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An Evening not so Calm (or the Night Fate decided to mess with Nurse Joy)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Satoren, Mar 28, 2009.

  1. OOC: Ignore the exceedingly long title.

    Eloise Margaret Joy desired many things. And one thing she desired, though not of utmost priority was individuality. For you see, Eloise Margaret was a woman born of strange if not convenient circumstances. Due to a case of strange if not convenient genetic dominance, Eloise Margaret bore an eerily striking resemblance to her mother, her grandmother, her cousins, aunts, sisters and all other women in her extensively large family tree, even those who were twice removed. And since it was also eerily identical that each of her relatives took on the same profession as her, it would seem that Eloise Margaret would be doomed to a life eerily identical to every other woman in the region who had the occupation of a Nurse, and the family name of Joy.

    Her Pokemon Center, like every other in the region, was a rest house, open 24 hours a day, seven days a week for weary travelers and the creatures that accompanied them on their journey, better known as Pocket Monsters or Pokemon. As caretaker, it was her duty to make sure that all her guests rested comfortably, and should they be injured, received proper medical attention. It was a calling she was solely in charge of, but a task not solely hers. For fortunately, she was assisted by a talented team of round, pink Pocket Monsters known as Chanseys. Like her fellow Nurses, she relied on her Pokemon to help her take care of her center and its visitors as they relied on her guidance and leadership to see their duties through.

    However monotonous as her daily activities were, they were still important duties she had to attend to, even if sometimes the gratitude for her services do not seem to belong to her alone but to that of every other person sharing her title. Still, it was an important duty, and due to its importance, Nurse Eloise Margaret Joy had a difficult time pursuing her goals.

    As the doors to her center slid open, Eloise Margaret could feel the faint rush of a cool breeze coming from outside. She could see, to the best of her abilities, that the trees seemed to rustle with a motion so minuscule it went unnoticed by the other people within the building; And the sound that they made was muted by the loud rushing of air from the center's air conditioning system. Eloise Margaret soon realized that a peaceful evening seemed to encompass the forest and the Center in its center, and this irked her. As she checked in a proverbial notebook stored within her mind, she recounted that she was now experiencing the 7,476th peaceful night since her commissioning as a Nurse and caretaker of the center.

    For reasons she did not wish to explain, for doing so would require her to remember them, Eloise Margaret loathed the evening calm. As far as she cared to remember, it can be traced back to a rather one-sided decision on her mother and grandmother's part to send her to a boarding school for nine years, where she was to be taught everything a Nurse would need to know about Pokemon. She ascertained that it was that decision that had led to her celebrating 7, 476 days of nothing particularly meaningful ever happening to her. Fate however, now bored with altering the destinies of children and small creatures, decided that today was the day it would conspire to change the life of Eloise Margaret Joy forever. For as Eloise Margaret heaved a sigh of boredom at her current state, she failed to notice that the breeze she detected earlier had rushed inside because the doors had opened; and the doors had opened because someone had rushed inside.

    That Someone did not wish to be known at this moment by the people inside the Center, and thus he avoided eye contact as he made heavy footsteps towards the counter and the Nurse standing behind it. He panted slightly, affirming to the possibility that he made his way here with great haste, and the fact was that he did. He clutched something tightly in his hand, while his hand was clutched tightly towards his chest. And though Eloise Margaret continued to ignore Fate's signs of interest in her life, it was nevertheless crucial to note that the object in the mysterious young man's hand and its contents were important tools in changing her life forever.

    OOC: RPers shall be selected via Application. For anyone interested, please PM me your Application, which is simply this: Write a short story about what your character was doing before he/she got involved in this story. Two to Four paragraphs long, please. It can be an adventure that happened days before this one, or simply what he/she had done before entering or making his/her way to the Pokemon Center. GOGOGOGO~

    note: Fate is not a character. It is a belief that forces beyond our comprehension are leading us towards a certain outcome.
  2. Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiing



    "Can someone get the phone?" the woman mumbled sleepily.


    "Oh, for goodness sakes! Why can't someone else do this?" she said, very irritated, for her nap had just been interrupted. "Fine! I'll do it myself."

    She snatched up the cordless phone that was sitting on the table right beside to her and answered it. However, there was no one on the other end—a prank caller. She was even more annoyed than before as she slammed the phone back down on its charger. A cool evening breeze came in through the open window, rustling the curtains and the wind chimes on the front porch. Suddenly a maid rushed into the room.

    "Oh Miss Julia," she flustered. "I'm sorry I couldn't reach the phone in time! I just—

    "I don't care," said Julia indifferently. "Really I don't. All I want to know is if all of my things are packed."

    "Yes they are, Miss Julia," the maid said nodding. "All of your possessions are in order."

    "Thank you!" Julia was taking a fabulous trip to spend three heavenly weeks in gorgeous Sootopolis City. There would be beautiful weather, warm seas, and hours and hours of relaxation. Yes, Julia loved living in the lap of luxury. She had her father's enormously successful business and her mother's vast inheritance to thank for that. Julia had everything she could ever want and she truly thought she had it made.

    "There is one other thing…" the maid interposed, interrupting Julia's pleasant daydream. "Lilia needs her shots or you won't be able to enter Hoenn."

    Julia rolled her eyes and through up her hands. "Now you tell me!? My goodness I'm surrounded by imbeciles!"

    The maid hurried to appease her. "I-if you would like I can take Lilia to the Pokémon Center right now."

