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Open Assassin's Creed: Duty Calls(Disscussion, Gore)

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Fraseandchico, Apr 23, 2017.

  1. So, A LONG Time Ago, I was In An Assassin's creed: black Flag Rp, But the Thread Creator Took It down, So I'm Now Making my Own Assassin's Creed: Black Flag Rp! So, yeah, its Set In the Black Flag World.
    1. General Roleplay Rules.
    2. You Can Be Either An Assassin, A Templar, Or Neither.
    3. Don't kill Another person's Character Without permission.
    4. Once Reading this, Put Kill in Your Form.
    My Form:
    Name: Saice Dion
    Age: 26
    Gender: Male
    personality: a Bit Arrogant, Normally Level-headed, Can Get Angry
    Appearance: Tall, Looks Powerful In A Quick Way, Blue Assassin Clothing, And A Black Trophy Hat.
    Alignment: an Assassin For hire(But Never Helps Templars.)
    Skills: Fast, Good At Parkour, Good hand To Eye Coordination, Sword-Fighting Expert.
    Backstory: Will Be Revealed Later.
    Weapons: twin Long swords, Knives, Hidden Blades.​
  2. Name: Lightningshade
    Age: 19
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Don't wanna put it down because he might go against it...
    Appearance: Wears a dark blue ninja bodysuit with some metal plates painted dark blue. Has blue eyes and short brown hair.
    Alignment: Ninja tribe (undying loyalty), Assassins (allied upon similarities and common enemies)
    Skills: Sword-fighting expert, can fight with almost any weapon, stealth master, pretty good at parkour
    Backstory: Appeared in Havana without warning, and has been fighting the Templars ever since. He's a mystery, though, as no one knows who he is or where he comes from. Met some Assassins on a mission and decided to ally himself with them.
    Weapons: Dual short swords, shuriken, kunai, poison darts
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  3. Name: James Morrigan
    Age: 26
    Gender: Male
    personality: James only focuses on his own goals and missions but he is also intelligent and calculative. He is also a one-uper who strives to out do all his allies and friends
    Appearance: Dark red hood with black detailing and silver like outlining with a white undershirt and black pants, he hair is a dark brown that reaches down to the top of his neck.
    Alignment: Templar (Although he has the qualities and traits of the assassins)
    Skills: Tracking, Parkour, and an excellent shot
    Backstory: James was born to a wealthy assassin family until he learned of the ever-lasting struggle between the assassins and Templars, he found that he sided with the Templars more than the assassins, so one night hidden under the midnight moon James slit his father's throat and then left to join the Templars. Now a high member in the order he is on the hunt for a certain assassin, that has learned to much and needed to be silenced.
    Weapons: A katana along with a flintlock pistol. A hidden blade on the right wrist, and twin sais
  4. Accepted! This Takes Place In The Black Flag Universe Before It.
    Also Its Filled With more Water Than The Legend Of Zelda Windwaker. For Eeveechu's Questions.
  5. Doesn't answer my questions, actually.
  6. …no, it doesn't. I have two simple questions you could easily answer.
    1) Are there Ninja?
    2) In what city does the RP take place in?
  7. Um, The Rp Isn't Set In One Location, Its The Whole Assassin's creed: Black Flag.
    ninja Don't Exist In Assassin's Creed, Last I Checked.
