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Ask to Join Avatar: The Years Forgotten (RP Thread)

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Nukas, Jul 14, 2019.

  1. Nukas

    Nukas Previously Kid_Nukas

    Link to Discussion Thread:

    Everyone knows about the breathtaking adventures of Avatar Aang and how he ended the 100-year long war with the fire nation, but nobody cares to remember the people and warriors who had to survive the terror that was the fire nation. Brave men and women fought off the fire nation for years before Aang showed up in the northern water tribe. These were the years without the avatar.


    Tashi was surrounded on all sides, nowhere to run, not that she would run even if she had the chance. Her opponents were waiting for the perfect moment to attack. Then one of them broke the formation and charged at Tashi, exactly what she was waiting for. Tashi ducked under the opponent's fan in order to use their own force to flip them on to the ground.

    A woman's voice broke through the intensity of the battle. "ALL RIGHT, that's enough training for today." The other Kyoshi warriors broke out of the formation and started to grab their things, the training exercise had ended. The owner of the voice came up to talk to Tashi. "You did really well holding your own today Tashi, you've really improved since you joined the Kyoshi Warriors."

    Tashi couldn't help but smile at this. "Well thanks, but you know it's only because I've had such an excellent teacher... and big sister" Nuying, Tashi's older sister, punched her lightly in the arm after hearing this, "Come on, let's get home before Mom and Dad get worried, I held practice a little longer than usual today." On that note the two sisters started to head home.


    The freezing tundra was no more forgiving today than yesterday. Haku and his hunting party had been trudging slowly in a blizzard for almost three days now. When they left for a hunt, it wasn't unusual for them to leave for multiple days at a time, but usually, they had found something to bring back to their tribe by the third day. It was as if all the animals were scared of something. Haku stuck his Jaw Blade directly into the icy ground. He put a hand up to keep his party from moving and creating their own vibrations. He put his ear up to the hilt to listen if there was anything nearby. It seemed like today was the lucky day after all.

    Haku led his party in the direction he knew the vibrations were coming from. Just over a large mound of ice were three wolves ripe for the picking. He signaled for the archer to start with a well-timed arrow in order to stop the first one and to even the playing field. The other two started to charge after the hunting party, but they were just as easily dealt with. With the blizzard growing stronger by the minute, Haku decided to take their wins and go back home.
  2. sSoul

    sSoul Previously Swirled

    Darkness. That was the state of Tsusuke's room before he turned on a sigular light source. Due to his famliy's lack of wealth, they couldnt get him much to fill his room, but what he did have was a pucnhing bag. The punching bag in question had symbols of all four nations, even that of the Earth Kingdom engraved in it. From there, the boy then began to punch the target again and again, using his hatred for the bending culture as a means to give his punches power and his desire for greatness as a way to regulate the speed of his punches.

    Someday...someday. I'll show those jerks, I'll show all of them!

    Meanwhile, a certain water bender was having a very different day. It began with him crawling of his sleeping bag and packing up his stuff. Ryuki was currently a wandering traveler, with the sole goal of finding a place for his family to relocated too. To his displeasure, he had no one to accompany him, meaning that Ryuki was currently looking over his own shoulder as he was travelling.

    Someday... someday...
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  3. We of the Water Tribe are a people of change. Our strength is tied to our ability to adapt to any situation presented before us, our foundation is tied to our community and it is these principles that have allowed our people to prosper as they have. Embedded this into the deepest root of your mind and you will take the first needed preparation to become a true master....

    That quote had been burned into the head of Zimata ever since she had her first lesson at the healing hut, it was the trademark belief of the Water Tribe and had acted as more of a rallying cry for aspiring benders within the art. However, while it had been rather uplifting if not inspiring to believe in, the irony that her people of the North preached such a lifestyle but at the same time were so clung to tradition that sometimes true change was the last thing on their minds.

    Sniff. Sniff.

    Zimata had been broken from her thoughts, and halted her preparation of supplies, as her trusted companion Aqua the Polar Bear Dog came and sniffed her frame....and gave a loving rub along her side as it appeared Aqua sensed that Zimata was troubled and tried to comfort her. Zimata turned to her companion, and with a smile she stroked her at the top of the head which caused some adorable hums to escape her lips.

    "I'm okay girl, I'll find a way to make it work. For now let's just go and get some fish, think the folks will appreciate that." Zimata said with a smile as she put on her jacket and gathered a light hand bang to strap around her chest that had a few survival items which included a hunting knife and fishing rod as they walked out their hut and once Zimata got on Aqua's back she began to race outside of the village towards the road that led to the open tundra.

