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Asking Why

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  1. ~Prologue: Fractured Lives~

    My name....my name is Eifi. I have been almost everywhere that my paws could take me. I could make any person's mind spin with all the things that I could say I've seen and done. Especially done. I'm not proud of what it is that I have done, but there is nothing that I can do to atone for my past. Sometimes, I feel as if I do what is necessary to achieve the outcome I desire, but that's called greed and selfishness. There are people out in the world that don't understand what true greed and selfishness truly is. They call putting yourself first a capital crime of the heart and then try to crucify anyone that cannot or will not agree.

    I do not find it my mission in life to kill others that do not agree with me. I honestly have lost track of what the purpose of my life was to be a long time ago. I never had a proper life, if you want to call it that. From a young age, I was tormented by the pleasures of others and only the pain, the constant pain that was slated as mine and mine alone to receive. I look towards the sky and wonder if I could draw another hand, and maybe get a better deal next time. There seems to be nothing more in the world that I can do except wander around and bring chaos and misery where I am.

    However, I do not always wander alone like this. Through my voice alone, whenever I am able to find it within me, I can command and persuade people to stay with me, to achieve my goals with me, to share in the goodness that I so desperately seek. It is out there, waiting for me, and I want it to be all mine. I will not take no as a suitable answer for this forsaken life that has been doled to me. I will attain my goodness at whatever cost necessary.

    I may sound like I am going in circles, but it is only those that have betrayed me time and time again that have driven me near the point of madness again and again. It is my addled self that consistently pines and aggravates itself. I drew the line when my own family turned on me and scarred my face and my body for life. At that moment, I felt myself split into two, and one part of me was shoved away into a part of my heart and locked in forever. That was the feeling part of me, the loving part of me, the weaker part of me. Sometimes I feel as if I'm not in control of what I want, but I tell myself it's my weakness trying to overtake me once again, to drag me back down into the pits of despair.

    I don't believe that I was born with weakness. I, on the contrary, believe that weakness crept into my heart when I was least expecting of it. There were many times where weakness could have crawled in and made me the weak feline that I incarcerated, but the earliest would have to be my period of slavery. Even in this world, which others regard as full, good, and plentiful, there exists a constant fear. A fear of slavery. It is almost like a game of tag, except that when you're it you can't tag anyone else again. For the most part, I loathe and despise humans and wish to see them all die. I have not encountered one good, benevolent human that treats me nice. All I am to them is a trophy that they can display on their wall. It sickens me.

    This all started when I was a young Eevee. I believed myself to be attached to a human, however foolish that it seems now. I loved that human, loved him to the point that I was willing to change myself to please him. I thought that he would be with me forever. I thought he would love me forever. I thought he was the human that every Pokemon longed to be caught and trained by. Then one day, he placed me in a dank box, and I was crushed physically and emotionally. I was in the box for what seemed an agonizing eternity before white light ensued. I thought he came back to get me but all it was was my Pokeball opening up to the outside world. The ugly orb had spit me out and it wouldn't take me back. I saw my trainer; he now had a stronger Gallade. He no longer wanted me. He kicked me out, and there was no way for me to be welcome back. I was on my own, as I always longed to be, but now I didn't want to be alone. It must have been the love for the trainer, or all that I sacrificed for him. But all I knew is that I had been betrayed, and that I had to find my own way from now on.

    I wandered long and far and I made my way into a forest far away from where I was abandoned. It was there that I found the vestiges of love that only others of my kind could provide. I was an outsider, the one that knew nobody, but they accepted me in a way that I never thought possible. They exhibited true kindness and love, and healed my broken heart the most that anyone could. It was there, in the forest, that I was truly an Espeon.

    We often had competitions to see who was the strongest, and I longed to show my skills to the others. I was ignorant back then, and believed that I always had to prove myself in order to be of use. On one particular day, I woke up to a stormy day, the clouds gray, ready to burst open their package of water, the grass, drowning under the continuous water, the trees, trying fruitlessly to shield themselves........it wasn't always like this, but now it is. I slunk back inside my hole in the tree to sleep. I could not sleep, as the continuous thought of the Pokemon PokeTournament came closer. "Later, later, later I'll train. " I assured myself. " I'll train later. "

    I was about to sleep, too, when a shriek pierced through the air. It hit me. Very hard. I jumped up and slinked into the corner of the tree. I heard another shriek, closer this time, louder, more pained. I backed into the wall in fear. A third shriek pierced the night air as Pokemon - from the small like Caterpie to the Stantlers - ran past my tree. One Caterpie in particular, who was limping, was behind. The Caterpie limped on by and the sight made me feel guilty, so I came out of the corner and out into the rain to ask if the Caterpie wanted to hide inside.

    As the Caterpie limped into the tree, I saw with his eyes that something was rustling inside the trees. I got curious, seeing as what could make a bush rustle so much. I was about to go inside to see what was there, when the Caterpie warned me not to go check it out. This made me all the more curious, and I went to check it out. As I got closer, I heard noises. Disturbing noises. I backed off and ran back into the tree, curious but scared.

    The next morning, the Caterpie left and bidded me a good day, when out of the blue, he evolved. I was glad for him, as the night before, he had told me about how he wished to become a Butterfree. But the downside was that now the Metapod could not move, so I slowly nudged it back into the tree. When I got in, I fell asleep again. As I napped, the Metapod just stared and stared. And it stared some more. It was staring for a while before it yelled. He woke me up, and I was in a grumpy mood so I fell back asleep, too tired to care. He was in my house so I was going to do whatever I pleased.

    Out in the field the next day, I was training hard for the preliminaries. I had to be strong to get past the judges, and that's all I thought about as I switched from physical training to mental training. Sometimes, I wondered if my type were suited to physical training. I twirled the stick that I was controlling around a tree, almost losing control of it twice. It was utter cruelty to us, but we had our work cut out for us, as all but the Ralts line were speed demons. I felt blessed to be an Espeon at that moment. I had personal experience from many battles that would give me a personal edge. The stick that I was controlling dropped from a very high altitude because I, once again, lost my concentration.

    I mentally caught the stick with my mind and twirled it around. I did not feel right. I knew that someone was watching me but I could not find who and returned to twirling the stick around like a baton. Once again, I became lost in thought, and the stick rocketed right into a tree. The shriek of a Pokemon and the rustling of the leaves signaled that I had hit someone or something.

    I sprinted towards the crash zone. When I got there, the leaves looked perfectly preserved, like nothing at all had happened. I mentally picked up a stick and returned to twirling it around. To me, this was easy stuff, but passing Pokemon stared at him like I was not one of them. But it didn't bother me, as they had the same thoughts when they saw a different Pokemon.

    Metapod was staring at me, the ground, the sky, the jealous Spearow, the neighbors down the block, the Furret crossing the meadow, and so on. The only thing on his mind was the Pokechallenge competition. He was working on his Harden technique when he stopped. He relaxed his muscles, yawned, and then fell over. He could not see anything but white as he shook in his cocoon.

    Down where he could not scratch, he felt a rustling. He jiggled around, trying to soothe the jiggling, but it got worse. Trying to divert his attention from the jiggling, he returned to Hardening. But the jiggling got worse. His eyes slid down slowly from its sockets. His bottom was aching terribly. Pressure was being applied to the sides. He felt extensions in his back, protruding out horribly. He wanted his sight back badly, but he could not see. He could barely hear me. He wanted to scream, to shout, to kick with his legs.

    Down at the bottom of the cocoon, he saw light. He heard voices, many in a worried tone. He could hear a motherly Furret, telling her child to close his eyes. He heard a Pidgey telling someone to get Chansey "up in da house". But most of all, he heard me. At first I thought that my voice was helping him, coaching him to get through the ordeal, but soon he stopped replying to me. I thought that maybe he had run into a spot of trouble but I quickly realized that he was not answering me because his mouth was stuck. He was intent on getting out and he was going to do it no matter what. After one violent shake he could talk again and he began screaming my name loud and clear. He was in a joyful tone. He knew something that even I didn't, until I saw the bottom of him.

    "You've done it, Metapod. You've evolved into Butterfree!" I yelled. He looked nothing like the Caterpie that I met him as. He was now a majestic butterfly, the kind that he always longed to be but was too afraid undergoing the process to become. The realization hit him. He EVOLVED! He could fly! He zipped upwards at an amazing velocity, immediately taking advantage of his new wings.

    I looked up at him, my friend the Butterfree. He was simply amazing, floating around in the air, higher and higher. The crowd that had assembled gave shouts of applause and praise, for he had made it past one of the most excruciating forms of evolution. All methods of evolution were painful to begin with, but one where there was a week of constant restraint and immobilization was especially painful. It was well known that not every Metapod had the endurance to make it through the evolution to Butterfree, and the night before he had told me of how sickly he was. He was afraid that in due time, when it was his chance to evolve, that he would die trying. I told him to stay hopeful, because I believed in hope back then. I told him that as long as I was there with him he would be able to do anything he wanted, and that his health was not going to be a factor in determining his outcome in life. He deserved his freedom, and his life. His wings were granted with all given respect. I wanted to go and join him. I could have; I had the prowess to levitate with the best of them. In fact, I was, but then something happened that would stop my dreams forever.

    I first saw the red sphere of death whiz through the air. He was facing the opposite direction, completely unaware of the danger fast approaching. It hit him on the back and opened its gaping maw. Butterfree had turned into a red beam and was trapped inside of it. He writhed back and forth, to and fro, trying to get free. He had just evolved, however, and was still fairly weak, so he couldn't break out of it. I did nothing to help him; I was in such shock as to what had just happened to him. Out in the range, we did not see many people. The ones we did see were innocent tourists. They often consisted of families with their children. The most curious of them all would usually stop and stare, the little kids always pointing at us. They never attempted to try and abduct us before. But that is what they did there. They were abducting us. Taking us from our natural habitat into some portable sphere and forcing us to do battle for their amusement. And as the ball locked, I knew that it was over. He was gone, captured.

    The crowd of us, standing around in shock, disappeared off into the forest. Much to my dismay, I was the most exotic one there, so the beast had decided to come after me. I, however, did not fancy being captured again. I remembered back to the days of my infancy as an Eevee. From the first day I was born I looked up into the eyes of my parents and saw two Vaporeon smile back at me. They were my parents.

    My parents had taught me much in the few days that I was with them. Both of them were Pokemon previously owned by humans who had decided to release them into the wild. They spoke of their hardships in battle, telling me that I should run whenever I see a human. They told me never to trust, and to always love my freedom, for it was something that I could never ever regain in its entirety. My parents were so wise, but they had neglected to teach me everything. I do not believe it to be their fault completely. They were only with me for a short time, and I had already neglected to follow their wisdom. I was caught by a trainer, and look where I ended up. In the woods, lonely, betrayed, and at the opposite end of that ball once again.

