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Private/Closed Aventure De Gymnases

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Green Dragon, Oct 14, 2014.

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  1. Green Dragon

    Green Dragon Formerly supertrainer300

    [OOC:] It is finally here, guys! The amazing Aventure De Gymnases! And GOOOO!

    "Bubbles, Bubble attack on that tree!" Martin Greenwood commanded, once again feeling ironic about the name he'd given his Froakie. A new Trainer, Martin had started in Lumiose City, his hometown. Or home city, he thought to himself, snickering. That was what he'd called Lumiose since he'd moved from Kiloude City at the age of seven. When he turned eleven, he decided it was time for a journey. He'd walked to Professor Sycamore's lab, knowing he was the best Pokemon researcher in all of Kalos. There, he was given a choice. "Choose Chespin, Fennekin, or Froakie!" the Professor had told him. He chose Froakie, realizing it was a very rare, strange-colored Pokemon, being black with grey spots instead of the usual blue. Then he named it Bubbles, not knowing that Bubble was a move it could use. Then, the professor gave him five Pokeballs and a Pokedex, to bring on his journey. With thanks to the professor, he left for Santalune City.

    Now, on this beautiful day, he was training Bubbles by having him fight trees and wild Pokemon just outside of Santalune. "Bubbles, Bubble attack!" he commanded, constantly reprimanding himself for thinking of "Bubbles". As it was, he'd grown a love-to-hate relationship with the name. He was about to tell Bubbles to use Water Pulse, when he was interrupted by a female voice, "New Trainer, are you?" Martin whirled around, and found himself face-to-face with a young brunette, a little shorter than he was, with two Pokeballs on her belt. She held a smug look on her face. "Yes, I am," Martin replied. Being shy, he wasn't used to having someone in his space. "If it's a battle you're looking for, you're on. One-on-one?" he suggested.

    Bing, bing, bing bing bing went the Pokemon Center's healing machine. Bubbles had been beaten pretty badly by the girl's Pansage. He knew he had to catch more Pokemon, but there was more to it than that. He could feel it. I will become a better Trainer, Martin told himself. I've just got to.

    [OOC:]So, what you think? Just a note: This is a private RP. So, to my two friends (you know who you are), I again say: GOOOOOO!
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  2. Christopher had picked the wrong Pokemon.

    It wasn't his fault- He didn't know what to expect from a Kalosian starter, as Chris had always lived in Hoenn. He thought he would get a quick special attacker, not some slow, bulky, brute like Chespin. The feeling was mutual for the Chespin as well. His owner was no battler. Chespin had been trained to tell- their walk, their style. Ever since she hatched, she saw different trainers enter and leave- Breeders, Coordinators, and Battlers. Chris, with no doubt, was a coordinator. Her least favorite kind of trainer.

    They were all the same, dressing their Pokemon up in tight, painful clothing, making them do stupid tricks for the entertainment of some low-life judge. The only good coordinators were the ones that went big time. Most rookies didn't go as far, and Chespin definitely didn't expect Chris to go very far.

    Christopher walked into the Pokemon center, holding Chespin in his red-and-white Pokeball. The large steel doors shut behind him as he walked towards the the counter where a cheerful lady stood smiling.

    "Excuse me, but could you heal my Pokemon?" Chris asked. "She got pretty beat up."

    The nurse gently put the Pokeball on the healing machine. The machine rang thrice and the nurse returned the Pokeball. Chris was about to go, but he noticed someone quite familiar. Chris came up to him in curiosity.
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  3. Blaise-Clair jaunted down a familiar stoney walk in Lumiose. He was in fact, very lost. Every street looked the same! He knew navigating through the massive city would be a challenge, coming from the small river town of Aquacorde, but he didn't know every single thing was parallel to each other!

    "I'm lost...." Blaise mumbled to himself.

    Blaise, formally Blaise-Clair LeSol, loathed the girly name he bound from his parents. He remembered his mother, Bertille LeSol, was indeed very found of it.

    "But Clair, you're named after your kind Auntie Clair! You wouldn't want to upset her in her grave if you cursed her name like that, now would you?" His mother explained to him when he was very young. He just liked to go by "Blaise".

    While he knew she was just joking around he couldn't help but notice the sadness in his mother's eyes as she spoke about her late older sister. Poor Auntie Clair died when she was just only twelve. She was in an accident involving a crazed Rhyhorn. This was why his parents, especially Bertille, were reluctant on letting his older sister Christelle go on a Pokemon Journey. But good ol' Chris was smart and worked loopholes around mom and dad.