    A road that by pure chance, also happened to have a certain wanderer ahead that Zimata was oblivious to.

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  4. Deep within the slums of the earth Kingdom, a young feeble boy could be seen running down the alleyways, a look of sheer panic and fright washed over his face.

    “There’s the orphanage! I’m so close, so just got-OOF!” Said boys thoughts were interrupted as a much larger boy jumped from behind the corner of an old building, shoulder checking the smaller boy hard, which caused him to slam into the stoney ground.

    “Why the hurry, orphan? Not like anyone’s waiting on you.” Teased the attacker as he slowly approached the ragged child, a smug grin plastered across his face.

    “Please just leave me alone, Kenai!” Pleaded the smaller boy as he scrambled to back away from his attacker.

    “Why even keep you around? All you do is eat up resources. Your a waste of space, you and every other reject in the orphanage should all just disappear,” the newly revealed Kenai spat, thrusting his palms out into the labored child’s chest, causing him to slam against the wall and fall back to the ground once more, “since I can’t just burn the dirty old building down, I’ll just pick you off one at a time.” Kenai finished as he raised a beefy fist high above the child’s head.


    Just as Kenai swung his fist, an unknown figure latched onto the attackers wrist with a vice-like grip.

    “Gah! Damnit! It’s Sorro!” The boy grunted while trying to wrench his fist free, only for his attempts to be halted as a powerful foot met his chest, sending the vile boy several feet backwards, where he gasped for air uncontrollably.

    “I suggest you get the hell out of here before I really lose my temper...” Sorro mumbled in a piercing, raspy tone, helping the orphan child to his feet.

    “D-damn orphans!” Kenai grimaced as he half limped, half ran away from the situation, now also wearing the look of panic and fear.

    “Rez...you’ve gotta be more careful. This towns full of hateful little punks like him.” Sorro replied to the boy now revealed as ‘Rez’, who sheepishly scratched the back of his head, staring down his savior with a fuge of thankfulness and sorrow.

    “Sorry Sorro....I wasn’t looking for trouble, honest.” Rez replied as he gathered up his spilled belongings.

    “I know, just get back to the orphanage. Think I’ll patrol for awhile longer....Master Tempa is definitely gonna give me an earful because I had to attack that boy.” Sorro replied with an eyebrow raised and a heavy sigh, lightly smacking Rez on the back of the head as to usher him towards the orphanage.

    “Juuuust another day in paradise.”
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  5. Atop a tall plateau, Tatsuhiro Eiji stood barefoot in the center, a blindfold around his eyes as the cold breeze bit at his face. His teacher who had mentored him since he was 10 was now walking around him in a circle, waiting for the moment to make his move. With his vision restricted, Eiji could only rely on vibrations made through the earth as his teacher walked or his hearing in order to hone his "Seismic Sense", a technique not well known among Earthbenders. Suddenly, his mentor, Kazunari Yoshida, lunged at his student with a training sword made of wood, swinging at his torso. There it was. The quick exhalation of breath, and the shifting of the foot before the attack. Although Yoshida was no amateur at concealing his footsteps, Eiji was barely able to pinpoint his teacher's location and dodged away, anticipating strike after strike. The match went on for a couple more minutes until the teen misstepped and was struck in the head by the sword. Letting out a soft grunt as he stumbled back, he shook off the pain briefly before coming to a halt upon Yoshida's command. "Okay, we can stop there." Eiji removed his blindfold and gave it to his teacher before putting his shoes back on and waiting for further instruction. "You managed to block 10 strikes, one more than yesterday. You've improved," Yoshida quipped, a teasing smirk on his face. "You flatter me, Yoshida-sensei. I must be much better if I wish to grow even stronger--" His response was cut short as Yoshida lightly hit the top of Eiji's head. "It was a joke; learn to ease up more." Eiji nodded before dusting off his tunic and fixing his hair. His mentor sighed as he fastened the practice sword to his waist and walked over to one end of the plateau. "Alright, help me get this down, would you?" Eiji replied with a "Yes, sir" before running to the other side of the rock formation and getting into a stance. The two then made a "pushing down" motion as the plateau began to descend, reaching the ground in a few minutes.

