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Anyone like this idea?

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Starfall, Apr 17, 2016.

  1. setting:
    A futuristic city called Maruzaki evolved after a rampage of natural disasters. It was built from the ashes of other cities. The buildings scrape the clouds, shining silver in the daylight, blue in the moonlight. It is powered off of solar and lunar energy. Technology is at a all time high, some examples are flying cars, screens that appear when you wave your hand, and microwaves that make food appear.
    There is a 1% of the Maruzaki population that are born with supernatural powers. (6 people, to be exact). Most of the human population sees them as protectors of their city, but half of the people born with the abilities hate the humans, feeling as if they are lesser beings. They have decided to use their powers for evil, and want to convert the heros that fight for the humans to their side.
    Lets have some rules, shall we?
    1. No Mary sues
    2. No duplicate powers (if someone can fly, you can't fly)
    3. Everyone must have 1 power and 1 weapon to fight with (weapon can be a everyday item)
    4. Posts must be 3 lines minimum
    5. No duplicate weapons
    Please fill out this form.
    Fighting outfit:
    Normal outfit:
    School uniform: (female: skirt, tie/ribbon: you can choose colour scheme) (male: tie, shirt/long pants: can choose colour scheme)

    Spots open: (the rp will start when they are all filled)
    For humans: Closed! (@Starfall, @Rex, @Iceblossom)
    Agianst humans: Open! (@Frontier Master, @Blue moon
    Here's my form!
    Name: Serene Thomas
    Age: 12
    Gender: Female
    Power: Water control (includes controlling water, breathing underwater, and summoning Sea creatures)
    Weapon: a umbrella that can charge hydrolic energy to hit extremley hardly
    Personality: Serene is calm and quiet. She always seems to be meditating or swimming. Serene can be a bit anti-social and shy, but is nice when you get to know her. She is a bit submissive, hating when she has to verbally confront or fight with people.
    Fighting outfit: Serene wears a white lietard with blue, pink and orange polka dots. The bottom part has a frilly skirt part, with the same polka dots.
    Normal outfit: Serene wears a light blue top with dark blue wave patterns on it, and ripped Jean shorts.
    School uniform: Serene wears a white tee shirt with a blue and purple striped tie, and a navy blue skirt.
    Looks: Serene has long, flowing blue hair that goes down to her waist. It has a braid tied in it. She has pale white skin and forest green eyes. She is around 5', and 86 pounds.
    Side: for humans[/USER]
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  2. Name: Jake Anistar (goes by Reaper)
    Gender: Male
    Age: 17
    Power: Terra kinesis (power to control earth)
    Weapon: dark grey scythe, two katanas and throwing bombs
    Personality: Jake or Reaper as he refers to himself, is very reserved he prefers to spend his time training rather than socialising. However if the need arises he is happy to work with others to achieve a common goal
    Fighting outfit: Jarblack Mayan armour with hood (AC4)
    Normal outfit: leather jacket, red shirt with dark jeans
    School uniform: black shirt and pants with a blood red tie
    Looks: Pale with bright red eyes, jet black hair with red streaks, slim-muscular but much faster and stronger than he looks.
    Side: Anti-human
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  4. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    Name: Ferdinand Russell Wolfe - He prefers to go by Russell or 'Russ' rather than Ferdinand of a diminutive thereof.
    Gender: Male
    Age: 17
    Power: Shapeshifting - Russell prefers hybrid 'anthropomorphic' forms to turn into, but this is a stylistic choice, and he is not limited to such forms.
    Weapon: Steyr-Mannlicher M95/30 - The weapon has been passed down in his family for generations, and has only recently been inherited by Russell. It is in impeccable condition. Though he prefers to fight with fangs and claws, or simply intimidate would-be troublemakers with larger size, Russell is trained in the proper maintenance and use of the gun, and uses it as his backup plan.
    Personality: Russell is a genuinely nice guy, non-confrontational by nature. He is laid-back, some would say lazy. Indeed, he often dozes off during the day. He keeps his abilities under wraps, it's easier for others not to know, and he has the perfect ability for keeping his identity secret. The reason for his daytime dozing is actually because he considers himself one of the city's nighttime protectors, operating from sundown until sometime after midnight.
    Fighting outfit: Due to his ability, Russell usually starts the night in a pair of old gray shorts. His preferred base form for nighttime activities is a anthropomorphic wolf, tall, black furred, and muscular. He wears his M95/30 on a strap around his back, and a satchel that carries spare bullets, among other things. These things usually put an upper limit on his shapeshifting size, but in dire situations he will change into larger creatures, shredding both straps and shorts in the process if he lacks the time to remove them.
    Normal outfit: Russell dresses simply, usually wearing a white t-shirt and blue jeans, a gray jacket, gray field cap, and sneakers.
    School uniform: Red blazer and tie, black dress pants and button up shirt, and black loafers.
    Looks: In his normal form, Russell is a red haired green-eyed youth, who stands around 5'11" and weighs around 140lbs. He does not tan well, and is thus somewhat pale. His hair is cut short, and tends to be a bit messy, as Russell doesn't put much effort into caring for it.
    Side: Pro-Humanity

