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Private/Closed Amicca Region Discussion

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Crunchy-Cucumber, Mar 10, 2017.

  1. A decently sized, not extremely complicated Role-play in a fan created region that will be developed as we go, because making a region before hand is exhausting, not to mention it constrains plots too.

    As such, gyms and towns and routes will all be made and named on the spot and as they are needed, both for creative fluidity and so that they can be used to drive the plot onwards!
    -Basic Pokecharms Rules
    -No legendaries or mythical
    -No Mega's unless it is NPC (Gym Leader, Enemy, or Elite Four)
    -No Z-moves unless it is NPC
    -I want this to be a more mature role-play so have at it with cussing but not overboard.
    -Let's cut back on as much gore as we can, but aiming for realism so... blood and stuff from slashes and whatnot.
    -Seriously, realistic as you can (by that I mean obey Pokemon game rules too as much as you can manage)
    -There is a set number of people I want in this thing, if you need to leave just say so, that way we can welcome new members when we feel the plot slows down enough for someone to join.
    -No Event Pokemon, items, or moves
    -At least 4 sentences of decent length (including dialogue) in every post, only use a one liner if necessary, like in a battle where it needs to be fast paced because anything too long makes the battle feel slow, anticlimactic, and eventually one player controls it too much. (But because of that, try to make player vs player battles as short as possible, NPC battles try to fit into a single post)
    -That's about it.
    Other things to note:
    Starters for this region will be from gen 1-7, and all/any pokemon from gens 1-7 can be found in the wild.
    You can role-play as a starter in a lab, waiting for a trainer (NPC or someone who is a trainer) Keep in mind there are only three slots, we don't have some strange surplus this year.
    Pokemon can vary in coloration/physical appearance slightly.
    Max team count, like usual, is 6 for trainers.
    Since I want this to start out from getting a starter up to elite four (hopefully who knows), I want three trainers max and three Pokemon role-player's, that away hypothetically we have everyone paired up.
    Slots Open/Taken:
    Trainer 1: @silenttreecko
    Trainer 2: @I Never
    Trainer 3: @Eevee E
    Pokemon 1: @CrunchyCucumber
    Pokemon 2: @Sky5372
    Pokemon 3: @SpeedySerperior


    Birth Region:
    Roleplay Sample: (NOT OPTIONAL)


    Roleplay Sample: (NOT OPTIONAL)
    Name: none
    Gender: Female
    Species: Umbreon
    Level+Age: Lvl. 2, 16 years about
    Appearance: Quite average, other than a bit more fur on her tail and wrists/ankles. Her neck is fluffy, with the fur on the back of her neck being curly and wavy, shining with a little bit of gold that only shows up in the light. She has two curly fly away strands of fur (kinda like hair) framing her face, and a bit more of the longer, wavy fur on her head is swept to the right side of the face nearly falling into her eye. So other than the longer fur, and her paler yellow markings (More of a pastel yellow color) and her hazel eyes instead of red, she is average for an Umbreon. I mean, she looks like an Umbreon... (it's not like I made her a red ringed demon Umbreon who do you think I am?)

    Personality: She is very introverted as a base, but in a comfortable situation she is very extroverted, always willing to tell stories or share ideas or just talk. However, being primarily introvert, she hates stepping out of her comfort zone, and sometimes likes to be quite and observe. She values solitary time to herself a lot, and she hardly displays any emotion, or feel any. This isn't bad, she is in a constant state of content, and her primary emotion usually is very optimistic, she actually does feel happy and smile a lot, but she is pretty content with everything around her. Hate, anger, sadness, emotions like that are nearly null to her, and require a very powerful trigger to activate but lord have mercy if she snaps.