    "Good work today; stay out of trouble," Yoshida called as he returned back to his home. Eiji thanked his mentor before wiping away the sweat on his forehead and heading to his own place, which was in the other direction. As he walked, he passed by an orphanage that had been established for a while, and as he saw one of the boys fend off a bully to help a younger kid, he sighed and continued walking, trusting that the problem would be solved quickly. He soon arrived at his home and removed his tunic, changing into a loose, long-sleeved shirt. His daisho hung on the wall, along with a green banner that read the same characters on his clothing: 不撓不屈. That was the code by which he vowed to abide, and those principles led him in his resistance to the occupation of the Fire Nation Army. Though he blamed them for his parents' death, he saw revenge as a thing of immaturity, choosing rather to resist with the motive of doing the right thing and opposing tyranny.
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  6. The whisps of flame that danced in Haruko's palm cast tall shadows on the cavern's walls. Realizing what she was doing, she quickly clenched her fist shut and the light died out. That nervous tic she couldn't shake would get her seen one day; even below the earth, she couldn't risk catching the attention of a passerby, or so her training told her.

    Dealing without the comfort of playing with fire was bad enough. She'd been doing that since she'd first learned she could bend.
    What she really wished for was the option of a campfire; the ambient temperature in the dark was well below what she preferred. She knew she'd be waking up with stiff joints and tired limbs when the first rays of sunshine made it into the cave.

    Haruko cursed the Spirits under her breath. She wouldn't have been forced to hide here had their last mission not met such disastrous fate. They'd done all the research they could on the ship supplying station, their target, and she trusted deeply the skill and resolve of her fellow Dragoons; if the gunpowder those idiots working the depot kept out in the open hadn't gone off, blown half the compound and alerted the entire port, they would've killed the commander and struck a serious blow to the eastern front's operations. Instead, they'd all had to run and lost sight of each other.

    At the very least, as it was, that depot wouldn't be supplying any ships for a while. But she knew how meticulous the army could be; they'd probably have an alternate plan within three days.

    Haruko sighed dejectedly. No sense in latching onto failures, as she always tried to remind herself. Picking it up and moving on to the next blow, that's what a Dragoon did. At dawn she could sneak through the woods to their designated meeting point. She didn't know what she would do if not everyone was there.
  7. The bitterly cold, biting winds that freely cut through the air was a sign a fleet of Fire Nation warships were nearing their target. As it had been beaten into the heads of countless soldiers, the North Pole was not only home to the powerful Northern Water Tribe, but also protection in the form of a harsh, wintry landscape. Those unprepared would most likely die a slow, frigid death.

    Senchi, along with the rest of his platoon, had been dutifully prepared for the severe conditions. The thick, grey clothing underneath their red and black armor was supposed to protect them from the cold. Unfortunately, the cool air that had snuck it’s way aboard the ship seeped its way through whatever tiny opening it could find. It’s presence was soon made known to a platoon of soldiers in the vessel’s interior.

    “Hey, anyone feel that?”

    “It’s freezing!”

    “This means we’re almost there.”

    Like most of his comrades, Senchi’s voice also came out a bit muffled due to the skull themed mask that covered the front of their helmets. Though the gradual decline in temperature hadn’t gone unnoticed by him, he couldn’t help but shiver in an involuntary response to the chilling feeling of uncertainty. A feeling he expected to burn away once he was on the battlefield.

    A moment later, all heads turned to the direction of the metal door as it swung open. Captain Jiāo stood in the doorway, his grey beard and stern expression visible due to the lack of a helmet mask. His glacial blue eyes scanned the room, giving a piercing glance towards each and every one of his soldiers. The silver of Senchi’s eyes was the last to meet his look and only then did the captain raise his voice.

    “Attention! In a few short minutes, we will be arriving into enemy territory. As you all know, our mission is to take the North Pole. I shouldn’t have to say this but for the incompetent fools I know are among us, be wary of the treacherous landscape. As for this plan to work, be sure to kill any and all water benders. If you can’t, you better die trying! Now any questions?”

    For a brief moment, there remained silence in the room. Senchi could feel the weight of few gazes that looked his way. Most of them knew he wanted to share his concerns about their strategy to forcibly attempt to seize control of the North, but now wasn’t the time or place to start another argument. Just when it seemed no one was going to speak, a hesitant voice near him spoke up.

    “A-anyone know where the restroom is?”

    Immediately, Senchi could hear those around him struggling to contain their amusement. The only possible explanation had to be this soldier was a rookie. Of course, that didn’t matter to the captain as all he did was glare at the soldier before looking away.

