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Ask to Join Adventures in the Ginga Region!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Mockingchu, Nov 16, 2016.

  1. The Ginga region. A place full of adventure and wonder. Three legendary Pokemon, Celestiala- the Star Pokemon, Novarka- the Supernova Pokemon, and Cometsus- the Comet Pokemon, guard the region from alien threats. So, Ginga lives peacefully for the most part, except for a small group of people known as Team Void, who try to control the legendary Pokemon in order to allow aliens to come to Earth and fix the ruin that humans have laid to it. However, the young trainers of this region are unaware of Team Void's presence, are excited to begin their journeys. Classic starter Pokemon that trainers can receive at the Pokemon Lab in Tinysprout Town are Sproutcub, a Grass-Type Bear Cub Pokemon, Emberuff, a Fire/Ground-Type Dog Pokemon, and Frostbeak, a Water/Ice-Type Penguin Pokemon. While there are other starter Pokemon from other towns, these are the most common. Now it's time for your journey to begin!

    • TO BEGIN, POST YOU CHARACTER AT http://pokecharms.com/threads/adventures-in-the-ginga-region-discussion.14830/. LIST YOUR NAME, CURRENT POKEMON, AND OTHER CHARACTER INFO YOU DEEM NECESSARY

    Jason Sams woke up, and glanced out the window. A slight breeze rustled the grass. Today was his big day. He could choose between Emberuff, a Pokemon who would evolve into Magmapup, then Volcanine; Sproutcub, who would evolve into Rootbruin, then Hollowroar; or Frostbeak, who would evolve into Crestdive, then Kinguin. They were all so cute, and they'd surely help him win the Ginga League! Jason combed his brown hair to the side, ate a quick breakfast, kissed his parents goodbye, then sprinted off with his backpack.
    Jason arrived at Prof. Spruce's Lab. Spruce was sitting at a table, looking at three Pokeballs. Jason rushed in, asking for a Pokemon. Spruce released Emberuff, Sproutcub, and Frostbeak, asking which one Jason wanted. Jason's eyes were drawn to Emberuff, and he pointed. Emberuff jumped into his arms happily.
    "I think I'll call you Cinder," Jason smiled, "Thanks Prof!"
    "Wait, before you go, I know you've said you want to be a Pokemon League Champ, but you can also participate in movies over in Starlight City. Or the Pokelympics there as well. They have all sorts of stuff in Starlight! But, if you do want to be a Champion, you'd best head to Space City to receive a badge case for this years' League. To be eligible for competition in the League, however, you must have eight badges from the eight sectors of Ginga. I would advise going to the Plains Sector first. There you'll fight Praira, a girl who uses Pokemon from the prairie. Oh shoot, I have a meeting soon! Bye! Good luck! Oh, and remember, stay out of the Wasteland."
    Jason raised an eyebrow, confused, but Spruce was already gone. Jason walked out of the Lab with Emberuff beside him.
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  2. "Whoa," Mark breathed as he arrived in the Ginga Region. "This place is amazing. Let's go Sharptooth! Time to get our first gym badge! I heard it's in the Plains Sector. Together, the two raced toward the Plains sector.
    Mark and Sharptooth battled through the path, defeating any trainers who tried to face them. Of course, this was no more than the expectations to be a Dragon Master. They finally arrived in the Plains Sector to see a kid standing outside the gym. "Must be here to challenge the gym too," Mark thought. He called out, "Hey! Are you here to get your badge also?"
  3. Name: Will Whitman
    Hometown: Tinysprout Town
    Pokemon: Frostbeak
    Nature: A truly loyal and compassionate friend, Will is a great friend to have during a crisis. He is not always the smartest, and can sometimes be too silly for a situation, but during tough times, especially during battle, Will becomes a tactical genius who will not take a joke from anyone

    Will Whitman woke up in his house in Tinysprout Town. He rolled over in bed, and then realised that today was the day. The day that he would get his first Pokemon. Immediately sitting up and getting dressed, he thought about which Pokemon he was going to chose, he had tossed and turned for hours the night before, and had finally come to a decision.