    Moveset: Pursuit, Tackle, Tail Whip, Helping Hand
    Bio: Simple really, she was born near the safety of Potter Town, where nothing more than level 3 Pokemon, occasionally level 4, Pokemon roam, and the Pokemon Professor made sure no one mistreated a single 'mon in the area. As a level 1 Eevee, life was as great as could be, and since children in Potter Town play with the wild Pokemon so often, she made some good friends. Thanks to her rather open nature, whilst mock battling she ended up leveling up and evolving. She is still very friendly and open with everyone near, although she has become a bit more reserved, but she was always the calm one.
    Here's how the plot starts:

    You are, well age doesn't matter, but Amicca has the tradition of randomly choosing three young children each year from every school in the region to receive a starter. Now this is a big deal for a town as removed as Potter Town, where you journey hopefully began. If you are reading this and already have a Pokemon to call your own, well congratulations! Now, you are reading this letter because your school: Potter Town Pokemon Academy, is once again going to give out three starters to three lucky students. it proceeds like this:
    1) A simple test of the basics of being a Trainer and caring for you team! We know this is something you should know regardless, but as of right now we only want those who are capable of the responsibility to be eligible. Top ten students will be chosen.
    2) Students are given a basic Pokemon to do a simple battle, this is again to see that you know the basics so you and your new partner won't be hurt. Followed up we will require that you catch one Pokemon. Students will be given one Pokeball each, and catching is not guaranteed. Only students who bring back caught Pokemon will move on to the final step. (All caught Pokemon will be released and cannot be put on student's team.)
    3) Remaining students will be lined up, and the starters will pick their trainers. It is not guaranteed you will be chosen, but those lucky few who are will have strong bonds indeed.
    4) Those chosen will be given their own Region provided Pokedex, a Town Map, and a starter package of Pokeballs and Potions.

    Good luck to all this year, and remember, don't be a sore loser! There is always next year!

    Ok now seriously just post your application here and once we have at least two trainers we'll start.
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  2. Trainer

    Name: Nathan
    Gender: Male
    Age: 14
    Appearance: white hair with green eyes and shirt and pants are black and white. Has a white glove on his right hand.
    Personality: outgoing and tries to cheer people up.
    Birth Region: Johto

    RolePlay Sample: As Nathan had heard the news about the picking for the three starters he grew excited. When he read the what would happen he soon thought that he wasn't going to get a starter. As he started to think of how he wasn't going to be able to do it, he started to wonder what would be the starters. As he was thinking he had a huge grin and was thinking of the only starter he wanted, chikorita. As he was thinking about it he accidentally shouted "I am going to be one of the three to get a starter." As he said that everyone looked at him and he than sat down, with his face burning red from embarrassment.
  3. Would it be ok if I use the rp sample into the rp, but add more detail into it?
  4. @Sky5372 Man, you're like a shadow, do i even need to say the words for you?
  5. @CrunchyCucumber Well, that's up to you. And, well, I join this stuff because I know it'll be good
  6. Yeah, you might want to edit that first bit into the description at the top. And honestly, I don't think anything would be interesting without me.
  7. Name: Sarah Young
    Gender: Female
    Age: 16
    Appearance: Sarah has long, curly blonde hair and blue eyes. She has glasses, but she doesn't really need them; she just wants to look smarter. Sarah wears a gray tank top and black jeans, with her hoodie wrapped around her waist. Sarah is pretty tall, standing at a height of 5'11".
    Personality: Sarah is an introvert; she doesn't really like to interact with other people and is very shy. Even though she is introverted, when she's around her friends she acts the exact opposite. She is knowledgeable about Pokemon, and likes to help others.
    Birth Region: Alola
    Roleplay Sample: It was finally time, Sarah had gathered enough money to go to the place she had always dreamed of, the Amicca region. Professor Kukui had recommended the region for her, so that she could enhance her knowledge on Pokemon. Sarah went to buy her ticket at the stand and waited at the harbor for the boat to arrive. After a few hours, the boat finally arrived, and as soon as Sarah was about to enter the boat, Professor Kukui came rushing at her. "Uh, professor, what are you doing?" Sarah asked, pretty shocked. Professor Kukui catched his breath, and told Sarah, "I'm sorry, but I'd forgot to give you this before you left." Professor Kukui handed her an egg. "Woah!" Sarah exclaimed as she was handed the egg, but then Sarah remembered the boat, "Uh, sorry professor, see you when I get back!" Now Sarah was on the boat heading to the Amicca, only the future knows what will be heading her way.
  8. @I Never Accepted, oh hey all the trainer spots were filled, would you look at that :D
  9. Wait, WHAT? I totally missed the Pokémon spots, and only read the rules. Please can you save me a pkmn spot, and delete me from the trainer spot. I RP much better as a Pokémon, and have more fun doing it, but I gtg and don't have time to make one. Bye
  10. Facepalms* Sky you little air headed derpy friendo of mine.
  11. Yeah, I love you too. Now bye
  12. TheStargazer