    “Any other questions?”

    After another brief moment of silence, the captain’s patience had run out.

    “Alright, you know your positions. Prepare to move out!”

    With his orders given, the captain swiftly turned around and exited the room, closing the door behind him. It only took a moment for the soldiers to start conversing again. Senchi, however, looked over to the supposed rookie instead.

    “Down the hallway, take a left, and the second door to the right.”

    It wasn’t that hard to find but Senchi could understand why the soldier so unsure. Though Senchi couldn’t see an expression through the mask, he could tell the soldier was grateful due the nod of gratitude before moving. Immediately afterwards, he felt a tough pat on his shoulder pad.

    “Helping out the rookie? Pretty nice of you Senchi. But I’m more surprised you didn’t speak up to Captain Jiāo.”

    When he heard the familiar gruff voice, Senchi quickly recognized it as Zenji speaking to him. They had both entered the military around the same time two years ago and had become war buddies. In fact, most of the soldiers in the platoon had been together for quite some time. This mission, however, was the first major invasion they’d been in. Needless to say, everyone here was focused on bringing glory to the Fire Nation.

    “We’re basically in enemy territory already. It will be detrimental to shift gears so suddenly with most troops already set on the original strategy. If neither him nor the admiral want to heed my concerns, then so be it. Should we fail, just know I told you so.”

    It wasn’t as if Senchi wanted the invasion to be a bust. He just felt they could do better than charging head first through dangerous enemy territory. They were almost asking for a high amount of casualties. Whatever the case, he was certain quite a few soldiers would be heading towards their demise. Something both of them hoped to avoid. Zenji gave Senchi another pat on his shoulder to reassure him before speaking up one last time.

    “Well I hate to say it but hopefully whatever hunch you have is wrong. Anyways, cheer up mate, we’re going to war!”
  8. sSoul

    sSoul Previously Swirled

    Eventually, the non-bender had gotten bored of punching a bag, so Tsusuke decided to leave his house in hopes of finding a sparring parnter. He began walking around the kingdom when he heard an unfourtunately familiar voice.

    "Well, well, well, if it isn't Tsusuke the loner," A boy around his age yelled in an over-the-top sarcasfic manner. He was seen with four other 'friends', as a typical bully would be. The non-bender clenched his fist, but continued on his way as the kid continued his taunts.

    "Well would you look at that? It looks like Tsusuke is deaf! Add that to list of reasons why he's a friendless loser!"

    This caused the boy to stop in his tracks, turn around, and look at his peers with a deadly glare.

    "What did you say about me?"

    This caused the leading boy to give a snarky chuckle to his cohorts before deciding to answer rhe non-bender's question in the most sarcastic way he could think of.

    "I said, Tsusuke. Is. A. Friendless. Lo-" He was cut off before he could finish his statement. The cause of the unteruption being Tsusuke punching him sauare in the jaw as he was finishing his remark, causing him to fall over.

    "Why you little-" Once again, he was interrupted by the non-bender delivering another punch to his jaw. And then another, and another...and another. A crowd began to form as Tsusuke seemed to enjoy punishing this kid for mouthing off at him. At this point, the bully was a quivering mess of tears and by the time Tsusuke had finally gotten tired of punching him, he had ran away with his tail between his legs. Tsusuke got up to stare at the small crowd that had formed around him, only to see the horror and disgust in their eyes. Then, just like the victim of the assault, they all slowly walked away, while inchoherent murmers were being heard. Once they were all gone, Tsusuke decided to head back home with his face downcast.

    Let's be real, no one would want to be my sparring partner. Because its just as Makoto said; I'm just a friendless loser.
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  9. Nukas

    Nukas Previously Kid_Nukas

    Admiral Katzu looked out at the destination ahead of them, the Northern Water Tribe. Out of the two water tribes, the Northern was easily the more formidable one. Many had called him insane when he started to put together a battalion to take on the Northern beast, but the fire lord did give him a total of 20 ships and some capable men to prove them wrong. While 20 ships was not even close to the number of ships in the fire navy, with the element of surprise and the rising sun, Admiral Katzu believed it should be enough to take down the Water benders of the North. Just then Captain Jiāo came in to give him a status report. "All units in position and ready for attack, sir. We are ready to start the invasion." Katzu replied with, "Well what are you standing around here for, tell all the ships full steam ahead." Katzu was close to glory, and he wasn't letting anything stand in his way.