    He went to the Pokemon Lab, and waited in front of the door, he wanted to go in with someone else, getting his first Pokemon was exciting, and really scary. What if his Pokemon didn't like him?
    Pushing all of those thoughts out of his mind, he instead looked forward to meeting his new friend
  4. Jason looked over, and saw a boy with brown hair. He was wearing a blue sleeve dress shirt.
    "Yeah, I'm here to challenge Praira," Jason nodded, "It's weird. This Gym in the middle of the plains. No other houses for miles. I wonder how Praira heals her Pokemon."
    Suddenly, Praira rode up on a Tauros. She had two blond pigtails pulled back over her shoulders.
    "Y'all 're challengers?" Praira asked.
    Jason nodded.
    "'Righty then. I just got back from the Poke Mart out a few miles, so Tauros here's a bit tired," Praira laughed, "But I can still battle the both a ya's with my Patrat and m' Raticate. Come on out pals!"
    Patrat and Raticate exploded out of their Pokeballs.
    "Let's battle right here!" Praira laughed. Patrat stepped up.
    Jason got ready. He sent out Emberuff. They had done some extensive training on the way here- not even stopping to visit Starlight City!
    "Emberuff, use Ember!" Jason called out. Emberuff spit out little flames from its mouth. They landed on Patrat, starting a small fire.
    "Don't take that!" Praira huffed, "Super Fang!"
    Patrat leapt at Emberuff, but Emberuff used Ember again, knocking out Patrat.
    "You gave it yer all Patrat," Praira sighed, "Now it's time fer Raticate t' teach 'im a lesson!"
    Raticate charged at Emberuff.
    "Flame Charge!" Jason yelled, clenching his fists. Emberuff had just learned this move, and Jason was unsure whether he'd mastered it or not. Emberuff glowed, flames shooting off his fur. He then ran full speed at Raticate.
    "Raticate! Bite!" Praira ordered. Raticate bit Emberuff. Then, Emberuff bucked his head upward, sending Raticate flying.
    "Finish this with Ember!" Jason called. Emberuff blew flames at Raticate. Raticate collapsed, unconscious.
    "Well, ya won fair 'n' square partner," Praira sighed, handing Jason a badge, "Guess I have to give ya the Rustle Badge now. Congrats!"
    Jason smiled, thanking Praira for the battle. He then turned to the other trainer, anxious to watch him battle Praira.
  5. "So Praira," Mark said. "You ready for another match?"
    "Born ready, partner." Praira answered confidently.
    "Alright," Mark said, getting ready. "Sharptooth! Let's do this!"
    Sharptooth leaped out of his pokeball as Praira sent out Patrat.
    "Sharptooth! Use Brick Break!"
    Sharptooth lunged at Patrat, landing a direct hit on Patrat's head and knocked him out.
    "Well, I'm impressed!" Praira exclaimed. "Y'really know yer type matchups. But I assure ya, Your Brick Break Just won't cut it to beat my Raticate. Let's go!"
    "Don't worry Praira," Mark said, excited in the heat of battle. "I have a plan. Sharptooth! Use Brick Break right in front of Raticate's feet!"
    Sharptooth dove at the spot in front of the foe's feet, and as Mark predicted, Raticate leapt upward.
    "Here we go Sharptooth!" Mark shouted, his plan falling into place. "Hit him with Dragon Rage!"
    Sharptooth unleashed a blast of powerful energy, knocking out the Raticate decisively.
    "Well, I'll be gosh-swoggled!" Praira said as she gave Mark the Rustle Badge. "That was some strong combination you thought of there. I'd be proud to present this badge to ya. Great job!"
    "Thank you," Mark said earnestly. "So, how was that? Hey, I've got an idea. Since we both got our first badge, why don't we travel together to get our second? It'll be fun!"
  6. "Alright!" Jason smiled, "Let's see. My Region Map says that our next gym would be in the Beach Sector. Says here that the Gym Leader there is Tiden. He uses Krabby, Clauncher, and Horsea. Shouldn't be much of a problem for Emberuff and I. Isn't that right Emberuff?"
    Emberuff barked. Suddenly, a pack of Eevees crossed the two's path.
    "Time for me to catch my first Pokemon!" Jason beamed, "But... I don't have any Pokeballs."
    "Take mine," Praira said, walking over, "Ya earned 'em."
    Jason thanked Praira, then turned to an Eevee.
    "Emberuff! Use Flame Charge!" Jason ordered. Emberuff charged at Eevee, and knocked him back. Jason then threw a Pokeball quickly. It rocked three times, then clicked.
    "Mark, how about you try to catch one?" Jason asked, smiling at the Pokeball on the ground. He picked it up, and looked at Mark.
  7. "Nah," Mark replied. "I'm training to be a Dragon Master. How about we move on? I'm sure I can manage."
    The two companions traveled with their partners toward the Beach Sector.
  8. On the way to the Beach Sector, there were many Pokemon living in little swamps. Tangela. Wooper. Quagsire. Then Jason saw a Pokemon that caught his eye. Croagunk. Jason sent out Eevee, and had her use Tackle. Then she used Quick Attack, and Jason threw a Pokeball. It rocked three times, and clicked.
    Jason beamed, looking down at his new Pokemon. He picked up the Pokeball, and continued down the path.
  9. After a few more trainers were defeated, the duo arrived in the Beach Sector. It wasn't long until Mark spotted Tiden swimming in the beach.
    "Hey, Tiden!" he called. "I want my second Gym badge!"
    "Sure thing, bro," Tiden replied. "Can't wait to see you battle."