    Remembering Christelle brought tears to Blaise's dark ebony eyes.

    "Bongour mo'sieur! I say! You're lookin' mighty find today! Hows 'bout yous in'rested in winning a com plenary Lumiose City exclusive Pok'ball for donating to the Abused Pok'mon Sanctuary! Made in heres Lumi itself! Alls you gotta do is help by donating to our cause! Hows 'bout it? Could you help innocent Pok'mon in need?" A girl with curly amber hair in roller skates asked holding a jar with cash in it.

    Blaise's parents told him not to trust anyone and to stay away from oddball characters. He knew there was something different about this girl...

    "Who would lie about abused Pokemon?" Blaise reflected.

    Cheerily, he pulled ¥3500 from his green wallet.

    "Uh will this do miss?" Blaise nervously asked holding out the newly printed tan folds of paper.

    The girl's eyes lit up. The Driftloon tied around her waist shook in excitement. Being a big city and all Blaise was fully aware of that prices of things would increase by an ample amount. He was glad to be helping out poor neglected Pokemon!

    "Thanks dude. Your prize is looked in that Pokemon Center over there." The girl hurriedly said with her accent absent. She gave the jar to her Driftloon to hold and the two scurried down another street that seemed to collide with the rest of the labyrinth the city of light seemed to be.

    The young trainer from Aquacorde sauntered into the red roofed building, scanning the room for the box with the complimentary Pokeballs supposedly contained inside.

    Blaise walked up to the Nurse's desk.

    "Uh excuse miss. Do you know where the free Pokeballs for the Abused Pokemon donations are?" He asked timid and anxious as ever.

    The women in pink stared at him confused then shook her head. Blaise heard a scoff emerge from a crowd.

    "Did you really fall for that prank? Ha! Poor kid!" A tall teenager in red laughed with her arm wrapped around a Liepard's neck.

    Blaise felt his face burn with embarrassment.

    "Sorry little dude. I got scammed by those guys too. Wasn't it a girl with curly pigtails and in roller-skates with a Driftloon tied around her waist? Yeah you got to be careful." Said another teenager as he sprayed his relaxed Zigzagoon with a Potion.

    From the crowd of Trainers resting and replenishing both themselvesand their Pokemon, two very familiar boys stood out from the rest and caught the attention of Blaise. They were the boys from this morning! Blaise sighed in reliefs knowing that he was with some people he, kinda, knew in this strange city. Blaise lunged towards the boys eager and excited with the feeling of ease and familiarity.

    OOC) Sorry was that too long? I'm glad we're finally getting this up and running!
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  4. Green Dragon

    Green Dragon Formerly supertrainer300

    [OOC:]Awesome, our first two replies. So Martin is in Santalune, Blaise is in. . . I think Aquacorde? And I'm guessing that's where Chris is too. Alright, Martin goes there!

    [BIC:]"Bubbles, Water Pulse on that tree!" Martin's Froakie obeyed, sending a concentrated orb of water spiraling at the tree they were using for target practice. They were just outside of Santalune City, training to challenge the Santalune Gym Leader.

    Suddenly, Martin whirled around. Interrupted by another girl. "Bongour mo'sieur! I say! You're lookin' mighty find today! Hows 'bout yous in'rested in winning a com plenary Lumiose City exclusive Pok'ball for donating to the Abused Pok'mon Sanctuary! Made in heres Lumi itself! Alls you gotta do is help by donating to our cause! Hows 'bout it? Could you help innocent Pok'mon in need?"

    Abused Pokemon, Martin thought. I did hear there was something like that going on. . . Martin pulled ¥1500 from his pocket. "Will this be enough?"
    "Yeah, that there'll be more than 'nuff!" The girl exclaimed, and bolted on roller skates down Route 2, to Aquacorde Town. "Hey, wait!" Martin shouted after her. "Don't I get a prize or somethin'? Oh, now I'm doing it! Come back here!"

    And Martin sprinted down the path to Aquacorde Town.
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  5. Blaise walked up to one of the boys. This one in particular, was picking at the zipper on his green silky jacket. His bleached hair glistened in the light projected from the fluorescent bulbs on the ceiling of the Pokemon Center. His eyes were that the same hue of brown as the fallen plumage of a Pigedy, a mob of birds that frequently shrouded the limestone streets of Aquacorde. He stood relaxed gazing off at the nurse attendant.

    Blaise straightened his posture. He took a deep breath. The young boy from Aquacorde racked his brain for conversation starters. He just had to make this guy his friend!

    "What do we already have in common? Hm... We got our first Pokemon from Sycamore's lab! Yes that's it!"