    TheStargazer Previously LunaLuma

    Name: If Snivy get's a nickname from it's trainer then thats its name
    Gender: Snivy is a Male
    Species: Snivy is a... well... Snivy
    Level+Age: Snivy is Level 10
    Appearance: Just an odinary Snivy with Purple eyes and The end of it's tail is a bit purple. It is unknown why Snivy has these marks
    Personality: Snivy is a bit shy. It is okay around a trainer it considers worthy though. Snivy is loyal and honest and hates it when people abuse it's trust. Snivy likes doing things himself and hates when people boss him around.
    Moveset: Snivy's moveset is Tackle, Leer, Vine Whip and Twister. (When Twister is used, it's tail glows purple, Snivy has twister as it is a egg move)
    Bio* It is unknown where Snivy was born. When it was young, it had a fight and lost and had been badly poisoned. Snivy was placed in a basket at the front of the Pokemon Center and then was healed and taken to the lab. Trainers have wanted it but Snivy has never found what he considers 'the perfect trainer' The professor wants Snivy out of the Lab and Snivy knows he has a plan on how to but he doesn't know the plan.
    Roleplay Sample: Snivy looked deeply into the eyes of the trainer who asked for him. Snivy didn't like the look of this trainer at all and the trainer was too loud. Snivy quickly ran up the stairs and used Vinewhip to elevate himself to a hidden hole in the roof. It was Snivy's favourite spot in the lab. Snivy wanted to get out of the lab but he still had hope he would find the perfect trainer
  13. Darn, I was hoping there would still be a Pokemon spot. As much as I'd love to just try and compete with the above person, I'm not an ass.

    Name: Preston "Pres" Allen
    Gender: Male
    Age: 16
    Appearance: Preston stands at about 6'0". He is a tad bit on the skinny side, and has blue eyes. He has a chocolate-brown skin complexion, with short, curly jet-black hair. He wears a black t-shirt with a white track jacket and dark blue jeans. Pres has black and green sneakers.
    Personality: Preston is lazy, but he's pretty open and friendly. He's always glad to get along with new people. He absolutely loves Pokemon. Preston is also a very accepting person, and never judges people before getting to truly know them. The only exception to this would be snobbish rich people.
    Birth Region: Johto, Goldenrod City
    Team: N/A, (But I plan to eventually have an Infernape.)
    Bio: Preston was born and raised in Goldenrod to a poor lower-class family. However, eventually, his parents were able to scrape enough money together for Preston to be able to move to a school in the Amicca Region, where he went to school. While there, he grew close with Dark-Type Pokemon there, and became fond of the type.
    Roleplay Sample: "Now, Chimchar, use Flame Wheel!" Preston called out. He watched as his Pokemon did as he said, and used a Flame Wheel attack directed at the Aron in front of them. The attack hit dead on, and knocked the Steel/Rock type back a few inches. Unfortunately, it didn't have the effect Preston intended it to have. He swore under his breath, before the Chimchar returned. "Tackle, Aron!" The other trainer called. "Dodge, and counter with Ember!" Chimchar successfully countered the Aron, and used an Ember attack. Luckily, this time, the fire attack had the ffect Preston intended it to, leaving the Pokemon with a burn. The Aron used a Rock Tomb attack. It hit Chimchar head on, and it looked like it did a lot of damage. "Alright, it's all or nothing, Chimchar! Use Flame Wheel!" [END]

    Is this good?
  14. Yay! I suppose we could open more spots if necessary, but until then this should be pretty good :)

    Name: Zailia
    Gender: F
    Species: Zorua
    Level+Age: Lvl:25 Age: 15
    Appearance: A Zorua with a shiny coloration
    Personality: Very wary of trainers, has tried to evade capture all her life
    Moveset: Shadow Ball, Dark pulse, Fake Tears, Feint attack
    Bio*Optional None, but may be revealed in the RP
    Other*Optional None
    Roleplay Sample: -_-
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  15. Haha, now get in the role play already, Sky!
  16. Yeah, I'm on it. Gimmie a sec

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