    "Don't bother! You know Lilia hates you. I'll do it myself," Julia proclaimed. She looked at the Eevee who was calmly sleeping on her silk pouf. "Lilia, it's time to take a little trip." Julia wasn't about to tell her that she was going to get shots lest she threw a tantrum.

    Lilia opened her eyes slowly as she sat up. "Eevee?" Julia adored the Pokémon for her cuteness, and she was high maintenance just like her human was.

    "We'll be back shortly," Julia told her Pokémon as she recalled her back into a Luxury Ball.

    The maid was a bit alarmed. "B-but Miss Julia! At least let me come with you! You can't go alone!"

    "Oh don't get hysterical," Julia said. "I'll be fine." And without another word, Julia walked through her front door and off on what she thought was a simple trip. Oh, it would be so much more.

    Julia walked through her rich, fancy neighborhood past all the beautiful mansions with their beautiful occupants. She herself felt she was the cream of the crop in both looks and charm. Her long wavy black hair cascaded down her back while her hazel eyes were said to be able to enchant anyone. Thanks to her mother's genes she had fabulous cheekbones and great, caramel colored skin. Julia's pink sundress and white heels were the latest in fashion.

    As she walked through the wooded area, Julia didn't notice the little boy following her because she was in her own world filled with fantasies about Sootopolis City. He made sure to be as silent as possible to make sure she didn't hear him. The little boy thought she was the most breathtaking woman he'd ever seen. Maybe she could help him.

    Finally Julia had arrived at the Pokémon Center. It was very nice but there was nothing that stood out about it—not that she'd ever visited many Pokémon Centers to know that. Julia took note of the trainers and other wanderers and took a seat in the corner away from them and waited her turn. Sure, she may have been able to just use her family's influence to make the nurse in charge see her at that moment, but why go through the trouble? Julia imagined the maid would grow more worried with each passing moment, but she cared little. She was in no hurry.

    Once the little boy was sure the woman was settled in the Pokémon Center, he entered and made his way to her. Julia looked up and narrowed her eyes at the sight of the filthy little boy in front of her.

    "Can I help you with something," Julia said snobbishly.

    "Yes, yes you can," he said in a quiet voice. The little boy was the beginning of a whole new game for Julia.
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  3. ooc: since people have trouble identifying the region this is taking place in, it shall be in Johto specifically in the thick of the woods behind Ecruteak City

    As another young man was about to affect another young woman's course of destiny, Eloise Margaret continued to ignore her own mysterious figure charged with changing her fate.

    Having heard the sound of automatic doors sliding, the enigmatic young man quickly turned his head, only to find a posh, expensively dressed young lady who he definitely did not know, and so retracted to his previously careful state. Random attention was certainly not something he wanted to attract. Ironically though, the particular attention he did wish to capture continued to elude him.

    Eloise Margaret heaved a sigh and placed an elbow on her desk, the hand connected to which supported her face as she lowered herself into a seated position on the chair behind her. Blinking lazily and at several frames slower than normal, she could only hear footsteps quickly shuffling towards her direction. Before she could deduce what sort of precocious young child they had belonged to, the deep voice of an adolescent male had already proven her deductions to be false.

    "Excuse me," whispered the young man now standing in front of her counter. Eloise Margaret was slightly surprised by the haste he had made to get to her counter, and as a result, she toppled over in an overly shocked manner. The lad blinked at this scene in response, and paused to consider apologizing if he had most definitely surprised her. But with a slightly woozy voice, Eloise Margaret told him "I'm okay," his thoughts were put to rest.

    Clumsily heaving her chair to its previously upright position, Eloise Margaret proceeded to ask the young man what she could possibly do for him. The lad paused at this statement. A sea of thoughts that had been previously held together by a metaphorical, but nevertheless poorly constructed dam were now breaking through and flooding his mind with pictures of events that had transcended only several hours ago. At a loss of words, the boy's eyes looked upward slowly piecing together memories among other subjects that needed to be explained. As he took this moment to formulate a proper way to address his situation, he had left the Nurse in front of him awkwardly pausing. She blinked at his numb silence and once again asked him if there was something she could do for him.

    "Sir," she repeated, and this time it seemed the young lad took notice. "Is there something I can help you with?" She stated again, this time slightly irked. "Yes," was all the young man could say. But as words formed into sentences in his head, he proceeded to stutter in an attempt to correct himself. "..Y-Yes. There is something you can help me with...I-in fact, its something very, very important," The young man's words were at last found, and he proceeded to converse in a more calm manner. "Its something that I must discuss with you...in private," he continued. The pause at placing these words would mean a lot to Eloise Margaret, but as characteristic of her incredible density, she only managed to notice several contexts alluding to it.

    Eloise Margaret's eye slightly twitched as she looked at the adolescent's face. The most noticeable feature of which were his slightly large, but incredibly sincere, Emerald green eyes. From them, she could surmise an immense amount of sadness, worry and fear. For indeed, the lad had many worries when he decided that he had to go to this center. Despite all the risks he would have to take, a majority of which would be fatal, there was something he had to do here; Something that he could not allow anyone within this building to know, save for Eloise Margaret and himself. Still, the contexts of his statement were not lost on the Nurse, and so she was hesitant to agree to his decision.