    He grinned feeling clever, recovering the memory that hadn't happened too long ago when he and the boy (along with another male) bumped into each other as they each chose their Pokemon.

    "H-hi! Remember me? I'm Blaise. The guy that kinda bumped into you when we were getting our Pokemon at Sycamore's lab! How's your Chespin doing? Have you battled anyone yet?" Blaise introduced after poking the blond on the shoulder.

    He was relieved he remembered what Pokemon the boy chose. Blaise straightened his back and dug his hands into the front pockets of his new sleek jeans as the boy in green slowly turned around.

    OOC) I think Spax wanted to reply to this. Sorry again for this late reply! I'm currently studying and doing homework!
  6. "Hm?" Chris responded. "Oh yeah, you're the guy that got the Fennekin, right?"

    Chris was quite happy to greet a new face. Chris had always thought partership led to success. Perhaps he could convince Blaise to join him in his upcoming journey.

    "No, I havent gotten a chance to battle," Chris answered. "All Ive been able to do walk around the city a bit."
  7. Green Dragon

    Green Dragon Formerly supertrainer300

    Martin was lost.
    He had chased that stupid girl all over Lumiose City, until she cut a back alley and lost him. Now he was lost.

    "Stupid stupid stupid," he muttered, wandering aimlessly down a side street. Suddenly he was punched in the arm.
    "You talkin' to me?" An angry, tough-guy voice asked. Martin spun around to see an older kid, about 15 by looks.
    "No," Martin said. "Just talking about someone else I know."
    "Are you lost or something?" the older boy asked.
    "Er, uh, no." Martin replied, not wanting to be embarrassed.
    "Yup. Definitely lost." the older boy said. "Listen, I'm a regular here. Where you wanna go?"
    "I'm looking for the Pokemon Center." At least there he might find out where the thief might be.
    "Alright. That's pretty simple. You gotta go straight from here until you hit the Lumiose Gym, the big tower? Then you go left until you hit the Sycamore Pokemon Lab, then go right. Got that?"
    "Yup," Martin said and he began to walk.


    Ten minutes later, he arrived at the Pokemon Center. He looked around, still walking. . . and bumped smack into two other trainers, with Chespin and Fennekin respectively.
    "Er. . . uh. . . hiiii?"

    [OOC:] In your guys' posts, it's fine if the three of them strike up a conversation, but if anyone has a battle, post in the conversation to tell me to join. OK?
  8. OOC) *EDIT* I'm adding in Martin to ease down on the confusion!


    "Oh I haven't battled anyone else either! I've been walking around here too, I keep getting lost. Ha ha," Blaise laughed.

    He smiled after Chris' acknowledgement of him choosing Fennekin. Not many people really remembered Blaise's existence.

    He scanned the room searching for something to keep the conversation going. Posters of a brunette woman wearing a ruffled gown posed with an elegant Roserade were plastered all over the Pokemon Center's walls. Under the posers the poster read:

    "Pokemon Contest Special Event!"

    "Hey, Chris is it? See those Pokemon Contest posters everywhere? Doesn't it look pretty exciting? Oh I was wondering, since we both haven't battled anyone yet... Could we maybe try against each other!" Blaise peeped excitedly.

    Psyched after reading the poster, Blaise couldn't just stand still. He was pumped urging to get his Pokemon Journey started off with a bang. Without Chris' concession, Blaise took a hold of his wrist and ran towards the exit of the Center dragging the boy along with him. Just then a body headlong bumped into Blaise's knocking him over, along with Chris. Blaise just happened to knock into the boy who chose Froakie! What luck!
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  9. [OoC] Yes, this is good.

    Chris blinked several times before getting up. His head stung for a short period of time until the pain subsided. He rubbed it several times to be sure there was no lump. Chris rose from the floor and stumbled to his feet. He brushed off his green jacket and stood there taking glances around the crowded Pokemon Center. People were taking breaks from their conversations to investigate the accident.

    "Sorry about that," Chris said. "I didn't see you there."

    Then, Chris took a longer look at the mysterious boy. Chris knew this guy. He was the one that grabbed the Froakie! Chris held his hand out to the boy, offering to help him up. Chris didn't want to be a jerk to a potential friend.

    "Heh," Chris said awkwardly. "What a coincidence meeting you here!"
  10. Green Dragon

    Green Dragon Formerly supertrainer300

    "Heh," said one of the boys, the one with the Chespin. "What a coincidence meeting you here!"

    "Coincidence. . ." Martin muttered. "Oh yeah! You two! We bumped at the Sycamore Lab, right?"
  11. "Yep, that's the one!" Chris replied happily. "You're the one that got the Froakie, right?"

