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Private/Closed Ahnoah:Pokemon Contest

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Silver-Solis, Oct 30, 2016.

  1. This is the discussion thread!
    Also use it for sign ups

    (Small note, I am unsure if I am able to post on weekends, so if that's when you post the most then sorry :\. Anyways, let's get going! Images are accepted for description, but please cite your sources. I have a few grammar mistakes here and there too)

    Name: Ahnoah
    Description: A Man with a slightly more muscular build, but mostly un-noticable due to his clothing. Standing at around 6 foot 3 inches, Ahnoah is a bit taller than average human height. Ahnoah has a scruff beard and short hair both being of the color bronze. Ahnoah also has a slightly more rough complextion

    Arcanine:Tiberius: Larger than the average Arcanine, Standing at 7 foot 3 Inches. Protective and Loud Bark. Gotten and raised from the Pokemon Shelter. Ahnoah's first Pokemon. Loyal to everyone and a warm ball of fluff that everyone gathers around when they are cold. Has a large amount of fur as well, making Tiberius look bigger than he already is.

    Sylveon-Stardom: A Cheery Bundle of Joy. Never ceases to make others around her happy. See's Zehriyah as mother. Saved from a wild attack against a very high level Zangoose. Wants to become the star of Kalos in the Pokemon Contest.

    Zoroark-Zehriyah:Saved from a abusive Pokemon Circus. Because of this she is missing the hair tie (blue bead in hair) so she has free flowing hair. Can make auditory illusions, so it seems like Pokemon are talking, though she can only focus on two at a time, usually herself and a other Pokemon. See's Stardom as herdaughter.

    Staraptor-Reina: Rescued from a nest where the parent Pokemon never came back. Counter balances Stardom by being the moredarker one on the team. Extra long feathers give her a slightly different look, with the bane in her feathers being longer.

    Serperior-Autumn: Saved from an attempt at poaching this Snivy (now Serperior) for its unique color, being of the color of Autumn. Loves fashion, theater arts, and designing things for the team. For the most part, grooms them as well.

    Floatzel-Caesar: The shy one in the group, though not really that shy. Is afraid to know new people, but is fine with people he knows, so is not as shy. Saved Ahnoah from drowning and wanted to join team due to seeing a deep bond with all his other pokemon. Air sac builds up with tension. Upon release of air, speed and attack are doubled.

    Rp thread http://pokecharms.com/threads/ahnoah-pokemon-contest.14422/
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  2. Name: Tormey Jobs
    Basic Descriprion: Tormey is a small boy, with pale skin, a smaller-than-average build, bright blue eyes, short brown hair, and a generally sickly-looking appearance. He's about 4'11, he weighs 87 pounds, and is shy around new people, but he can overcome it.
    Age: 12
    Gender: Male


    Porygon-Melissa: Melissa is the talkative one of the group, and the only one of his Pokémon that can talk to him without aid of another device. Melissa is also a really good strategist, due to being a computer and having the ability to make calculations on a whim. Because of this, it adapts really well to fights and can overcome foes that are stronger than it with more ease than any of his other team members.

    Rotom-Voltergeist: Voltergeist is a prankster, and despite not being able to talk normally, he can talk when he takes over a device capable of playing audio. For example, if he takes over a phone, then he can talk to him. Voltergeist is small, as all Rotom are, but can get bigger if it takes over an electronic device.

    Shedinja-Angel: Angel is a bit of an oddball. It doesn't move, it doesn't speak, and it can only follow commands when they are orders to make a move. It doesn't have much of a personality due to it literally being a shell, but it's a capable shell and is by far his most powerful Pokémon due to its really high level and ability Wonder Guard.
  3. Accepted, really like that shedninja story.
  4. Alright, finally gonna reply then :p
  5. Name: Kim
    Basic description: small, compared with of her age. Has brown hair that covers her eyes and always weres a brown large hoddie. Is realy cool with anything and does not get realy angry but when she is the most common thing is to punch the other person.