    I had never seen them again for only a couple of days after I was born; they were captured by men in black suits with a strange emblem on them and separated. They then came for me and threw the accursed orb at me, and that is how my first term of imprisonment began. I had no idea what to expect the first time, I neglected to listen and run. The second time, I knew better, but to no avail I was caught. All at once I was digitized and crushed into the space of an atom again. The world, once so bright, suddenly grew dark and dismal. For what seemed like seconds I was in darkness before I heard the confirmation sound that signaled that I was going nowhere. Suddenly, the lights came on. They were dim and faint, but the voice was not. It was rather sonorous, and it proclaimed:

    "You are now the property of Cassidy, trainer ID no. 69300. Affiliation, trainer…."

    I finally realized the grave situation that I was placed into. My freedom had been robbed from under me in the space of just a few days of freedom, and my innocence died at that moment. I would never regain the childhood follies that others experienced because my childhood was robbed from me right from underneath my feet. I never had the chance to live, to make friends, to experience love, to grow with the others in the wild and attain a social ranking. I was abducted from the forest, which was the only world that I knew. I believe it's called Viridian Forest. My parents spoke of areas filled with giant stone buildings with voices that came from nowhere and they told me to never go to these places. I feared that that was where I would end up; the place of stone buildings with mysterious voices. I did not know what would happen if I showed up there, but all I knew was that that was the point of no return. I felt my paws grazing the edge of no return and I felt afraid. I finally learned what true fear was, and the worst part was that I did not know what it was that I was fearing so much.

    Suffice to say my life was dark for the first few months in that jail called a Pokeball. It was dark and dismal, with the only light coming from the four orbs that brought me into the orb to begin with. There was no source of food and very little room to move around in. There was no one to talk to and I felt like I was going mad. I wondered if Butterfree was suffering the same fate, or if he managed to get away somehow. I saw the gears to the orb, and they were of a strange stone that I had not seen before. They moved without anyone telling them to, and before I knew it I was uncompressed and sent out back into the wild.

    I had told myself that the first thing that I would do when I saw the outside would be to escape, but it seemed that that would not be the case the first time I was released to the outside world. I stood facing a larger opponent, much bigger than I was, with scales of red and a mouth of fangs. It roared and screamed in pain. In his roaring I could hear his story. He wanted me to listen. It spoke a story of pain, of how he was taken from the rivers in which he grew up in a place called Ilex Forest and placed under a mysterious ray that bombarded his body with rays that caused him to mutate. He experienced such a rush of adrenaline, the likes of which he had never experienced before. It felt good at first, but then it continued, and it began to change him. It hurt, he screamed and he wanted it to stop. The pain continued, and he felt himself changing into the hideous deformed monstrosity that he was now. He said that he forever feels the pain of the ray and now wants to spare all that come his way with a quick death. And now, it was my turn.

    The battle was over before it even began. I stood no chance against this huge monstrosity of a creature. It lifted its huge tail and thrashed me with it. I experienced pain for what would not be the last time. I was bleeding from all over my body before the trainer recalled me and I retreated to my place of isolation. The one thing I noticed is that it wasn't the same trainer that captured me the second time. This time, I appeared to have been traded away.

    It wasn't long before I was sent out again, but this time it was against a smaller opponent. A yellow shrew with a tail to match began the fight, and he told me that before I was done I would make a huge difference. He then turned into a ball and rammed me five times so hard I could not stand any longer. My trainer recalled me into my Pokeball, disgusted at my lack of fighting vigor.

    It was a long time before I saw the outside again. This time I was healed. I felt stronger and like I could take anything down. I thought it through in my extended period if isolation and I decided that I was strong enough to take down whatever enemy I had to face next. After that enemy fell, I would turn on the trainer and kill him, or at the very least blind him with some sand. Then I would return to the forest and meet my parents, whom I hoped would be there waiting for me with outstretched fins.

    Instead, I met a black creature with yellow rings on its body. It took one look at me with its pepper red eyes and took a step back. It stared at me again, looked me up and down. It couldn't believe that it saw me. She introduced herself as Maakii told me her story as well.

    Maakii was once an Eevee, as I was then. She too had grown up in the Viridian Forest and she too was abducted. They put her in a special black Pokeball from which she could never escape. They took her back to some sort of underground lab which they dubbed a ‘Hive' and placed her into some see-through stone cage that she found herself unable to escape from.

    She was in there with other Pokemon of various regions, some of which she had never seen before and haven't seen since. It was then, she told me, that she realized the gravity of the situation she was thrown into. The oldest Pokemon, which turned out to be a Weedle, led her to one end of the labyrinth and showed her a table. On the table lay a Pokemon that she had never seen before, and there was a thin needle that hovered over it. It poked and prodded and then focused itself over the Pokemon. It then spun and a small blue beam came out of it. The Pokemon arched its back and it apparently liked the response. Then, suddenly, the magnitude was amplified and the Pokemon fell into complete pain. Maakii told me that it was the most painful thing she ever had to endure. The Pokemon could not withstand the beam and it ended up evaporating. The grunts, upset with their failure, gathered up the ashes, threw it into a bin and took it somewhere.

    She said that it was their fate to all be chosen for that ray. The Weedle was chosen next, and, to her surprise, he didn't die. Immediately. After that ray was done with him, he morphed into some mutated bug with deformed, bent wings and found himself unable to move. The grunts were apparently pleased with the work but deemed him useless. He was disposed of in the garbage still alive and taken away. All of the others in the cage were taken, one by one, and Maakii saw all the experiments. She noticed that they were getting better and better, each one living considerably longer than the last. It took her a while to realize that she was the one on which they planned to have their first successful test on, and she surmised that they planned to make her stronger and that the ray had an adverse effect that changed the appearance of the Pokemon it was tested on.

    Her day soon arrived, and she was scooped out of the cage and placed onto the table. She described an old man, known to the grunts as Giovanni, and he peered over into her face with a nasty smile. He said some words to the grunts in Italian and they began the ray while he walked outside. The beam started up on her, and she described it as the best feeling in her life coupled with the most extreme pain she had ever experienced.

    Liitle did she know that they weren't planning to make her stronger. They planned to evolve her into a new breed of Pokemon. A type of monster that can survive extreme heat and cold without suffering the effects, with no emotions, or a caring heart. A dark Pokemon, if you will. The ray, however, did not have the same effects as it did before. It appeared to seem that the scientists had achieved the equilibrium that they were searching for, and Giovanni had walked back into the room to check on her.

    "What is the status?"

    Around him, people were diligently trying to polish the project. She was the project; they had finished splicing her genes at the moment that Giovanni walked in.

    "Finished, sir." said a grunt. "Shall we begin initation?"

    Giovanni had to think for a second. He was unsure if he wanted to start or if he wanted to wait. He decided to start.


    It didn't take long before there was a problem.

    "Big G, we have a problem." one grunt said. "The thing...is evolving!"

    "What?" Giovanni yelled. "Stop progress, NOW!"

    She hadn't expected to evolve. No one had. The white light that enveloped her stopped the old pain and brought new ones all it's own. The scientists stared at awe as the sleek, black figure that Maakii had transformed into lay on the table. She looked over to them and they were scattering about to and fro, making calculations and predictions about her. Then, they looked up at her in fear. Something had gone wrong.

    She exploded with the force of an atom bomb on the table.

    "..heh, heh. My life's work, completed." Giovanni muttered before he was caught in the energy.

    Maakii's pepper red eyes fluttered open to see sunrise. And she discovered that she was not moving, yet she was. After a while, she realized that she was being carried. But by whom? She looked over to find another trainer. But this one appeared different. He hadn't any black clothes on like the ones that abducted her. Rather, they were white like the scientists that caused her to explode.

    His name tag read Professor Oak and she looked up to see the eyes of an old man peer back at her lovingly. She said that it was the first time that she had experienced love in her life and that it healed all the torn wounds in her heart. She, against her better judgment, let him carry her back to his laboratory.

    She said that at his laboratory he performed even more tests on her, for she was a being that he had not seen before. She decided that she had had enough of people experimenting on her. In the dark of the night, which was when she had been forever changed, she slipped out from the lab and had escaped off into the wild again. She said that she had roamed the land far and wide, hoping to return to the place that she had called home. That place, Viridian Forest, as deforested, as she put it. There were no signs of life anywhere and all the trees were gone. All of the Pokemon that she had grown accustomed to no longer lived there. She described what was left as a desert of trees.

    You can probably understand how upset I was at the fact that my home was gone and I could never return. She told me that it was humans that tore it down in their lust for more of everything worth keeping, and that I should trust no one.

    She had wandered far and wide, looking high and low for another forest that she could call home. She was still in that search when she had the unfortunate luck of running into me and my trainer

    At that point, he was becoming impatient that Maakii and I were just standing there instead of doing battle and he preempted to recall me with that nasty orb of his. I had already made the decision to escape and I did not need to give Maakii any directions. Like a swift, agile cat, she flew up into the air and knocked the Pokeball out of his hand. It rolled into the bramble and I shot off in the other direction, attempting to keep up with the much more agile Maakii.

    I was free.
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  2. -A Lost-

    Maakii awoke from her nap and picked her head up off of the ground. It was the third time this week she had reminisced about the past, which was something she was prone to do even though she despised it. It was five years ago, but it came back like it happened just yesterday. She particularly hated the dream of the burning building, as she called it, because it surfaced other memories that she would rather keep hidden in the recesses of her mind. She decided to shake it off and find something to distract her.

    Her eyes lazily drifted toward the sun, shaded by the sakura trees, which was little more than a reddish ball considering what time of day it was. It was then that she started to worry. The two of them still hadn't come back, and darkness was beginning to settle.

    "They're dark types," she thought aloud to herself. "If there are any Pokemon most suited to the darkness, it would be the two of them. We've gone through this multiple times. You always get worried, but you always see them at the end of the day, so what's the problem?"

    Maakii lowered her head to scratch her ears. She had one of those itches where no matter how hard you scratched it still seemed to be there. On top of that, the itch seemed to migrate down her spine, tickling her as it crawled, so she ended up tracing a line down her backside attempting to follow the itch. She went as far as the scar on her back before she stopped. She went tenderly over the line, remembering where and how it had happened.