    Chris' excited grin soon shrank as he looked behind himself seeing Blaise.

    "Hey, you," Chris said. "You alright?"
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  12. Green Dragon

    Green Dragon Formerly supertrainer300

    "Yep, that's the one!" the boy with the Chespin replied happily. "You're the one that got the Froakie, right?"

    "Yeah, that's me." Martin replied. Suddenly, the Chespin boy - Martin could not for the love of Arceus place his name - turned to the Fennekin boy, and said, "Hey, you. You alright?"
    Noticing the Chespin boy's concern, Martin also turned to the Fennekin boy. "Yeah, you OK? Sorry about the crash."
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  13. Blaise rubbed his head, his face stained in red of the embarrassment he just made of himself.

    "Darn it... I should've watched where I was going!"

    Blaise opened up his eyes. His dark eyes landed upon Chris, who was standing in front of him barely grinning.

    "Sorry! I wasn't thinking... I'm sorry..," he apologized.

    "Of course I had to get ahead of myself... This always happens! There goes my possible friends!"

    The reckless Aquacordian rose up from the tan tile floor only to fall back down on his rear. His fingers grazed his forehead. A big bump had formed.

    Chris clasped Blaise's hand gently helping him up. His face still rouge.

    "Thanks," he began. Blaise noticed the Froakie trainer standing the the building's entrance. He seemed to be worried about him too. Blaise smiled at the boy bashfully.

    "H-hi. Uh I'm Blaise. Blaise-Clair LeSol... Um I was wondering... Would anyone like to battle against me and my Fennekin?"
  14. Green Dragon

    Green Dragon Formerly supertrainer300

    The Fennekin boy seemed awkward, trying to get up and apologizing, but falling back down. He got up, and walked over to Martin. "Um I was wondering... Would anyone like to battle against me and my Fennekin?"

    "Sure, let's go," Martin replied. "By the way, the name is Martin. How about you two?"

    [OOC:]This is gonna be my last post for a bit, since it's 10:00 in the evening here. OK guys? :)
  15. OOC) OMG it's 10 over here too! Where are you from?! (Tell in Conversation)


    The three boys stood in an alleyway between two parallel buildings. Chris leaned against a brick wall a distance away from his new comrades that were about to battle. Blaise clutched the Pokeball that held the fire fox Pokemon Fennekin. Like always he was nervous, but this time by the battle between him and Martin that was about to occur.

    He was used to the battles between him and his sister Christelle or his father. They always went easy on Blaise, using fairly weak Pokemon. His sister would use a puny Pokemon she had found around town and had caught. One of the Pokemon included a Zigzagoon, Chrisy had caught on Route 1, named Vincent; and a cute Budew she had caught in Sinnoh named Basile. Blaise used his mother's Butterfree during those nostalgic battles...

    Martin held his Pokeball in his hand with a smirk on his face. Blaise took a breath. He focused on Martin. He clicked that button on the Pokeball opening the capsule and letting out a blue flashing light.

    "Flamme I choose you!"
  16. Green Dragon

    Green Dragon Formerly supertrainer300

    Martin was not very confident about how he would do, given the battle with the Pansage girl. However, he tried not to let it show, keeping a smirk on his face. "Alright Blaise, let's go!" he shouted, clicking the button on his one Pokeball.

    It enlarged in his hand with a flash, and Martin, striking a pose, threw it as hard as he could. In the air, it suddenly burst open. "Bubbles, I'm counting on you!"
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  17. A ceil blue Froakie stood on the soon-to-be battlefield awaiting its trainer's orders. Blaise had seen Froakie before in the magazines his mother had bought and picture books he read as a child, but this Froakie in particular was a tint lighter than the ones represented in those essays.

    Along with the Froakie, entitled "Bubbles", was Blaise's own signature Pokemon Flamme, a small Fennekin. The moment he set his eyes on the Fennekin for the first time he knew it was a keeper. While it was smaller than the other Fennekin housed in Sycamore's lab, it seemed as it was kind of like "fate" for Blaise to choose him as his first Pokemon. He knew he could buff up the runt into a hardy, loyal partner!

    But now Blaise somewhat regretted his decision, as he stared down at Martin's lean Froakie in horror. There was both a type and a size advantage!

    Blaise took his new shiny Pokedex and flashed it in front of Flamme. The red device recorded information on Blaise's Pokemon.

    "Let's see what moves Flamme has..."

    Now decided, Blaise shut the Pokedex and pushed it back into the back pocket of his jeans.

