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Private/Closed Alola Journey Role Play

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by MarshmallowCloud, Jul 24, 2020.

  1. MarshmallowCloud

    MarshmallowCloud Previously PrimarinaHatterne

    Discussion: https://pokecharms.com/threads/alola-journey-role-play-discussion.22843/#post-870678

    A delicate breeze tickled the rear of Willow’s exposed neck, her strawberry brown hair divided accurately into identical braided buns. Salty ocean aromas were a passenger to the current, the fragrance embracing each pedestrian in a alleviating veil, stresses and doubts disintegrating to mere cinders in the wind. However, the therapeutic scents couldn’t cure the anxiety gnawing at Willow’s stomach today. She nudged ebony-framed prescription glasses onto the bridge of her nose with a trembling finger. Her unzipped black hoodie draped over her hands and billowed at the middle of her thighs, and, although conspicuous when considering common Alolan attire, worked wonders thawing her naturally brisk exterior. Willow partially obscured her face with her sleeves as she ventured through Hau’oli City. Three beginning trainers were scheduled to obtain Pokémon from Professor Kukui today, her being one of them.

    This wasn’t as huge an issue as Willow made it out to be. Doubts were fleeting, though consistent, never ceasing to clog her thoughts. She hadn’t ever particularly been the assertive type, so what would happen if the perfect Pokémon was taken before she could meet it? What if she had met it, they shared a connection, but an eager rookie scrambled to steal it from her? Most importantly, was it possible that neither the Pokémon nor Willow were attracted to each other? Desperate for conclusions, Willow sped up, then accidentally knocked into someone. Luckily, her glasses didn’t shatter, yet she had no idea who it was. “I- I’m so sorry! I c-can’t see right now, I’ll help you when I find my glasses!”
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  2. Sarah had just gotten off the boat and was amazed by the beauty of Aola. She was glad to be there with her best friend Umbre, her eevee. With the view of the island, she was glad to have taken the time to come to this region. On her head was a large hat that shielded her pale skin to burn, so she was very careful not lose her hat.

    It was shaping up to be a great day for the coordinator and trainer. That was until she was bumped into and caused her hat to have fallen off. Turning to the person who bumped into her, she was met with a girl a couple years younger then she was, and seemed to be a bit clumsy. "It is ok hun. Here let me get those for you. I know what it is like. My sister would be lost without her glasses as well." Sarah crouched down and found the girls glasses. Umbre meanwhile found Sarah's sunhat and brought it back to here. Taking the hat, she placed back onto her head and then held the glasses out for the girl to take. "Here you go. The name's Sarah by the way."
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  3. MarshmallowCloud

    MarshmallowCloud Previously PrimarinaHatterne

    Willow’s vision was impaired indefinitely by the loss of her glasses, yet, thankfully, the skin-toned and black blur in front of her were remotely distinguishable. She secured them on her face, blinked a couple times, and everything was clear again. “T-Thank you... I’m Willow! Nice to meet you.”

    Her voice trickled, whispery and sweet, from her throat, and she offered a tiny smile. Navy eyes shining, she twitched her hand out into a handshake, then recoiled. “I should probably be going now,” she affirmed. The ebony fabric of her jacket brushed against Sarah’s arm. Abruptly, she halted. “Wait- um, if you don’t mind, could you help me out?”

    Willow had been struck with the realization that Professor Kukui’s lab was surrounded by tall grass, and that she didn’t have a Pokémon. Her eyes traveled to the Eevee.
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  4. Arabelle yawned stretched her cocoa hands above her. She let the breeze blow over her arms before bringing them down and hopped off the step in front of her house. Around her waist sat a belt with a singular Pokeball on it. Belle took it off and pressed the button on it to release the Pichu in it. He quickly scampered into Belle's arms when she crouched down to get him. He climbed up to her shoulder and perched himself there.

    Belle started on her way, ready to start her Pokemon journey. She hoped to run into other trainers at Professor Kukui's Lab that she could travel with. She was so busy putting her hair up that she didn't notice she had walked into someone else's conversation until it was too late. When she looked up she was right in between a girl that looked about her age and another who looked slightly older. She blinked in surprise and then smiled sheepishly.

    "Oh my! I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to interrupt!" she apologized, her voice unnecessarily loud.
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  5. Hannibal was already at the lab, He was tossing a empty pokéball in the air. Hannibal quite bored decided to go into the tall grass to look around at the Pokemon when is saw a group of three trainers. "Are they lost?" He thought to himself, Hannibal rolled up his sleeves of his sweater and walked toward the crowd.

    Hannibal was wary on walking up to them, He is not shy but being around a group of three girls does make him anxious "Hey, Are you three lost?" He said to the three girls
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  6. MarshmallowCloud

    MarshmallowCloud Previously PrimarinaHatterne

    “I- I’m not, I just need some help getting through the tall grass to the lab. I’m not sure about these two,” Willow responded. She typically wasn’t the first to answer to anyone, not to mention a complete stranger, but that only accented her need for a Pokémon.

    Wingull rang out with lilting chirps above her, rendering her more nervous than ever. Any one of those Pokémon could attack at any given moment.

