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Avatar--The Airbending Sort

Discussion in 'Small Talk' started by Secad MS, Jan 14, 2010.

  1. As there was a topic for Avatar (film) that mentioned Airbenders in it's title, I thought I might as well make a topic discussing Avatar: The Last Airbender, including the show, the universe, and the future film.

    Personally, I love the show. I love it's character development, the concept, and the animation. One of the high points for me, personally, is how story arc actually carry over in this cartoon, and not just over an episode. Zuko is my favorite character due to all the character development he goes through.

    About the movie--my complaint is that they picked Caucasian actors to portray Asian roles. However, I can let this go, as I hope the movie is good. However, I do hope Jackson Rathborne (Sokka) portrays the meat-loving cynic well enough. He played Jasper in Twilight, so that sort of lowers my opinion of him.

    Any comments?
  2. Until you mentioned it, I didn't even know that there was a movie. Lolz. I'm glad they made it. I really really hope it's not another Dragonball Evolution. That movie didn't do the series any justice. This looks a lot better though. I am also glad that they didn't put Avatar into the name of the film People would have thought they were copying Avatar even though it was around first. (It's society...) I can't wait til the movie comes out.

    I have always loved the series. Since then, I wish I was a water bender. They made it look so cool. They animated it extremely well. Plus, the carrying arc was something most Nickolodeon show's lack. I'm also glad that it had an end. Most shows reach their goal, but then another arises. Avatar: The Last Airbender actually followed through with their ending. (Also, what else could they have added)
  3. For the last week or so, I've ben in the process of watching it. I'm about 4 episodes shy of the end right now, and I absolutely love it. It has awesome action, laughs, and a wonderful plot.

    I'm not yet finished, so I can't give my true opinion, but I can give you my favorite conversation thus far.

    Sokka: My last girlfriend turned into the moon.
    Zuko: Man, that's rough.
  4. Concerning the movie, I have hopes. I know M. Night isn't the best director, but I really hope he does the show justice. I have one problem with what I know of the movie so far....Aang's arrow isn't a tattoo, it's his hair cut in the shape of one. Now, don't go saying "but his actor is just a kid, so it makes since its isn't a tattoo!" They're things called bald caps and make up!

    The show is the best think ever to happen to Nick. I have the same opinion everyone else has....the arc, the character development, the animation...and an END!
  5. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
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    Let's just say I watched Avatar: The Last Airbender over and over again last year... about 6 times or so. Possibly more. And that was just last year. I've owned the entire series on DVD since it ended and I've never stopped loving it to pieces. I'm happy to fangasm with anyone who wishes to discuss it XD

    As for the movie... I'm keeping it low key. Not getting hyped. No expectations. There are plenty of reasons to be worried (as with any adaption like this) but it's not going to do any good I figure. I'm just going to wait it out and see the movie when it's released - then I'll form a judgment. All I can say is, for the sake of the TV series (which is bloody amazing for a cartoon), I hope it's not a total flop for association purposes.
  6. Magpie

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    I wouldn't have even known this awesome show existed if it wasn't for stumbling into chat while Pheo and Stel were discussing it. So much love to the pair of them

  7. Isn't his hair black (remember the start of the 3rd book? when he was unconscious his hair grew out so I'm pretty sure it is a tattoo of sorts that all airbenders had
  8. *High fives Silver*

    Toph and Zuko are awesome, I agree.

    I've seen the beginning six episodes and the last three or four of the first season, some episodes sprinkled about of the second, and a few episodes of the third season. I have seen all of Sozin's Comet as well.

    My favorite arc was the one in which the group first meets Toph, and has some issues with bounty hunters searching for her.

    As for my favorite bending, I like Firebending. I personally like the strong, aggressive movements, but I don't have the balance for all those jumps. :p
  9. I've seen every single episode on TV. I loved when they finally started making new episodes to finish the series. I would be a water bender as stated above because I am obsessed with water. I don't even know why...
  10. I've been a huge fan of this series for a LONG time. It's definently AMAZING with great character development, wonderful art and awesome battle scenes. And of course good music.

    The movie will probably be... pretty bad. But that's not going to stop from going to see it and laughing at all the references to the original series. I definently agree with Secad that the ethnicities are kind of mixed up... but whatever. Low expectations, low expectations, ok, anyway.

    Oh, and Zuko's awesome. Although this is the kind of show where every character is awesome in their own way. *Even you, Tai Lee*
  11. I have started seeing the commercials on TV. The trailer makes it seem they did the effects right. It's made the bending real. Now let's hope their storyline is close to the show's.
  12. The only things that I'm worried about is Jackson Rathborne as Sokka and Zuko's lack of a scar (at least from the commercials). The scar was a big thing with me, as it tangibly marked his pain.

    I'm rather curious about Earthbending, as I have not seen any commercials with it. I saw half a commercial of it from the Super Bowl, though my rather overactive enthusiasm scared my family so much they banned me from the room. :p
  13. He doesn't have a scar?!?!?
    ...that's bad.
  14. Today I saw a commercial with earthbending. It only showed earthbending once, but it looks realistic. The main thing I am really worried about is the storyline...
  15. I haven't actually seen a trailer for this yet. Would anyone mind linking me to one?
  16. Here's one.
    Here's another that has earthbending. (For Secad since she hasn't seen one)
  17. I'm optimistically reserved regarding this. Considering they are cramming all of Book 1 into a movie, there is obviously going to be some things that won't make it in (boo for no Toph). Other than that, what I have seen of the bending looks fairly good in translation from the animated medium to live action/cgi that they are attempting. They are trying to give small hints of real world physics into the elemental bending which I do give kudos for. Water bending (as shown in one of the previews) wasn't the clean no drip thing they showed in the cartoon.

    Also, Zuko DOES have his scar, for the record. It just isn't patently obvious as in the cartoon because burn scars won't look like that in real life. If you watch the second preview HydraBlisk posted, you can sorta see his scar as he is putting on his helmet.
  18. Had not seen that second preview yet makes me very optimistic about the movie. The only thing missing is the humorous bits with my great love Sokka but its normal not to show them in a preview about something this epic.

    Zoku scarring for anyone who misses it or cant watch the linked movie. I agree that they couldnt make it as drastic as the anime as it would be rather gruesome but I think they couldve added a little bit more make up around the eye. In the show his eye was functional but rather afflicted by the burn, here it looks more like the flame grazed him then branded him.
  19. I watched a trailer for the movie and the air bending looks horrible. It just looks like ang hits a guy and he flies off. But the anime series is good I was hoping they would think up something for another season
  20. You see the wind form around the impact point on the guys chest, there's not much else to do for air bending as well your not supposed to see it. And I dont think they could do another season, the show finale was retty well... final.
  21. Not to rehash stuff that has already been said before about the series, but the creatos HAD talked about exploring more of the Avatar universe with maybe another season that didn't focus on the Gaang. Considering some of the things that were said in the final parts of the season finally, one major plot line was possibly Zuko's search for his mother. Whether or not we will ever SEE it is another thing entirely.
  22. Only issue I have with that is that they lack a bad guy/army.
  23. Pheo, new storylines would be sweet. I just hope they get the basic story in.

    Earthbending looks expletive cool. As Pheo has said, it does look a lot more realistic than the 'no mess' of the original in the show.

    Ooh, nice. I guess I didn't see the scar in the first trailer I saw. >_<

    Woot! Yue+Sokka is awesome. The white hair doesn't look too bad as well.

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