    Haku's party was just getting back from their long hunting trip. Haku was tired, but pleased with their nice haul. They would split it up to properly distribute the spoils once they got to a warmer area to discuss and relax. That thought, however, immediately left Haku's mind as he noticed the few black flakes mixed with the snow. He then looked out into the distance and noticed fire nation ships coming within the range of the tribe. The fire nation was planning on invading the tribe of the North. Haku ran to a tower with a large horn to alert his tribe of the impending danger threatening them.
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  10. sSoul

    sSoul Previously Swirled

    While he was on his current path, the northern water bender saw someone. She appeared to be from the water tribe, although she didnt look familiar. Deciding that it was likely that she was friendly, Ryuki decided to approach her.

    "Hi, I'm a traveler seeking refuge should things ever go south in the northern water tribe," The water-bender had a very formal tone before realizing it and then breaking it with his more natural, informal tone, "I forgot to introduce myself, I'm Ryuki, nice to meet you," He extended his hand to Zimata, hoping to get something of a response.
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  11. Zimeta had been in the middle of her trip on Aqua before she stopped as a figure along the path stopped and clearly wanted to speak with her. Zimeta glanced down and saw a young man who she guessed was around her age who approached as the Polar-Bear Dog comparion growled a bit given that Aqua had never seen this figure before.

    "Easy there girl. Easy." Zimeta said as she quelled her companion that no longer bared her fangs at the wanderer, Zimeta turned to the figure who introduced himself as Ryuki who claimed to be a traveler and offered a hand to the girl which she slowly offered back in kind as she reached down from the top of Aqua.

    "Zimeta. Though you can call me Z. I was just about to do some hunting actually and..." Zimeta began to explain, before she saw something in the air. Something that had been troubling and made her body freeze.

    Aqua had sensed it first, as her aggression was far from settled upon Ryuki as she growled ahead of them. Blake flakes seemed to rain from the sky as they landed on the ground but these had been nor ordinary anomaly. No, this was the result of ash mixing with snow, the product known as soot....a tell tale sign that a fire nation ship was on its way.

    And given the sheer amount of soot there had been, there was a lot. The alarms in the form of bells were heard back at the tribe as Zimeta entered panic mode as instantly she knew she had to get to her parents and get to them quickly. She turned and was about to leave, before she remember who she was with as she glanced down at Ryuki.

    "I wish I could speak, but there is trouble. The Fire Nation has come and I need to get to my parents. If you wish to come with me then hop on quickly if not let me know so I can go. I am sorry but I cannot linger here." Zimeta said and there had been a bit of natural agency to her tone as her mind raced with concern and fear as she needed to get back home but could not just leave this guy here.
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  12. sSoul

    sSoul Previously Swirled

    Due to the creature that looked to be the cross of a polar bear and a dog growling at him, Ryuki broke out into a cold sweat, hoping that his life wouldn't amount to pet food. Fourtunately, the creature's owner, who had revealed herself to be named Zimeta, had calmed her beast. The water-bender took particular interest in the notion of hunting when something seemed to bother the Polar-Bear Dog. The aforementioned creature had growled in front of them for reasons unknown to Ryuki. Finally, Z had been so lind as to vocalize the situation to him.

    "I wish I could speak, but there is trouble. The Fire Nation has come and I need to get to my parents. If you wish to come with me then hop on quickly if not let me know so I can go. I am sorry but I cannot linger here."

    He nodded in understanding to her urgency, proceeding to then attempt to mount Aqua. His technique in doing so showed sloppiness and inexperience, Ryuki's expression reflecting his fear that he may have caused discomfort to the creature.

    "Lead the way Z," A newfound determination filled his voice, eagerness was hidden underneath the professionalism of his tone.

    How ironic, here I was thinking that I'd find a sanctuary, and here I am about to ride into danger.
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  13. Aqua let out a muffled grunt or two, as Ryuki getting on had not been as seamless as Zimeta's own experience, but Z had been quick to calm her partner as she stroked the back of Aqua's neck and the polar bear dog quickly calmed enough for Ryuki to get on.

    "Alright, hang on. Atta!" Zimeta called out as with renewed focus as she dashed ahead as the soot rained down around her as she knew she had little time to waste. Aqua moved as fast as her legs could carry her as they dashed back down the path to the village as already preparations had been made as Water Tribe Soldiers were organizing evacuation procedures.

