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Ask to Join Aincrad Negative(Reboot)

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by JacobRaze, Jan 28, 2018.

  1. The boy looked into his mirror as his face changed into the red haired boy he saw when he woke up. The mirror had changed his avatar to his real face, as it did everyone else.

    He sat, the man who had said they were gonna die was now gone, and he was panicking. Aincrad was a dangerous place and he had to survive, but one wrong move meant death. He heard people in anger, in sadness, yelling for a solution that was easier than all of this, but they all knew, it was over. Game over.

    "No." He muttered, getting up and heading towards the exit. "If I don't save the people, and they refuse to save themselves, who will?"
  2. Sue was one if those people who cowering in the corner when the announcement hit in. Sue was really happy when she got her hand on the game, but what started as a simple procastination now ended up being... her new life??

    Noo.... Give me back my cat Sue, give me back Erika, give me back mom and dad, give me back Professor Kino the Student Killer. It's not even a day yet and Sue, no, Nagisa, had already missed her life. But then she realized that doing nothing but regretting what happened would just made her life more miserable than it already is.

    He said, 100 floor. Only 100 floor! She could do this! She encourage herself to slowly walked out of the crowd. Some of them were angry, some of them crying. It was normal though, theywe had been unfairly robbed of our life. Realizing this, Sue was fueled by anger. I will defeat all floors and then kill that bastard!
  3. Tyler, with sword and shield, was going to try to defeat some enemies, at lease enough to level up a bit. Few people were in the fields, most probably still too scared. He approached a small group of boars, 3 or 4 doing the mob basic easting grass animation. His sword flashed a light blue as he began to fight.
  4. His hands, these were his hands, not some digital rip off of the human anatomy. He ran hesitant fingers over his face, the mirror in his hand increasingly shaking as the situation dawned on him. Suddenly, the shaking stopped, and he got up and left, leaving behind some of the many shards of glass strewn across the plaza floor.
    "I'm in a game, doesn't matter that it can kill me, it's still a game, and as such, I can still use the same systems to my advantage", Grant muttered to himself as he walked out towards the fields, checking through his menu.

    "Yep, as suspected, everything is still like an MMORPG except that you can actually die, my skills and stats are still here. Eh... time is of the essence, what to do, what to do?"

    Grant closed his menu and looked around to see only a few people engaging the local fauna. "These people probably know their way around an MMO, perhaps a few of them simply have a hero complex or are simply idiots. No matter, for now they are just competition, yes, early game is all about increasing your own level and power, so that come the time when guilds start dominating, you could either join one or lead one. Or of course, you could go solo, but in a death game numbers are probably likely advantageous. So, got to focus on myself for now..."

    Pulling out his beginner rapier, Grant lunged out at a unsuspecting lone boar, connecting on it's flank and dealing decent damage. "I reckon that I should get a bit stronger, just maybe a level or two, before moving out to better hunting grounds. Due to the massive amounts of players in the starting city, it would be much more advantageous as these fields will eventually be overrun. Only reason to level up here is to guarentee safety while traveling."

    Grant lunged out once more at the now charging boar, piercing its neck, causing it to burst into almost digital shards that disappeared as quickly as they came into existence. A screen notified him of his victory and his meager earnings, some exp and loot, which he selected to collect all, instantaneously entering his inventory. "Only a couple more till the next level up, let's go!"

    Looking for his next target, his eyes caught hold of a red haired guy facing off against a small group of boars. "Idiot, taking four on by yourself can be risky on a low level even if your opponents were relatively weak. Too many people die in non-death MMOs early on due to the over expectations of their abilities" Grant muttered, "Welp, might as well go and help him, no harm in creating connections early on."

    Rushing towards the now hostile boars facing away from him, he ran his sword across the flank of his closest target, causing the boar to shriek and change its orientation. "Sorry about stealing your prey, just couldn't help but think you might have bitten off a bit more than you should do alone early on." Grant said while he made a small jab on the adjacent boar's hind leg.