    Noticing her distrust, the adolescent looked at her again, trying to show his utmost concern for the matter. "I will say this," he whispered slowly, " There's a Pokemon with me that needs your help very, very badly." At hearing this, a warmer side of Eloise Margaret began to affect her conscience. For as shady as this character was, she was almost certain his concerns that a Pokemon was involved were sincere. Still slightly hesitant, she nodded slightly, and proceeded out of the counter. With unsure steps, she directed the young man into the operating room, to which he quickly walked into.

    After Eloise Margaret instructed one of her assistant Chanseys to man the counter, she followed the boy into the operating room. As the doors closed behind her, the doors to the center quickly slid open. Once more, another young lady had entered the premises. She looked around with sharp and careful eyes, searching for the young man she had accompanied to this place. She made her way to the counter swiftly and silently, such that no footsteps could be heard from each footfall. She gazed upon the round, pink Pokemon behind the counter with a stern and icy look, and asked it with an equally chilling voice. "Where is the Nurse?"
  4. "Huh. Chibi are you sure there's a Pokemon Center around here?"

    "Yes I'm sure. Johto is my home region Elysia, do you think even for an instant I'd forget anything significant about the land? Especially a Pokemon Center in an unusual place?"

    "Well, you seem to have trouble finding your way around."

    "I'd like to see you remember every tree and dirt path in a region after you just came back after being away for years."

    "Okaaay, jeez you don't have to get all defensive."

    The two speakers, both female, had been currently walking through the woods near the path that twined its way towards the Pokemon Center. Both bantered back and forth like they were old friends, which they were, yet at first lance they couldn't seem like a more unlikely pair. The first speaker was the older of the two, with her arms crossed as she somewhat grugdinly followed her companion. Her hair was a little messy, like that of a girl who was obsessed with rock music, and a olden blond splashed boldly with black, occasionally scientists remarked how it looked like the plummage of a Zapdos. She wore a black tank top with a sinle yellow lightnin bolt zizagin through the middle, a pair of rather worn out jeans and equally battered tennis shoes. Her skin was a pale honey, and her eyes were a brilliant sapphire blue. By the fifteen-year-old's side a large Magnetric padded alonside her, swinging its head back and forth looking for intruders.

    The second half of the duo was a girl, younger and smaller but obviously the more educated of the two, was leading the way, she was the oddball of the duo. Her dark orange t-shirt did not seem to fit with her green vest, yet it did, she had on a pair of knee-lenth shorts that had evidence of bein pants at one point but were messily cut off, and tennis shoes as well. A Vulpix wove around her feet, sniffing the round and obviously not cautious like the other canine.

    "Aha!" Chibi suddenly exclaimned, pushing through the last bit of foliage and stepping onto the path. "I told you I knew where I was going."

    To the distant right was the traditional dusty red square rooftop of a Pokemon Center, poking out from the trees. Chibi strode confidently down the path towards the buildin, while her friend, Elysia, sighed with some amusement and patiently followed her more reckless friend. Her Magnetric, Discharge, grunted something, causing Elysia to chuckle. They caught up with Chibi just as she rounded the last turn and the full sight of the Center came into view. Chibi looked absolutely full of herself at the moment, and Vyala seemed reatly amused by her trainer's triumphant look. A cool breeze blew ently throuh the trees, making their branches sway rythmically to the wind, Chibi's lon red hair whipped up for a moment before ently slapping against her back aain.

    "C'mon," Chibi said, gesturing Elysia to follow her. "The sooner we get in there the sooner you can stop worrying about Beholder, 'kay?" With that Chibi walked right up to the doors, Elysia close behind.

    The sliding doors performed their job of sliding open as soon as they got close enough, allowing them to resume their usual pace into the Center. What they hadn't expected was that it would be more crowded than usual. People were bustling here and there, in an obvious hurry to have their pokemon seen immediatly. Chibi sighed and shook her head, falling bonelessly into one of the comfortable chairs on the side of the wall. "Best thing to do is wait for a while," she explained to Elysia, "oppotunities will come."

    (Bleh. *hammers self for being lazy*)
  5. "Ooookay, so how may I help you?" asked Julia sarcastically. She had no idea why she was even wasting her time with this urchin. He really was extremely dirty and his messy brown hair could've used a good washing and conditioning and blue t-shirt, shorts, and sneakers had seen better days. The boy looked to be about ten or eleven years old.

    "We should travel together!" he said brightly. "Look! I even have a Pokémon," he added as he held out a Pokéball.

    "Come again?" said Julia, raising an eyebrow. She shot him down immediately.

    "Look, you little brat we aren't traveling anywhere together. Got it?"


    "No ‘buts!' Just get out of my sight!" Julia said haughtily. She ran her hand through her silky hair. The pampered princess was starting to believe she attracted weirdos. She vividly remembered the creepy man who had stalked her about two years ago. Just thinking about him made Julia's flesh crawl; he had oily skin and had this freaky (and very ugly) Drowzee and a mangy Houndour that was trying to be frisky with Lilia. But it only took being chased by the two guard Houndoom scare the stalker away. No, Julia was going to let anything of that sort happen again.

    "All right," said the boy sadly. But instead of going away, he plopped himself in the chair beside Julia, to her disgust.

    "What are you doing? I said get away from me!" said Julia, annoyed.

    "This is a public Pokémon Center," said the boy, suddenly smart-alecky. "I can sit wherever I want to."