    Quickly Z guided the group towards her house as she hoped off and turned to Ryuki. "Keep an eye out, if you hear or see anything wrong you call for us quickly. We need to get them and go soon. I'll be right back." Zimeta explained before she dashed inside to get her parents.
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  14. Miyaji heaved a sigh as he trudged through the dark cave, boots scraping against the ground. His black vest was tattered, along with his trousers, his hair and face were covered with dust and rubble, and his limbs were sore with fatigue. Despite his current condition, however, all he could feel was relief that he had not been one of those who died in the failed operation. The detonated gunpowder had claimed many resistance lives and caused their mission to go awry, but Miyaji-- and a few others, he was sure-- had been able to find shelter and escape the scene. The rendezvous point in case a disaster like this had occurred was located deep in the woods, so he would have to reach the area during the early hours of the morning. Suddenly, out of the corner of his eye, he noticed a few faint shadows of trees against the moonlight, showing a sign of the tunnel's end. As Miyaji quickened his pace, he immediately stopped upon seeing a faint ember light up as well, though it was extinguished just as quickly as it had appeared. As he was filled with a bad premonition of running into Fire Nation troops, he drew his twin halberds and slowly continued approaching, calling out warily, "Anyone there?"
  15. Haruko was shaken from her woes by a voice calling out from deeper within the cave, echoeing off the walls. A flame seared to life in her right palm immediately, her left hand gripping the polearm at her side as she jumped onto her feet. Through the flickering light and surging adrenaline, it was difficult to make out the face of her discoverer- but when she did, relief washed through her.

    "Miyaji!" She gasped, killing the flame and dropping her weapon in order to jump at her haphazard-looking friend, cloaking both of them in shadow and slivers of moonlight. "Spirits, you look like shit." She said, reawakening her flame after she let go to get a good look. "Guess you were a bit closer to the blast than me, huh?" She wiped a mixture of blood and dirt from his temple, and her smile turned pained. "Are you seriously hurt?"
  16. Miyaji sighed with relief and put away his weapons as the figure revealed herself to be Haruko. He let out a rather raspy chuckle due to his sore throat upon Haruko's remark before hugging her back and responding. "Yeah, maybe a little closer. Luckily, it's nothing worse than a few scrapes here and there; a lot of the rubble from the explosion just crashed down on me. I'll be able to manage." He took a seat against the wall with a grunt, a result of his aching limbs, and he glanced at Haruko, smiling once more. "It's good to see you. I was worried that fewer people survived the operation than I thought, so I'm glad that you're okay." As he looked at her, a new idea came to mind as to his agenda for the next morning. "My plan before finding you was to get in a place to take refuge during the night and head to our rendezvous point at dawn, but maybe now we can go together, if you want. I can watch the back and look out for any Fire Nation soldiers that might be trying to tail us."
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  17. Haruko sat down at Miyaji's side, heart still pounding from both the panic of being discovered and the excitement of knowing at least one of her friends was still around. Sure, the two of them hadn't exactly been the tightest two friends within the Dragoons, but she certainly felt a kinship with him now. "Yeah, I was going to head out at dawn as well. But if we both found these caves, they can't be the hardest thing for others to find either." She replied. "Maybe we should head out. The cover of darkness should get us far enough to avoid attention and get to the emergency meet-up point." She stood and dusted herself off. "No time to waste!"

    In the shadows under ancient oaks, Haruko held on tight to her polearm as she jogged from trunk to trunk, reading the stars she saw between the crowns of the trees to find her way north. She made sure Miyaji could stay close enough behind and she kept her ears open for any sounds of activity, but right now all she heard was the rustling of leaves and the occasional hoot of an owlhawk.
  18. Miyaji followed behind from a small distance away, looking behind the two for any sign of hostiles that could sneak up on them at any time. His twin halberds were also drawn as he jogged with Haruko, keeping up with her despite his wounds and sore joints. Turning to face forward after looking back again, Miyaji watched as Haruko continued to press forward, and he began thinking to himself. Since he had joined the Dragoons, he had begun to look up to the fellow resistance member due to mainly how lighthearted she attempted to be with every situation in which the group found themselves and did what she could to cheer people up. Not having the mental fortitude to constantly see some light in every bad predicament, Miyaji often admired Haruko in that sense. With that, he shook off any other stray thoughts and focused on running, making sure to continue pressing forward until the two reached the rendezvous point.
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