    It was in Oak's laboratory. She remembered the haziness of the morning fog and the smell of plastic on his jacket and in his lab. He had carried her back from the edge of Viridian City to his lab atop a hill on Pallet Town. She believed in him and that she would finally be treated as a Pokemon should be. At the very least, she hoped he would treat her wounds and let her go.

    That did not turn out to be the case. Had she been a regular Eevee, she probably would have been kept for a few days and then released off into the wild. But she was not. She was something else, a new species of undocumented Pokemon. She remembered spending days behind a glass cage as she watched Oak type messages onto a computer and eagerly awaiting responses. When he wasn't in front of the computer, he was on the phone, discussing tests and such that he should run on her. She disliked him after the moment that she was incarcerated for the second time, but she figured there wasn't much she could do until he went into the cage to pull her out.

    That moment came eventually, and like a fool Oak approached her with bare hands. She took this opportunity to use her overdeveloped fangs to bite into his hand, and she tasted the sweet blood that dripped down. Out of instinct, she was dropped onto the floor, but she didn't get far before he scooped her up again. This time, he came with a needle.

    Everything was foggy until she remembered opening her eyes to feel something prodding around in her back. She was unable to move, and she attributed that to whatever Oak had intravenously injected into her neck. She felt the tip move around, probing here and scraping there. Her fur was shaved off completely and stored for tests. Her genitalia were examined for reproductive capabilities and she endured an excruciating amount of pain tolerance tests, which included incessant incisions all over her body. She longed for the moment that the drug would wear off, for she would take that opportunity to run.

    That opportunity came five minutes too late, as she was back in her cage before she could move again. It was only one day, but she did not wish to stay another. She feigned sleepiness, biding time for Oak until he departed from the lab. He did, but only at the blackest moment of the night and only for a brief second. He stepped outside, presumably for some fresh air, and she took the chance to headbutt the cage off of the table. It crashed onto the floor and she could hear the scampering of Oak's shoes as he rushed back into the lab.

    She wasted no time in running. She ran straight for the door that Oak departed from and she moved deftly between his legs as he turned on the lights in the lab. He never saw her escape, but he did see the mess that she left. He still had her fur, but not much else.

    That was a long time ago. Too long to count, actually. Back then, she was rash. Reckless, obtrusive, and she often said things that she could never live up to. Under her breath she rued the day that she instructed that naïve Eevee named Eifi to revolt. Revolt wasn't even accurate. The word was more like run or escape. What she meant by revolt was to revolt against the master, against everything that imprisioned her and prevented her from excercising her freedom. Somehow that got misconstrued, and Maakii could not help but blame herself for that mess. Maakii could sense from a mile away that he was up to no good. That, and she associated the big, red R on her chest with many unpleasant circumstances concerning her and captivity. But in retrospect, even she admitted that she had been a little hot-headed during their first encounter. She had been blinded by rage many times; most of the time nothing but pain and confusion arose from it.

    A smile flashed across her face as she recalled the memory of when they first came together. She was even more naïve and reckless back then, but then she had found true love with her family, and she began to mellow out. She and her both.

    "Fuyuu Shita Risou," she reasoned. "And it always comes back."

    She wished that she could find Eifi now, even after all these years they spent apart. She wanted to find her and tell her that she was wrong, that she shouldn't kill, that she should just take it easy and be content with what she had achieved so far. But Maakii realized that she had created a monster. A Hulk or a Frankenstein of sorts, where the creator makes the beast but eventually becomes overpowered by it. That is what had happened. She was once the Gozen, the leader. She could not remember when Eifi's dominant personality took over the mentality of the pack and she found it to be a place where she no longer belonged. Now that she noticed it, it was evident all along. Yes, she was the Gozen, but it was Eifi's will that motivated everyone. And even she, yes, even she had gone along complacently, no matter how much she disliked the act.

    She felt the soft touch of a tail run right over the scar. Myaku curled up under her and Maakii could feel it on the underside where her veins ran ice cold. She too had come out here to clear her thoughts and to watch the sunset in the night. She couldn't help but wonder if Myaku had the dream of the burning building as well. Tonight was to be a new moon, which was their favorite night of the lunar cycle. However loving Myaku's presence was under her, Maakii could not shake the sense of foreboding that she had that something was to go wrong tonight. Myaku could feel it as well, but she decided to say nothing, reasoning that she'll come forth with it as she always had. They shared a special connection, after all, and it was only natural that she would share secrets like old friends and sisters should.

    She decided to ask anyway, if only because she was expected to.

    "What's wrong?"

    Maakii lowered her chin and placed it on her backside. She always did like the way her smooth cold back felt on her chin. It also helped to relax her and prevent her from getting overly emotional.

    "Night and Fang still haven't returned yet."

    Myaku hadn't expected such a quick response. She gathered her repose and replied,

    "They'll be back."

    "I know, I know. I usually have this-"

    "..overprotective, foreboding feeling towards the ones you care about most." Myaku said as she finished her sentence. "But why should tonight be any different?"

    "Because I honestly feel something is wrong."

    "I know what you mean, but you shouldn't worry so much. They'll be back."

    "Who'll be back?"

    Fang and Night emerged from the bushes flanking their cave. Fang was a Mightyena, and the fiercest one that Myaku ever had the pleasure of meeting. His fur dazzled black and his fangs were protruding out of his mouth, an aspect which she found very attractive.

    Right now, those fangs were clenched tight on the dead body of a small Pokemon.

    Maakii stood on all fours and glared straight into his eyes. She still had that Mean Look capability, and it still had the power to scare anyone into doing her bidding. Now wasn't time for it, however. She caught Fang with her glare and he stopped dead in his tracks anyway. However he did not appear as much fazed but as indifferent, as if he had a story to tell.

    "You can stop now."

    Maakii was so focused on Fang that she hadn't noticed Night. In the five years that they had been together, he hadn't changed much. His fur had grayed a bit, his eyesight declined a tad and his teeth weren't as sharp as they used to be, but he was still the same Night that she had originally set out on her journey with. That same Night was the only reason she was still alive and well. She sat back down near the entrance of the cave.

    "Go on. Explain. What did you do?"

    Fang put the dead Pokemon down on the floor.

    "I didn't do anything. We didn't do anything. We found this one down by the lake."

    "There is a whole bunch of them too. Just dead, or unconscious, lying prostrate on the floor."

    "Funniest thing too, they were all facing in the same direction."

    "There were no signs of blood or a battle."

    "That's why we think they may just be knock-"

    Maakii stopped Fang mid-sentence.

    "What do you mean by ‘no signs of battle'?"

    "The Pokemon appear to have died, or stopped, suddenly."

    "There were no wounds on them, other than on the one that Fang mutilated?" Myaku inquired.

    "Correct. We would show you now, but…"

    Night and Fang jerked suddenly, turning to look at the direction from whence they just came. Fang turned and began to growl at the bushes. Maakii did not see anything, but she could sense the presence of something nearby.

    "What is it?" Myaku inquired, unable to sense anything.

    Fang and Night ignored her, having more pressing issues on their mind.

    "Get in the cave. Now."

    Myaku did not question Night and she retreated into the cave. He may have grown older, but she was still the fierce warrior that he was five years ago. Whatever that thing was, it was about to get mauled if he came looking for trouble. It had been a while since either Night or Fang had gotten into an altercation and both of them were ready to tear something apart.

    A Zigzagoon burst out of the hedge. The suddenness of it all caused Night and Fang to retreat instinctively. Once the two of them had grasped the situation, they couldn't help but smile at the little Pokemon. They had expected something a little bigger. The little bugger hardly had enough meat on his bones to feed a Caterpie.

    "Oh thank goodness you are here, I thought you were the monster, How relieved am I! Can you….did you….what is it….I….scared….following-"

    "Slow down! We can't keep up with what you are trying to say." Fang said. "What happened?"

    "That's just the thing. Down by the lake, there are a whole bunch of dead Pokemon-"

    "Yeah, we kinda saw that on our way back from picking berries." Night said. "It definitely wasn't us if that is what you are wondering."

    Night had sized up the Pokemon. No look of relief crossed his face, but his voice showed a change in stance. He was definitely warming up to the two of them.

    "Yeah I know it wasn't you because I saw who it was and-"

    "WHAT!" Fang roared, even scaring Night a bit. "Who was it? WHO?"

    "I didn't get a clear look at the face, but the tail was purplish and forked and I could have sworn she looked right at them and they all just screamed and fell over."

    Night whistled as the Zigzagoon paused to catch his breath.

    "I had my suspicions."

    "What suspicions?" Fang was puzzled. "What, do you know the killer or something?"

    "I might, but the real person to ask would be Maakii. She might have known her longer than I have or possibly even Myaku."

    The Zigzagoon hadn't noticed the Umbreon in the corner and he was taken aback at the poise that she exhibited by merely lying on the ground. He took his eyes off of her to gaze upon Myaku, who had just exited the cave to check on all of the commotion outside.

    "I'm guessing that the commotion was over you." she said, nodding at the Zigzagoon.

    "I'm sorry if I awoke you Miss, but-" the Zigzagoon trailed off.

    "Now, back to the Johto region if we all wouldn't mind for a second." Night interrupted loudly. "Maakii, does Eifi know that we live around here?"

    "Eifi? I never told her anything. Haven't seen her in ages. Why, do you suspect her of the murders or something? I wouldn't put it past her. She is psychotic."

    Fang looked lost.

    "Who is Eifi?"

    "Night, would you mind explaining to our befuddled guests?" Maakii inquired, also including the Zigzagoon that just rushed into the bramble.

    "Well, I guess it's for our benefit." Night mumbled incessantly. "Now, where to begin…"

    "It was a very long time ago. Five years ago, to be more precise. Back then, it was me, Myaku, Maakii, and an Espeon named Eifi. By tracing their roots, they discovered that they were sisters, born of the same family. Later on, by luck or fate, they ran into Myaku. She was also of the same litter as Maakii, but she visited a faraway land in her youth that changed her into another Pokemon and she wandered back to the Johto region looking for her family. Maakii was the oldest, followed by Eifi, then by Myaku years later. Both Maakii and Eifi were together before Myaku got there, and I came not long after. It was the four of us, and we had met right outside the entrance to the Tin Tower.

    This was all back in the day of the rebellion of Mount Silver and the Sneasels. Johto was at war with Kanto and Johto was losing badly. There weren't even enough berries to feed all of the Pokemon and many of the soldiers were too weak to fight. At that time, Mount Silver and the surrounding areas were very dangerous zones to be in, so we tried to make our way westward. Eifi spoke of a safe haven that the Sneasel had founded somewhere in a secret cavern called the whirl Islands. She said there were enough food for all at that place and that any sane Pokemon that could make the journey there should before we were overrun.