    "Flamme! Use Scratch!" Blaise commanded.

    His petit Fennekin cantered its teeny body at Bubbles as it sharpened his baby claws.
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  18. Green Dragon

    Green Dragon Formerly supertrainer300

    I so got this, Martin thought.
    Blaise had called out a very small Fennekin, the same one Martin had watched him choose at Sycamore's lab. He knew Blaise had thought he could raise the runt easily, but now Martin could see regret on his face.

    He was called out of his thoughts by Blaise's first command. "Flamme! Use Scratch!"
    Martin watched as the tiny Fennekin ran at Bubbles, drawing its white claws. "Bubbles! Counter with Water Pulse!" Bubbles began to create a swelling, spherical bubble, and fill it with Water energy. Water was super effective on fire, and he knew if this hit, it could very well be game, set, and match for Blaise.
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  19. A large spiral torrent whirled into Flamme's direction. In the back of his mind Blaise knew the frail Fennekin couldn't dodge such an attack.

    "Flamme! Dodge it!" He encouraged.

    But Flamme was too slow to evade the incoming swirling rapid. It's teeny body lagged as Flamme's petty legs carried it barely away from the attack. Even Flamme was fully aware that it couldn't escape from Bubbles' Water Pulse. And in due time the Water Pulse splashed against Flamme's entirety. The blue impact knocked Flamme into the ground drenching him in water.

    "Flamme? Are you okay buddy?" Blaise stared at his soaked Fennekin laying on the stone ground.

    Still with a face of uncertainty, Flamme rose off the ground shivering but eager. The small fox looked back at Blaise and gave a yip. Flamme still wanted to battle. And Blaise knew this too.

    "Okay let's do this Flamme! Use Ember!" Blaise grinned and his eyes lit to silver excited.

    Flamme waddled towards Bubbles with its path uneven and tripping over itself. But this did not discourage Flamme. For some reason it didn't want to disappoint his trainer, like it did once in the past...

    Small orange blazes emerged from Flamme's tail. They spun around Flamme in a fury and then zoomed right at Bubbles.
  20. Chris leaned against a wall of a nearby building, watching the intriguing battle unfold. His Chespin stood by him, carefully examining the Froakie.

    I cant believe Froakie insistes in fighting the runt, Chespin thought. That's just dirty fighting.

    Chris began to make bets in his head. Martin's got this. No way Blaise can beat him
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  21. Green Dragon

    Green Dragon Formerly supertrainer300

    Martin was excited. He could almost hear Chris thinking to himself, Martin's got this.
    Once more, Blaise's command called him out of his thought.

    "Flamme, use Ember!"
    Flamme began to charge some bright red wisps of fire in its mouth, and would be firing them in due time. Martin decided not to let that happen. "Bubbles, extinguish that! Bubble attack!" He knew his friends would be laughing their heads off, but it was Bubbles' fastest water move. Bubbles spewed a stream of small blue orbs at the tiny Flamme.
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  22. "Try to dodge it Flamme!" Blaise insisted.

    Fleeting balls of water shot right into the Fennekin who wasn't quick enough to elude Bubbles' attack. Flamme's body was tossed across the stonework path, his body skidded to a stop at Blaise's feet. Flamme was cloaked in an array of bloody gashes and cuts.

    "FLAMME!" Blaise shrieked. He crouched down to the limp Fennekin and held him Flamme in his arms.

    "Great job buddy...," He whispered into Flamme's ear.

    Blaise needed to take Flamme to a Pokemon Center. Immediately.
  23. Chris could see that the Fennekin's wounds were a lot more serious than they should be. Chris immediately ran over to Blaise and his Fennekin.

    "Is he alright?" Chris asked. "I'll get a taxi!"

    Chris, now panicked, charged towards the street, searching for one of Lumiose's efficient taxis. Out of the crowded four-lane traffic, Chris spotted a blue sedan with a triangular prism sitting on top of the roof.

    "Bingo!" Chris yelled to the others. He then put his thumb and index finger into his mouth forming a semi-circle, and he exhaled. Out came a loud, high pitched whistle that immediately caught the attention of the bored taxi driver.

    "Guys, over here!" Chris said, running towards the taxi urgently.
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  24. Flamme wheezed as he struggled to breathe in Blaise's arms.

    "Don't worry Flamme. We'll get you healed up in a jiffy. You'll be okay... See? That nice guy Chris over there just called a taxi," Blaise comforted rocking the Fennekin back and forth.

    "Who knew an attack like Bubble would cause such injuries...."