    Mark turned to face Jason. "Wish me luck," Mark said. "Alright Fraxure! Let's get our Gym badge together!"
    Fraxure leaped out of the Pokeball as Tiden sent out Krabby.
    "Fraxure, use Headbutt!"
    Fraxure lunged at Krabby, launching it with huge force. Krabby landed on the ground, unconscious.
    Tiden smiled. "I'm impressed! Your Fraxure there's pretty powerful. But that alone won't beat my Clauncher!"
    This time Mark had Fraxure use Cross Chop, then follow up with Dragon Rage, knocking out Clauncher quickly.
    Tiden sent out his last Pokemon. "Alright, trainer. You've done pretty well so far, but trust me; this is where it ends! Horsea! Let's go!"
    But Mark had a fire in his heart, an ambition to win. "Fraxure! Launch Horsea into the air with Headbutt!"
    Fraxure smashed his head into Horsea, launching it.
    "This is our chance!" Mark yelled. "Slam it back down with ThunderPunch!"
    Fraxure's fist burst with electricity. He slammed Horsea down onto the field, ending the battle.
    Tiden sighed. "Well, you got me, bro." He took out the Shore Badge. "Take this; you earned it."
    "Thanks!" Mark said, beaming. He turned to Jason. "Alright, it's your turn now. Go get him!"
  10. "Alright," Jason nodded, and sent out Emberuff. Tiden sent out Krabby. Krabby dealt a quick blow with Water Gun. Emberuff turned around and used Flame Charge. Krabby wasn't very affected, but having only trained one Pokemon, Jason was confident. Then, another Water Gun from Krabby. Emberuff was knocked out. Jason was stunned at the quick loss.
  11. "It's ok," Mark comforted Tim. "Not everyone wins their first Gym badge on the first try. It's just that Krabby has a type advantage against Emberuff. I'd recommend catching a Pokémon with a type advantage, like a grass or electric type."
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  12. "Okay," Jason nodded, "I mean, I have Croagunk and Eevee, but I haven't trained them. It would've been cruel to send them out. I'll train them."
    So, Jason began training Emberuff, Croagunk, and Eevee on the beach. During a battle, Emberuff began to glow.
    "Evolution," Mark smiled.
    Emberuff stopped shimmering. It had turned into Magmapup.
    "I'm ready to face the gym now!" Jason smiled. He faced Tiden again. Croagunk took out Krabby with two Poison Jabs. Croagunk poisoned Clauncher, but was then defeated with Water Gun. Eevee was sent out, and knocked out Clauncher with Swift. Horsea was defeated with Take Down.
    "Alright, looks like you get the Shore Badge," Tiden smiled, handing the badge to Jason.
  13. "Good job! Hey now that we have two badges, why don't we have a battle? I'm itching to face someone." Mark suggested.
  14. "Alright," Jason nodded, calling out Croagunk first. Croagunk hopped back and forth, ready for the intense battle that was about to begin.
  15. Mark smiled, his amber eyes blazing with determination. "Great! Fraxure, let's do this!"
    Fraxure leaped out of the Pokeball and glared at the Croagunk.
    "Hey, Jason," Mark called from the other side. "I'll let you have the first move!"
  16. "Croagunk! Posion Jab!" Jason called. Croagunk lunged forward, but was then struck down by a black bolt. Two men approached, dressed in dark black clothes. An Absol walked in front of them.
    "Hey! What was that about?" Jason stomped, running over to help up Croagunk.
    "You were in our way," the man with the Absol shrugged, "Team Void doesn't have time for little obstacles like yourselves."
    "Team Void?" Jason asked, raising an eyebrow. He'd heard something like that before...
    "Now out of our way!" the man boomed. The Absol reared back, and gathered dark energy on its horn. It blasted Jason and Mark. They warped into nothingness. Absolutely nothing. Then, Jason began to see again. He blinked, and he was back on the ground. The men and their Absol were gone. Mark looked at him confused. Suddenly, an old man approached.
    "Are you boys okay?" the old man asked.
    "Uh, yeah, sure," Jason nodded.
    "You don't look okay," the old man said, pointing to the ground in front of Jason. Jason looked down. His legs were only starting to reform!
    "I saw those men who claimed to be from Team Void," the old man shook his head, "A nasty bunch. They must've sent you to the Void Zone."
    "Void Zone..." Jason said softly, confused.
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  17. "I've heard of this place, but I didn't think it would be this creepy," Mark whispered. He looked at the stranger. "How do we get out?"
  18. "Oh don't worry," the old man said, "You're back in reality again. The nothingness was the Void Zone. But if you get caught again, it should only be temporary."
    "Okay thanks," Jason smiled, "Now let's get back to training."
    Suddenly, Tiden rushed over, "Guys! Those thugs stole my Pokemon!"
    Jason looked to where Tiden was pointing, and saw the two men with the Absol.
    "It looks like they're headed to the Volcanic Islands! Come get a jetski! We gotta catch them!" Tiden yelled, running to the dock.
  19. Shaking his head, Mark followed Tiden and Jason. "You know, if you're a gym leader, shouldn't you be more careful about petty thugs like these?"
  20. "I was just healing my Pokemo," Tiden sighed, "But I guess you're right..."
    "That doesn't mean we can't help," Jason shrugged, "Croagunk, come on out."
    Croagunk hopped out of his Pokeball, and ran towards the jetskis on the dock.

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