    "No need to be a hero, that's for sure."
  5. It's only a boar. Sue raised her Katana and swung it at the boar's neck. Right before her katana reached the boar though, she activated her skill 'Quick Strike'. Time seemed to stop for Sue as she cut the boar, pulled her katana and attack the boar in the same place twice more in a very quick succesion that it seemed as the attacks was launched at the same time.

    She panted heavily after using the skill, but a grin could be seen on her lips. Each time she cut a boar, she imagined the boar as the hooded figure who started this all, damn. She would kill him for sure, even if he was already protected behind the prison bars in the real world by now. She continued to kill boars one by one while practicing her two skills.
  6. After the announcement had been made by the hooded man, RR came to his senses in the field. He... Wasn't quite sure exactly how he got there. Did something happen? RR stood up, looked around, and began walking and thinking. He thought back, when he was in the square. The hooded man had declared SAO... A death game? I must have panicked and ran out here. Roadrunner thought. But why couldn't he remember doing that? RR focused his thoughts. This was a game, just a game. C'mon, you beat the Tower of Druaga, that's pretty similar. Then again, the Tower of Druaga was in an arcade machine and he had died many, many times. But this will be different. And where was Clayton? RR looked around for his cousin, but couldn't see him.
    Suddenly, something hit him from behind. RR turned to see a small group of wolf enemies, one of which had just attacked him. With his spear, Roadrunner could have taken one, maybe two. But this group was five.
    "Nope." RR said, turning and running away. When he first spawned in and got his abilities, Roadrunner was disappointed. He had hoped for a cool attacking ability or some thing. But now, he was very glad of these abilities. "Nope nope nope nope nope."
  7. "Y-Yeah. You're right!" He ended the boar he began fighting with a strike with his shield from behind. "I guess I'm trying to let off anger. I-Im no hero." He said, readying his shield as he charged forward, knocking another boar off it's feet and slashing.
  8. "That shield bash of yours is a nice beginning combo", Grant commented as his rapier successfully connected with the head of the adjacent boar, causing the beast to fade from existence.

    "I suppose there's nothing wrong with wanting to be a hero as it's a video game and all", Grant said as he used his Subtle Parry skill on an incoming boar's tusk, allowing him enough room to dodge to his right," However, you can't underestimate anything in this game no matter how harmless it seems, doing so can lead to your death."

    The other guy seemed to have subdued his boar, leaving the one that he just dodged and another getting ready to lash out. "My names Regius, well at least my IGN is Regius, what's yours?"
  9. Dylan was not shock, scared, happy, sad, annoyed, anything... for once in his life he felt alone, in a world of player all around, already dropped by 200 people, dead from a cause that wasn't even their fault! Dylan ran, faster and faster out from where the "game master" was. He kept running till he saw monsters, these boars, merely an wall, an opponent. He pulled out his shield and charged at one boar. He knocked it over and then stabbed it, until all that was left were pixels that flew in the air. The other boars heard the death of the boar and charged in a pattern. He used his sword and shield and started to fight, he sliced one boar, the 2nd boar was blocked by the shield and the 3rd boar hit him in the back. It got Dylan good, but then he swung around and stabbed it, leaving the sword in the stomach, leaving the boar to die. The 2nd boar charged with the 1st, he swung his shield and hit the first one but the 2nd got him good. He was less than half hp and was going to die if they made him bleed. He heard the 3rd boar explode into pix-elated shards and then grabbed his sword to his the 1st boar. The 2nd boar charged at him and Dylan's shield started to glow, and then he braced for impact. The impact was not too bad, because the damage is now in the shield, he then knocked it away and swung his sword. The sword started to glow the same color as the shield, which turned a harsh red from the attack, and then a mass amount of power killed the boar. The last one tried to run away, but he threw his sword and got its leg. Now the boar who limped in fear was the 1's and 0's that no longer existed, the 1's and 0's of all of the killed players... Now Dylan understood who he was, he was a swordsman meant to fight for freedom, and his name was Dexter.
  10. Roadrunner ran as hard as he could, the wolf pack right behind him. His health bar was slowly regenerating, making him panic a little. RR's Run Away ability made it so the less health he had, the faster he could run. But since his health was regenerating, Roadrunner could feel his running become slower. Soon the wolf pack would catch up to him, and Roadrunner had neither the skill nor the level to take on these enemies. So instead of running towards the town, or one of the few players he could see on the edges of the plains, RR got an idea.

