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DPPt/HGSS Anyone Have a Cyndaquil?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Trades and Battles' started by Jeishi, Jun 5, 2007.

  1. I'll Trade for a Mew or Some Other Legendary I Don't use I geuss, or just make a request and I'll see what I Have.
  2. okay, let me put it simply:

    i have cyndaquils out of my butthole, i have so many.

    and celebi or any shiny would be appreciated. and if those don't work, deoxys, mew, zapdos, or entei.
  3. Awesome I'll give you a mew for a Cyndaquil then, want me to name the mew anything Specific? Could u name the Cyndaquil Blaze?
  4. Totodile and Chikorita wanted aswell just ask me what you all want in return.
  5. I can breed you a Chickorita and Totodile pretty darn quickly. If you have any shiny Pokémon I'm interested in them, but if not then an Ekans, Porygon/2/Z, Stantler or Smeargle would be great.
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  6. I can get you a Porygon but the only shiny i have is like a lvl 100 Metagross if u want that? I can throw in Beldum egg if u want
  7. o_O

    .... Yes, I would like the shiny Metagross and Beldum egg in exchange for Chickorita and Totodile. I can have the two hold pretty much any item, so is there anything you'd like?

    (I'll also get to breeding them now for you.)
  8. I have to go to the gym now but I will be back later or 2morrow at this same time message
  9. would that be by any chance a pokemon gym? ;)

    and....what'll ya give me for the cynda?

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