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Adventures in Dandur

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Frontier Master, Jun 28, 2016.

  1. hey guys, just wanted to see if there was any interest in a new region based rp

    If so please read the rules and gym bios as their will be questions later on

    1. No god-mod, if I say its
    god-mod than its god-mod and you will change it
    2. You Pokemon are allowed six moves maximum and you are only allowed a maximum of 7 Pokemon with the minimum being 6. Iwill make exceptions if you can provide a valid explanation(s)
    3. Please keep your teams reasonable this is an additional challenge region meaning it is designed for pre-establish trainers not beginners
    So no magikarp, no dunsparse etc
    4. Fan mades are fine provided you let me know before hand so I can go over their abilities for god-mod
    5. Please use as best grammar as you can, i understand if you arevbusy just let me know thats why your grammar might be a little bit off
    6. If you are rushing or really busy trying to reply to a keep up and are worried you might be left behind, let me know and we can organise something so you don't get lost

    This rp will only have three characters including myself to begin with, so I will wait until there are at least four character bios before making my selection

    so for some reason it wont let me post the map I designed in here but I posted it in the creative corner so here is the link
    http://pokecharms.com/works/the-dandur-region.22545/ (The Dandur region)
    and here are the basic bios of the gym leaders

    1. Ground
    David- a rough tough miner whose Pokemon are workers first and battlers second.
    Golem - explosion, rollout, stone edge and hammer arm
    Steelix - dig, iron tail, thunder fang and aqua tail
    Gliscor- stealth rock, aerial ace, earth quake and fire fang

    2. Dark
    Reyna - mean, cold hearted and calculating, nothing is too low for Reyna, everything and anything is justified to ensure victory. it is rumored she enjoys offering to hep tutor young trainers before defeating their pokemon and walking away laughing
    Houndoom - flame thrower, inferno, thunder fang and sucker punch
    Sableye - mean look, sucker punch, toxic and dark pulse
    Weavile - night slash, icy wind, embargo and double team

    3. Normal
    Sgt T. Edwards - strong military man, who believes any kind of strategy is pointless and that all Pokemon battles should be ruthless and instinctual. His team consists of:
    Tauros - rage, pursuit, strength and zen headbutt
    Snorlax - sleep talk, rest, giga impact and body slam
    Braviery - aerial ace, fly, shadow claw and brave bird

    4. Ghost
    Justin - very laid back calm demeanour outside of battle but when engaged he is swift and precise in his actions
    Gengar - toxic, sucker punch, dark pulse and energy ball
    Spiritomb - shadow sneak, sucker punch, dark pulse and destiny bond
    Froslass - blizzard, hail, crunch and shadow ball

    5. Water
    Flow - A classic seaside girl when she isn't surfing with her Pokemon she's out swimming with them, highly enthusiastic and fun loving she would rather lose and have fun than win but in a way that was cruel or mean
    Lapras - sheer cold, surf, ancient power and ice beam
    Ludicolo - rain dance, energy ball, waterfall and giga drain
    Kingdra - hydro pump, dragon pulse, Draco meteor and dive

    6. Poison
    Viper - pale and scarily thin, viper's personality matches her appearance, anti-scoial and withdrawn she battles using rigid, abrupt movements to direct her Pokemon rarely ever speaking any louder than a whisper.
    Crobat - air cutter, aerial ace, steel wing and cross poison
    Serviper - poison tail, crunch, night slash and iron tail
    Tentacruel - poison jab, wring out, hydro pump and toxic spikes

    7. Flying
    Lena - zippy and quick thinking Lens is an excellent Pokemon trainer well on her way to becoming a Pokemon master. Her team hits hard and fast giving opponents little if any time to react
    Altaria - sky attack, dragon pulse, perish song and cotton guard
    Emolga - volt switch, thunderbolt, acrobatics and electro ball
    Skarmory - steel wing, spikes, stealth rock and whirlwind

    8. Fire
    Cole - hot headed and easily agitated, his fierce fighting spirit and fiery temper
    Talonflame - flame charge, aerial ace, fly and razor wind
    Chandelure - overheat, heat wave, shadow ball and solarbeam
    Arcanine - extremespeed, thunder fang, flame wheel and iron tail

    Character bios must include the following; Name, Age, Home region, Looks, Clothes, Personality and Pokemon

    Here's mine
    Name: Jake Anistar
    Age: 17
    Home region: Sinnoh
    Looks: lightly tanned with slim-buff physique, sun bleached blonde hair and brown eyes
    Clothes: red t-shirt, dark skinny jeans and a worn leather jacket
    Personality: overall jake is a generally caring person with a big heart and a lot of knowledge, knowledge he enjoys sharing with others
    Pokemon team
    Scar (lucario)
    Hot-shot (talonflame)
    Genji (greninja)
    Reinhardt (garchomp)
    Road hog (ferrothorn)
    Bastion (Metagross)
    Knightmare (fan-made)
  2. name : Nick Aiser
    age : 16
    home region : Unova
    looks : pale skinned with a thin/skinny physique, platinum blond hair and honey brown eyes
    clothes : a white shirt, a sandy yellow fur coat, beige jeans and a sandy yellow Fedora
    personality : Nick is the type of trainer who usually goes solo but enjoys company on his adventures and cares for pokemon
    pokemon team
    Thor (Electrivire)
    Loki (Sabelye)
    Freya (Blaziken)
    Tyr (Lucario)
    Ymir (Mamoswine)
    Odin (Alakazam)
    Voiphis (Fan-made)
  3. Name: Ashley Hotaru
    Age: Seventeen
    Home: Mahogany Town, Johto
    Personality: She's nice, bubbly, and funny around people she likes but can tend to be blunt or even condescending around her enemies.
    Gargor (Granbull)
    Lilli (Lilligant)
    Fabio (Gallade)*
    Meridian (Aromatisse)**
    Harbinger (Dusknoir)
    Slash (Aegislash)
    Lotusire (Fan-made)***

    *If I can get permission, I'd like him to be mega
    ***A Grass/Psychic type looks like an ancient kind with a cloak of vines and his head in the middle of a lotus blossom, carries a wooden staff carved with ruse and with and opal gem set into it.
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  4. Yes, but I personally decide to leave Pokémon like that in their middle stage if they're too OP, but if you don't think it is that's okay and I'll change it.
  5. Seeing how my team is packing a mega lucario, garchomp and a fan made, Aegislash is fine. Also seeing as Dandur is a challenge region being OP is recommended
  6. not to forget i also have a fan made and mega alakazam
  7. Okay then! Also, if you don't mingd, could I have 2 characters?
  8. I said only three characters were needed for this rp

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