once caught a Paras in Pokemon Red and actually used him as part of my team. I also remember once using a Magcargo in Pokemon Colleseum. Now I wonder what I was thinking back then. No wonder I used to have so much trouble playing Pokemon using Pokemon like that!
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    Question. Can we tell about non-game experiences as well (like awkward moments related to being a Pokemon fan in general), or were you thinking just game-related stuff? If it's the latter, this thread doesn't belong here and could probably be merged with the "Pokemon fails" thread on the Pokémon Games Discussion board. :X
  3. my very awkward moment in pokemon is in firered version. in my very first time using it, I don't know how the situation goes. I don't know how to choose pokemon and what are the uses of those attacks and defenses that was used. in my very first attempt, I finally choose squirtle,and used it in pewter.but when I reached vermilion city,i used it against the electric types,not knowing that it's weak against it, and imagine that having only squirtle(now a wartortle in that time) and having no more arsenals in my hand,but luckily i made it through,though raichu uses shock wave.that's my awkward pokemon moments.

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  4. Well, one would be when I accidentally went into a Wi-Fi battle with my egg hatching team.

    Flareon lv. 1
    Magmortar lv. 100
    Staraptor lv. 65

    .....Needless to say I got my arse handed to me.

    As for a truely awkward Pokemon moment, I was hanging out with my cousin's friend, who claimed to be a Pokemon genious. He asked me questions like "What Pokemon is #25 in the Pokedex?" or "What Pokemon sleeps for 18 hours?". I answered those correctly, however then the next question was weird. "What is the last Pokemon?" I said Rayquaza, because at the time gen 3 was just begining. However, then he growled and punched me. "NO! IT'S MEW! NOT THOSE STUPID WANNABE'S, MEW!!!!!!" Needless to say, it was very awkward sitting there next to the RBY purist with anger issues. So awkward it's embedded in my memory.
  5. In that case, I remember one time, I was talking to one of my freinds about Pokemon and I found out that he thought that Lucario was a psychic/fighting type. Needless to say, I had to correct him and tell him it is a steel/fighting type. The strange thing is, I still can't if my friend just needs to study up on Pokemon some more or if I'm a Pokemon maniac.
  6. Moment #1: I was having a double battle with a friend of mine on SoulSilver and we both sent out Dittos...

    Moment #2: I was in a pokemon HG and SS tournament and accidentally went into battle with my baby pokemon team...

    Moment #3: I let my bro play my SS game and he caught a Magmar. Bad thing is that he nicknamed it "Denis" but misspelled it... you can probably see how that turned out...
  7. Alright, my buddy and I were starting up our Diamond and Pearl games about a year or two ago, we sent out our double battle teams, apparently we both thought up of annoying the other with Attract, another problem is, we both had only one gender teams, I had an all buck team while he had an all female team, talk about the longest dang match we've had for a while.
  8. An Awkward moment for me (which keeps happening from time to time) is when I like Pokemon, and constatly told I am too old for it, so I don't tell my friends that I play Pokemon... But there was this one time when me and one my friends were talking, and somehow Pokemon became the topic.

    so I ask him "Do you like Pokemon?",
    he replies "Yeah, me and my brother both play it."
    I asked him "What game do you play?"
    he replies "Pearl"
    he then asks "Do you play Pokemon?"
    then I reply "Yeah"
    he asked "which one?"
    and I reply " Diamond"

    after our conversation he tells me that some of our other friends play Pokemon as well...
    and I respond to him "What.....!? I didn't know that!"

    And even today, I still don't know how we end up talking about Pokemon....... kind of awkward, right?
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