    Furret-tim: He is the truble maker but only does it for attention. Tim is named after kkim' brother because they act exactly the same. LOVES to act like a blanket or a pillow and does a good job since he is so fluffy.
    Absol-moon: He is quiet and gets pestered by tim alot. He has the tendency to lay out in the moonlight as sleep. moon tends to follow kim around as somtimes give her rides.
    Flarion-tinnyflower: she is a loud mouth so to speak. she likes to jump into everything and make sure she is know by everyone. Tinyflower is a smaller than average a flarior but doent let it show.
    Joltic-madi: she is shy and is kims "baby". Madi is most likely found in kims arms or on her sholder. kims found her when she was a hatchling and in bad shape. she nurtured madi back to health and still considers madi her baby.
  6. Accepted @Shadowgirl1234 . This may sound nit picky though, but just capitalize the nicknames though.
  7. Name: Kane Hattori
    Gender: Male
    Basic Description: Very light bleached pink hair, piercing blue eyes, and has a pale skin tone. He wears a gray school uniform with a pink and blue tie. He is a very hot headed driven person that doesnt take loss well, and despite his strong team he is always getting made fun of by other guys because of his skinny pants and pink hair. He can be a loyal friend and a hard worker if you are on his good side. Either way though he usually ends up getting mad because nobody takes him seriously

    Nidoqueen: Nidoqueen is usually the one to calm down kane when he's getting made fun of, and she seems to be the only one who can calm him. She was his first pokemon so he has a lot of trust in her and vice versa.

    Glaceon: Glaceon is very cool and collected making her Kanes most strategic Pokemon, she knows not to make a big deal out of loss and is a quick learner. She is often out of her pokeball more because her and Kane can relate on a spectral level.

    Gorgeist: Gorgeist is the mischevious one in the group always playing tricks on the other trainer Kane is facing. Kane caught her when she was jut a pumpkaboo, and she had always been that way and he admires her for not changing. Over the years the became extremely close, even to the point where Pumpkaboo was his favorite in the group for a bitm but he has since chosen a "favorite"

    Togekiss: Togekiss is very special to Kane because she was the first egg he had ever recieved. He also admits putting the most work it Togepi to get it where it is now. He is very proud of his Togekiss even after beingt called feminene for putting so much work into one.

    Malamar: Malamar is the brains of the team, he always has a sly smirk on his face and a grand scheme in his head. Ever since he was an Inkay he had great ideas that had lead the group to victory in the past, snd since he is an important part of that team

    Emboar: Ever since he was traded to Kane as a Tepig he showed the same hot headedness and determination as Kane and Kane took an admiring to that. He trained on his own even without Kane to the point where he would pass out of exhaustion. He pushes himself to the absolute limit and never gives up, especially if there is some sort of reward involved
  8. @NidoColby accepted. Glad you were able to find a picture description as well, feel free to respond right now. Or you can wait after E1isha. Your choice, but it effects the cycle
  9. THERE NEEDS TO BE A SPACE HERERERERE (this is carol btw pls dont kill me i have no idea what im doing)
  10. Alright, everyone this is the last person I invited to the rp. Even though I closed it, I planned on having 5 people.
  11. Zara Mayrn
    Pale with amber eyes and shoulder length purple hair. She likes to wear black dresses and socks. She lives mostly in the the woods and only comes out when her Pokemon want to. She has a big collection of swords and daggers, usually caring at least one with her at all times. She is pretty reserved and quite, but when it gets to her Pokemon, she can get aggressive.

    Umbreon- Fawn- a smol bean. She likes to ride on Zara's shoulder and weave in and out of her feet. She is genuinely happy all the time. Everyone feels the need to protect her and she sometimes abuses that
    Sawsbuck- nameless, but Zara calls then Saws- Not really Zara's Pokemon, he lives in the woods as a wild Pokemon. He dose have a deep connection with her though and he follows her around. Zara saved him from a hunters trap that cought him wrong and the only way to get him down was for Zara to break one of his antlers.
    Unfezent- Gan- he has a atude. He tends to be very prissy. He was the first Pokemon Zara caught, she found him as a tranquile at age 10 and begged her mom to keep him. He gets along very well with Amp.
    Amphoron- Amp- (and no I did not name her amp cus the first three letters. I liked the way it sounded) she is the mother figure. And a mother she is. She tends to look over every aspect of all of their lives, including Zara's. and she nags. How her and gan get along so well is beyond Zara's understanding.
    (Sorry for misspellings, I know I prob got Pokemon names wrong, but oh well.)
    Also I drew this in the car so give me some slack.

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  12. Accepted, you can respond

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