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Antisocial's Trainer/Pokemon art!

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Myth Busted, Jan 4, 2011.

  1. [​IMG]




    I've got four OCs who I was itching to draw with their Pokemon, and that got me thinking.... since there are so many OCs here on PokeCharms, why don't I start an art thread where you can tell me how good/awful my OCs are and request your own OCs with their Pokemon as lovely pictures with shading and effects!

    The shop is now.... OPEN and ready for business!

    Here's how to make a requets on this thread, people.

    1. ASK me to draw a picture
    2. SPECIFY who you want me to draw (your OC)
    3. GIVE a description of your OC and
    4. NAME the Pokemon they have next to them
    5. WAIT for me to draw the OC

    I also do avatars, but they're not as good. Feel free to request those, as well, though.



    PLEASE give me your feedback on my pictures, ESPECIALLY my own PERSONAL OCs and please tell me who you like the best, because I'm going to write a Pokemon fanfic about them. They're all.... I won't ruin it for you. So please, if these 4 look interesting, and you'd like to find out more about them through a fanfic, then please say so.

  2. I really like your art style~
    Those OC's look great with your shading style that's dark and contemporary but at the same time really powerful and makes your work looks really dynamic!
    Your quite a very good artist, and I like those picture, so can I please make a request?~

    A picture of my OC, pictured here: http://i432.photobucket.com/albums/qq49 ... aptops.png
    Here: http://i432.photobucket.com/albums/qq49 ... reenBG.png
    and here: http://i432.photobucket.com/albums/qq49 ... rsGift.png

    with a Gengar please?~
    Thank you in advance!
    Kasumi xx
  3. Wow!~

    I was pleasantly surprised by these pictures! They have a very unique art style and some decent drawing. I love that 'soft' filter they seem to have and how they colours are slightly dulled. The shading is quite good, although the light source seems questionable in places. Also, they all have awesome expressions xD Also, maybe later when you are feeling more confident (or even now) you could add some backgrounds to the pictures. It would really take them to the next level~

    Finally, I have a question - does it just have to be OCs or can you just request a Pokemon?

    I can't wait to see some more of your arts. They are very unique and have real potential.
  4. How's this? Tell me if this is OK, all right? Hope you like it.


    I tried one with a background. Thought on it?


    Also, you don't NEED to request an OC, I'd prefer it, but it's not necessary.

    Would either of you or any others be interested in seeing my 4 OCs in a fanfic?
  5. Nim


    Woah, Antisocial, these are amazing! I really do love your style of drawing, and the shading on them is fantastic. My favourites are Trevor Griffin and Kasumi's ;D Keep it up I may even request an OC in the future.
    #5 Nim, Jan 5, 2011
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  6. Wowweee~<33
    That is positively brilliant, thank you!! *// 0 //*

    I love it! Ohmigosh the shading//colour is perfect; absolutely wonderful~
    Nyaaaaan!! ♥
    Nice work with the background on your second picture! I like it~ Maybe next time you could try adding more intricate shapes too; like silhouettes!

    Thanks again so much, my OC looks fantastic! And you're really great at drawing Pokemon
    Kasumi xx
  7. Awesome, thanks.


    Here's just another one. I'm not so good at bodies, I much prefer experimenting with the facical expressions, but I drew this anyway.
  8. Yay, you added backgrounds~

    They really help elevate your art style. I love Gengar in Kasumi Slater's request! You've managed to capture its mischievous look. I have noticed an error in your latest picture - Kenhorou's eyes are red like its mask (sorry for being so picky xD) Also, those blur effects work reeeeeally well :>

    Quick question - which program do you use?
  9. I don't do eyes, Toastie, LOL. The blur effects come from Paint.NET. Really good program.

    Would anyone be interested in seeing my characters in a fanfic???
  10. [​IMG]

    My fanfic is starting on the 11th of January, 2011.

    Please give it a read when it comes out, and folks, thoughts on the picture?

    Any more requests? I'm happy to make 'em!
  11. [​IMG]

    I haven't been here in AGES.

    I think I'll stick to drawing some new Pokemon and trainers from Unova.

    This is a Valentine's Day (ish) tribute to some of my favourite people here. Which was obviously inspired by Kasumi's drawing.

    Whcih you should look at.

    I will post some more, because I want to have a thriving business here!


    Check out my new page on [glow=red,2,300]DEVIANTART[/glow]!!!!

    I have unloaded all the drawings I did that I didn't post here.

    But I may post them here in the future, I dunno.

    Anyways, keep being beautiful!
  12. ... <333

    It'sa me, Tunduli-o~! :''D
    Tunduli looks so cute and movable and small and cute and neeeeeeeee <33 (also did I mention cute?)
    Everyone else looks super cool, too~! c: I love how you use several shades on your piccus, it really makes them look wonderful ♥

    Can't wait to see more, Patterson-kun <33
  13. Oh wow~

    I really like this drawing, Mr. Patterson!

    Like Tun-nyan said, the shading is very good~ Especially on Tunduli. I'm taking I'm the third person? I love how Weeds and I are all smug, when Kasumi and Tunduli are all 'haaaaaaai ♥'

    I hope to see more, keep it up~
  14. I'm going to be on a week long hiatus.

    See you afterwards!

    And thanks a bunch for the comments!!
  15. [​IMG]

    Hullo, folks. I have decided to end my hiatus today, as I have some drawings to share with you.

    This, you may recognize him, is Spock, from Star Trek, with a Porygon-Z. He is half-heartedly pointing to the Porygon-Z in anticipation of whatever move it's going to use.

    Vincent Price and MURKROW vs Liberace and CHANDELURE. (No lies, I have actually drawn this picture and am ready to post it.)
  16. It's so great to have you back and posting art here again, Pat :'//D

    Firstly; you're picture of myself, Weeds,Darky and Tunny is absolutely FANTASMULOMAZING!
    Tun-nyan looks so cute! And Darky and Weeds jus looks so cool with their classic expressions there ♥
    And me! I look so happy and cute ^//^

    Then there's Spock- Yes! Some Star Treck :'//D
    He looks so SRS BSNS there and I'm suprised by how well Porygon-z suits him :'//>

    Your hands could maybe use a bit more detail but I still love your style!

    Keep it up!~
    Kasumi xxx
  17. [​IMG]

    I told you it was real.

    And now for the big question. Who's gonna win this Pokemon battle of epic proportions, and who will the winner face?

    Just reply, with your opinions!

    Sean Connery!
  18. [​IMG]

    This is Sean Connery from Jeopardy! as played by Darrell Hammond.

  19. [​IMG]


    Here is my latest work I bothered finishing.....

    a Romeo + Juliet ensemble. Why I bothered with R/J? Ask me not (lol), but look, and please tell me what you think of my head drawing ability. (I tried to make them look as cartoonish as possible... not as recognizable as possible, as cartoonish as possible, but whatever.)


  20. And yet another ensemble by me. Ever played L.A Noire? If you have, you should recognize some o' these:

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