    Something extremely ironic struck me as we stayed at the Tin Tower. Myaku, who was of the same litter as Maakii, was not born in the Viridian Forest. Her parents, as she said, were shipped away to another land called Sinnoh or Shinno or something like that, and she was born there in a land of freezing cold and harsh weather. Eifi always held animosity toward Myaku because she was not of the Johto variety like we were, even though I was actually the only one here born in Johto. I think Maakii noticed Eifi's attitude toward Myaku, but she kept her trap shut because she didn't want to get in the way either. She was busy working on a plan. All that I could sense was that Eifi had it out for Myaku, and that at that moment, it was going to come very soon.

    We were a long way from the howls of any pack of Pokemon, and only a few Murkrow flew in formation above us. It was far less than a usual formation, and that told me that the Kanto forces were close. I tried to warn Eifi, but she refused to listen, saying that we were spending at least a few hours at the Tower for rest before we moved on. I could understand her logic; we needed the rest. But I believed we needed to move more. That was also when I realized that it would be the perfect opportunity to lose someone.

    I went to Maakii for some answers. She said she had a plan, and when she told me the words the plan was to be put in action. I was initially hesitant, but Maakii told me that since we're both Dark Types, Eifi is unable to read or manipulate our minds with her jewel on her head. I decided to agree, but she told me that I could not tell Myaku, because she didn't have the same immunity we had.

    After that the situation got extremely tense."
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  3. -Ashes-

    Maakii was outside. She stared up at the moon. The pearl in the sky was a glistening white that night, and the radiance shown throughout the countryside. The light shone on her fur and she could feel the strength rush through her body. The full moon was when she always felt at her strongest.

    Eifi came outside directly after her and jumped down out of the abandoned hotel. She turned and looked at Maakii when she realized that she wasn't following.

    ‘What's wrong? Are you coming along or not? We already got enough rest.'

    Myaku bumped into Maakii from behind.

    ‘Oh, oh! I'm so sorry ma'am. I didn't see you there. I didn't mean to do it. Please don't kill me with your paws or anything. Please, please, please."

    Maakii turned around with a look of pure hatred on her face. Then, she burst out laughing. Her sudden reaction initially puzzled the Glaceon, but she soon caught on and laughed as well. After both of their laughter calmed down, Maakii returned to business as usual.

    "Where's Night. Wasn't he right behind-"

    Neither one of them needed to exchange any further words because they could smell the stench issuing from the doorway. I came galloping out like a prime steed and the rank smell was enough to knock over both Maakii and Myaku.

    "Back up, ladies. I'm about to show you why you love me so much."

    "I won't love you even if you take a bath."

    I ignored Myaku's comments and took a deep breath. Both Pokemon knew what was coming next and jumped down onto the floor. They ran far behind me and stayed next to Eifi as they watched me set the building on fire.

    Maakii was too entranced by the burning building to notice the same thing Myaku did. She looked deep into Eifi's eyes. Past the pearl, past the amethyst fur, even past the eyes colored a hazy orange by the flickering flames, she saw the one thing that scared her to the soul.

    She saw insanity.

    Myaku looked away carefully. Eifi had the power to sense everything on a level that most other Pokemon could not. However, she was not very keen on using her power often as it distracted her from other tasks. If she appeared to be physically frightened or if distress crossed her face, she would notice. She decided to come up with an excuse to remove herself from the immediate vincinity of Eifi.

    "I believe that me, being an Ice type and all, shouldn't be so close to fire and all that jazz…"

    "That's understandable. Go on, cool off. We'll wait right here. Just for you." Eifi said, but with that edge of eeriness coating the undertones of her voice. She could sense her fear, and Myaku could not help cursing under her breath as she scampered off to find a damper area.

    That area would be the lake, which was not that far off from the burning hotel. Myaku was out of earshot but she could still see the tower burn to a crisp in the distance. She took a leap into the pool and submerged herself. She hoped that the frostiness of the pool would calm her nerves enough so that she could go back and pretend to be calm.

    Maakii poked a hole in her plans. She had followed Myaku on the pretext of ‘making sure she was alright' when in actuality she wanted to discuss something. Something that Eifi couldn't overhear.

    "Hello sis." Maakii said as Myaku resurfaced. The sudden startle caused her to splash water around in the pool and submerge for a second before her brain realized there was no immediate danger and reemerge.

    "You scared me!" Myaku said as she exited the lake.

    "No, get back in." Maakii ordered and Myaku followed suit. "Swim to the far side of the lake and I'll follow suit."

    Myaku had no idea what she was up to, but she decided to follow her instructions anyway. She didn't want to anger her in any way, but she feared what she might do to her on the other side of the lake.

    Myaku had that experience where time passes quickly to yield a situation that you were not looking forward to. Thus, two minutes felt like 45 seconds as she exited the lake on the far side. Maakii finished her run around the perimeter of the lake subsequently after Myaku exited. She stopped just short of where the soaked Pokemon stood and she took a couple of seconds to catch her breath. When she regained her composure, Myaku immediately noticed that her demeanor had changed.

    "You sensed it too, huh?"

    Myaku immediately knew where this situation was headed, and she relaxed, releasing her held breath. She expected something worse to happen.

    "Yeah, I did."

    "You shouldn't make it so obvious."

    "What, you sensed it too?"

    "Naturally. I should have seen it sooner, but I hadn't until she found me." Maakii said. "It was the scariest thing in the world to be quite honest. The only reason why I think she hasn't disposed of either me or Night is because we have one advantage over her: she can't read our thoughts. We're Dark types and immune to all methods of Psychic treachery."

    "I don't have that kind of protection." Myaku said, staring down at the floor.

    "I know, and that's why I followed you all the way out here. See, Eifi's crazy. I think that there is too much going on in that head of hers. She thinks out loud, talking even if there is no one around to hear. I overheard her talking to herself, some other bloke named Eifi and then someone called Deoxys. Funny thing, the only person that she ever seemed to truly fear was this Deoxys person. I could sense it in her voice. But anyway, she was discussing about a way to dispose of you."


    "Yeah. She wants to dispose of the Ice one. I'm assuming that it's you she was talking about."

    "Most likely."

    "And that little stunt that you pulled back there solidified her viewpoint."

    "So I'm guessing I can't go back."

    "Right. Either I kill you or she will."

    Myaku looked puzzled.

    "Kill me? What do you mean."

    "I have to ‘kill' you. I took you over here because this is beyond the range of that little orb on her forehead. She can't hear us this far, and I can feel her presence when she comes within range."

    "I guess you want me to run."

    "Yes. But I don't want you to run just anywhere. There is a forest in Johto. It's vast and expansive and I believe it's called the Lake of Rage. There is a cave directly east of the Lake. I want you to head to that cave and wait for me and Night, OK?"

    "Why not the Whirl Islands?"

    "The Whirl Islands are a lie. There's nothing out there. It's four rocks in the middle of the sea. Trust me, I know these things. I was waiting for the right moment to pull a coup d'etat."

    "What if something goes wrong"

    "I've got that all planned. I've already sent out notice by a friend of mine. He's on his way to the Lake as we speak. When you reach the lake, I want you to find a Mightyena named Fang. He shouldn't be that hard to find because he'll be the only one of his kind around. He'll watch over you until we get there."

    "Will she find out?"

    "No. Now hush. If we take any longer, she'll become suspicious. Now scream."


    "Scream. Now!"

    Myaku let out her biggest death howl as Umbreon screamed a victorious death cry.

    "Run," she whispered under her breath as the Glaceon took off. "Run and don't look back."


    Eifi didn't have to look over her shoulder to notice Maakii's return. The Umbreon jumped in through a bramble of bushes, making quite a dramatic entrance.

    "Did you dispose of that nuisance?" she said out loud, a tinge of arrogance present in her voice.

    Night overheard but said nothing. He contented himself with the smoldering ashes on the floor.

    ‘Don't do anything until I get the word. She has to give me the sign.'

    "Yeah, I did. Speaking of which, are we ready to go?"

    "Whenever you are."

    "Fine. Mutt," she motioned towards Night. "Let's go."

    "Yes, ma'am."

    "And Night,"


    "Fuyuu Shita Risou."

    The two Pokemon turned around suddenly and ganged up on Eifi.

    "What the-?!?" she exclaimed as she was forced to the ground by Night.

    Night opened his mouth to issue out a Fire Blast point black at her face. It scorched off the fur and she let out yelps of pain as she kicked and scratched at Night.

    ‘No matter. I can sense you with my thoughts.' She thought. ‘No one can ever escape my Psychic volleys!'

    She used her tail to dissuade Night from remaining on her. He retreated, not out of pain but to let Maakii take her turn. Eifi thought she had the advantage and began to use her Psychic power to scan the field.


    "Oh really? Try to find me."

    Eifi recognized it as Maakii's voice and began to sweep the battlefield for her presence. She turned up nothing on her psychic radar. She knew what this signified.

    "Faint Attack!" Maakii roared as she came charging at Eifi from behind her.

    Eifi could hear her, but she couldn't tell from what direction she was rushing in from. She backed up, only to get hit with the attack sooner. She tumbled forward and landed on all fours.

    ‘Fine. I'll get that mutt first.' She decided within a split second. She tried to scan the field for Night's presence. He couldn't sense him either.


    "No." Night said. "Try some smog instead."

    He stood right in front of her and issued the noxious gas. Its stench clouded her nostrils and Eifi attempted to move away from the gas. Suddenly, she felt a mysterious force surround her from all sides, and she found herself unable to move.

    "What is this-!?!"

    She had no more time to question why she became immobilized, as Night let out another Fire Blast. The fire ignited the gas and it lit the psychic cat on fire on both the inside and the outside. The flaming fireball that was Eifi writhed in agony before she fell down onto the grass.

    Night said nothing as he stood over his fallen former comrade.

    "She should have known better than to turn on us. Ah, can't be helped. The world is ridden of one less psychopath."

    "Time to go, I surmise?"

    "Quite correct. C'mon."

    "Yes, ma'am."


    "Yes, ma'am?"

    "Stop calling me ma'am. You make me feel old."

    "Sorry ma'am. SORRY! I forgot!"

    "Just don't do it again."

    "Yes ma-…affirmative."
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  4. -Undecided-

    "So that's what happened after I left." Myaku stated, the first on her feet once again.

    "Wait," the Zigzagoon interrupted loudly, "You took her down once, why can't you do it again?"

    "We never said we couldn't, we just…" Night's train of thought got derailed mid-sentence.

    "Just what?"