    Julia rolled her eyes. Honestly, why did the lower classes have to be so boorish? She realized the Pokémon Center had gotten even more crowded. Her eyes narrowed as she looked at the undesirables who had entered the center. With their wild clothes and even wilder hair (one person even had hair like a Jolteon!) they seemed like utter savages to Julia who felt like they would dirty her just by standing near her. She looked toward the counter to see that the nurse had gone.

    "Great, now where did she go?" asked Julia.

    "Probably taking care of a Pokémon," said the boy, somewhat stating the obvious.
    Julia just stared at him. "What's your name anyway?" she inquired rather rudely.

    "Joey," he said simply. "What's yours?"

    "Julia," she said impatiently. "Now I'm going to just walk up to the counter," she said, rising to her feet. I'm a bit sick of waiting behind all these bottom feeders." A few people who had heard her scowled at Julia.

    Julia, thought the boy in his head as he watched the woman push her way through the crowd. It was a graceful name for a high society woman and so it suited her. Joey took out the Pokéball he had once more and released the Pokémon within it: an Abra. The Pokémon was just as dirty as his human with his grimy fur.

    "Well partner, I guess we'll have to wait till she comes back," said Joey matter-of-factly.

    "Abra," growled the Pokémon.

    Julia meanwhile was very annoyed. She sighed deeply and in a way that plainly told anyone who heard that sigh that Julia was annoyed. There was already another lady at the counter to Julia's irritation. This woman was wasting her time and for the first time, Julia felt that she should've let the maid take care of this so she (Julia) wouldn't have to deal with these people. Her impatience was about to spill over as she stood behind the girl. Julia was just close enough to give the woman some person space, but enough to make her presence known to any normal person. Hurry up already, thought Julia, not paying attention to what the woman was saying.
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  6. "Yes, Diego, another party tomorrow." the boys voice was developed, but still young.

    So, the stereotype on college students is true! the Slowking chuckled softly at his thoughts.

    "Yeah, that's right, Diego, nothing but parties." The boy, Noah, tugged at the bottom of his sweat jacket. It was a light gray sort of color, and on the front, in large, blocky letters, were "JU" which stood for Johto University, Noah's college. It fit loosely around his body, being just the right size. His neatly kept, but otherwise insignificant colored brown hair swirled a bit in the breeze.

    "Diego, you're sure that Pokemon Center is just a bit further in?" Noah was half reaching into the messenger bag hanging over his shoulder, to pull his PokeGear.

    Noah, don't joke like that. The Slowking's thoughts were somewhat sarcastic, somewhat sincere, "I've barely left campus grounds before, that and Violet City. You think I know my way around an Ecruteak forest?! Funny.

    On this cue, the boy stopped walking, and his massive partner of a Slowking (about seven inches taller) did as well. Noah opened up the orange "30 Hour Famine" messenger bag, and pulled out his cobalt blue PokeGear, version 7.0. It was a thought that often passed through Noah's head, how many updates they had made to it. From most places, the internet could be accessed on it, with a relative amount of speed as well.

    "That way." The boy said, pointing in some odd, general direction. As he put the PokeGear back in, he pulled out a black sphere.

    Oooh no you don't! Diego's thoughts were so loud and angry, Noah was suprised a couple of birds didn't fly away.

    "Yes, Diego, I am. Deal with it." And with that, the Slowking had vanished into the Luxury Ball. As his hand fumbled the Luxury Ball back into the messenger bag, Noah slid the PokeGear into his jeans pocket instead.

    After walking for another twenty minutes, Noah finally wound his way to the Pokemon Center, where he would be spending the night. As the automatic doors slid open, the first thing he noticed, was the crowd. A good number of people were bustling about, trying to decide what to do. One girl caught his eye, her hair was strikingly similar to that of a Zapdos. She seemed to be with another girl, and they had totally different styles.

    "Friends, no doubt." Noah thought to himself, sitting himself down in a chair not too far. He pulled out a blue and yellow sphere, and when it enlarged from ping-pong to grapefruit, one could tell it was a Quick Ball. As it cracked open in a brief shimmer of light, a Pichu took shape, and sat cutely on the arm of the comfortable chair Noah was in. Ethan, the Pichu, was no ordinary Pichu, for, from the moment of his birth in the wild, he was differently colored. A "Shiny" Pokemon as Noah had been taught in one of his classes. He had always thought the orange tone was much better than the yellow, anyway.

    Noah flashed a quick smile at the Zapdos girl, hoping something interesting, or at least occupying for a bit, would come of it.

  7. Shiny Lyni

    Shiny Lyni 2016 Singles Football

    "That was quite a landing, eh, Vera?" a boy, probably around 16 years of age, said sarcastically as he and his Kirlia lept down from their tree. "But seriously, seeing all these people in clothes so odd... are you sure we're still in Hoenn?"

    You know that when you ask me to teleport in a sticky spot, I teleport us to a random place that you may have never been to, replied the Kirlia hotly. Roden, the teen, smiled and shook his head to himself. Vera, short for Primavera, was his latest Pokemon, and yet he totally relied on her for transportation from place to place. Her teleport proved useful at times... though, yes, she would land them in odd places once in a while, like now.

    "Well, let's just find a Pokemon center for now, to rest up from that last adventure, ya know? Though I should probably change my clothes before I go in." True, his hair may be a bit frizzled, a few twigs were stuck on his clothes, but that wasn't the main reason why he was changing, or rather, quickly putting a red hoodie on to hide black-and-white striped shirt underneath, as well as taking off the blue bandana with an oddly-shaped letter A stitched on it from his silvery-blonde (with blue tips) hair . After he was done, he stuffed his clothes back into his backpack which he carried around everywhere. A glimpse of a red t-shirt with a letter M shone through the gloom of his bag before it was quickly hidden by his other clothes. "Done," he said, "and I'd better return you as well just so you don't loose your temper around so many humans."