    Roadrunner sprinted towards the closest thing, a giant white boulder. A normal player would be forced to try to climb it, and RR hoped he would be able to make it to the top of the rock before the wolves got to him. But to Roadrunner's surprise, his jump brought him almost to the top of the boulder, much higher than a normal player could jump. RR scrambled to the top of the boulder as the wolf pack made it there, yapping and barking at him.
    "Come on, ya flea bitten scum bags!" Roadrunner said, drawing his spear. A wolf jumped onto the boulder, and managed to cling onto the side. RR whacked it with his spear, dealing damage to the enemy and knocking it off.
  11. "Thanks." Tyler replied to the comment on his skill. "I'm I'm Zookon, but friends call me Zook. Or at least, when we're gaming." He looked at the stats screen and his grin faded. "Before they fell to a boar. I didn't know they died, I just-" he sighed, but didn't finish, as he looked in the distance to a man on a large white boulder. He gripped his weaponry and smiled. "Well Well being a hero isn't bad huh?" He said, going to head for the aid of the man.
  12. Dexter roamed around the area killing boars. He took breaks from time to time to get above half hp. He never really thought of it that way, he just thought of making the monsters, go away, despawn, but never really killed them. Well now the world in here, in Aincrad has changed. He walked back towards the Town of Begginings and found himself a wolf standing in the open. The wolf made eye contact with him and howled out load, this called fourth its friends. Dylan pulled out his sword and shield to wipe em' out. Dexter saw that these wolfs had a different pattern, circle and charge, wolfs seemed to be harder than boars. He looked around the pack of 3 and heard one bark and lunge. Got him good but the next was swiftly countered with his Shield Burst ability. 2 to go and the next stalled while the other surrounded him. They charged at once but he moved his body in a spinning motion to cover all sides of him. He felt one wolf hit the shield and heard the other go poof. Now the last one started to go crazy, charged in no pattern at him and got his arm. He used this moment to stab the head, killing it. Dexter didnt noice but he was in the red zone. He flopped down and layed there, almosy motionless. If he had died, that was it, game over. Dex got up and walked the rest of the way to the Town of Beginnings to rest up.
  13. "Ya there's nothing wrong, wait didn't you hear what I said? Soon go rushing..." Grant sighed as Zook took off towards the surrounded man, "Yep, definitely a hero archetype right there, might as well do some damage control. Ugh, this is going to cost me some time."

    Grant gave a final stab with his rapier, causing the boar to die before running after his new acquaintance. "Yo Zook, take the wolfs on the right, I got the ones on the left!"
  14. "You got it." Tyler charged forward into the pack, sending one to hit another and stabbed one, stunning it. He then put his shield on his back, just in case one hit from behind and began to slash at a growling beast. He saw the health bar of the wolf deplete and moved on, resetting stance. One pounced, but he forgot about his shield and tried blocking with his arm. It sank it's teeth in the arm that he know wasn't his, and his health sank into yellow, but he managed to stab into the side of the beast.
  15. ArmedBlue

    ArmedBlue Previously Manu456Alola

    Manuel, or Azure in-game, slowly made it outside of the Town of Begginings, seeing as he had lo level up, or rather grind so he could get better and progress. He knew that escaping the death game known as SAO was going to take forever, but eventually someone could beat the 100 floors. He drew his sword and charged at a nearby boar, stabbing it once before it went backwards and charged at him, dealing a bit of damage. Hearing a boar fighting, another one came out of a bush, charging at Manuel as well- who this time managed to dodge the attack. As the boar that just charged at him attempted to stop and charge once again, Azure jumped in the boar's direction and slashed it, which caused the boar to explode in millions of pixels. The remaining boar charged once again, but the attack missed as Manuel sidestepped, then slashed at the boar, killing it.

