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Alex’s Journey (Character Info)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Powkid2211, Mar 3, 2020.

  1. Here you can post info on your character in the Pokemon chat Alex’s adventure. I have already included info in the roleplay. You may also ask questions and discuss things about the rp.
  2. Could you give us more details on the region that everyone is, that way we can do more with our posts. What are the names of the towns and major places that are notable?
  3. Sunchima City-Water Gym- Gym Leader Lorrence- Alex’s Birthplace
    Blossoma Town-Grass Gym-Gym Leader Meridith
    Embyro City-Fire Gym-Gym Leader Seth
    Currentos Town-Electric Gym-Gym Leader Luke
    Terrarion Town-Ground Gym-Gym Leader Bullock
    Varron Town-Flying Gym-Gym Leader Ace- Harry's Birthplace

    Ones so far... More to come.

    The Lunica region is not so different from the Alola region in the sense that is is sunny and lots of water. The Lunica region is well known for its vast production of Pokemon berries, puffs and other edibles. There is lots of open space and rural areas great for farming. The Lunica region has a president of sorts named Albaza but he is a old and kind. The Lunica professor is professor Ebony.

    There is a party that runs against Albaza and that is team Scythe. They have forced fear among the land by stealing crops and Pokemon. A lot of people in the Lunica region don’t become adventurous trainers but stay in their own town with two or three Pokemon. There are only two cities in the Lunica region which are Sunchima and Embyro (Embyro is where Albaza resides.) Lunica doesn’t currently have a Pokemon league but people are free to challenge gyms and get badges.

    The national Pokemon is Scyther as it often helps farm the fields and it has done this for hundreds of years.
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