    Suddenly, three oddly-dressed, scowling teenage punks called out behind their leader. “Hey, kids! You got Pokémon?”

    The ringleader was tall and stocky, flaunting broad shoulders and a form-fitting black skull tank top, as well as tattered jean shorts and a silver skull chain. Each other had dyed pink or blue hair, respectively, divided into males and females, the uniforms resembling their leaders. Willow was agape, eyes frantically scouring her group.
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  7. Belle glanced at the oddly dressed group of people. She narrowed her eyes for a moment. Her Pichu shrank downwards to try and hide. "Who are you people? What do you want? Cause you surely aren't getting our pokemon. If you think bullying us will work, you're wrong." She turned to the group of trainers and looked at them for a moment.

    "I think we may have a problem with this group of Pirate Nobody's over here. Does everyone here have a pokemon to keep them safe?" she asked and looked at Willow. After hearing what she just said about needing help through the grass, Belle had a hunch that the Mint Eyed Girl didn't have any Pokemon.
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  8. Sarah was about to respond when others had entered the conversation. Umbre looked like she wanted to play with the girl as she was about to jump up near her. Looking towards the group of oddly dressed people, Sarah frowned and situated herself between the girl without any pokemon. "Yeah no one is going to take Umbre from me. Even if I have to fight you myself. Besides what are you some wannabe losers who could not make it to the convention for dorks and bullies?" When Sarah spoke she walked a bit more forward into the grass. It seemed that the grass did not bother her as she would rather battle with the three then with wild pokemon.
  9. Hannibal really didn't want to get into a unnecessary fight, He let out a sigh. He sent out his partner Pichu, Eliza immediately jumped on Hannibal's shoulder and analyzed the new faces around her. Eliza especially didn't like the three people in front of her that looks like a clown show.

    "Hey, how about we don't start any fights here. Maybe were all letting the sun's heat get the better of us? Let's just forget all of this and go our separate ways"

    Hannibal was trying to break this situation quickly because things could get very ugly real soon, Eliza however was ready to fight.
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  10. MarshmallowCloud

    MarshmallowCloud Previously PrimarinaHatterne

    The situation appeared bleak at the moment, true, but Willow hadn’t broken down yet, and that was at least something. Her eyes darted from Pokémon to Pokémon, an Eevee and two Pichu. She edged towards the sidelines of the group, hoping they wouldn’t notice she was slipping away while they were focused on the impending battle.

    “Alright, you’re askin’ for it! Salandit, Drowzee, Dewpider, come on out and fight these nerds!” their leader challenged. From the letter most Poké Ball emerged a slithering, charcoal lizard Pokémon, with a bandit’s mask over its face. Sharp violet eyes peeked out from under it. From the center, a short, bipedal yellow and black elephant with a dazed look on its face, and lastly, an arachnid covering its face with a water bubble. “Alright, everyone! Get ready! Dewpider, start us off with Infestation! Salandit, Scratch, and Drowzee, Pound!”
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  11. Sarah rolled her eyes at the way the group started. She also noticed how the girl she was talking to was getting away. That was a good thing. She did not want them to hurt her in some way. Looking towards the pokemon brought into battle she knew that she had to get them apart. Umbre use quick attack and follow it up with Sand attack"

    Umbre moved quivkly forward going from spot to spot faster then one can see at times. She got very close to the Drowzee, and then shot sand up into the eyes of the psychic type. "Now use iron tail!" From close range Umbre's tail shined like metal, and then shot out and aimed to hit the drowzee in the stomach hoping to send them flying away from the others.
  12. MarshmallowCloud

    MarshmallowCloud Previously PrimarinaHatterne

    Drowzee’s potbelly was bruised by the hefty Steel-Type attack, yet Dewpider was no empty threat. He chirped periodically, in spurts, summoning miniature insects presumably from the ground itself. These bugs scattered themselves out, surged in a wall towards the opposing team, while Salandit deftly maneuvered behind them.

    Meanwhile, Willow had successfully fled the brawl and was tearing though the grass she had once been terrified of without a second thought. Well, she was definitely scared, you could tell by the tears welling in her eyes, but she pulled through nonetheless. Once she was out of earshot, she screamed. “Professor Kukui? Hello? We need help!”

    Instead of a professor who came to the rescue, three Pokémon wiggled out in front of her. One was an energetic, determined Popplio, one a sleek, fancy Rowlet, and the last a sassy Litten. Willow didn’t even question it at this point. “Alright, guys, this is what we need you to do.”
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  13. Eliza didn't even need to be told what to do, She jumped up and used thunder shock on Dewpider, hitting threw the wall with a direct hit on him. Hannibal did deep breath and analyzed the situation.

    "If i could lower their defenses then maybe Eevee could pack more of a punch!" He thought. He pointed at both of the Pokémon. "Tail whip!" He shouted, Eliza perked up her ears and darted around the Drowzee and Dewpider tickling them with her tail.
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  14. MarshmallowCloud

    MarshmallowCloud Previously PrimarinaHatterne

    Dewpider snorted, laughing because of the feeling, but apparently Eliza had forgotten that Drowzee’s stomach was numb from Umbre’s previous attack. When she attempted to weaken his defense’s, he snorted, clamping his two-fingered hands around her tail. “Salandit. While our friend is suspended, spray her teammates with Poison Gas. Drowzee, Confusion while she’s close. And Dewpider... pull yourself together.”