    Fang glared menacingly at Night.

    "We — me and Maakii that is — haven't really fought in years." Night admitted defeatedly, "To be quite honest, I was banking on my intimidation to scare away this Zigzagoon over here. I'm getting old and my eyesight is beginning to fail. On a different note, what's your name anyway?"

    "My name is Rexley."

    "Yes, I was hoping to intimidate Rexley over here."

    Fang looked down at the ground, choosing his next words carefully.

    "Well, you guys have me now. I'm like your ace in the hole, right?"

    "Only partially right," said a voice from the trees. It jumped down to reveal itself.

    "Forgive me, but I overheard your story." The Sneasel stepped forward. "My name is Ruki. I saw the entire event. I almost walked right into it too, but thank goodness for my Dark typing or else I don't know, I might be lying right alongside those Pokemon down there."

    "You finally showed up." muttered Maakii under her breath, but no one noticed.

    "Why did you say only partially right?"

    "Because it was more than one Pokemon."

    Fang whistled through his fangs.

    "That was a dumb assumption of us not to make. Continue."

    "Yes, I saw an Espeon that matched the description that you made." He said, motioning toward the Houndoom. "But she wasn't alone. There were all sorts of Psychic and Bug Pokemon, and one really odd-looking orange Pokemon. I think one of them addressed it as Deoxil or something like that."

    "Do you mean Deoxys?" quipped Maakii, on her feet and looking more alert than she had in years.

    "Do you mean…" Myaku said, retreating into the cave once again.

    "Yes. If Deoxys is definitely in this portion of the Lake of Rage, then hiding in that rock won't save you."

    Fang looked bemused while Night looked terrified.

    "Should we be afraid of this Deoxil?"

    "I think so." Rexley said. "Wanna go take another trip past the Lake?"

    Fang shut his mouth.

    "Are we gonna' go kill it?"

    Everyone fell silent, contemplating their actions. Finally, Myaku spoke up.

    "If we don't kill it, it'll probably kill us."

    "Valid point."

    "Shall we be on our way then?" Ruki motioned. "I can bring you to the area where I last saw them."

    "Point us in the direction and we will go. I have a different agenda in mind for you, Ruki."

    He looked at Maakii.


    "Return to Mount Silver and alert the head Weavile of the danger. After that, see if you can get the Murkrow and the Houndoom on our side. Then, tell them to return here."

    "Alright. Well, the last place I saw them was to the southeast."

    'Saw who?'
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  5. A disfigured Espeon stepped out of the shadows.

    "RUKI GO!" yelled Maakii as Ruki left into the shadows.

    "Ah, so YOU must be the illustrious Eifi whom I've heard so much about recently." Fang taunted as he circled her on the left side. Maakii was flanking her on the right and Night remained in the center.

    "Ah, look." She said in a raspy voice, no doubt attributed to Night's attacks. "We have SPECTATORS!"

    Webs and string encircled them. Drowzee, Hypno, Abra and Kadabra emerged from all sides of the forest while Spinarak and Ariados came down from the trees and closed off any method of escape for them. A few of the other Pokemon that accompanied them also came to his side. Diglett popped out of the ground and there was a Sandshrew by a tree. Paras also burrowed out of the mud and took side amongst the others.

    "It's just us, and this time you are the outnumbered party."

    Rexley stepped forward.

    "Yyyoou…donnn't…scaaarre…US!" he boasted loudly, even though he was shaking in his boots. Maakii couldn't help but crack a smile.

    "Really? Well, how about after this?"

    The Zigzagoon stopped mid-shake. His pupils dilated and he let out a scream before he fell over onto his side and was forcibly squeezed into a ball. The ball grew smaller and smaller until Rexley was no longer visible. Eifi had crushed him into the size of an atom.

    ‘WHAT!' Maakii thought. ‘When did she learn to do THAT?'

    "How DARE YOU!" Fang roared as he lunged toward the Espeon. Without even moving, she hit him with a Focus Blast so powerful that it sent him flying into one of the trees. A crunch was audible as Fang fell to the floor and did not move.

    "What did you DO?" Myaku roared as she rushed toward Espeon. She sent out the same force again, but it didn't hurt Myaku as much. She recovered from the hit to launch an Ice Beam.

    The Ice Beam shocked Maakii and Night into action. The Ice Beam caught Eifi in the left foot and she was left exposed to Night's Crunch. He latched onto her other foot until Eifi attacked him and he hit the tree on the opposite side of the field.

    "So, so, weak. You poor things!"

    She aimed for Maakii and hit her with the same attack. She went flying into the tree but she didn't go down immediately. Myaku, enraged that she hit Maakii, rushed in to take her place.

    "Don't you dare touch her!"

    "What, do you love her or something? I'll teach you something!"

    Eifi took a step back and looked up into the air.

    "They're all for you, Deoxys."


    The Pokemon bowed their heads in unison and began to genuflect before the spot in the field that separated Maakii and Myaku. The ground shook and dust was kicked up into the air as a mysterious orange figure floated down to the battlefield.


    Fang opened his eyes to see the new competitor that entered the field.

    "Who…are…you?" he stammered through panting breaths. He could feel his broken collarbone.


    Deoxys said nothing as he lifted his hand. He lifted up his arms with the palm outstretched. All the Pokemon looked up in unison as Fang rose higher and higher. He was attempting to fight it fruitlessly but his broken spine wouldn't permit him to move much.

    All the Pokemon looked down at the ground as Deoxys closed his palm. Just like Rexley before him, Fang disappeared into nothing.

    Myaku gave out a shriek and rushed towards the Deoxys, taking it by surprise. Eifi opened her left eye, as to give a notice that she saw her coming but was to do nothing about it. She let out an Ice Beam as Deoxys teleported away to the far end of the field. The Beam hit one of the webs and disintegrated it.

    The Deoxys reappeared on the other side of the field, disoriented and still trying to gather its bearings. Maakii, who was stumbling around on the far side of the field, took this time as an opportunity to attack Eifi. She lunged forward but was repulsed once again by the strange power that she had gained. Not once did she take her focus off of the ground.

    Maakii hit the ground again and looked over towards the battle. Myaku had just launched another attack that the Deoxys opted to sidestep this time. She struggled to her feet and looked over at Night. He was out cold. There was no way that he was getting up and getting in on this fight.

    She looked back towards the fight. Myaku was definitely tiring as her lightning fast attacks slowed over time. She launched another Ice Beam, but by that time the Deoxys knew what to expect. He moved his left foot back, dodging the beam by mere inches, transformed his arm into tentacles, and extended his tentacles to grab onto Myaku's legs. He fastened around them and dragged her closer to him. She tried to launch another Ice Beam, but couldn't get herself to focus on him.

    Maakii rushed the Deoxys from the side, only to be thwarted by a Psychic barrier. He looked around and saw Eifi, who had finally lifted her head.

    "This is their fight. Stay out of it."

    She sat back down on the floor. She surmised that there was nothing further that she could do.

    Myaku was now face-to-face with the orange beast. He looked straight into her eyes, and she began to scream loudly like the Zigzagoon had. He moved his head to the side and looked straight into Maakii's eyes. His attack had no effect on her and his look of satisfaction slowly gave way to anger. The anger materialized in his grip and he squeezed Myaku harder. She only gave louder yells as purple spots began to show over her body; he was breaking internal blood vessels.

    "Stop…him!" Night muttered off in the corner. He must have gotten enough energy to get to his feet. Maakii looked back at him, hoping he was able to fight.

    "Down, mutt!" Eifi commanded, and she used her attack again to force him back into the tree.


    The Deoxys said nothing, but somehow commanded Maakii's attention.

    ‘It appears that you love this half-bred creaton. How can such a noble creature like you love something like THIS?'

    "Shut up! A being like you can never know anything about love!"

    ‘Love? Au contraire, I know all about love. It is you that knows nothing about love. How can you love someone when you can't express it through procreation? How can you love someone so much younger than you? How can you love someone that is not the same race as you? How can you love someone when you can't express your love for them?

    "She is my sister you fool!"

    ‘Brothers and sisters are only facades in life. I believe that it is you, scum, that still does not understand love. I have lived in isolation for years, years before you were born. I, too, had once felt love with others of my kind. But then, they began to die, one by one, until I was left all alone. And then, I could not find love anywhere within the universe. There was no one like me, no one that I could express love for. My love melted into hate, and I slowly began to see the truth. It would take me millennia to explain to you the knowledge that I now possess.'

    It appeared to be a one-sided conversation.

    "I…I…take me instead!"

    The monster shook his head.

    'I figured it would be too much for you to understand. Well, I've done enough talk. It's all off of my chest now. But first…'

    He flung Myaku into a tree. His tentacles transformed back into a hand and he issued a huge beam from it. It obliterated the tree and carved a hole into the forest ground as a white light billowed forth from the creature. It blinded Maakii, who could not see anything.

    She could sense it. Myaku was gone.

    She broke down on the spot and began to cry on the ground. The light faded and Eifi wore a smirk on her face. She had struck her where it hurt the most.

    ‘Maybe now you will understand. We Psychic Pokemon are superior in every way, shape and form. We control the thoughts of others and we yield the strongest attacks. Once we eliminate you Dark scourge from our planet, we will commence to rule it. I will let you live, but only for now. You need to feel more pain than what I can deliver.'

    With a swift motion of his tentacles, he disappeared, leaving only Maakii and Night in the field.

    ‘I'll see you soon, my sweet…

    The wind blew in the field as a disabled Night and a broken Maakii stood frozen in shock at their fallen comrades.

    They couldn't believe it: everything that they had treasured was gone with one flick of a wrist.
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  6. -Undespair-

    A white light cut through the forest as Ruki and a fellow Sneasel jumped through the brambles. It narrowly missed them and it caused them both to fall off of the branches. Ruki managed to land on his feet while the other Sneasel did not fare so well. He landed in a pile of brown leaves and some mud. He stood up and shook some mud from his ears as he tried to regain his senses.

    "Ruki. WHAT WAS THAT?"

    "It looks like a Destruction Beam."

    What immediately caught Ruki's eye was the figure of a crumpled Pokemon lying near the tip of the blast. The skin was badly charred and Ruki had to come close to it to see, but he could tell who it was. A look of horror crossed his face as she bent down.

    "It's Myaku!" he stammered as he bent to take her vitals.

    "Is she still breathing, master?"

    Ruki bent closer. He detected breathing, but it was very shallow.

    "Her vitals are low. If she doesn't seek immediate attention she'll die. How she survived such a powerful blast is beyond me."

    "It must be her snow cloak sir."