    Chris stood out at the end of the alleyway holding the taxi. He had a worried expression on his face. Blaise stood up slowly making sure to balance Flamme in a way so that he wouldn't be uncomfortable and headed towards the blue coupe.

    "C'mon Martin!" Blaise said nudging his head at Martin towards the Lumious taxi and Chris.

    Deep down he felt awful making Flamme battle knowing there was a major type disadvantage. But Blaise also felt bad for an unknown reason towards Bubbles and Martin. He honestly felt ashamed and inferior in the boy's sublime presence. Like there was something to be guilty about how their battle played out in the end. But, why?

    OOC) Martin time! ❤
  25. Green Dragon

    Green Dragon Formerly supertrainer300

    ~The Pokemon Center . . .

    Bing, bing, bing bing bing, went the Pokemon Center's healing machine. "Your Fennekin will be just fine," Nurse Joy assured Blaise.

    Martin was depressed. He knew he should have called off the battle after Water Pulse hit, but somehow he became absorbed in the battle, thinking only about winning. He knew he should apologize to Blaise.
    "Er. . . Blaise? I just wanted to say, um, just, I'm sorry about that battle. I just got too absorbed, OK?"
  26. Flamme sat on Blaise's shoulder messing around with his trainer's black fluffy hair.

    Martin stood next to Blaise looking gloomy and troubled.

    "Er...Blaise? I just wanted to say, um, just, I'm sorry about the battle. I just got too absorbed, okay?" The boy managed to speak.

    "Oh it's fine! I understand... I'm just glad Flamme's okay and all. I remember my older sister who was a trainer was always getting too focused in battles, and then she's go too far sometimes and hurt the other trainer's Pokemon really bad. But Bubbles was amazing! Are you planning on competing for the gym badges Martin?" Blaise asked.

    Blaise himself wasn't really into battling that much like his new friends Martin and Chris seemed to be. Blaise wanted to join Contests and make cute outfits for both Pokemon and humans, but the battling wasn't that bad.

    "Kiiiiip!" Flamme barked chewing on the black brim of Blaise's hat.

    "Oh yeah," Blaise said turning to Chris, "thank you for calling that taxi. I didn't even know this city had taxis! You really saved Flamme!"

    He beamed a great smile at Chris.

    OOC) Uh what should have I introduced guys?
  27. Green Dragon

    Green Dragon Formerly supertrainer300

    [OOC:] That was fine, Whimsical.

    [BIC:]Martin got the answer he was looking for. Blaise replied, "Oh it's fine! I understand... I'm just glad Flamme's okay and all. I remember my older sister who was a trainer was always getting too focused in battles, and then she's go too far sometimes and hurt the other trainer's Pokemon really bad. But Bubbles was amazing! Are you planning on competing for the gym badges Martin?"
    Martin was amazed that Blaise was good with it. The question, however. . . he hadn't really thought about that. "Well, I was thinking about it," he lied. "How about you?"
  28. Chris held Chespin in his arms (a thing Chespin didn't seem to like) as he raised an eyebrow and smiled back.

    At the mention of gyms, Chespin immediately stopped squirming and took interest at the conversation at hand.

    "Martin, I agree," Chris said. "Try the gym challenge."

    Us too? Chespin thought despriately. C'mon!

    Chespin gripped the zipper of Chris' jacket to get his attention. Chespin wanted to battle so bad, not become some Barbie doll.

    Chris took notice of the grass type and got the message. It took some pointing and cherades, but Chris got the message.

    "Maybe I'll try too." Chris said quizzically.
  29. Blaise's estimation ended up being correct when he wondered if Martin was going to collect the gym badges. He could tell my the way he battled with Bubbles.

    Chris' Chespin seemed really irritated being held in his trainer's arms. It repeatedly messed with the zipper on Chris' green jacket.

    "Oh really?! You guys are going to try it?! That's great!" Blaise exaclaimed.

    He was glad they already knew what they were going to do with their journey.

    "But what about me...?"

    "Oh guys I was thinking. You don't have to if you don't want to but maybe we could start looking around for Pokemon? Maybe on an outside route somewhere? However you get out of this town..." Blaise asked Martin and Chris.

    Blaise had been urging to catch some new Pokemon ever since his battle with Martin and Bubbles. He needed some more Pokemon to beef up his one-Pokemon team...