    I never lo- whatever the Kirlia was trying to say was gone, though, for she returned into her Pokeball soon after the trainer had said that. Roden sighed and clipped Vera's back onto his belt. He knew his Pokemon wouldn't lose her temper, but the truth was, he was afraid that someone may find out who he was, or rather, what he was a part of.

    Trusting his instincts, the boy walked through the woods for some time before coming across a Pokemon center. Wait, here, in the woods? he thought to himself as he walked through the doors. Of course, he had never been in Johto before, or anywhere outside of Hoenn or Shinnoh, so he couldn't really say much. Maybe they did things differently region to region. Shrugging, he was about to walk up to the counter to ask for his Pokemon to be checked upon, but apparently she was gone. Didn't matter, as none of his Pokemon really needed any checking on.

    Roden turned around and walked to the wall closest to the counter, leaning against it. He looked around the room. There were many people around, as well as some Pokemon. Some rich lady, two girls, a boy, and others stood around, waiting for the nurse. Odd. Shouldn't she be caring for the people's Pokemon instead of gone? And if she was out of town or something, she should have a sign up. Again, Roden dismissed this as probably some sort of Johto thing, though he still felt something wasn't quite right.

    ((Rushed, totally rushed, because I have no idea when my parents will be home, but meh...))
  8. The enigmatic woman leaning over the counter noticed a certain tension suddenly pass over the room. To the best of her abilities, and her abilities are arguably one of the best, she could tell that this strange feeling was coming from a rather strong source right behind her. She turned her head slightly, such that the least of her face could be seen, but more than enough to get a look at the person behind her. It was the haughty girl her previous accomplice had mistaken to be someone he had recognized. The sheer coincidence that both would turn over their backs to see this girl was largely ignored. Nevertheless, this girl would play a rather crucial role in the events that were soon to occur.

    Not wanting to draw attention to herself, the woman stealthily moved away from the pink Pokemon she had now interrogated. As the Chansey pointed to the door adjacent to the counter, it was quickly understood that the nurse was inside the operating room taking care of a certain matter. A matter the woman knew was most definitely her business.

    Despite her awareness of her importance in this operation, she had rather preferred to carry out her directives at the front of the center; and so with no further qualms moved away to a nearby seat. Sitting quietly and comfortably she then wondered what she could do from that very spot. Several ptions were immediately available to her, but she opted for the unorthodox option of simply sitting there to rest. After all, the work of a mercenary is a rather tedious one.

    The mysterious woman was indeed a gun for hire. However, no one in this room particularly knew her, and as a matter of fact, no one in this room particularly knew what a gun was. But to place it simply and metaphorically, that was what she was. Several nights prior to this one, she had been commissioned by a mysterious employer. It was a simple objective; infiltrate a highly secured base to retrieve some data that wrongly belonged to the proprietors of said base. The means however, were an entirely different story. A story that as of now, is far to complex to explain at any one time. The woman knew this and chose to remember the key parts of this mission. For the fact was, that the mission had taken an unexpected turn, and that turn led her here.

    However strange the circumstances, the guidelines of her directive still applied, thus did she prepare herself for the worst, but not without being perfectly comfortable resting on a chair. As she peered carefully at the door her partner had disappeared into, she could only wonder how long they were going to be here, and how much time she had to relax before something would happen. She breathed slowly, trying to calm herself. An agitated mind and body are bad defenses against possible surprise attacks.

    Elsewhere though nowhere far, a young man was trying his best to explain his situation to one Nurse Eloise Margaret Joy. So far, he has made no verbal attempts, and the Nurse was growing rather impatient with him. The fact was that Eloise Margaret had more important things to do. She did not refer to them as better situations than this, but with the awkward silence across the room, she was slowly considering it. "Excuse me, mister..." she paused at the realization that he had never introduced himself. This pause was a sign for the young man to give her a name to address him by, but with the situation as it was, the young man only whispered "Huntre." This was not in fact his real name, as such information was classified, but perhaps it would establish a better connection between the two.

    "Mister Huntre," Eloise Margaret repeated. "I'm sorry to have to say this, but unless you have an actual reason for speaking with me here, I must attend to my other duties." The young man now known as Huntre was just about to give up explaining the situation to her. And so, without any further regrets to his decision, he extended his arm out to show her something in his hand.

    That something was a small red and white ball. It was a familiar device identifiable by anyone who owned a Pokemon as a storage container known as a pokeball, and Eloise Margaret deduced this was the important thing that the young man named Huntre had to show her. "So..." she said sarcastically "Is this the oh so important Pokemon you need to show me?" The young man nodded silently. "You may want to sit down for this," he instructed her. Eloise Margaret was now highly irritated, but still calm enough to play along.

    The young man named Huntre placed the spherical device on the nearby operating table. It was a large, stainless table, capable of supporting Pokemon of multiple sizes should they need medical attention. He knew that the table's vast surface was necessary for what he was about to do.