    Ruki had no idea what the other Sneasel, Ryan, was referring to, but he pointed to a glittering aura that was on Myaku's fur. Each individual hair stood up on end and sparkled when she was in immediate danger, and that must have reduced the impact of the blast.

    "That must be the only way she survived. What shall I do Master?"

    "You take her back to Mount Silver and get her proper medical treatment." Ruki looked back towards the direction of the blast. "I'm going to go check on the rest of them."

    "Yes master." Ryan lifted Myaku up and turned toward the forest. He looked back one last time.

    "Good luck sir."

    He disappeared like a shadow into the forest.
  7. -The Edge-

    Wind blew through the field as Maakii opened her red eyes. The bright light of dawn had stung her pupils and she felt them contract unwillingly. She closed her eyes once again to stop the pain and was serenaded by the wind before everything came to a halt once again. A few leaves had pasted themselves to the side of her coat and she flipped over irritably to try to get them off. Accidentally opening her eyes, she felt no more pain as she had adjusted to the light the first time.

    She had removed some of the leaves off of her coat and flipped over onto her belly. Ever since Deoxys and his ragtag group of followers attacked her cave, she had been aware of every minute detail. She sighed. It was just her and Night now, and as she gazed at the tree that he was under she knew that he wasn't going to be able to fight. She hadn't seen him move ever since he was knocked into that tree, and she sincerely doubted that the situation would change. Every now and then he would grunt, but then he would ultimately fall quiet and solitude would be present once again.

    The webs blew as the wind picked up once more. She could sense the rain coming towards their position and the clouds were creeping in from the southeast. She saw the hole that was carved not to far from where she lay, but she felt her stomach grumble and she decided to go find some food to eat.

    "I'll be back Night." She said consolingly, even though she knew he couldn't hear her anyway.

    She went through the broken web. It had been just hours since Ruki had taken off for Mount Silver. After the battle with Deoxys, she had wondered if he had made it. Could Deoxys have taken him out too? Did he run into danger? Or did he simply get lost? These questions and many more were at the forefront of her cortex as she came up to the Lake to gather some berries.

    More bodies were strewn about as she walked around the edge of the lake. They were all facing northwest and what appeared to be a makeshift podium was at the far end of the lake. The entire area was devoid of life and she could feel the silence slowly crushing her sanity. The feeling was unshakeable; she was losing her mind with nothing to do and no one to talk to. She had no purpose anymore.

    "Ah, well, at least I'll die peacefully. And who knows? Maybe Night and I will die together. That would be nice…"

    Her voice drifted off as she saw a particularly juicy berry hanging off of a tree. She arched her back into the jumping position when she had heard some rustling noises coming from behind the podium. Her vision was obscured due to the monstrosity in the way, so she hid in the bushes and opted for a sneak attack.

    She was surprised when she suddenly heard a voice that sounded all too familiar.

    "MAAKII!" he exclaimed as he rushed forward into the bushes and wrapped her claws around her.

    "I thought I'd never see you again Ruki."

    "What happened? Where's everyone-"

    Ruki stopped immediately. He knew what had happened.

    "Where's Fang and Rexley?"

    He looked down at the floor defeated when Maakii failed to deliver answers.

    "Who's left?" he whispered in a more somber tone.

    "Just me and Night. Let's just say that he isn't…well."

    "What happened to him?" Ruki asked, still holding Maakii in his claws.

    "He was flung into a tree and hit his spine. I haven't managed to wake him at all."

    "Where is he? Take me to see him!"

    Ruki finished the embrace and Maakii led them back to the field where Night lay. As she expected, he lay in the same position as he had when she had left him.

    Upon the sight of Night, Ruki leaned in and rubbed her sides as he gave her another hug.

    "Don't worry. I'm right here and I ain't going anywhere." He whispered consolingly into her ear. "You still have me. I came back to get you."


    "Because I found Myaku on my way back to Mount Silver. I assigned another Sneasel to take her back."

    Maakii appeared puzzled and overjoyed, but before she could form words Ruki cleared any confusion she might have had.

    "I never travel alone. Was it Deoxys that hurled her that far?"

    Maakii nodded but never took her eyes off Night.

    "What are we going to do about Night, Ruki?"

    "Nothing. He's already gone."

    As true as it was, Night was no longer breathing. Maakii burst into tears again as Ruki nudged him into the shade under the tree. He turned around, a look of sadness clearly on his face. He tried to mask it with a scowl, but ended up looking more goofy than anything else.

    "We should get going." he said, trying to mask the sadness in his voice.

    Maakii did not immediately move. She looked around the clearing which she called home to for so many years. There used to be a sense of love and safety here, but now it was desolate and full of despair. Even if she wanted to stay were, the memories and loneliness would be too sad. She looked toward the sun, which was setting and was in an orange hue. The hue reminded her of the day that they turned on Eifi. She never thought the sun and death would ever be so intertwined.

    "Let's go."

    She took one last look at Night under the tree and went off into the forest.
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  8. -Trickster-

    Smoke rose over the mountain range. Thick, black soot covered the trees of the surrounding forest, giving everything an almost metallic silver appearance. The barely visible moon hovered in the sky with a heavy weight, as if someone had died. Ruki didn't know who, but it felt like it was someone he knew. He put more pep in his step and hustled toward his destination faster, with Maakii close behind. The howls of Houndour and the crows of Murkrow in the air served to complement the entire eerie feeling of the forest.

    Ruki came to a halt at the maw of Mount Silver. It was as big and gargantuan as he had remembered it to be. Three Sneasel rushed out of the cave ready to attack any intruder that dared to enter. Ruki waved them aside once they recognized who he was, and he entered the cave with them following suit.

    "You're back from your sabbatical, sire!"

    "Yes, it is so nice to see you again sire!"

    "Have you any news from the outside sire?"

    The third question piqued his interest, and Ruki stopped suddenly, throwing the other three off balance.

    "You'll be hearing about that later."

    Ruki and Maakii marched off deeper into the cave. He knew where it lay exactly even though it had been almost three years. He approached the room, and two more Sneasel stood in his path.

    "What business have you here?" one demanded of him.

    "Step aside, grunt. I have business to attend to."

    "What kinds of business? And with that outsider? We've already got two in here, no more." chirped the other.

    "The important kind. Now step aside."

    "No one sees the king without our approval!"

    "Let him in…"

    "Just one more thing before you go in - there's no one here."

    Having said that, the two Sneasel stepped aside and allowed Ruki and Maakii into the Grand Chamber. The three Sneasel that were following him here halted at the door.

    "They said let HIM in, not you common folk. Scamper back to wherever it is you came from. That's an ORDER!"

    Sneasel took two steps forward and looked at the chamber. It was a dark sky blue, and twin monumental spikes encircled each other. At the top sat the king. His face was shrouded in shadow, but you could see that he was deep in thought.

    He leaned over and his face protruded out of the shadows. The crown of the Weavile was the only thing that Ruki could see from where he stood, and Weavile didn't look pleased.

    "For what reasons have you called this meeting?"
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  9. "Sir," Ruki began as he knelt before the king, "I believe there to be a situation of utmost and dire importance to your Excellency. In my recent travels, none that which by without your gracious consent my liege, I have come across a being of mythic proportions. It-"

    The Weavile King raised his claw as if motioning Ruki to stop.

    "Ruki, you leave me and your fellow Sneasel, many of which were devoted to your service, only to return to tell me that there are Pokemon out there more powerful than I? Even I, the king of all Sneasel, know that there are Pokemon out there stronger than I. Surely you must have more to tell than your nonsensical babble. What exactly is this Pokemon you speak of?"

    "I'm not even sure if it should be classified as a Pokemon. It," he added with emphasis, "decimated well over two hundred Pokemon with the lift of a finger."

    The Weavile King raised his eyebrows. He sat back in his throne, unsure how to size up Ruki's story. After a minute or two, he came to a decision and exhaled a held breath. He decided to toy with Ruki, in a measure of how long he could manage to keep his lie together.

    "Yes, this Pokemon does appear to have extraordinary physical prowess," he remarked.

    "There was no physical fighting. He did it all with his mind."

    Gasps were held all throughout the chamber as the Elder Weavile all got up in unison. They could not believe what they had heard. There was no kind of Pokemon in their comfortable universe that was capable of such treachery without even laying a hand on his enemy.

    "Silence!" one yelled. "You shall not confront us with this slander any longer!"

    The Weavile King raised his claw again to silence the other Weavile and sat back in his chair. He had his elbow rested on one arm of the throne and he had a look of bemused anticipation on his face.

    "So, what does this beast christen itself?"

    "Deoxys, sir."

    The color drained from King Weavile's face. He straightened up immediately, startling his fellow Elders.


    "Deoxys, sir. Deoxys."

    "Th-that is…impossible!" he exclaimed.

    "My liege, have you knowledge of this Pokemon that we do not?" one of his Elders inquired.

    "Yes and no. When I was just a young and ignorant prince, my father had told me stories of Pokemon that had come from space. He described one fierce, orange creature that could bend and mold himself at will. His name was Deoxys, and he brought chaos to the planet. My father boasted that over 500 Pokemon species were obliterated in an attack of ash. The only reason why we are all alive today is due to the effort of us Sneasel. We organized together all of the Pokemon that we could and as a single united force we were able to repel the invader and destroy him once and for all. My father had always said that his last words had to do with a return to take his rightful place as king."

    Everyone in the Chamber sat in silence as the King took a rest. After a few seconds, he began again.

    "Ruki, I graciously thank you for this valuable piece of knowledge. I will-"

    The other Elders began to sputter in disbelief.

    "You can't possibly believe him, can you!" another Elder spouted forth.

    "Silence! Hold your tongue or I will wrench it from your mouth!" he ordered angrily, and all of the Elders sat down with an air of defeat around them.

    "No Sneasel and very few Pokemon have any knowledge of Deoxys. Therefore, the odds are with me when I assume that you actually came across this frightening beast."

    "Not to interrupt, my liege, but why is he back here if he fought this Deoxys? Shouldn't he be dead?"

    The Weavile looked over at Ruki, expecting him to answer this question.

    "I didn't actually fight this thing-"

    "If you didn't fight this thing then you have disgraced the Code of the Sneasel and you must be banished from Mount Silver."

    "Weren't you listening to a word that the King has said? It took all of the Pokemon from every region to counter the invader once before. What makes you think that one lone Sneasel could take on the invader and survive?"

    "Valid point. Continue my liege."

    The Weavile King sat down.

    "So, I shall gather the Houndoom and the Murkrow to come up with an acceptable plan to counter this threat. For your sake, in the small probability that I may be wrong, I hope you aren't lying."