    OOC) maybe a time skip for whoever posts next?
  30. Green Dragon

    Green Dragon Formerly supertrainer300

    ~Route 4~
    "Go, Bubbles!" Martin shouted. Him, Chris, and Blaise had gone to Route 4 to look for Pokemon, but Martin was the only successful one. His Pokedex identified the fluffy, shaggy, white-furred Pokemon as a Furfrou, and he wanted to catch it.
    "Bubbles! Use Quick Attack!" he called. The Furfrou retaliated by baring its fangs and charging.
    "Look out, Bubbles! That's Bite!"
    Bubbles responded with Quick Attack, then spiraled an orb of water at the Furfrou.
    "Yes!" shouted Martin! "Great job, Bubbles. Pokeball, go!"
    The red-and-white ball flew through the air, connecting with the slumping Furfrou's forehead. The ball burst open, and Furfrou was absorbed. Click. . . click. . . click. . . bing!
  31. Chris investigated the tall red flowers, looking for a cool Pokemon. He had developed several cuts on his arms as he spread the roses apart, occasionally getting slashed with a thorn. Suddenly, a green dome with a red disk protruding out of it popped out of the short meadow.

    "There, Chespin!" Chris commanded. "Vine Whip!"

    Chespin rolled her eyes and confronted the Pokemon with the strange head. Chespin traveled into the forest of red roses and searched high and low for the enemy. Suddenly, Chespin was hit with purple waves of psychic energy from behind.

    Chris could only watch the battle through shuffling heads in the the forest of flowers.

    Chespin looked behind herself and saw nothing, but there was a strange noise that rang in her ears. Chespin continued to search for the foe. Then, the same noise was heard again and the same purple waves hit Chespin from behind. She wasnt horribly injured, but she needed to find the enemy fast before she was.

    The strange noise rang again, but this time, Chespin was prepared. She turned around and punched the enemy square in its face. The enemy fell and was revealed for the Pokemon it was- a Ralts. Chespin grabbed Ralts by the horn and dragged him out of the red flowers.

    Chris threw a pokeball at the fainted Ralts and sucessfully caught him.
  32. It seemed like everyone was successful in catching a Pokemon, well everyone except Blaise. The three trainers split off a bit into different corners, Chris taking a nearby garden of red roses (probably not the best choice) and Martin in a patch of tall grass to the west. Blaise went over into another patch of grass, the scratchy lawn poked his exposed ankles and arms.

    With hard work Martin had caught a Furfrou and Chris a resistant Ralts.

    "Fee!" Flamme squeaked. The small Fennekin then jumped on Blaise's shoulder trying to hide behind his trainer's bangs.

    A pink cat popped out of the bushes and hissed.

    "What is that?!" Blaise yelled taking out his Pokedex.

    Flamme continued to shiver behind Blaise. Blaise held his Pokedex in front of the Pokemon. He read the following recorded data:

    "Skitty. The Kitten Pokemon. Type Normal. Number 078. It shows it's cute side by chasing its own tail until it gets dizzy."

    "It's so cute Flamme, check it out!" Blaise squeaked nudging his shoulder to get Flamme to notice the Skitty.

    Flamme turned around and gazed at the Skitty. He growled.

    "You want to battle Flamme? Yes, then let's do this! Flamme use Ember!" Blaise smiled.

    Flamme shot off of Blaise's shoulder steaming flames from its tail then burning the Skitty.

    "Meeeeeeeeeee!" Skitty cried licking its seared tail.

    "Great job buddy! Again!" The trainer called out.

    Flamme ran at the Skitty and shot out several more flames. The Skitty lunged out at Flamme and incised him across the face with long silver claws. Blaise's Fennekin lurched back shaking but endured it and bit its opponent on the side.

    Grabbing a Great Ball from his belt Blaise cheered on Flamme, "Yeah! I'm going to try to catch this Flamme!"

    Blaise threw the Pokeball at the kitten. A light blue energy surged around the Skitty and it was secured inside the capsule.

    Flamme jumped into Blaise's arms licking his owner's grinning face.

    "YES FLAMME!!! We did it!" Blaise laughed hugging Flamme tightly.

    Blaise bolted towards his friends skipping and beaming, "Martin! Chris! Check it out! I caught a Skit-"

    Blaise toppled over and fell straight into the ground. He looked back to see what he tripped over, to find a large two headed fuzzy bird glaring done at him.

    "Screeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!" The bird shrieked stomping around on the earth.
  33. Green Dragon

    Green Dragon Formerly supertrainer300

    [OOC:] Doduo right?

    [BIC:]Blaise seemed excited. Martin guessed he'd caught something, though he didn't know what. "Martin! Chris! Check it out! I caught a Skit-"
    Blaise's excited words cut off, followed by a thump, like a body hitting the ground. "Blaise, you OK?" Martin called, rushing towards the thump.
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  34. "Martin! Chris! I caught a Skit-" was followed by a painful thump to the ground and the screeching of bird. Chris sprinted urgently to the scene where he found Blaise cornered by a Doduo. The Doduo stood over Blaise with towering terror and intimidation. Even Chris was a little shakened. He immediately reached for a Pokeball in his messanger bag and threw it to the ground.