  8. I'm asking where the RP at least STARTS. Everyone needs to start in the same place, or else we can't have good character interaction.
    And if it doesn't say in the AC lore, then we could see what history says. This RP takes place in the 18th Century, right? Well, the first confirmed Shinobo popped up in the 15th. So they would exist at this time. But as RP creator, it's your call.
  9. 1. Havana.
    2. Why Not Then.
  10. By the way, If You Find Someone Who Might Wanna join, Ask Them If Do Wanna Join!
  11. Name: Tsula
    Age: 23
    Gender: Female
    personality: Tsula prefers to keep to herself, but is willing to work with others if it furthers her objective. For the few she actually considers friends, she can actually be rather open, though this is very rare. Despite her typically anti-social - and what some would even go to lengths to call introverted - personality, she always has her teammates backs. She also doesn't believe in killing the innocent. Tsula also has a case of pyrophobia. Even seeing a contained fire can make her nervous, but she can ultimately focus. Large, open fires, however, have caused her to have fast breathing, an irregular heartbeat, shortness of breath, and gives her the feeling of being trapped.
    Appearance: Native American in complexion, with long, black hair and deep, blue eyes. She wears a garb in the same style of most members of the Creed. However, her fabric is different. Instead of being made of the usual fabric, Tsula's outfit is made of ocelot and jaguar pelts she acquired while travelling throughout the West Indies.
    Alignment: Assassins
    Skills: Parkour, Tracking, Hand-To-Hand and Melee Combat
    Backstory: Tsula was born in a small Cherokee village in North America. At the age of thirteen, her parents, who unbeknownst to her were Assassins, along with the rest of her village were killed by Templars, and they burned down any buildings in an attempt to drive out people in hiding. Before then, Tsula's parents had taught her basic skills among Assassins of the Creed, though she didn't realize it at first. Using those skills, she escaped the burning of her village and fled into the wilds. Two years later, she managed to finally track down the man who ordered the attack on her village, a high-ranking Templar. During the assassination attempt, she ran into a member of the West Indies branch of the Creed who was trying to do the same. They worked together, where Tsula drove her knife into the Templar's throat. Afterwords, she journeyed back to the West Indies with the aforementioned Assassin, and joined the Creed. Now, she has been dispatched to Havana in order to tack down a target, who was also suspected to have had a hand in the attack on her village so long ago.
    Weapons: Hidden Blades, Nodachi, Twin Flintlock Pistols
  12. Accepted!
    We Just need two More Templars!
  13. I can create another character, if we definitely need the two Templars. It'll allow me more of a hand in the story, as well.
  14. I'll Make One to!
    Also, We Need Someone To Make An Assassin Pirate Captain Character.
    Name: Goken Streak
    Age: 19
    Gender: male
    personality: Arrogant, Partially Insane, Rude, Unlikeable.
    Appearance: Opposite Of Saice's Clothing, Red Eyes, Peachy Skin.
    Alignment: Templar
    Skills: parkour, Really, Really Fast, Bow expert, Sword Expert.
    Backstory: will Be Revealed.
    Weapons: One Long Sword, A bow With both Normal Arrows And Bomb Arrows, A Flintlock.