    With a nervous sigh, he gently tapped the pokeball on the table. A faint sound of a mechanism activating could be heard as the gadget flipped open. A huge burst of light leaped out from within it and plopped itself on the table. As Eloise Margaret Joy saw the Pokemon materialize, she made a strange sound. A scream had escaped her mouth, but was quickly subdued by her hands cupping themselves over it. Needless to say, the short time in which her voice escaped into the air was enough for several people to hear it.

    ooc: Somewhat long, because it tells two different scenes transcending consecutively. Also a minor note,the reference to Julia being crucial to this tale is simply a dramatic effect. There's no real telling just what will happen.
  9. She was soaking wet, after having fallen into a nearby stream. She climbed out of the stream and cursed herself for being clumsy. She picked up her things and went right into the thick area of trees.

    She stumbled through the forest, moving around in the pitch black night. The trees' shadows were looming over her, as if they were going to swallow her whole. The night sky began to have a little sporadic sparkle hear and there, signaling the presence of a very distant star. She continued to make her way through, tripping every so often, until she reached a little clearing with a small path towards a building, about 500 meters away.

    She walked slowly, pondering the thought of how she got dragged into coming all the way into the remote forests outside of Ecurteak City. Her friend somehow dragged her into doing a field research exhibition with her. She said she would meet up with her today, but she got delayed with something, like her usual self. She never showed up. In fact, she said she would be delayed of all things. As much as she liked her personality, she did have faults which made her irritating. Most notably her tardiness.

    She was really excited for this, but it all for naught.

    She had moved her way through the forest, eager to start on her field research with one of her close friends. She even did all the prep work, such as marking off the area to begin the field work on the map she had, along with zeroing their position on a weird, hexagonal device. She even had to pull out a clipboard out of her backpack and scribble some notes down for her friend. She had to take note of the date, time, weather, location and current happenings of the area.

    She got over her thoughts as she approached the now visible Pokémon Center. She slowly strolled to the door, but pulled out a hexagon shaped device out of her pocket, and walked into the center, eyes focused on the weird device while she walked through the sliding doors.

    She walked by the front desk and right to a free table in the lobby. She pulled out a laptop, but not before noticing a loud scream that came from the front desk. A shady figure was at the desk. She quietly pulled out a throwing needle out of her pocket with a very small round, ice blue and dark purple ball attached to an end with a string. She kept it in her hand while she began to browse through files on her laptop.
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  10. (Sorry for my absence, I was in DC.)

    Of course they were getting stares, but they were used to it and looked and conversed with each other as if they were the only people in the whole lobby. Elysia was getting the most stares by far, due to her perferred look, and she occasionally ran her fingers through her hair, only making it flop into her sapphire eyes all the worse.

    "Oh stop fidgeting," Chibi said after observing this action for the fourth time. "People are always incredibly rude to things they don't know, see how I'm getting all of the amazed stares." It was true, anyone who happened to look at her long enough either popped their eyes, gaped in shock, or both.

    "Unsurprising, but if you weren't the third best trainer in Johto and one of the most widely known from the Johto region your clothes would still have people staring at you." Elysia clicked her tongue in distaste at Chibi's orange and green mix.

    "Oh stop I'm blushing," Chibi replied, not blushing at all, "and look who's talking miss electric-freak-who-tries-to-compete-with-Zapdos." She flicked a lock of black hair for emphasis, and Elysia slapped her hand away. Both the Discharge and Vyala "chuckled" in rasping barks.

    Elysia looked away from Chibi and immediatly her eyes caught a flash. Said eyes doubled in size as the flash materialized into a Pichu. A shiny Pichu. Elysia had always loved Electric type pokemon, as anyone who hung out with her for an hour realised, an the presence of not just an Electric pokemon, but a shiny Electric pokemon demanded her closer attention. She noticed the owner of the Pichu (predictably) staring at her. His lips curved into a quick smile, and the door of opportunity quite literally landed in her lap. And she all but broke the door down to get to the other side, metaphorically of course. She stood up so fast that Chibi jumped, startled by the sudden action, and stood up with Elysia just as the older girl seized her wrist.

    "Elysia what the hell are-" Chibi's jade green gaze followed Elysia's shining blue. Right to the trainer and his shiny Pichu. "Oh god Elysia don't bombard the poor guy with all of your fangirlism." She moaned as Elysia began walking towards the trainer, with Vyala and Discharge in her wake.

    Elysia completely ignored her, and slipped through the people even though there was hardly enough room to throw a tantrum in. As the two humans easily went between the people, Discharge and Vyala merely followed behind them, plowing through the crowd as effortlessly as a Rapidash shoves away a herd of Ponytas. Anyone who saw them beforehand immediatly leaped away (for Discharge's huge size and posture was enough to make anyone nervous) making the canines' progress only easier.

    "Hello," Elysia said in a friendly way, "that really is a nice Pichu you have."

    Chibi sighed and stepped in. "What my rather rude friend means is, her name is Elysia and my name is Chibi. Yes the famous Chibi," she added before the inevitable question could be uttered. "And yes she does like your Pichu." She thought about adding that Elysia would like to steal the little electric mouse, but she knew Elysia would never actually do that while she thought about it. Chibi just liked to tease her friend.
  11. When the two girls came over, rather quickly, and with a great amount of ease through the crowd, Noah chuckled to himself a bit. It almost seemed like a "mother-chases-her-toddler" kind of thing. And then, he heard the names.

