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Aero's fancy art

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Aero, Sep 15, 2010.

  1. Ok, I have lost my art mojo, so to kick it back in gear I've decided to make an art thread. I'm planning on posting one or two new works each week just to keep myself going. All of the posts for now are works from previous years, in order to show you guys some examples. They will all be categorized and for most things I'll just provide links cause I hate huge images and so does my computer (ok it's mostly my computer).

    (a lot of these are scans and I did a crappy cropping job, I apologize that I'm too lazy to go back and fix them all)

    Drawings:(newest to oldest)
    chibi of a friend
    chibi of me
    yes its a leaf
    for the girl I used to like
    warrior chick
    One of my many character designs for Aero
    and another
    Allie, Aero's love interest.
    reapers (bad guys in a comic I was gonna make)
    portrait of a girl in transworld snowboarding magazine
    (I'm going to stop my drawings here and ill post more later)

    Photography:(if i remember the theme of the picture ill post it as that if not ill give a basic description)
    back lighting
    high angle
    low angle
    river downtown
    footsteps in snow
    old house(hand colored)
    (2009) - sort of got a better camera -
    warehouse (this is through a busted window)
    reflection 2(hand colored)
    double exposure (stupid date on my camera, first it was wrong and second I didn't want it in the picture)
    double exposure 2
    high contrast?
    negitave of the high contrast
    overlapping high contrast slides
    solarized the last picture
    photo final (a)
    photo final (b)
    photo final (c)
    photo final (d)
    (final b,c,and d were all photoshopped everything else was in the darkroom at school)
    random pic taken with my phone

    oil painting (ok this is a really bad quality picture of this, and it wasn't even finished at the time I took the picture)


    Comments are greatly appreciated. Eventually I may take requests but as of now I am not, although I will accept any ideas (no guarantees I will do them). Thanks for stopping by guys.
  2. I'm unqualified to remark on the photos, but I like the drawings! The leaf especially caught my eye-- wish I as half that good with colored pencils.

    Very nice, and I'd be interested in seeing more.
  3. Holy, Aero! I can't believe I never stopped by before- You are really very good at drawing, photography and painting~

    My favourite drawings, in random order:

    1. It's A Leaf. Very nicely done, great detail.
    2. For The Girl. Again, great detail, and nice colourwork.
    3. Warrior Girl. A great drawing, totally something I could see in a Chinese-style anime.
    4. Aero II. Nice shading and nice weapon~

    Photo's, again random:

    1. River Downtown. Not sure why I like it, but I really do.
    2. Warehouse. I like the industrial touch it has.
    3. Doube Exposure I. Very artistic, and the date kinda gives it a nice touch.
    4. Solarized. Looks creepy-awesome. I think that's what Bloodstone Academy looks like~
    5. Photo Final B-C. Both very nice colours and again very artistic.
    6. Random Picture. The colour effect is really nice~ *sunglasses*

    And your painting is very nice, too! One of the best I've seen in a while.

    You should really start taking drawing requests~

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