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Open An adventure to remember (discussion)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by AssassinGallade, Jun 26, 2017.


Region name?

  1. Ablos Reigon

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  2. Ethax Region

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  3. Theji Region

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  4. Ostia Region

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  1. This is the discussion board for a future private RP I will be making once 9 other people have joined. Once there are 9 others then I will create the thread but it will be private to those who manage to join. : )

    So basically you will choose between 10 starter pokemon one per person, sorry if someone takes yours, but it will be first come first serve. Put Lemons in other if you see this!!! Also this is an entirely new region with gyms that I will decide the typing of.

    1.Ralts: @AssassinGallade
    6.Gastly: (No trade is needed for evolution after Haunter, let's just say he evolves at lvl. 45 ( : @StarBlitz
    9.Riolu: @The Exorciser
    10.Shinx @StarBlitz

    You'll have to fill out an application
    Region from:

    After that you'll basically be home free as long as you do 2 more things

    2. Make sure you did everything right ( :

    Gym 1: Leader Van, Female water type gym. 2 pokemon all lvl. 10 Seel and Surskit Hermitage town

    Gym 2: Leader Chrome Male steel type gym. 2 pokemon, all lvl. 15 Beldum and Magnemite Iron mountain town

    Gym 3: Leader Acelin Male, Ice type gym 2 pokemon all lvl. 25 Delibird and Glaceon Snowdownia City

    Gym 4: Leader Lycus Male, Dark type gym 3 pokemon all lvl. 30, Murkrow, Krokorok, Absol. Luna town

    Gym 5: Leader Aira Female Flying type gym 3 pokemon all lvl. 40, Pidgeotto, Fearow, Skarmory. New Gale city

    Gym 6: Leader Eccentrica Female, Electric type gym 4 pokemon. Raichu, Luxio, Flaffy, Manectric all lvl. 45. Shock point town @StarBlitz

    Gym 7: Leader Phyra Female Poison type gym 5 pokemon all lvl. 50. Nidoking, Nidoqueen, Ariados, Scolipide. Dimbury City

    Gym 8: Leader Maddigan Male Dragon type 6 pokemon all lvl. 60. Gabite, Zwelious, Dragonite,Kingdra, Goodra, Salamence. Knighton City

    : )
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  2. Name: Spike Gearson
    Appearance:Tall, black hair, hazel eyes, Silver sneakers, black hoodie, blue jeans, carries black parcel.
    Personality:Is a clan person unless you provoke him, is very protective, strong willed and likes to make friends.
    Other: : ) did you read?
    Region from:Kalos
  3. The Snom Prince

    The Snom Prince Previously The Exorciser

    Name: Junko Gearworks
    Gender: Female
    Age: 15
    Appearance: long brown hair with tan skin and brown clothing
    Personality: very happy and loves to battle and roughhouse
    Other: Yes I'm not that dumb
    Region from: Gear Region
    Starter: Riolu

    that good?
  4. The Snom Prince

    The Snom Prince Previously The Exorciser

    YAY for steampunk inspired people I would have used another thing but I think his past would be a bit to violent for this RP
  5. Can I be Gym Leader 6? And can I have two characters?
    Name: Kai Aliasto
    Gender: Male
    Age: Around 16, he trained for years with his mother's Pokemon.
    Appearance: He is extremely tall, around 6'11 and has fair hair. He wears a suit, as he used to be a Pokemon butler.
    Personality: Mysterious
    Other: I've done everything you've asked for. Also LEMONS.
    He has quite a few secrets, and he has tactics.
    Region from: Kalos
    Starter: Shinx, with the moves Spark, Baby Doll Eyes, Tackle and Leer. It is almost about to evolve, but Kai despises battling so it won't happen soon.
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  6. 2 characters yes
    Gym leader yes
  7. I'll make the bio for the gym leader here then. Do I pick another starter or my own for the second character?
    Name: Eccentrica Lueur
    Gender: Female
    Age: 20?
    Appearance: She has long fair hair that is wild and stuck up. She wears a grey dress that is customized to have the appearance of Manectric embroidered on it and black trousers.
    Personality: Outgoing and conceited
    Raichu (Thunderbolt, Electric Terrain, Protect and Volt Switch)
    Luxio (Crunch, Thunder Fang, Thunderbolt and Bite)
    Flaaffy (Thunderbolt, Thunder Wave, Discharge and Cotton Guard)
    Manectric (Wild Charge, Thunderbolt, Swift and Protect) Ace
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  8. Her starter was an Electrike
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  9. I edited it.
    For my second character do I choose one of your starters or my own?
  10. One of the starters on the list pls ( :
  11. Name: Jason Kingwell
    Gender: Male
    Age: 14
    Appearance: He has thick black hair and cold, green eyes. He wears a tailcoat and suit pants.
    Personality: Cold and heartless
    Region from: Alola
    Starter: Gastly

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