    "...her name is Elysia and my name is Chibi..." Noah immediately realized who he was talking to, and clearly snapped to attention. He waited for her to stop talking, and then picked Ethan up, and tossed the orange-hued Pichu to Elysia, as he had learned her name. Ethan squealed in excitement, as even he could tell this girl loved Electric Pokemon.

    "I'm Noah, and Chibi, I know exactly who you are." He noticed a slightly annoyed look (sorry for the mini-auto), and went on to explain, "someone I've known for awhile, who helps out at JU once in awhile told me all sorts of stories about you. Some guy named...Cody, right? You know 'im?" Noah paused, and took a moment to observe Chibi, and seeing the Vulpix, the odd fashion choices, and the hair, Noah was certain. It was one of the many trainers Cody had told him about, and Chibi was one of the best. She outranked Cody, who was listed as the number seven Trainer in Johto, by four slots. And she outranked Noah, a college student, by miles.

    (It's short, but what are you gonna do? It's a conversation. :\ )
    (Also, Happy Easter)
  12. Chibi at first had gotten slightly irritated at the obvious fandom about to start. But soon her irritation vanished and morphed into surprise and delight at a certain name. "Cody?" She squealed, a grin stretching across her face. "You know Cody? Oh, that's wonderful! How is he? I hope he and Silver are alright." Vyala yipped at her heels, wagging her six tails in remembrence to the Aipom trainer whom Chibi got along with so well.

    "Cody?" Elysia asked in some confusion. "Isn't that the Aipom guy you've told me about before?"

    "Mmm-hmm." Chibi nodded, even more delighted that Elysia had actually listened to some of her stories. She turned her head as she thought she heard a tiny scream, her action was mirrored by Elysia and the two canines. "Did you hear that?" She asked the general universe.
  13. At this moment, it seemed that Eloise Margaret's scream went by unnoticed. At least by the general public. One woman sitting in the corner though, was keen to the strange reaction that she knew wasn't all that strange; considering the subject at hand that would cause the Center's Nurse to yell in surprise, only to cup her hands and muffle said reaction.

    Inside the Operating room, Eloise Margaret was struggling to make some form of movement. The sight before her however was too amazing to allow her brain to give her muscles some proper form of locomotor command. behind the large object, the young man now known as Huntre looked on with worry at seeing his companions seemingly worsened state.

    What was lying before them was a creature of extraordinary origins. Eloise Margaret studied the creature's features to the best of her shocked senses, and the orange fur and large yellow ring around its neck identified it as being a Pokemon, specifically Buizel, the Sea Weasel Pokemon.

    Eloise Margaret tried to convince herself of whether the Pokemon before her was reality or some horrid nightmare. For this little Pokemon wasn't so little like most of his species. Approximately, the Buizel could stand at a height of about seven or eight feet. Further more, this Buizel had physical characteristics not akin to its species. A spiny ridge ran down his back, and the fins on his arms had large bony protrusions at the elbows. As she studied its extraordinary features, she soon noticed that something was very wrong with the creature. Perhaps it was the shock of seeing it, but whatever it was could no longer distract the Nurse from seeing the numerous blood stains that coated patches of the Sea weasel's fur. The creature was severely injured, and so the Nurse proceeded into a diagnostic of the medical sort. The amazement of seeing this wonder of nature was still keen on Eloise Margaret, but fortunately, she was level-headed enough to understand the circumstances and their severity, and so she withheld all verbal reaction for now.

    Across the room and against the table, The young man named Huntre watched as Nurse Joy proceeded over to a wall alit with flashing lights and making beeping sounds. This was the room's control panel that would activate the diagnostic scanners. With the input of several button commands, the room's ceiling slid open, and several robotic arms descended down towards the Pokemon laying on the table. A low grunt could be heard as Huntre turned over to his friend's attention. Its body rose up and down, denoting heavy breathing. The creature grunted and sorely tried to move its limbs. It was clear it was not very comfortable with its situation.

    Huntre hurried over to the Buizel's head, and gently stroked its fur. If only he knew what it meant to smile and to reassure the Pokemon that it would be fine. Unfortunately, such a gesture was unknown to the young man, and so all he could do was stroke the creature's head and calmly tell it that it would be alright. The Buizel's large eyes opened to the best of their abilities. The pain it felt across his body hindered it from properly functioning. But still, the attempt at a gesture of kindness was not lost on the large animal. Its vision was blurred, but he could make out that the human that had saved him was there with him in that room. Both he and Huntre had been through a lot, and both were much too fatigued to make a fuss about it. So for now, a mutual understanding was made, and the two calmly allowed fate to deter what lay ahead for them from here on out.

    Outside the operating room, Huntre's lady friend sat impatiently. Her reconnaissance mission only irritated her, and how she had to observe all these children who she hypothesized were clearly not the type to cause any sort of trouble for them.

    She opted to go outside and continue her reconnaissance from there, but knew that she could not let anyone pass by her vigilance in an attempt to find the Nurse, who at this moment was taking care of a very special matter.

    As a whole, the evening was relatively calm and quiet, and in truth, no one knew of anything particularly special happening. Trainers sat around the Center, casually talking about things they considered in their favor. Inside the Operating room, a Pokemon was simply getting medical attention, never mind the fact that it was a Pokemon several size too large. By analysis, it was all in all still a peaceful evening. And so Fate was eager to shake things up.