    Russell's side is something I can easily switch if one side becomes under represented. I can easily play Russell as being generally well intended, but believing that humanity needs strongmen to lead it, otherwise it will always turn against itself, and thus technically "Anti-Humanity," while still not compromising his moral compass.
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  5. @Rex accepted! Glad to have you on the team :)
  6. Name: Seth "BombFlare" Pyro
    Age: 15
    Power: Pyrokinesis (Fragokinesis at times the two are not that Different)
    Weapon: "Burning Temper" (The name of his Katana That he can ignite.)
    Personality: Hates socializing and People, Doesn't really think that ANYONE should live, Quick Temper, But can be a little soft, His goals are to Be the Strongest at Combat, and to make people happy but himself lack in that Feeling, He is a lone Wolf, Hates Crowded places.
    Fighting Outfit: Steaming Skin, Shoeless, Red Iris Eyes, Shirt Half Burned off,
    Normal Outfit: Sandals, Short Sleeve Shirt that says "PYRO", Shorts (Down too his Knees) That says on the Side "MANIAC"
    School outfit:Same Thing (He Really Doesn't care.)
    Looks: Longish Spikey Red Hair, White Skin, Blue Eyes, Weights 185 lbs. Height is 5' (HATES BEING CALLED SHORT!"
    Side: ? (Again, He really doesnt care, but He would go with "Anti")
  7. @Pokemon Master Blue sorry, but I would have to say not accepted. Grammar is a big role in this RP, I kinda want it to be advanced. And captitalizing every letter isn't what I'm looking for.
  8. Ok, I understand.
    Name: Stella Maris (Fun fact: This Latin term refers to the North Star and is literally translated “sea-star.")
    Gender: Female
    Age: 13
    Power: Ice Manipulation (Generating ice, controlling where it goes, etc. But, she is not able to control if the weather is icey.)
    Weapon: Stella uses a medium sized ax. The ax is white with light blue streaks on a black handle. The tip is normally made of ice, but can also be a blade. At the very end of the ax, there is a snowflake charm.
    Personality: Stella is very smart, having an exceptionally high IQ for her age. She hates working with other people, but will do so if it means saving someone or something important. Though she may be cold, she will warm up to one pretty easily. Stella has insomnia though, and will sometimes cry because she is so tired.
    Fighting outfit: Stella wears a sleeveless, white, ruffle collar blouse with a collar like a turtle neck design. She also wears a light blue bowtie with a little snowflake charm in the middle. for her bottoms, she wears a ruffled, flowing, black skirt that ends right above her knees. Her skirt also has a light blue trim, the same color as the bow. Stella wears white leggings underneath her skirt. Light blue boots with a white, fuzzy, trim.
    Normal outfit: Light blue t-shirt, white capris, with a black hoodie.
    School uniform: Stella wears a half-sleeved, collared, button up shirt. A light blue tie with white stripes. She also wears a light blue skirt that is the same color as her tie.
    Looks: Stella has short-ish black hair she wears in a ponytail with a white bow, sky blue eyes, and black glasses. But, since Stella has insomnia, she usually has dark circles under her eyes.
    Side: Pro-Humanity
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  10. Could you reserve me a spot? Sorry I'm busy as of right now, but I'm really interested!!
  11. Sure! I can, don't worry :D
  12. AMAZING! So joining:

    Name: Jane Amethyst
    Age: 16
    Power: Feeling manipulation, being able to change anyone's mood and make them temporaly fall in love with someone or hate him.
    Weapon: A lip gloss. It may sound weird, she fights by kissing people. The lipstick can make the victim feel a great pain running through their body. It doesn't relly damage the foe, but he will have a really bad time after that kiss.
    Personality: Charming and appearently cute. Everyone thinks she's innocent and friendly. Truth be told, she had made so many things, but no one knows it because of her powers that lets her to keep people from getting mad at her. Everyone loves her, even though.
    But it isn't that easy with the other superpowered people, it's way too hard to keep them loving her so she just controls their emotions in extreme need and it can't long much time.
    Selfish, even though lots of people think she's nice and kind. Even though, if she ever falls in love with someone she won't let him/her go (she will be bisexual), be lawful to them and expect the same from her partner, and if he/she isn't, she'll force him/her to be.
    Fighting outfit: A short kimono which ends up above her knees. It's cut at the two sides, showing part of her legs.
    Normal outfit: Short blue skirt and a pink hoodie. (She looks very innocent).
    Uniform: (Star, may I wear the same as yours? Maybe we could attend to the same school...)
    Side: Anti-humnity. She doesn't want to kill them, she just want them to adore her like they should (she tries to find in popularity her need for someone to care about her without the need of her powers).

    I love this baby. At first she was a Sue, now she's a little cute monster.
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  13. Damn was gonna join but spots filled up, haha.
  14. @Blue moon Accepted! Everyone goes to the same school (it's like a academy XDDDDD) I'd love to have you! And now, since all the spots are filled, we just have to wait for Ukbreon to make his char and we can start!
  15. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    According to his profile, @_Umbreon_ hasn't been seen since May 4, and has been having internet issues. I'd suggest either starting without him and hoping he'll be able to return, or opening his slot to a user that will actually be present.
  16. Yes, I think I will open his spot up.
  17. Sounds like a plan. I hope his internet gets fixed soon though, I had the same issue and it really sucked.
  18. I'll put a bio in here in case @_Umbreon_ doesn't/is unable to show up but can we wait just a few more days in case he does come back? I don't want to take his spot only to have him return on the very next day.