    "Alright Ralts!" Chris said. "This is your time to shine!"

    Ralts looked behind Chris and rubbed his red horn while frowning at Chris.

    "Ralts, Confusion!" Chris commanded.

    The Ralts, while still irritated by his rather sudden capture, began to project purple energy towards the bird Pokemon. The purple energy caused the wild Doduo to flinch, but no real damage seemed to be inflicted on it.

    "Martin, a little help?" Chris said, panicked.
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  35. Green Dragon

    Green Dragon Formerly supertrainer300

    Chris called out his Ralts, but it seemed like the small Pokemon wasn't doing much good. Martin, a little help?" Chris said.
    "You got it Chris! Bubbles, use Water Pulse!" Bubbles threw a spiraling orb of water at the Doduo. It connected, knocking the bird back a few feet. "Blaise!" Martin called. "You alright?"
    Meanwhile, Bubbles and the Doduo were still going strong. Bubbles sprayed his Bubble attack at Doduo, who countered by kicking them away. Rrf. Bubbles thought. Double Kick. Oooh, idea!
    He began to glow with white light, and charged at Doduo in Quick Attack, throwing Doduo back about three feet. Bubbles could tell it was down for the count. That's what you get for picking on the boss's friends.
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  36. Ralts shuffled towards the fallen Doduo in amazement. He then turned to the Froakie in admiration. Ralts held his hand out, as though he were offering a handshake.

    "Martin, nice work," Chris said. "I'll heal it up."

    Chris walked over to the fallen Doduo and pulled out a Potion. He began to spray it on the Doduo's wounds.

    Thank Arceus I bought these before we went here. Chris thought.

    The Doduo rose to its feet, occasionally stumbling over. It then saw Froakie and immediately raced the other direction.
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  37. "Wow. These guys are strong... That Ralts and Froakie," Blaise concluded getting up from the ground.

    The now healed Dodou scurried away into the nearby bushy thicket. Dark ashen clouds drifted across the sky.

    "You guys are SO COOL!!! That Pokemon was Ralts right? So COOL!!" Blaise squeaked.

    Flamme didn't know that Chris' new Pokemon was so strong! Was it that Ralts and Bubbles just both happened to be fairly strong Pokemon, or was he was just too weak? Would Blaise he mad at him for being so pathetic?

    Blaise looked back down at Flamme and picked him up.

    "Aren't they so cool Flamme? Not only did they beat that, uh whatever it's called, but Chris healed it up at the end! Isn't that so nice buddy?" Blaise said hugging his saddened Fennekin.

    After seeing Chris' outright victory against the wild Doduo, Blaise strived for a battle against the skilled boy. Not to mention Flamme was looking happy after defeating Skitty, but was back into a gloomy state again after Martin and Chris' clash with Doduo.

    "If Flamme could just win a battle against Chris...," Blaise thought ", then maybe winning could cheer him up!"

    Blaise signaled Fennekin to look up at him. "Chris! Martin and you looked amazing there battling that Doduo! Chespin and Bubbles are great! Since we all had just caught ourselves some Pokemon, would you mind battling me and Flamme with my new Pokemon?"
  38. "Why not?" Chris said. "Ralts, you okay to battle?"

    The young psychic type looked up to Chris and nodded. Ralts was ready for anything that came his way. He was going to prove to Chris that he can battle anyone, anywhere, any time.

    "Alright then. A battle it is!" Chris exclaimed.

    Chris and Ralts began to walk away from Blaise. After a few steps, Chris and Ralts turned around, and Ralts jumped forwards with such grace and courage. Ralts adopted a battle stance and was ready.

    "Alright Blaise," Chris said. "Show me what you got!"
  39. Green Dragon

    Green Dragon Formerly supertrainer300

    "Alright Blaise," Chris said. "Show me what you got!" The battle was commencing. Chris had called out his newly-caught Ralts, which Martin was surprised at, considering its latest performance against the Doduo. Martin pulled out his Pokedex. "R a l t s," his orange device said, "t h e F e e l i n g P o k e m o n . I t i s h - i g h l y a t t u n e d t o t h e e m o t i o n s o f p e o p l e a n d P o k e m o n . I t h i d e s i f i t s e n s - e s h o s t i l i t y . " Considering this was a battle, that might not be good.
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