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Open Avatar: Sentinels Discovered

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by SinnerFromBeyond, Feb 19, 2017.

  1. After Korra's death a new avatar was born. No one knows where he or she is. Capital city has grown in technology slightly. Although it is still in the steampunk age there have been more advancements. You can choose from any element since the airbenders have returned. You can also be a chi blocker with know bending at all. You can have shock gloves, swords, or staffs, but you can only use them if you don't bend. You can even have a secondary bend like blood bending or metal. here is a character sheet

    Here is mine

    Name: Jenna Coal
    Age: 21
    Gender: Female
    Bending: Earth, metal
    Appearance: She wears the metal police uniform without the helmet. She has brown short hair and green eyes.
    Backstory: Violet had originally came from Ba Sing Sai and enjoyed her life there. She moved to republic city and decided to join the police force.
    Personality: Sweet, strong, brace, careful
    Job: police
    RP: Jenna sat in the office answering calls. She peered outside as people wandered the streets. She got a call on a robbery down the street. She rushed out the door as the metal strings unrolled from her side. She wing through the streets seeing the fire bending robber.
  2. Name: Damian
    Age: 19
    Gender: male
    Bending: Fire
    Appearance: wears ripped up shirt with ripped up jeans. He has hazel eyes, and black hair.
    Backstory: Damian ran away from his home at age 7, and lived most of his life in the streets.
    Personality: Mean,Rude,cruel,thief
    Rp: Damian saw a robber, and decided to watch the robber "Oh look at this pathetic robber, can't even properly rob a bank, he won't make it far at all, wait what am i talking about he wont even make it out the bank" Damian thought with a chuckle.
  3. Name: Cynthia Coffin
    Age: 14
    Gender: Female
    Bending: Water, Blood
    Appearance: She has short light pink hair in the style of profile pic. She has aqua eyes and wears a black torn up black long sleeve. She has a dirty white skirt and brown boots.
    Backstory: She was born as a slave to the fire nation. one day when she was in a cage she learned a skill called blood bending. She was capable of controlling the guards and forcing them to unlock her cell door. She escaped on a cargo ship to republic city where he steals for a living
    Personality: Meek, kind, shy
    Job:(optional) Thief
    RP: Cynthia walked the streets before seeing a man on the run. He had a bag of cash that could be useful. She acted fast. A woman was walking by carrying a bucket of water. She used this to her advantage and sent the water at the thief. He was knocked down to the floor. Police were moving in so she snatched the bag of cash and bolted down an alley way.
  4. Jenna ran after the girl. She chased her down the alley way. It was dark and scary but that didn't stop her. She used her bending to make an earth wall in front of the girl so she couldn't continue.
  5. Cynthia stopped at the earth wall and turned to see the officer run towards her. She acted quickly as she looked down to see the sewer. She shot water through it as it froze the officer in place. She ran past her and escaped
  6. Name: Homed(Yay One Of My OCs name's DON'T Begin With S!) Aria
    Age: 28
    Gender: Male
    Bending: Air, Blood
    Weapon: (optional): None
    Appearance: Black T-Shirt, Blood red Eyes, Peachy Skin, Short, Neat, Black Hair, Grey Shorts, One Red Shoe, One White Shoe, Scrawny, Short.
    Backstory: He was Born To A Famous Air Bender, Who Was Eventually Killed, His Mother Died of shock, Right After He was Born, He Grew Up An Orphan, He Learnt To Steal So he could Survive, And Eventually Became The best Thief In His Area, He Opened A Store After 'Retiring' , But It Is Actually A Safe haven For thieves.
    Personality: Gruff, Serious, Genius, Relentless, Unlikable.
    Job: (optional): Thief Guild Owner, Store Owner
    Homed Sighed As Another Thief Came In, he Said
    "C'mon, Man." He Gestured To A secret Tunnel He Opened, The Thief Crawled Through, He Closed It, And Said "Whew, Looks Like He Is Gonna Be Safe, But Then Again, The People Who Come Here End Up Getting Arrested, Which Has Started A Rumour That My place Is Cursed. Better fix That, I'll get the Next Person Who Is A Thief To Come In Here, And Then I Shall Get Them To Kill, This Person." He Looked At A Picture Of the Man Who Started The Rumour.
  7. (Everyone is a thief like me) "I knew it, and that pathetic girl think she could get away, wow" Damian said, before walking off into sewers, and falling asleep. He dreamed of people bowing to him while saying repeatedly "HAIL DAMIAN"
  8. Name: Le-Shang Mao
    Age: 22
    Gender: male
    Bending: fire
    Weapon: N/A
    Appearance: (I do not own this image it belongs to PyromaniacInsomniac on Deviantart)
    Backstory: Le-Shang was raised in a family that were extremist followers of fire lord Ozai and helped supply the fire nation with their machinery and vehicles, but once he was defeated at the hands of Avatar Aang they found themselves without a source of income from their business their family's honour had been put to shame. After the founding of Republic City they decided to use what they had left to restore the nation to its former glory before the Hundred Year War. Now the new heir to the family business Le-Shang has moved to Republic City to win the Pro-Bending championship tournament.
    Personality: Intelligent, powerful, cool headed, tries to avoid conflict, understanding, and anti-social
    Job: Pro-Bending
    Le was on his way to his Pro-Bending game carrying his equipment in a bag, as he felt a strange feeling as he walked on a street known for holding a lot of crime in its area. He made his way through in a swift manner not wanting anyone to stop him and do anything, it unnerved him to walk in such an area. As he walked he saw some police officer get frozen by some criminal, "uh, okay," he whispered to himself as he sped up the pace he walked at. He needed to get to his match, but soon enough he managed to get out and was almost to his game.

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