    Name: Sullivan(Sully) Jackoby Lamb
    Gender: Male
    Age: 18
    Power: Electrokinesis
    Weapon: A model 586 inch black barrel .357 caliber magnum.
    Personality: Calm, polite, and amiable on the outside, Sullivan Lamb paints the perfect picture of a friendly young man to the outside world by often taking part in charities and helping those in need. However, his true personality is more mischievous and eccentric in nature. He always looks for fun and interesting things whenever going around in his 'disguise,' causing small problems and large disasters alike on his ever-changing whim. However, the one base part of him that stubbornly refuses change is his deeply rooted hate for humanity.
    Fighting outfit: Wears a white dress shirt and light brown suspenders along with a black leather belt. On his legs he sports a pair of black cardigan pants and dress shoes of the same colour. His usual glasses and hat is not worn.
    Normal outfit: Wears thick rimmed black glasses and a black baseball cap to hide his unnatural hair colour, while on his body his attire consists of a woolly light-brown sweater, on top of a white dress shirt and black khaki pants. He also sports a pair of white sneakers on his feet.
    School uniform: Wearing the same black rimmed glasses and baseball cap from when he's out of school, Sully wears an all black uniform, with the exception of his white dress shirt, when tending his classes. The attire itself is made up of a tie, blazer, black slacks, and a pair of glossy cap toe shoes. The young man also wears brown eye contacts to further his disguise.
    Looks: As a side effect of from his powers, Sullivan was born with white hair and unnaturally electric blue eyes when it should of been the normal black and brown. Often described as a gentle looking young man, Sullivan has a soft looking face and a friendly smile that always seems to be present in public. He weighs about 137 lbs and comes up to the height of around 5'7" with a rather normal body in terms of muscluature.
    Side: Anti-humanity
  19. R we gonna do this rp or not
  20. We will, I'm just giving Umbreon a bit more time before we leave him behind.
  21. I was wondering if there are any Spots open? I was hoping to join a role play. It's OK if there aren't, just wondering.

    Also didn't mean to capitalize the S in spots. Sorry.
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  22. There are, but we are waiting for a member who hasent been on. You can apply, though!
  23. Thanks! Here it is:
    Name: Melody Heart
    Gender: Female
    Age: 16
    Power: Air bending. (Like Avitar the last air bender) So with this power she can use the air and wind to help her fly, create tornados and create gusts of wind.
    Weapon: A large hammer.
    Personality: Cheery, kid-like, smart. Loves music. She can be really tuff when she needs to be or when a friend is in trouble.
    Fighting outfit: Black short skirt, with a blue shirt, and black shoes. She has dark blue cloak to wear over her clothes.
    Normal outfit: Short light brown shorts, a Jade green t-shirt, and a black sweatshirt. She has brown knee high lace-up boots aswell.
    School uniform: White t-shirt, with a light purple bow on the front, also a navy blue skirt.
    Looks: Melody has long brown hair, that is usually up in a side ponytail with a ribbon on the ponytail. She has light green eyes, and is 5'2".
    Side: Where ever she's needed.
  24. Any time frame on when we can actually start the rp
  25. H D

    H D

    Hi I like the idea and it is fine if it is not chosen here it goes
    Name: Adbi Kyolf
    Gender: female
    Power: to steal anything(including powers)
    Weapon: A dagger handed down by her mother
    Personality: mischievous,mysterious,emotionally unstable,unpredictable,she does both good and bad
    Fighting outfit: a black braid with a white long sleeve under a brown leather jacket with black jean capris and shoes that are black and white with glowing blue stripes
    Normal outfit: she would let her long hair down with a purple shirt and black jeans and the same shoes from her fighting outfit,black and white shoes with glowing blue stripes
    School uniform: she would let her hair down but with a purple earmuffs to hold it down she would also have a light purple scarf to cover the bottom portion of her face and the white blouse and a purple ribbon with a dark blue skirt and long black socks with white shoes
    Looks: black hair and is usually down with purple foggy eyes and is 5'1''
    Side: she is anti-human

    Thanks for giving me the opportunity hope you like it bye
  26. I think that we have waited long enough for Umbreon, and I know all of you are itching to start. In the end, I am picking @Seyriub for the open spot. I am sorry if you did not make it in. I will start the thread tonight, after school.
  27. I just got back... It's ok if you don't pick me though...

    Why is there only 3 humans by the way?

    Side: Neutral

    Name: Darren "Dusk" Winters

    Gender: Male

    Age: 18

    Power: ShadeShifter (He can create objects out of a shadow like material and can phase through a few objects. The draw back is that it needs to be light for him to draw his power. His powers are Void based

    Weapon: Shade Infused Mechanical Bow

    Personality: Naive

    His fighting outfit is made out of shade material so I'll draw it later.

    It's a cloak on top of a vest with combat boots and jeans

    His normal clothes are a like my profile picture

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