    "Phew, now to keep fighting." He said, looking at the fields around him, searching for another enemy to fight. He spotted a huge boulder with a few people attacking some wolves. He ran over to them, stopping near a wolf, stabbing it, dealling damage and knocking it on its side. "Need a little help?" He asked the others as he finished the wolf he knocked down.
  16. "Excuse me? Hero archetype? I resent that comment, sir!" RR said, killing a wolf that was attempting to climb up to him. "I am a coward and a maroon."
    As he said that, a wolf that was planning try to jump onto the boulder turned it's attention to Manuel. RR took the opening, and jumped off the boulder, ramming his spear into the wolf's head. It was a supercritical hit, and killed it instantly. Roadrunner stood up and looked around. That was the last of the pack. RR turned to the three players that came to help him.
    "Thank you very much." Roadrunner said to them.
  17. Dexter walked into town, all battered. He needed to find a place to rest but didn't want to sleep, he just needed a heal. Dex walked over to a potion shop. He bought a few with the money he had, he also got a warp crystal. On his way out he stopped by a restaurant called, well, Restaurant. It had for its sign the name and a Fork and Knife with a thing behind it. He walked in to have a meal. He was able to be restored and out for another adventure.
  18. "Not a problem. We don't want people dying." He said, yawning instantly after. "I wouldn't mind some rest. Anyways, I'm Zookon, called Zook. At least, in game it is. If we're gonna be stuck here, I guess I should fully introduce myself. I'm Tyler." He sighed. "We should party up, I guess it-" Tyler cut himself off with a yawn. "I'm gonna fall asleep if I ramble, should we head into town?"
  19. "What? Ya wanna party up with me?" Roadrunner said incredulously. "No offense, but I'm more likely to pull down a group than to make it stronger."
    He shook his head and leaned on his spear.
    "Anyway, my name's Roadrunner. Or RR for short. It's nice to meet you, Zook." RR said. A bit of an odd IGN, but then again RR had seen weirder. "I may decided against joining your party, but I think I'll head into town. At least there I only have to worry about large, floating hooded men and not wolves or boars."
  20. Grant gave his target a final stab before turning back towards the ragtag group of guys. "I might have to decline the whole party thing if you are going back to the town of beginnings, MMOs are all about staying in front of the majority of players. Seeing that the majority of people are getting brave enough to start going into the beginner fields, it would be advantageous to at least get to the next town or village in order to have mobs to grind on without competition".

    Pulling out his menu, he activated his map. "According to my map here, the nearest village is Horunka Village to the northwest. If one were to start traveling there they would arrive at midnight. So I think that's what I'm going to do, if you guys want you can follow along".
  21. Dexter left the resturant and walked out of town. On his way out he saw groups and people trying to form Guilds. Dex thought of joining one but never thought of who and how. He thought of the logical ways of how to level up. The monsters seem to have dropped in that area, bet just by a small bit. He decided to move to the next town, or just farther from here. On his way there he could see a group of people around a boulder. They seemed to be talking but he didnt know about what, they seemed tired. He grinned
  22. "Well it sucks you won't, but I suppose I can't force you." Tyler sighed and headed into town. he looked at a local map, showing an inn not to far. He headed that way, at least happy he wasn't gonna be alone. it was a nice feeling really. He almost forgot he was stuck in a game. Almost. Zook stopped to look at his stats for a brief moment. "I'm not gonna rush this early. not yet." He muttered to himself.
  23. Dexter walked far out to go train. He ran into a pack of wolfs to attack them. When he was killing then, he realized one of them was just standing there, doing nothing, but watching him. This was new to Dex but he didn't care that much. When Dex was being doubled by 2 wolfs the stationary one lunged at him from behind. He was able to deflect the attack but the 2 wolfs got his leg. He swung at one and the other started to eat the leg. He yelled and started to hit it with his shield. Now the other two wolfs went for his head by he used his shield to block the attacks. After a while, he could not get up, but then something happened, something that was shattering. His shield had broken! All of the sudden, he felt his sword tremble and burst with power. The one wolf stepped away and then Dex jumped and used a spin strike attack and swept the wolf field of the wolfs. They all disappeared into digital shards. (This ability only happens when the holders shield breaks, and then makes the weapon go into berserk mode, and damaging the sword a lot in the process.)

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