    "You're gonna need a lot more than just a few Dark Types." Maakii snorted. She caught the attention of the Elders, who hadn't noticed that she had entered the Chamber along with them. None of them paid any attention to her, however.

    "For all of our sakes," Ruki countered, "I hope that this meeting is assembled as soon as possible. At this moment, at the Lake of Rage, there lie over 300 Pokemon dead from the treachery of Deoxys."

    The Sneasel bowed their heads in respect.

    "And he is not alone. At this moment, all of the Psychics have sided with him, and I doubt that it will be much longer before the Bug Pokemon decide to join his ranks as well."

    "Then I shall assemble this meeting as quickly as possible. Aoi," he mentioned towards one of the Elders, "Fetch a Pidgeotto and send word to the Houndoom and Murkrow in Kanto. Make sure to tell him to tell the leader of the Houndoom, Haze, and the Honchkrow Vito to assemble back at Mount Silver in three days with as many of their strongest warriors that they can bring."

    "Promptly, my liege." He said as he dashed off through a back path.

    "Ruki, you have done well. Take a rest. You-"

    The king was cut off by muffled voices from outside. Two bangs later, and the Chamber doors flew wide open as one of the Sneasel guards came tumbling in. Immediately, a Honchkrow flew into the room and sat on top of Ruki's head, forcing him to the floor with his weight.

    He had a menacing aura. Suddenly, the walls of the room managed to feel a lot closer than they were and Maakii could feel the pressure in the room increase. She wasn't sure if it was due to the Weavile or the intruder, but she just wanted the feeling to stop.

    As the pressure eased, the Honchkrow spoke directly to the Weavile King.

    "We've got a problem."
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  10. -Break Down-

    The Weavile King reclined uncomfortably into his chair. He had a crick in his neck and his back and he really didn't want to hear of any more problems at the moment. He did realize, however, the urgency of the situation, and he knew that if Deoxys was out there destroying lives, he had to figure out a way to stop it. Even if he knew it to be futile, he knew that sleep would not come to the land once again until he was eliminated. He sagged back into his chair and exhaled a long, held sigh.

    "You may begin Vito."

    The Honchkrow ruffled his feathers.

    "Kanto was attacked by a huge orange monster."

    The Elder Weavile all gasped. One in the far right corner stood up angrily and waved his staff. Ruki knew very clearly what this all meant. Deoxys had the ability to teleport great distances in a short amount of time. He was not taken aback by this revelation, because he figured that to be the case. All Psychic Pokemon had that inherent ability but Ruki wasn't hoping for him to use it so soon. This meeting would prove to be futile after all.

    The Weavile King bent over and you could see the wrinkles in his face.

    "See the Sneasel you're on top of at the moment? He just saw the monster you described a few hours ago and barely managed to live to tell us the tale."

    The Honchrow gasped, ruffled his feathers, and flew off Ruki's head.

    "My GOD! You managed to take him on and survive?" he said, flapping his wings in midair as he said it.

    "No. And neither did Maakii, whom you've all been ignoring at this point."

    "Damn you Ruki. I was about to fall asleep."

    By 'fall asleep', Ruki knew that Maakii meant to 'slip away and go find her sister'. Ruki also realized something completely ironic and unrelated at the moment. In general, there tend to be more male Eevee's than female Eevee's, yet all three of the Eevee sisters were from the same litter. He looked toward Maakii and wondered if she wasn't hiding something from him. He pushed the thought to the back of his mind and smiled.

    "You need to stay here with me. You have to tell them everything that you saw at the Lake of Rage."

    The Weavile King grunted.

    "So you came all the way from the Lake of Rage, eh? Well, I might as well humor your story. I'm guessing you have something to do with the Glaceon that Ryan dragged in?"

    "Yes. She happens to be my sister. How is she?"

    "Alive. You'll learn more when you start telling me things that I need to know."

    "I'll tell you one thing you need to know: run. Don't try to take him on."

    "It" Ruki corrected, "and we can take it on."

    Aoi burst back into the room and ran over to the king. He whispered a few things into his ear and the Weavile King grunted in agreement. He raised his hand to silence all talk and then he thought silently for a minute. The silence in the Chamber was deafening as the Weavile King opened to ask one more question.

    "Were there any Psychic Pokemon at the Lake of Rage?"

    "Why yes there was. Lots of them. We jus-"

    The King raised his hand to stop her. He didn't want to forget what it was that he was thinking at the moment.

    "How many Psychic Pokemon were there surrounding this 'monster' in....where did you say it was?"

    "It was near the Unknown Cave by that blasted city. And there were a lot, a lot more than there usually are for a gathering of Psychic Pokemon. I never knew them to travel in packs."

    "That is because they don't travel in packs." The Weavile King announced.

    "I get it."
  11. An injured Myaku came into the Chamber. Two of her legs and one ear were bandaged up, but overall she didn't appear to be knocking on death's door. Maakii rushed over to embrace her sister, who gave her a little smile and hugged her back.

    "Should you be up?" she whispered into Myaku's ears.

    Myaku ignored her question for the time being.

    "Deoxys doesn't exist, does he?" she said as she looked up at the Weavile King.

    The Weavile King seemed taken aback by Myaku's sudden approach but had a grin on his face. She was as intelligent as the best of them and she was spunky as well.

    "That's exactly what I think. If a lot of Psychic Pokemon gather in one place and pool their psychic energy, they can create illusions and manipulate reality. I believe that Deoxys monster to be nothing more than an illusion."

    "Does that mean that if we separate them all he'll cease to be?"

    "I had to pick one of those Pokemon to be the leader, it would have to be Eifi. That little jewel on her forehead has to be cracked."

    The Weavile King suddenly leapt out of his seat and landed in front of Myaku. Even in his old age, he could move as swiftly as some of the younger Sneasel.

    "I want to take a closer look at you," he said as he approached her swiftly. He moved his claws up and down her body, making note of all the battle wounds she incurred. After inspecting her body for a few minutes, he backed up and snorted.

    "This must be an illusion, or some sort of manifested power. She's not even gravely injured!"

    The Elder Council gasped at this revelation. Things were becoming more obscure after each passing moment.

    "So", squawked Vito, "what are we gonna' do?"

    The Weavile King was unable to even think of a response at that moment. Too many things were rushing through his mind and he didn't know how to sort it all out. The news, the revelations, the recent deaths....he longed for more peace and less violence. It was that moment that a scream erupted from the antechamber. Ryan came rushing in, only to have been pulled back by some psychic force and then flung farther down into the tunnel. The Pokemon scurried away from the entrance to the cave, waiting to see what would happen next. Screams were becoming synonymous with immediate danger and the following few seconds stretched on into eternity as an unfamiliar voice spoke from the darkness.

    "I'm back. REI-TA!"

    All of the visiting Pokemon scurried to find cover as Reita, the Weavile King stepped forth immediately to confront the intruder. Maakii surmised that Reita and this intruder have met before, which would have something to do with what one of the Sneasel said earlier. Could there have been a massacre here a few days ago and could he have been the killer?

    "My number is 00345, code name Marry of the Blood. I am here to exterminate you."

    The intruder just answered Maakii's questions and she slunk back a little more into the shadows. The numbers made no sense to anyone as the Gallade stepped forward into the chamber, and Maakii doubted if it was supposed to make sense, or if it was to make him sound more intimidating. He certainly didn't need it though, as his presence in the room made everyone tremble. He looked to the left, and then to the right, and then back at the Weavile King.

    "I would have figured that after the massacre I laid down on this hole just yesterday, you would have cleared house. You Sneasel are more FOOLISH THAN I THOUGHT! They also call me Kalseng, and you maggots will bow to my blades." He said as he raised his arms. All the Pokemon could see the blue blades on his wrist.

    "Now, I could do this the easy way or the hard way."

    "How about you get out of our way?" Ruki snorted.

    "That wasn't an option. Good riddance to you all."

    One of the Elders jumped forward to attack the Gallade. No one was quite sure of what he had done, but his head and neck parted before he had even reached the apex of his jump. He fell to the floor.

    "Who's next?"

    Reita jumped forward and brandished his claws.

    "YOU MURDER FREAK!" he yelled as he ran forward.

    "REITA!" Aoi yelled as he motioned to position himself between Reita and Kalseng.

    Kalseng raised his arm as it turned a pale orange and sliced Aoi in two with the hilt of his blade. He remained still for a second, and then his body slid off and hit the floor.

    Kalseng raised his arm again and spread his palm out wide. A force emanated from his palm and it shattered the back of Reita's throne into a million pieces. Maakii realized it to be the same blast that had hit her back at the Lake of Rage, but only stronger this time. Whoever this monster was, he was definitely stronger than Eifi. As she snapped back to her senses, she saw Myaku run to the door that Aoi had used previously. She looked at Ruki, who was charging towards Kalseng again.

    "All of you will die in here," he said confidently. "And I will be the one to kill you."

    "What the hell are you?" he screamed.

    "The angel of silence."

    "Angel of silence, meet the claw. Claw, may I introduce you to bunghole?"

    Kalseng became enraged and rushed forward. His blade locked with Ruki's claw as he lifted his left leg and did a roundhouse into Ruki's side. He went smashing into the wall as Kalseng outstretched his paw again. He hadn't noticed Maakii sneaking up on him and she rammed into his side, pushing him back out into the antechamber. His blast missed Ruki by just inches.

    Ruki pulled himself out of the wall and shook off the pebbles. He motioned toward the door.

    "Go through it. NOW."

    "But what about you Ruki?"

    "JUST GO! I'll keep him here for as long as I can but you have to get away!"

    Maakii jumped up to the platform and ran out the door as Kalseng reappeared in the room. As she scampered down the hallway a blast ricocheted throughout Mt. Silver. The internal structure of the mountain began to fall apart as the chamber fell in on itself. Maakii could hear the screams of both Kalseng and Ruki as they were crushed inside the mountain. She took one corner, and then another down this long hallway. She now realized why it took Aoi so long to get outside and back; the tunnel dragged on and on and on. As she ran, she also wondered where the rest of the Elders went. Two died but the rest seemed to disappear, along with Vito. She hoped that they had taken the same path that she had and ran outside the mountain.

    She ran into the darkness once again and was surrounded by mountains on all sides. She had no idea where she was because this was not the same way she came in. The trees blew in the wind as the pollen made a futile attempt to go up the side of the mountain. Fog had descended and settled around the mountain and made visibility difficult. Maakii stepped forward away from the entrance of the cave and into the cold, unfamiliar fog. She looked to her left and right and realized she only had one direction to go in because the rest of them were covered by steep walls that she could not climb, much like the pollen. She could hear the rocks fissure in Mt. Silver as the range collapsed in upon it. She looked for other people, but she could not find anyone, especially Myaku. She wanted to find her, to make sure she was OK. To make sure that the only family she had left was going to stay alive.