    In the surrounding forest, shadows began to stir. Human shapes stealthily moved through the trees and the bushes, making the slightest of commotion. There were many of them, and they were all making their way to one point, to a small Pokemon Center in the middle of the woods.

    ooc: now this is where we really begin.
  14. Shiny Lyni

    Shiny Lyni 2016 Singles Football

    Chatter. Chatter. Chatter. Waaay too much talk. If the noise had died down a little, then perhaps Roden would've heard the nurse scream. But all he did was stare at the clock, counting as the minutes crept by. Sure, only five minutes at most had passed, though due to his immense boredom, and having particularly nothing to do here, each second felt like a year.

    "... my name is Chibi."

    Roden paused, unsure if he had heard that right. He looked around and saw two girls and a male person, most likely older than he was, standing around, talking to each other. The girls easily stood out from the crowd with their odd attire and looks, and it wasn't long before Roden could make out who they were talking to. Mind reeling, the boy thought over things his "sister" had told him about in the past. Friends she had made and met. People she knew. Surely this was the same Chibi? Then again, could be a coincidence.

    But then the older male mentioned something about a person named Cody and how he had heard about her from him. Most likely these two people mentioned were some of his "sister's" friends. Best to keep out of the conversations, lest he made a fool of himself.

    Roden looked back at the clock, and suddenly had a strange feeling creep over him. Something didn't seem right for some reason. The air seemed to have tensed up, though he saw the people around him were still calm and relaxed, acting as if nothing was happening. But a few months in his double-sided career had led him to trust no one and nothing except for his instincts. Eyes glancing at the door, Roden saw nothing too suspicious out there, but he kept alert. He remembered the time on the clock. Yes, the nurse probably was tending to a Pokemon right now, though he still felt unsafe for some reason. He reached for a Pokeball, then, after a bright flash of white light, a Pokemon appeared. One of his smaller ones, but one enough to bring a literally a chill across the room.

    "Ming, get out there now," Roden whispered to his Froslass, "and tell me anything that might creep me out." Because nothing creeps her out, he thought to himself as the Pokemon glided gracefully yet eerily out of the Center. Surely he was imagening things, but one couldn't be too careful.
  15. She noticed a scream, and took a glance at the front counter, but Nurse Joy had cupped her hands. She noted something weird about the duo at the front counter. She turned towards an open window, and while she looked at the night sky to use as an alibi, she quickly threw the needle she pulled out earlier into a tree trunk and the small orb attached to the end of needle burst into a silhouette of a Pokémon. The Pokémon popped out and grabbed the needle from the tree and gave it back to the girl.

    "Lass?" inquired the Pokémon.

    "Have a job for you sweety. Do some scouting of the entire Pokémon Center. Observe what ever you can, but don't get caught. If you find anything interesting, you know what to do," said the girl.

    "Lass," replied the Pokémon. The ghostly Froslass melted into the building's walls, doing what its trainer told it.

    The girl returned to her laptop and put away the needle. She pulled a bizarre hexagonal device out of her pack and plugged it into her laptop. She browsed through the files stored on the device and found the one she was looking for. She opened it up and began to read it.

    She noticed something strange about the surrounding area and then began to link to the Pokémon Center's connection. She opened up multiple menus and began something which one shouldn't do. Hack a security system. She had no choice but to access the comeras outside. She had a weird feeling that something weird was going to happen. Something weird.

    She reached into her pocket and grabbed two needles, almost identical to the first one she grabbed, but had different coloured orbs at the end. While she did this, the computer finished its job and gave the girl full access to the Center's security cameras. She began to observe what the cameras were picking up.
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  16. Chibi paused as a cold chill crept up her skin. That was weird. Pokemon Center's weren't meant to be cold. It felt as if something was watching her, and from the reaction of Elysia and Vyala, they felt it too. Chibi peered around, she had only felt that way around one thing: Ghost Pokemon. Her search was soon awarded with the isual of a Froslass, in front of a trainer, the boy spoke something to the Ice/Ghost pokemon, and the Froslass turned away wordlessly and exited the Center.

    That was enough to make an casual obserer suspicious.

    "Elysia," Chibi said quietly, "did you see that kid?" Vyala squirmed in her arms uncomfortably, looking around.

    "The kid with that weird pokemon? Yeah I saw him." Elysia seemed indifferent about the whole matter, she had never been to Sinnoh either, thus ignorant of the pokemon native there. She shrugged. "So he sends out his pokemon? Is that such a big deal?"

    "Yes, that is a very big deal." Chibi hissed, "and for futher references, that pokemon is a Froslass. A dual Ice and Ghost type, why do you think he sent out a Ghost pokemon, usually unwelcome in crowds, in the middle of a crowded Center and then it went outside?"

    Elysia shrugged. "Hell if I know, maybe the people didn't like it and he sent it outside."

    Chibi sighed, "No, if people didn't like it then he would have returned it to its pokeball. And it was only inside for no more than ten seconds, omly long enough for people to know that a Ghost pokemon was in here, he sent that pokemon out there to watch for something."

    "Oh c'mon, that's ridiculous!"

    "Oh really? Ghost pokemon are very senstive to hostility and other people. They can sense people hundreds of yards away from them. Something's wrong here." She knew Elysia was going say Chibi was being paranoid, but being paranoid had saved Chibi's ass numerous times, and being cautious was not a habit anyone wanted to drop. It could be the difference to how long your life was. Suddenly, Vyala began to growl softly in her arms, a split second later Discharge's deep rumble of a growl joined her, both glared at the doors leading outside.

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