    There We Go, @Eevee E Should Know This Guy.
  15. Well I don't. I'll make my character in an hour or so.
  16. Here's the Templar guy.

    Name: Bloodmoon the Betrayer | Blake Midway
    Age: 24
    Gender: Male
    Personality: A bastard in almost every sense, Bloodmoon has earned his name of the Betrayer for a reason. He's never been and never will be above using deception and trickery to get what he wants. However, he values honor above all else. If anyone insults his honor, he will fight them to the death. Likes to play mind-games with his foes.
    Appearance: Wears a large, red overcoat, with a dark red shirt and black pants. He also wears a red headband. Has long, red hair and green eyes.
    Alignment: Templars (debt of honor), Ninja Clan [Formerly] (raised and trained by)
    Skills: Sword-fighting expert, pretty good at parkour, good with guns, silver-tongued, incredibly smart and cunning.
    Backstory: Not much is known about his time as Bloodmoon, except that he betrayed his clan and killed some of his fellows. The survivors hunted him, so he escaped to the Caribbean. There he was taken in and kept safe from those hunting him by the Templars. Eventually, they decided to fully trust him, and indict him as a Templar. He left his old world behind with his old name that only the ninja know him by, becoming the feared scourge of the seas Blake Midway.
    Weapons: A rapier, two daggers, two Flintlocks and a Musket.
  17. Accepted! I'll Make the Rp Later!
  18. Name: Captain Jabari Akachi | "The Black Lycan" is a common alias, for when he does not want his actions to be tied to him.
    Age: 30
    Gender: Male
    personality: Jabari is a very social man, and likes to taunt his enemies in combat. While he acts like he's a complete idiot, under that facade is a very intellectual and cunning man. He doesn't specifically hate the Templars, but he knows they're the enemy of the Creed, so he does what he must.
    Appearance: African, tall and well-muscled, standing at 6'8". Jabari has black hair, in dreadlocks that go down to his chest. He wears the attire of what you would usually see a pirate captain wear, a brown frock coat on top of the typical garb. On the back of his shirt is a brown hood, for when the need arises. Although, he usually wears a brown tricorn instead.
    Alignment: Assassins
    Skills: Captaining, Sailing, Tactics, Melee combat, Parkour
    Backstory: Jabari Akachi grew up in a small African village, where he was the son of wealthy merchants. His father taught him how to fight, to an extent. Unfortunately, he was taken from his home by slavers at the age of eleven. While on his way to be sold, an Assassin for the Creed had been sent to kill the captain of the ship. On his way in, as a distraction, he had released the captured slaves. After the Assassin exited from the Captain's cabin, he was surprised to see three large men, all dead, with Akachi holding the bloodied blade. From there, the African was taken in and trained to be an assassin for the Creed. He also captains a ship, which he calls "The Songbird."
    Weapons: Dual rapiers, two flintlock pistols, a blunderbuss, and twin hidden blades, with a gold trim.
  19. Name: Jake
    Age: 27
    Gender: Male
    personality: Kind (sometimes), rude, a tiny bit crazy.
    Appearance: Wears a black cloak with a dark blue hood. Has a blowdart pipe on his back. He is a white Caucasian male. He has orange, unruly hair, and has blue eyes.
    Alignment: Templar (unwilling)
    Skills: Jack of all trades pretty much. But mostly as a Templar assassin.
    Backstory: Jake used to be an assassin, then was captured by Templars, but was given a choice, join them, or die. He chose to join them and was forced to kill his fellow assassins. He is currently hunting assassins in Havana.
    Weapons: Wristblades, blowdarts, flintlock pistols (2), spanish rapiers (2), smoke bombs, throwing knives (5).
  20. Accepted!
    The Rp is Up if You Want To Post Now!
  21. Hey @Jake/Green Leader it might not be that good an idea to kill the bartender... There are a bunch of Templars in the bar. Maybe edit that...?
  22. My character is a Templar, and he also got sensitive information from the bartender, and can't have the bartender giving said info to anyone else, so yeah.
  23. Name: Cpt Philipp Sands " Red Phil"
    Age: 29
    Gender: Male
    Personality: loyal, intelligent, a bit crazy
    Appearance: Philipp has gray eyes, brown hair and he is tall. He wears red jacket, red trousers and red pirate's cap
    Alignments: Pirates
    Skills: Philipp is great at tactics and he is a great shooter
    Backstory: He lived in Hawana. His mother was a bartender. He left Havana to search for adventures. Then he used to be Assassin but he escaped because he felt limited, and then he started to be a pirate
    Weapons: Pistols(6), Toledo blades (2), hidden blades (2)
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  24. Accepted!
    Rp is up if you wanna post!
  25. So @Fraseandchico you need to post as the Templar before I can do anything.
  26. he did, it is near the top
  27. Not since I last posted.
  28. Are Mary Read, Edward Thatch and rest of pirates are still alive?
  29. Name: Daniel
    Age: 32
    Gender: male
    personality: Kind, believes in serving justice.
    Appearance: Wears blue robes and a black hood. Blue eyes, black hair, beige skin
    Alignment: assassin
    Skills: Killing high ranking templars, assassinating, etc.
    Backstory: Dan is the brother to the Ex assassin Jake, he does not know Jake is now a Templar. He hates templars, but when he figures out that his brother is now a Templar, that will be a huge weakness to him.
    Weapons: wrist blades, blow darts, flintlock pistols and two Spanish rapiers.
  30. Is anyone going to post?
  31. So far, no one's given me a prompt to respond to.
  32. Well, I mean you could respond to why a Templar is running up to an assassin and not planning to kill said assassin.

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