    "Maakii, don't worry. I'm right here."

    Myaku lunged out of the fog and into Maakii's view. The two sisters ran toward each other and hugged. Maakii fell to the floor sobbing as Myaku looked for Ruki.

    "He's not coming. He's trapped in the mountain."

    "So it's just us sister?"

    "I believe so. None of the Elder's rushed out, but I did see Vito flying off into Kanto. He's going to warn all of the Dark Types he can."

    Maakii looked toward the fog that Myaku came out of. Lurking that way was Kanto. It was home to what was once Viridian Forest, and who knows how much else. She had never been there before, not since she was a little kid. It was time for things to change. There was too much pain in Johto, too many memories for her to want to stay here.

    'Kanto might be better for me.' she said as the two sisters crossed the border and disappeared into the fog.
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  12. -Kuchiki no Tou-

    Maakii awoke to the pitter patter of rain. There was distant thunder in the background as she lazily flopped one ear over her head and shielded her eyes. She didn't want to get up, and as she ran through lists in her head she found she had nothing especially important to do that day. It was also raining outside, and she didn't feel like leaving to go get wet, so she decided to stay indoors under the huge tree that they called home.

    It had been a few months since Kalseng laid siege to Mount Silver and had taken Ruki away from them. Myaku doubted whether or not Ruki was actually dead; she said that Sneasel's were able to survive lots of pain and still survive. Maakii wanted to see him again; in the short time that they had known each other they had grown rather close and she regarded him as a brother of sorts. As the days passed on, and Ruki never managed to show, Maakii's hope faded little by little. She was completely aware that he might not be able to find them because they managed to stay in seclusion for so long, but a part of her told her that Ruki was gone and she'd have to learn to deal with it the way she dealt with Night and Fang.

    She still remembered how Fang and Rexley just balled up into nothing all those months ago. What had been a few months in time felt like years on her body and mind. She could not even accurately recall the situation anymore, but remembered how cowardly she had acted when Eifi had shown up. ‘If only I had attacked her', she thought, ‘maybe things would be so much different now'.

    But you cannot turn back the clocks of time, and Maakii vowed to stay strong for the present and for the future. In her tree on the outskirts of the mountain of moons near the unknown cave, Maakii had made more friends that she regarded as family, and she made sure that no harm came their way.

    It may have been a while ago, but she remembered the time that she ran into Cleffi the Cleffa. She was a newborn, possibly no more than just a few hours old, and as Myaku and Maakii made the steep climb over the mountain of moons they ran into her. Her mother must have lost her along the way and she regarded Myaku as her mother, since that was the first Pokemon she remembered seeing. Cleffi was like her little child; she was always snuggling up next to her sleeping soundly. She never made so much as a peep except for when she was happy or upset. Then, you couldn't contain the emotions that would spill out of her. She was a baby, and she was Maakii's baby.

    Maakii swished her tail and felt the top of Cleffi's head. She was still asleep and hadn't noticed that Maakii had woken up. She lay against Maakii's torso like a warm pillow and Maakii did not want to disturb her. It worked out for the both of them because Maakii didn't even want to get up. She would let Cleffi sleep for a bit longer.

    Suddenly, a black, dirty ball rolled into the tree's line of sight. The ball unfolded itself and the Sandshrew shook off all the dirt that it could and let the rain wash off the rest. In its hands, it appeared to be holding an Oran Berry, no doubt something he picked up for the little one. He ventured toward the tree and made his way in, setting the berry by the entrance before he made it closer to Maakii. He sat down next to her and scratched her ears with his claws. He knew she liked it when he did that.

    "I'm sorry I've been gone for a few days. I went to go talk with the others."

    By the others, Maakii believed he meant Vito and the other Dark Pokemon that had gathered together. Samuel, the Sandshrew, was the one that often brought back news of the outside, and most of the time the news was never positive. In the few months that she spent in and around the tree, the threat of the Psychic Pokemon grew stronger and stronger. Samuel's last bit of information the last time he was under the tree was that Eifi had made it to the Whirl Islands and, well, left the island rather depopulated. Maakii shook her head, making sure Cleffi didn't hear before she continued the conversation. It was only a matter of time before they circled around to Kanto and to the tree. They could not escape her at all.

    Maakii tried to shake her mind of these negative thoughts.

    "Have you any news at all Sam?"

    "Just a little bit. That Deoxys monster that has all the Johto pokemon shaking in their fur seems to be getting stronger and stronger."

    "That means she's getting better and better at manifesting the illusion."

    "I believe so. Vito has told the group of Dark Pokemon that they need to take out the jewel on Eifi's head in order to kill their power source, but no one knows how to get close enough to do it. We're working on one final all-out assault but we need way more Pokemon than what we have now. Too many Pokemon are afraid of them to stand up and fight."

    "Don't they understand that if they do not fight they're going to die?"

    "They'd rather not think about that at this moment."

    Maakii sighed and put her head down on the ground. This was all becoming a migraine clustered in her head and she had no idea what to make of the situation. Parts of her wished that it would just end. The rain outside ceased and patches of light began to filter through the branches. Sometimes, other people could be so foolish and selfish, and they cast their aspersions on others. She was tiring of her fellow Pokemon, but could not find the energy to do anything about it.

    Myaku's head popped out from one of the sides of the tree. She had no idea where her sister went, and to be quite honest she didn't care at the moment. But her sudden arrival woke Maakii up out of her semi-slumber and into as much action as her body would permit.

    "Get up sleepy head. I have a surprise for you."

    Maakii grudgingly got up and made her way to the front of the tree. Her body felt weak from all the sleeping but she managed to struggle through it. Cleffi stirred along with her but she didn't cry like Maakii anticipated. She must have awoken a minute earlier. She crawled out of the hole and was taken aback by the sight of the Pokemon there. It looked just like them, except it had a ton of orange fur and red skin all over her body. She was a Flareon, another type of Pokemon that you don't see often in Kanto without a trainer.

    "Maakii, this is our sister. She's called Yuki."
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  13. Maakii was dumbstruck. She had not expected to run into another one from her litter. They were all so widespread, she thought that at most there would be three of them that roamed free. She figured the rest to have either died or be captured. In her absentminded thought, the Flareon came closer and Maakii could feel the heat on her body. She was a striking persona, with an orange fur and purplish skin approaching her. The orange was only due to the sunlight filtering through all the trees. She sparkled unlike anything else that Maakii had ever seen before. She knew that she was definitely something special, an even more exotic breed of Pokemon than a first glance would suggest. Maakii snapped back to her senses and ran to hug her sister, who tackled her to the floor and hugged her back.

    "I never thought I would meet another of my litter!" Maakii said as her sister looked into her eyes.

    "Hah! Well you thought wrong my sister. There were four of us. I'm guessing I've met you two, so that makes three of us, right? Who's the fourth and where is she?"

    "She is someone you don't want to meet." Myaku said. "Her name is Eifi."

    Yuki's face contorted into a shape of horror. She never thought she would be related to the terrorist monster that ran half of Johto.

    "Don't you worry about anything. We're nothing like her at all." Maakii said to reassure her, but she seemed to have some confidence looking at Cleffi waddling out of the cave like a duck, Oran Berry in mouth.

    "You care for others without gain. I already believe you. It's just…"

    Myaku came to her side. "Don't worry about it sis. We'll take care of it together. All three of us, I promise."

    Yuki smiled and looked around. "Is this everyone?"

    "Yeah, our family isn't too big. Sam is sleeping inside but that's all of us."

    "I see. Well then, may I come inside?"

    "Why must you ask? You're family. Get in there already!"

    Maakii nudged Yuki into the hole and Cleffi automatically ran towards her. She jumped right into the fur and buried her face there, comfortable in the warmth. Yuki, comfortable with her new role as a blanket, settled down into the corner near the opening of the tree.

    "I wonder, why do you reside in this area of Mount Moon? It's the Chi no Kuchiki." Yuki asked both Maakii and Myaku.

    "It's remote and desolated. We might be the safest place in the entire world right now."

    "I was just wondering how you manage to find food living in a land of dead trees."

    "We manage." Samuel said as he rolled over to his front side. "We don't plan to stay here forever though. This is just a temporary place to be for now until we can return Cleffi to Mount Moon. We love her to pieces but she'd be safer in a cavern like Mount Moon."
    Maakii wanted to argue so badly but she kept her mouth shut. She remembered Ruki once again at that moment, and how he died in a cave that served as a fortress for so long. She was afraid that, once again, a random intruder, one that supported the maniacal Eifi would show up at their doorstep. But she knew Samuel was right. Everyone around her continually dies and if there was one person that she could keep out of danger, she would keep her out of danger.

    "When she's old enough we'll let her know that we're coming back for her when it's the safest. The Clefairy would best be able to protect her. It's a sturdy cavern in there." Maakii said. "We can't sit on our tails and do nothing about Eifi. She's our sister and we have to stop her."

    "Do you have any idea as to how?" Yuki said.

    "Crack that little jewel on her forehead. That's where a great deal of her psychic power is drawn from. Destroy that and she's easily done." Samuel said.

    "It's the problem of getting that close, and then being able to launch a successful attack." Myaku added. "Groups of us are working on it now but other than that we're stuck."

    "We believe that if we kill that orb we nullify Deoxys, because he appears to be nothing but an illusion. And really, it's Deoxys that's the real threat, not Eifi. I beat her down once and I'll make sure to finish it this time."

    Yuki looked at Maakii as she finished that sentence and whistled. She had a look of resignation on her face, as if she knew something we didn't. "You guys have been through a lot, haven't you?"

    "Such is the curse of this family of ours." Maakii said. "What's your story?"

    "I don't have a story as much as I have news."

    Both Maakii and Myaku looked confused but they allowed her to continue.

    "Well, your ‘Vito' friend, the one that's trying to organize all the Pokemon to lead an assault on the Psychic Pokemon, well him and his group were attacked."

    "WHAT? WHEN?" Samuel roared as he jumped up. His screaming scared Cleffi and she began to cry.

    "Not too long ago. One large creature by himself came in the middle of the rain and eviscerated everything. I am only alive because I left to find you."

    Samuel sat down on his tail stupefied. He had managed to keep his life by leaving only mere minutes earlier. Marveled at how the universe works, he was only able to croak one word.

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