    Salandit dropped her jaw, toxic gasses foaming around her fangs. The billowing fog overtook the opposing team. And while this was going on, Drowzee pressed his head to Eliza’s, doubting she could wriggle free from his psychic pulse.


    “Some thugs over there tried to hurt these people and me, and steal their Pokémon. We need your help to save them!” Willow revealed. Litten hissed, fur bristling at the mere thought, Popplio growled, and Rowlet was already fluttering his wings. “Then let’s go!” She plastered a false determined expression across her features.

    “Popplio, stay near me. Litten, Rowlet, go help out right away, please!”
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  15. Umbre was quick on her feet, well more her tail then anything. She used iron tail to basically launch herself over the drowzee and the poison gas. "Great job Umbre, now use rain dance!" Umbre started to dance around, which caused a bit of rain to fall in one spot, and that was on the salandit, effectively clearing out the gas in one swoop.

    "Now use dig." Umbre tore into the ground, and disappeared from site. She was underneath the ground waiting for the right moment. Which was to come up from the ground right under the poison type. When she was in the air with them, Umbre used iron tail to bat them back to the ground.
  16. MarshmallowCloud

    MarshmallowCloud Previously PrimarinaHatterne

    Willow, cerulean seal clutched to her chest and Litten at her ankle, Rowlet in the air, arrived at the scene once again. She glanced in turn at each of the three. “I don’t know your moves, but I’m going to have to trust you. Do your stuff!”

    Litten released reddish, fiery spores from her mouth, washing Drowzee with them while being careful to avoid Umbre. Rowlet unleashed a Leafage attack, green orbs materializing onto Dewpider, and Popplio shot a bullet of water straight from Willow’s arms at Salandit.
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  17. Hannibal thought hard for his next action, With one quick thought he slammed his fist on him hand. "Eliza!, Now that he is close release a powerful thunder shock!"

    Eliza used a significant amount of power to blast it straight into Drowzee dome, So much power to make her fly back into Dewpider where she did another thunder shock draining the rest of her power
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  18. Belle snapped out of her trance. She quickly lowered Pina Colada to the ground. He scampered into the battle and stood there, awaiting her command. She surveyed the battle, thinking about how she could help the most. "Alright! Pina Colada use Thundershock on that Salandit! Popplio watch out!"

    Pina Colada ran over and put his tail in the water stream that Popplio shot at the Salandit. This plus the added Rain Dance made Pina Colada's Thundershock a lot stronger than normal. Belle watched and hoped that the Electricity would stay confined to that small area, she hadn't really thought it through before she gave the command and now it was to late. She hoped she hadn't doomed them all to be electrified.
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  19. MarshmallowCloud

    MarshmallowCloud Previously PrimarinaHatterne

    Pina Colada’s electricity cast a flash of blinding white that temporarily obscured everyone’s vision. Once the initial shock was gone, yellow flickers dancing inside raindrops were revealed to the group, the liability of the orbs clear. Litten and Rowlet were lucky enough to escape. Each sparked droplet connected with either Pokémon or the ground, except for a single one.

    Willow’s brain jolted immediately, registering the shriek from herself and Popplio. Lightning pierced every limb on her body. It was relentless, the suffering, so much that she couldn’t recognize the terrified, receding steps from the gang. She crumpled to the ground, incapable of speech. Darkness consumed her. A faint pulse resonated within her veins, barely enough to keep her alive. And then, even when she wasn’t conscious, a luxurious blue sky taunted her.
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  20. Hannibal picked up Eliza who was recharged a bit after being struck with the shock. Hannibal then loomed over Willow, He began to pick Willow up staggering a bit when he did because he hadn't held something as heavy as a human in while. He began to go inside of the tall grass, "Can you girls hold off those bozos if they have anymore Pokémon?" He said as he fully went into the tall grass

    Hannibal began the trek to the professor's lab, Making Eliza attack any wild pokemon if they could hostile towards them. The heat didn't help much either, Hannibal felt as if the sun was shining directly on him, Willow was not too heavy but heavy enough to make the walk difficult. But eventually they made to the lab, "Professor! I really need help here!" He panted
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  21. MarshmallowCloud

    MarshmallowCloud Previously PrimarinaHatterne

    Professor Kukui was nowhere to be seen, even after the shouting. Instead, a tall, pale girl with a faint tan opened the door, a floppy white sun hat on her head that matched the color of her short, frilly dress. “Hello? I- My name is Lillie. Oh, Arceus!” she exclaimed at the limp girl Hannibal was carrying. Her face went a little whiter. “Come right in, please!”

    Lillie’s peridot eyes flickered anxiously. “You should take her to Nurse Joy! I know she specializes in Pokémon, but she may be able to help you find a real hospital... if that’s okay with her... Professor Kukui is out in Ula’Ula, you’ll have to wait for him later...”
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